Stress At The Workplace Management Essay


This paper is focus on analysing the significance elements of working environment and emphasis at the workplace. Sixty employees from Maybank and OCBC bank were being selected in Malacca, Malaysia. The consequence indicates that the physical working environment tends to be the of import arrows to emphasize. Bank employees in Malaysia distinguish that their current working environments are aˆ¦ ,

This undertaking study is prepared to suggest or to show my concluding twelvemonth research undertaking, as portion of the demands for an undergraduate Business Management Degree of the University of East London conducted at Stamford College. It contains undertaking particular inside informations, on which I am about to transport the research ( i.e. the background, purposes, aims, research jobs and methodological analysis ) .

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The intent of this research is to analyze the benefits and the jobs that are being encountered by the local and foreign Bankss employee ‘s in Malacca, Malaysia, and besides to analyse the factors that influence their plants public presentation.

Cardinal words: Work status, Working environment, Stress degree, Employee public presentation.

1.0 Introduction

Fiscal establishments are both important and strategic for the growing of the state economic system. They had been justly characterized as the Centre of nervus for the economic system. No uncertainty that these contention are non without foundation. The establishment execute important function of fund mobilisation from the depositor and canalise the same to the investor through the extension of recognition. ( Akingunola 1996:1 ) .

There is no denying the fact that most bank workers are working under tenseness, it seems bulk are staying on the occupation in order to avoid the strivings of unemployment as against the planetary of occupation satisfaction, such status can non but produce dissatisfaction, a nerve-racking state of affairs, ( Emmons, 1989 ) .

Surveies on the degree of emphasis and the on the job environment among employees in the Malayan banking industry have yet to be widely carried out. The affects chief push of this paper therefore is to ask into the consequence of liberalisation on work related emphasis in the banking sector every bit good as the consequence of working environment and stress-related activities on bank-workers productiveness.

1.2 Statement of Problem

Work environments has become one the major elements, harmonizing to Becker et Al ( 1981 ) , they stated that working environments has impact on employees ‘ behavior in term of their work like motive, behavior during discretional periods, satisfaction, spacial markers and public presentation. Yet many companies are incognizant of the important of working conditions and environment as it could take the employees to be stress and affects their public presentation if the company provides improper workplace. This research will try to happen out the factors that caused emphasis in workplace, satisfaction and dissatisfaction among the employees in Maybank and OCBC bank in Malacca, Malaysia.

1.4 The Purpose of survey

The purpose of this research is to find whether the working environment of the employee ‘s has important relationship with their public presentation of the selected bank in Malacca, Malaysia.

1.5 Significant of survey

This research and findings are considered of import as it provides insight and benefits to the company. In term of the theoretical significance, this research survey tends to make full the spreads on the factors that caused emphasis in the workplace as it affects the public presentation among the employees.

Nowadays emphasis in workplace is a common scenario. Hence, this survey will assist the company to happen out the grounds that caused their employees to be stressed out and their dissatisfaction. In this survey, the employer can cognize better the factors that lead most of their employees to be stressed and the employer could work out the job in progress before the instances get serious. The employer could work out the job by utilizing the solution that best suits for it in order to retain or to actuate the employees.

1.6 Scope of survey

The general purpose of the survey was to develop and experiment with some rating methods applicable to working status and capable of

1.5 Research Question

What are the relationship between emphasis and the on the job environment among employees in May bank and OCBC Bank

What are the perceptual experiences of current on the job conditions for the employees?

What are the preferable on the job environments does the employee ‘s prefer to hold?

To place whether the employees ‘ penchant of working environment runs with their current working environment

1.6 Research Objective

This proposal has the intent of the survey and research equipped with four major aims.

To analyze the important of working status and the factors that cause stresses that affects the employees ‘ occupation public presentation with their current on the job conditions.

To look into whether behavioural constituents of office environment have greater consequence on employees ‘ occupation public presentation than the physical constituents.

To propose some step in order to work out the job or to do betterment in order to keep employee ‘s occupation satisfaction.

1.7 Structure of Chapters

This survey is divided into five chapters

Chapter One

Chapter one will explicate the country of the research along with the background of survey, job statement, important of survey, range of survey and research inquiry & A ; nonsubjective.

Chapter Two

In chapter two, there will be literature reappraisals that explain on the history of the selected local and foreign bank followed by the research inquiries and aims of the research that is relevant with the model along with the research theoretical account.

Chapter Three

Chapter three will cover the methodological analysis that applied in the survey, like advantages and restrictions of survey together with the definition of methodological analysis that been chosen along with the conceptual model.

Chapter Four

In chapter four, informations aggregation will be accomplished along with the analysis of informations tickets along with the comparing of the informations based on the theoretical account

Chapter Five

Last in chapter five spring will be endow with the decision of the survey and the recommendation of the solution and betterment.

Chapter 2: Literature reappraisal

This chapter will depict the important findings of those research workers to prolong the aim of this research. Apart from that, this chapter will besides explicate some theoretical theoretical accounts that are relevant to the capable affair as the footing of the research.

2.1 Definition of bank.

Most of the economic systems around the universe, the Bankss, act as a dominant providers of the external finance, beside that, they besides plays an of import functions in commanding capital from nest eggs to investing. ( Demirguc-Kunt and Levine, 2001 ) .

2.2 Malayan Bank History

Malayan Banking Berhad is a Malaysia based banking and fiscal services company. The bank offers a broad scope of merchandises and service including Internet banking, investing banking, Islamic banking, offshore banking, leasing and hire purchase, insurance, factorization, commercial banking and etc. ( Mike King, 2010 )

2.3 Abroad Chinese Banking Corporation History

Abroad Chinese Banking Corporation is besides recognized as OCBC.A OCBCA is the 2nd largest fiscal services group in Southeast Asia ‘s. TheA bankA provides a scope of innovativeA bankingA services and fiscal solutions in consumerA banking, businessA banking, investmentA banking, planetary exchequer, investing direction, hotel direction, insurance, fiscal hereafters ; regional stockbroking, belongings development and legal guardian, campaigner and custodian services. ( OCBC, 2010 )

2.4 Stress reappraisal

Stress is characterized as a type of reaction of human organic structure against force per unit area or job. It is the consequence of unfairness between the accomplishments, interior resources, every bit good as force per unit areas an single brush and the support that they received to cover with job. ( James & A ; Arroba, 1999 ) . Meantime, the work-related emphasiss take topographic point when there is imbalance combination between an single ability and their working environment where the person is full with extended demands. Marican, 1996 ; Ross & A ; Altmaier, 1994 ) . Stress in work would decidedly originate when the unfavorable judgment addition followed by the demand of plants that exceed the capableness of the employees to get by with.

Normally, there are three group of symptom for the work-related emphasis are being classified which include the physical, emotional symptom and behavioural symptoms ( Beehr & A ; Newman,1978 ; James & A ; Arroba, 1999 ; Ross & A ; Altmaier, 1994 ) . The symptoms of the psychological emphasis are defeat, easy depressed, anxiousness, isolation and ennui. The symptoms for psychological are affectional and cognitive job that would happen under work emphasis and it was the chief ground that affects employee ‘s self-esteem along with their assurance, by and large it frequently to comprehend as the result of occupation dissatisfaction. ( Ross & A ; Altmaier, 1994 ) .

Harmonizing to statement of James and Arroba ( 1999 ) , employees with work-related emphasis might experience unable to get by with their occupation jobs and cover with the state of affairs ; accordingly, this will increase their mentally depressed province. On top of that, when employees are stress, they might be exhibit a heightened degree of emotion, and high sense of sensitive and aggressive ( James & A ; Arroba, 1999 ) . When this happens, it would impact their occupation public presentation.

2.5 working conditions review

The on the job conditions or working environment can be delineated as the environments of the employee in a certain work country. ( Spreckelmeye, 1993 ) and this may split into two classs, the physical and the non-physical. Physical work environment is characterized as unfastened office environments and traditional or closed office environments ( Carlopio & A ; Gardner, 1992 ) . Refering non-physical on the job environment, Katzev ( 1992 ) believes that illuming influences an person ‘s perceptual experience of work-related undertakings, every bit good as affects one ‘s emotional and motivational province.

The physical environments for a company could impact their employee ‘s behavior in their workplace. Harmonizing to Brill ( 1992 ) , he estimate that the result for bettering for the physical environments for the workplace may make 5 to 10 per centum in employees, but someway, Stallworth and Kleiner ( 1996 ) contended that addition in physical environments of the company about the employees demands in order to maximise their occupation satisfaction and besides productiveness. Besides, they besides vie that the innovative for the workplace could be developed in order to promote them to portions their networking and information.

Consequently, the physical environment is a tool that can be leveraged both to better concern consequences ( Mohr, 1996 ) and employee wellbeing ( Huang et al. , 2004 ) .

Better workplace environment are assumed to leads to better results and productiveness. There are assorted of literature relevant with the survey of offices constructing that indicated the factor such as littered workplaces, physical environment dissatisfaction and the dissatisfaction plays a major function in the loss of employee ‘s productiveness, ( Carnevale 1992, Clements-Croome 1997 ) . Harmonizing to the statement of Farshchi and Fisher, they contend that good environment can enrich the work experience, and exciting the environments can assist employees to believe creatively because infinites have an emotional content. ( Farshchi and Fisher, 2000 ) .

From the point of position of Holman ( 2003a, B ) , he declared that the work layout apply by the company could hold a strong correlativity that can do employees ‘ to be depression, emphasis, every bit good as anxiousness. Correspondingly, Sprigg and Jackson ( 2006 ) claims that more normative working systems could convey high degree of occupation related strain. Furthermore, Nenonen ( 2004 ) besides concur that by keeping the company physical environment could assist to back up the sense of infinite for creative activity of cognition and besides for greater societal interaction amongst employees.

The impression of invention and creativeness can be shaped through change or design of work scenes has of import deductions for concerns and organisational alteration advisers. ( Stallworth and Kleiner, 1996 ) . Hedge ( 1982 ) argues that unfastened workplaces provide greater degrees of flexibleness and promote greater squad interaction as they offer interpersonal entree and easiness of communicating compared to private enclosed offices.

Conceptual model

Based on the literature reappraisal, the relationship between the working status and the public presentation of employees can be conceptualized in figure 1. The relationship is distinguishable in such manner that set a factors impact on the person which could find the concluding result in term of their public presentation.

Figure 1

Employee ‘s Performance

Physical Component of Environment

Behavioral Component of Environment

Stress degree

Dependent Variable

Independent variable

Adapted from:

Model – Two factor theory


Hygiene factors

Harmonizing to Frederick Hertzberg, employee satisfaction affects every facet of a medical pattern, from patient satisfaction to overall productiveness. The environment in which people work has a enormous consequence on their degree of pride for themselves and for the work they are making.

Chapter 3: Methodology

As for this chapter, primary informations and secondary informations will be shown as informations aggregation method in this chapter. In order for this research to be successful, garnering informations information on the topic by carry oning some studies is indispensable. The two major types of research information come from primary and secondary beginnings.

3.1 Primary informations

Primary informations aggregation is data information that is obtained from many different beginnings such as study, questionnaire and interview. In this primary informations, a sum of 60 employees from May bank and OCBC bank were selected in the Malacca, Malaysia and a self-administered questionnaire was used as the study instrument.

3.2 Secondary informations

Secondary informations aggregation is data information abstracted from informations studies that have already been obtained by others, such as diaries, articles, books and other stuff that have been published.

3.3 Sampling program

The trying population of this research includes 60 employees of local and foreign bank in Malacca, Malaysia. The proportion would be 30 employees selected from local bank and staying 30 from foreign bank.A This research followed the systematic random trying method representative population. The population belongs to non managerial staff in Malayan Bank and Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation.

3.3 Restriction

However, there are legion of restrictions for the research methods. .First of all, it was due to the clip restraints, largely it was because of the demands roll uping the information, prepare on analysing the information and make the statistics with the collected informations and supply possible solution and recommendation toward the issue. In fact, some of the respondents may perchance non collaborate by supplying improper reply for the questionnaire due to assorted grounds that caused inaccurate informations.

In contrast, even in the interview, there could be a possibility of non being able to get sufficient information that required as the company would perfectly seek their best to maintain the information that are regarded as private and confidential to them. The trepidation of losing their secrets of trade to their rival could do imprecise information to be provided and this could impact the dependability of the collected information.

Chapter 4: Determination and Analysis

Table No.1


Dependent Variable

Performance of the employees

Independent variables

Comfort degree of office

Office layout

Degree of Interaction

Degree of distraction

Stress degree




The initial aim of this survey is to prove whether the emphasis, physical and behavioral constituent of environment have positively related with bank employees public presentation. The aim is non merely to prove the as whether the two factor theory are suited to be apply for their on the job public presentation, but besides to prove the employees how they address themselves when they are working under emphasis and atrocious working environments, which consequence their public presentation, is being tested.


H1 – Stress will be positively related to employee public presentation.

H2. Physical environment will be positively related to employee public presentation.

H3. Behavioural Component of Environment will positively related to employee public presentation

Premise 1 is that the Citibank directors are sufficiently proactive and knowing to acknowledge the demand to custom-make the single web site harmonizing to the outlooks of the local population. Assumption 2 is that the web sites constructed by the autochthonal Bankss will integrate those same cultural jussive moods into their on-line bank web sites.


Chapter 5: Recommendation

From my observation and sentiment, the experience of work emphasis is a challenge to the employees ‘ . The organisation itself should hold a policy that could hold manage and do mentions to work emphasis ; they should enable the policy to be implemented by seting the appropriate agreements for the workplace. I believe that work emphasis can be good managed if the organisation applies the hazard direction.

The causes of emphasis of the employees ‘ tend to be their on the job conditions and such jobs can be managed, the primary bar that the organisation can make is through implementing their work and environments design.

Direction for farther research

In order to determine better apprehension of the research, this combines working environments, public presentation direction every bit good as human resource direction needs to be developed. Within the working status of company, physical environments have the most important impact on the employee ‘s public presentation and productiveness. Therefore it is make sense to develop in the hereafter as a validated theoretical accounts where it at least thermic environments in combination with working status could be evaluated in footings of conformability and loss of productiveness.

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