Strong Bridge and fashion industry management consulting

Strong Bridge provides manner industry direction consulting concerns. The manner field is huge and unfastened to many different countries of involvement.

Our Servicess offered are in all facets of manner concern direction, manner selling, manner systems and manner logistics. Strong span is specialized in goods, natural trappings, fabric, & A ; footwear to specify and develop your personal manner. Our services give you an insight pertaining to the altering life styles.

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We provide services for consumer goods where manner holds the primary importance, and the monetary value is secondary. Such goods include vesture, jewellery, pocketbooks, Sun sunglassess, and places. The manner consumer goods besides include other accoutrements in manner.

Home Supplying

We have the services of merchandises from around the universe that cover an full scope of place necessities. We besides provide services for good furniture and accoutrements for office. Strong Bridge helps happening you the right sort of trappings services.

We are a professionally managed company engaged in the field of fabrication, providing and exporting of high quality knitted and hosiery garments. We started with a ardor and finding to redefine manner in the industry. Standing on the evidences of manner and elegance, we offer knitted and hosiery garments that are abreast of the altering international tendencies.

We combine marketing expertness and originative imaginativeness to present interior decorator garments with alone textures, designs and colourss. Each garment is entirely designed as per the altering manner tendencies that reflect all right workmanship and elegance that suit the aesthetic gustatory sensations of our clients all across the Earth. We serve our clients with high quality of merchandises along with a broad scope of assortment of designs and cloths.

We have developed nucleus competency in the field of providing fashionable and voguish scope of knitted and hosiery garments. Our aggregation reflects designs from the remotest antiquity to the most elegant of modern-day statements. Our knitted garments are a blend of traditional and modern-day manners. With the voluminous experience of this industry we have acknowledged the demands and wants of our clients. Globally we are functioning them with quality.

We beginning our garments maintaining in head the gustatory sensations and penchants of our clients both in domestic every bit good as international district. Our ensembles are noted for their quality craft. We guarantee that the cloth is of the finest quality and a batch of accent is laid on the designs, colour and strength of the cloth used. Our garments have made inroads in the international market and have etched a respectable topographic point for our company by providing to the demands and wants of our clients in the abroad markets.


The garment industry is deriving enormous range in the recent times. It is undergoing important Reconstruction in the value of the merchandises. Looking at the approaching tendencies in this industry, we as advisers create a planetary platform to give our clients a dynamic position about the garments industry. The services provided cope up to the diverse civilization.


India is a Centre for cultural diverseness and a major fabrication hub. STRONGBRIDGE with its extended web base with Indian makers and Italian interior decorators help you in sourcing the best of what is available in the market.

We can assist you secure extended scope of Men Garments holding first-class coating, latest manner tendencies and forms.

Our makers ‘ web usage superior quality cloth for production of vesture line designed by the top line interior decorators. Their handiness in vivacious colourss, alone designs, and different sizes and in customized specifications has eased the clients.

The full scope of services is made available to the garment industry in both modern-day every bit good as traditional form to give them a cosmopolitan entreaty. We help our clients outsource the major interior decorator gents ‘ garments from India and International trade names.

We trade in broad scope of garments with latest tendencies of designs, colorss and Material. We bring for our clients a broad scope of collared jerseies that are available in a overplus of designs. Stitched utilizing high quality cloths, we offer these jerseies in different forms and different sizes.

We offer broad scope of Shirts, Pants, Trousers, Pullovers, Sweatshirts, Denim, Jackets, etc. which are designed to supply comfort and easiness. Our scope of athleticss Jerseies are pre-washed and tested for psychiatrist opposition. These are availed in varied colourss & A ; designs as per the coveted specifications suggested by our clients clip to clip.

Work force ‘s athleticss T-shirts lend the wearer ‘s organic structure optimal comfort and legality needed for any athletics. Easy to have on, these Jerseies have become a family name these yearss. We sell choice work forces ‘s vesture in different assortments. Our aggregation of gent ‘s garments includes shirts, pants, gent ‘s suits and many more. We have neatly tailored apparels. We spend cherished hours on readying of formal wear, insouciant wear meant for your nuptials, prom, college etc.

So whether you prefer more traditional dinner jacket or manner dinner jackets, you ‘ll happen your merited expression. We offer a scope of traditional Indian work forces ‘s wear that is suited for particular occasions every bit good as regular usage. Choose from silk, poly silk or cotton cloth and a assortment of colorss and embroidered designs. These amply coloured kurta ‘s expression like natural silk, but are really easy-care cotton. These traditional white cotton kurta ‘s ( shirts ) have a elusive tartan.

Attractive designs, Vibrant colors, Fashionable expression, Easy to rinse are some of the the characteristics that we offer to our clients.

Major Markets:


Indian Subcontinent

Central America

South America



Our consultancy services help you in catching the best design in the industry and make value in your garment stock. Owing to our presence in International market, our collaborative attempts will assist you maintain gait with the dynamic manner industry.

We can assist you secure best assortment of ladies manner garments, interior decorator ladies garments and fancy ladies garments made from superior cloth. Our coaction with makers offers to sell a trendy and alone aggregation of ladies garments.

We deal with a broad aggregation of interior decorator garments like Kurta ‘s, Tops. It enhances the beauty of ladies of all age groups with its sleek designing and forms. Proper sewing of these ladies garments is an added attractive force and is rather popular in the manner industry. These outfits are available in fall, winter every bit good as spring season. The Tops are specially designed for the most demanding purchasers across the universe and are perfect for every juncture.

Available in assorted sizes and colorss these are stitched utilizing tegument friendly fabric. The tops are available in both half arm and full arm and can be worn in both winters every bit good as summer season. They can be matched with denims every bit good as skirts and supply a typical characteristic to 1s expression.

We are offering ladies manner garments, interior decorator ladies garments, fancy ladies garments, ladies kurta ‘s, scarves, stoles, scarves, shawls & A ; stoles, flushing bag, hi-fashion eventide bag, interior decorator bags.

Outstanding characteristics of our vesture stuff are oculus Catching Sequined forms, opposition to shrinkage, made from superior cloth and comfy feel.

Excellent coating, available in assorted sizes, design and coloring material, perfect coloring material combination, color speed and tear strength, shrinking free, made up of finest quality cloths, comfy to have on and clamber friendly in nature are the characteristics of the garments we offer.

Major Markets:


Indian Subcontinent

Central America

South America



Rising demands of child ‘s wares and dresss with design specifications is coercing the makers to switch from the traditional wears and look beyond the box. Our coaction with Italian interior decorators can assist you run into the altering demands of the market. We can assist you outsource the best quality wares at low-cost rates.

STRONGBRIDGE procurance system can do its clients available a varied aggregation of the best quality cloths maintaining in head the latest manner and tendency. Furthermore, our expertness can be displayed in the outsourcing childs ‘ garments holding perfect finish and softness of the narration at market taking monetary values.

Our aggregation offer ‘s the best quality cloths and scopes from formal to insouciant and athleticss to designer. Besides, our interior decorator ‘s designs the apparels maintaining in head the latest manner and tendency. Furthermore, our aggregations are in sync with the temper and illusions of a chap and are therefore preferred by our client ‘s. Furthermore, our expertness can be displayed in the garments designed for the teen-kids. Our clients can avail these at market taking monetary values.

The child ‘s garments offered by us are sole and really attractive. The stuffs used are comfy, lasting and skin friendly. They are available in a broad array of designs and forms. We use bright colorss that appeal to the childs the most. The garments are easy to maintain.We offer childs vesture, interior decorator childs vesture, fancy childs vesture, childs dress, interior decorator childs dress, fancy childs garments, childs manner dress, childs garments, childs jerseies, childs rompers, childs illusion tops, childs suits, work forces ‘s wear, ladies wear, dark wear, interior wear, babe apparels, childs hoody and work forces ‘s hoody.


The characteristics of the childs garments that we can secure for you are first-class coloring material speed, available in assorted sizes, good coating, easy to rinse and keep, high tear strength, shrinking free, skin friendly and competitory monetary value.

Major Markets:

Indian Subcontinent

East Asia

North Europe

Middle East

South America

South/West Europe

South East Asia

North America



Our fabric consultancy services can assist you in following latest engineering for fabrication, sourcing of natural stuffs and merchandise development.

We have a great trade of expertness in analyzing market information, analyzing the feasibleness and undertaking studies, helping in prison guard Project Management and easing Import and Export of fabric.

STRONGBRIDGE ‘s focal point has ever been on helping the fabric and dress industries in hiking net incomes through betterment in industry specific activities.

We help you in resourcing natural stuffs such as cotton and man-made fibers, fibril narrations, cotton and blended narrations and new high public presentation fibers, narrations and cloths for any sort of new merchandise development for the fabric and garment industry.

Our fabric consultancy services offer proficient, advanced, originative and other selling related services in the fabric industry.

We offer standardized solutions to all concern demands in fabric industry which are relatively more good for the makers in the fabric sector.

We besides provide primary services like fresh procedures and merchandise research tools, elaborate analyses of proficient specifications ; high public presentation degree of proficient aid, and the alterations in the substructure.

Our dedicated tem of market analyst provides guidelines about recent market tendencies and offer originative solutions related to textile industry.


Greige cloth is the 1 that has non yet undergone the procedure of bleaching, dyeing, or completing. It is a textile merchandise that is pure and stainless after being created from a fabric procedure. This cloth is normally used for garments that will undergo dyeing and printing to be marketed for people. Therefore, Greige Fabric is the perfect fabric for garment and vesture makers. This is the most used cloth by dressing makers and the most worn cloth by a batch of people.

We can help you in acquiring broad scope of superior quality greige cloth and industrial greige cloths.

Our vesture interior decorators and shapers can give you first-class confer withing on planing and tweaking this cloth.

By our greige outsourcing services, we can offer you the apparels that help us to specify our manner in this fashion-driven universe. With our extended connexions with makers across the Earth, we can assist you procure assorted fabrics in order to run into to turning vesture ingestion and manner that people have.


STRONGBRIDGE Consultants Pvt. Ltd is the fastest planetary sourcing organisation in India that operates a sure and dependable planetary web, which connects purchasers with dependable, tried renowned Manufacturers/ Sellerss from all over the universe. We provide cost salvaging benefits that enable organisations who are maximising planetary sourcing solutions to derive a competitory advantage over others who are non encompassing planetary sourcing.

With our huge International experience in the Textile Fabric Industry since many old ages, we can offer you consultation back up for all pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, coating, coating, inkjet and mechanical procedures.

STRONGBRIDGE Consultancy Services offers entire solution in fabrics, dyes and chemicals. WE are a aggressive service administration that has experience in the fabrics, processing, dyes and chemicals Fieldss. SB Consultancy provides proficient inside informations and know-how of fabrics, dyes and chemicals, formulas for processing, and besides offers to supply solutions to any proficient job. It besides takes up consultancy undertakings for puting up research labs, procedure house, energy and cost-saving undertakings in Millss, etc.

Semi finished

Our fabric consultancy services helps in bettering scheme, merchandise, productiveness, quality and service in vesture and fabrics. This is achieved by bettering procedures, systems and methods and the persons involved.

Our decennaries of experience in the vesture and fabric industry can jointly rede on all facets of fabrication, from start-ups to aim market incursion.

We have set up first-class relationship with planetary fabric participants that can enable our clients to secure fabric stuffs and semi-finished fabrics from the biggest and most of import base. We have common apprehension with legion fabricating hubs that can do us supply suited measure and quality for different client demands.

We guarantee our clients competitory monetary value, flexible measure and well-pleasing quality of fabric stuffs and semi-finished fabric.

We have first-class expertness in Garment and fabric industry that can offer you assistance at any phase of the undertaking journey by doing best usage of people ‘s public presentation, engineering and commercial expertness.


STRONGBRIDGE is reckoned as one of the most reputed and celebrated service supplier for the footwear industry. STRONGBRIDGE has excelled in supplying exciting scope of footwear that has been distinguished for its ultra-comfort, faultless adjustment, attractive designs, lastingness, manner and immaculate finished visual aspect.

STRONGBRIDGE has been assisting planetary trade names to put up and heighten gross revenues in developing markets in order to hike gross revenues and trade on a planetary platform. We understand the cultural facets in every market associated due to our direct presence.

Previously, footwear was considered a public-service corporation merchandise all over the universe, but is now conceived as a manner merchandise. STRONGBRIDGE is ever in front of rivals in the race to get latest tendencies emerging in the invariably advanced manner industry.

Quality and consistence has been the trademark of STRONGBRIDGE success. We owe our success to highest quality merchandises, least turn-around clip, best monetary value public presentation ratio and exceeding client satisfaction.

STRONGBRIDGE tracks a modest, fleet and crystalline execution method based on our Industry vertical cognition. STRONGBRIDGE market research will help our clients to grok the latest purchasing tendencies of a client in a local market. We embroil ourselves in all types of footwear merchandises like boots, places, sandals, indoor footwear, pes wraps, concert dance places, high-heeled footwear, mounting places, getas, safety footwear, surgical places, traditional footwear, slippers, etc. STRONGBRIDGE market research squad chains point-of-sale market with clients ‘ penetrations so that manner houses have a complete penetration on latest industry tendencies and can hence successfully connect with the client.

STRONGBRIDGE non merely caters in leather footwear, but besides in other stuff like plastic, gum elastic, fabrics, wood fiber, jute, metal, etc.

STRONGBRIDGE provides you a complete penetration into footwear sector with insider positions, hazards, chances, menaces and support from thought to setup and bit by bit do your concern efficacious.

STRONGRIDGE enjoys the value of service by the support of major footwear houses that uses the proficient advice, staff preparation and testing of new merchandises.

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