Study Of Childrens Programs In Luxury Family Hotels Marketing Essay

This research is traveling to analyze the current state of affairs of the household travel market for hotels. It will research why the hotelkeepers should increase their consciousness of the demand for child-care activities and installations. By analysing some illustrations of luxury household hotels, this paper aims to reply what the basic and indispensable elements for child-care services for hotels are and to develop a theoretical theoretical account of how the hotelkeepers are traveling to run into their household clients ‘ demands in China.

Research inquiries:

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Why should the hotelkeepers increase their consciousness of the turning demand for the household market?

How should hotels and fall back supply appropriate child-care services to better their guest trueness?

Research purposes:

To measure the current state of affairs of the household travel market and kids ‘s plans in hotels and resorts

To develop a conceptual theoretical account of appropriate child-care plans for hotels and resorts in China

Research aims:

To place the basic construct of child-care services by analyzing some illustrations of luxury household hotels

To carry on a literature reappraisal to place the nature of the household market and kids ‘s plans within hotels and resorts

To develop a theoretical theoretical account for China ‘s Family Hotels and propose what an appropriate kids ‘s plan should be

To roll up empirical informations from instance surveies, questionnaires and interviews

To analyze the information consequences and prove the theoretical theoretical account

To bring forth decisions and recommendations for farther research for child-care services within hotels and resorts

Literature reappraisal

In recent old ages, as more and more immature, double-income households want to go, “ small clients mean large concern ” at hotels around the universe. The demand for household hotels has increased rapidly because parents want to bask a good vacation by themselves and meanwhile besides have a great clip with their kids. Therefore, kids ‘s plans have become a fast turning portion and a hot subject of the cordial reception industry ( Gaines, Hubbard, Witte & A ; O’Neill, 2004 ) .

The kid attention service for hotels and resorts were developed about 15-20 old ages ago. It includes synergistic attention for kids of different ages, baby-sitting services and other sorts of “ edutainment ” plans ( Gaines et al. , 2004 ) . The construct of “ luxury household hotels ( LFH ) ” was the created by Nicholas Dicknson and Nigel Chapman, who ran a LFH, Woolley Grange, in 1994. This hotel was well-furnished and it provided assorted child-friendly activities, kids attention services, flexible repasts and big kids ‘s countries ( Mullen, 2008 ) . Research carried out by a selling company in 2001, analyzed kids ‘s and parents ‘ penchants when they are taking a hotel. About 80 % of the kids said that they wanted a detached kids ‘s country for activities. Successful kids ‘s plans provide childs with exciting every bit good as meaningful and educational experiences ( Gaines et al. ) .

In recent old ages, many hotels and resorts have already transformed their child-caring services into synergistic attention plans. The hotelkeepers designed their kids ‘s plan harmonizing to the location and civilization of the hotel and resort ( Gaines et al. ) . For case, Steamboat Ski Resort is located in Colorado. Despite the ski season, the resort besides provides assorted edutainment activities, like executing marionette shows, making originative humanistic disciplines and trades and go toing mini-lectures, trips or involvement nines ( Makens, 1992 ) . Hotels can besides offer childs other services, such as complimentary base on ballss to some local attractive forces and child-packages ( images, board games, colourising books, playthings ) ( Gaines et al. ) .

To guarantee the quality of the kids ‘s plan, the directors and employees are normally required to hold a background in instruction, nursing or kid psychological science ( Makens, 1992 ) . The employees should function as both instructors and entertainers to guarantee the success of the plan ( Makens, 1992 ) . Some hotels even cooperate with universities and ( Gaines et al. ) . Taking the Sagamore ‘s tepee nine as an illustration, it was launched in 1988, in New York. This nine invites college pupils who have majored in instruction or other related professions to work for its child-care services ( Makens, 1992 ) .

Safety is ever one of the biggest concerns for the parents. The survey consequences of 2001 National Leisure Travel Monitor show that 90 % of parents gave precedence to safety when taking a holiday finish ( Yesawich, Pepperdine & A ; Brown, 2001 ) .The kids ‘s drama countries should hold Sun screens to protect kids ‘s tegument from the Sun Burnss ( Makens, 1992 ) . Other safety necessities could be dark visible radiations, electric stopper mercantile establishment covers, first-aid bags and protective gauzes on balconies ( Gaines et al. ) .

Why research subject is is really of import? Why should hotels and resorts attention about kids ‘s demands and the household travel market? Ultimately, it is because the basic demand and end of successful hotelkeepers is to accomplish client satisfaction ( Gaines et al. ) . By offering quality plans, the hotelkeepers can acquire more concern chances and better their guest trueness ( Crossley, 2001 ) .If the clients are satisfied, they will present positive “ viva-voce advertizements ” to other possible invitees ( Gaines et al. ) .

In the yesteryear, the primary focal point of metropolis hotels was on the corporate market because the bulk of their income came from concern travellers ( Gaines et al. ) . However, late, more and more concern travellers are taking their kids along, which is turning the concern trip into a household holiday ( Jack & A ; Cherish, 1998 ) . National Leisure Travel Monitor claims that 70 % of households combine their leisure clip with concern trips ( Yesawich et al. , 2001 ) . This peculiar state of affairs means that concern travellers will be under high force per unit area when they are making concern, and at the same clip besides want to pass a fantastic relaxing clip with their kids. In this instance, the hotels should hold high quality and well-designed kids plans on offer for these clients ( Gaines et al. ) . Children will go the new VIP travellers ( Clark, 2001 ) . As the household market maintain on turning in the coming old ages, the demand of child-care services will increase significantly. Understanding the importance of kids ‘s plans will finally lend to the success of the hotel ( Gaines et al. ) .

Besides concern trips, household travellers besides bring their kids for leisure travel. However, the current state of affairs is that the parents can afford adequate hard currency for the holiday but they do n’t hold much clip to be after the journey ( Gaines et al. ) . “ Hotels and resorts with first-class plans for kids can be of great aid to these parents by offering an array of activities geared toward parent-child engagement ( Gaines et al. ) . ” Harmonizing to Yesawich ‘s research consequences ( 2001 ) , approximately 88 % of parents said that the kids would act upon their determinations when be aftering the holiday finish. About 55 % of them said that the handiness of kids ‘s activities and installations will act upon their pick of hotel. These Numberss mean that merely if the kids enjoy the hotel ‘s kids ‘s plan, are their parents probably to take the same hotel once more in the hereafter. In other words, merely if hotels and resorts can supply well-designed kids activities, is there an increasing opportunity for the invitees to be loyal and for the plans to be a success narrative in this industry ( Gaines et al. ) .

However, the Good Hotel Guide criticized the industry ‘s attitude in 2008: the hotels ever treat kids as “ second-class citizens ” as about one 4th of them have age limitation regulations on childs ( Mullen, 2008 ) . In add-on, one of the biggest side effects of concentrating on the household market and kids ‘s plans is that these concerns are seasonal ( Mullen, 2008 ) . Most household travellers merely come to resorts and book hotels during the school vacations. However, the tourer industry is seasonal. There will be more travellers during vacations than usual. Hotels and resorts should be more flexible and utilize more direction schemes to pull possible costumiers during the off season. In fact, many top hotels in the universe have already started to near the household market. These Luxury Family Hotels ( LFHs ) purpose to cover all countries to do more net income and consolidate their trade name to maintain their concern turning more prosperously ( Mullen, 2008 ) .

In decision, the demand for child-care services is increasing aggressively. To be more competitory and successful in the cordial reception industry, hotelkeepers must understand the value of the household travel market. As the clients ‘ determinations are strongly influenced by their childs when taking a hotel, hotels and resorts have to offer good kids ‘s services. Merely if the kids enjoy a great experience and their parents are satisfied, can guests trueness be improved which will eventually consequences in the fiscal betterment of the hotel. Therefore, it is rather indispensable for hotels and resorts to supply appropriate child-care plans. That is besides why this research subject is chosen.

Detail Time Scale:


Undertakings and Goals

research methods

possible jobs






reading related stuffs from academic diaries, the cyberspace, intelligence or magazines ; roll uping utile information and observing down the mentions.


to happen sufficient stuffs and informations for this comparatively new research subject


planing a questionnaire aims to analyse clients ‘ positions about what sort of child-care activities they prefer ; carry oning the questionnaire on the cyberspace, in hotels of different degrees, to some households and to pupils and professors in GIHE ; composing a study to analyse the consequences of the questionnaire

Questionnaire ( qualitative )

The respondents may hold different positions about the kids ‘s activities after they have experienced them. This questionnaire can merely be used to calculate out which sort of activities that clients may be interested in. As the questionnaire is largely qualitative, it may be hard to analyse some of the consequences.


composing a study based on a instance survey of one or two luxury household hotels

instance survey ( qualitative and quantitative )

to make the instance survey in a hotel ;

to acquire more reliable and practical informations


reading more related past research undertakings to complete the literature reappraisal


to happen supportive, dependable and reliable information






planing a theoretical theoretical account for kids ‘s plans within Chinese hotels or resorts.


to accomplish the practicableness, dependability and genuineness of this theoretical theoretical account.


planing a study to happen out if the household clients prefer this theoretical theoretical account ;

composing a study on the consequences ; seting the theoretical theoretical account harmonizing to the respondents ‘ suggestions.

Survey ( quantitative/qualitative )


Puting things together ; composing the thesis.


to form the thesis more logically, clearly and do it more persuasive.


bring forthing decisions and recommendations for farther research on this subject



inquiring for supervisor ‘s suggestions and revising the thesis




completing the thesis



Other Possible Problems:

Since non every hotel has child-care plans, it will non be easy to make the observation or instance survey practically.

Time direction: as kids ‘s plans are likely to be seasonal, the research worker needs to wait until the school vacations to acquire some practical informations.

As household hotels are still non common in China, it could be hard for the research worker to happen supportive information to develop the theoretical theoretical account and to acquire a batch of feedback for this theoretical account.

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