Swot Analysis of Manor House Country Club Hotel

The Manor House Country Club Hotel in Singapore and it was originated in 1992 by Jenkins household. The country size is 3 estates and it is an honored land. Location of the hotel is convenient for everyone. The direction has made many alterations in the hotel to better their trade name position by puting full net income by adding excess epicurean suites, buying the next belongings, setup a bistro.

Mhcch is the best adjusted branded hotel industries that face some issues, because old concern associate and his boy take charge of that poster. He is the current CEO of MHCCH & A ; he completed concern surveies with few old ages experience in different field.

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As a selling analyst I want to detect dangers and benefits in internal and external environment to foreground the best from grind, which defines strength, failing, chances and menaces. Finally proposing the suited strategic program to develop their concern.


MHCCH chief strength is the location. It ‘s a esteemed land which is nearby the tourer topographic point like subject park and museums.

The clime of Singapore is pleasant for the full twelvemonth, that makes more no of visitants to this state which indicates the growing of hotel industries.

They developed their current site by puting the net income of past 11 old ages to better the class of this hotel every bit good as spread outing the portion of their concern.

MHCCH is originated in 1992 still it generates a good flow of economic system. This makes the bank to impart more money to them for spread outing their concern.

They purchased next belongings to widen the substructure of this hotel. In 2002 they add excess luxury sleeping rooms every bit good as more figure of suites harmonizing to their booking demand.

Recently they got blessing to sold all difficult drinks inside the hotel ; it helps to setup a bistro.

They mounted a beauty salon which holding latest interventions, because nowadays beauty field is the flourishing field which earn more net incomes. This latest interventions will pull clients and aid to better the star evaluation of the hotel.


Previous spouse acquire off from his station ; that shows the lacking of experience, organizing and potency, because Jenkins boy graduated in concern surveies & A ; he holding merely five old ages experience in fast traveling consumer goods.

The experience which he holding is wholly different field which is non capable to pull off as a Chief executive officer for the underdeveloped hotel industry.

Harmonizing to the last 3 yrs study it shows the diminution in corporate invitee suites. When comparing to non concern guest & A ; household non concern invitee, the corporate invitee growing is worse.


Tourist Fieldss have a sudden growing for the past 10 old ages, it shows the future anticipation of the hotels.

Airlines provide lowest airfares and tourist board strong turning attempts led to increase in inward touristry from abroad states.

Particularly Singapore govt destines to pass on touristry to demo their state as a good tourer finish.

Modernizing the ocular percept of the hotel by making a broad anteroom alteration the expressions into epicurean one.

Consumers passing on sit-down repasts are bit by spot turning up with a rate of 16 per centum.

Consumers prefer different nutrients like Thai, French, Italian, Indian and Malayan. Young person people, in-between age married twosomes and every categorised people like variegation. So alter the nutrient manners harmonizing to the latest tendencies

Make them to bask drinks with howling fire creates a warm confidant ambiance. Then have an outstanding aggregation of liquid history with show cabinets.

So there are so many chances available to MHCCH to develop their concern, class and to better their net incomes.


Singapore hotel industry is the major threat to MHCCH in every section like monetary value, service, location, offers.

They holding suited strategies that suits all range from back baggers to

High-fidelity peoples. It shows missing of distinction in MHCCH.

Industry confronting higher growing of societal jobs, new licensing jurisprudence, blessing processs, revenue enhancement methodological analysis.

Mass market circuit operators concentrate on niche sectors which have activity interruption, honeymoon bundle, .

If the circuit operators and air hoses increasing the economic system scope is the biggest menace to MHCCH.

Challenges in micro environment:

The internal factors which are immediately near to the administration that have a forthwith bear on the administration strategies. These factors include:


Administrations exist on the base of fulfilling the client demands, wants & A ; fulfil their outlooks. If there is a deficiency in this operation it will consequences in failed concern scheme.

In order to please the client they should supervise the changing outlooks and seek to take stairss in their manner to give a great pleasance to them.


Employees play a major function in pulling clients. So hotel must enroll skilled individuals to supply proper preparation & A ; development, because it plays a important function in service sector selling in order to derive a competitory boundary.

Management preparation & A ; development plan investing to the employees will be higher but it ‘s the base for the hereafter to please the clients with best service sector.


The of import tactics in selling is distinction. What type of benefits & A ; bundles can be offered by MHCCH which is better than the Singapore hotel industry?

Comparison analysis & A ; monitoring is indispensable for hotel to keep their place in the market.

Pricing, circuit bundles, complimentary services are the basic things which the rivals try to make in cheaper with best quality.

Every clip must supervise the rivals motions every bit good as scanning the environment to prolong the place.


Hotel should hold good providers ( electricity, H2O, gas, toilet articles merchandises, spiritss, caterers ) who provide good services/products with good quality in best monetary values. The biggest challenge in this section is to prolong the low-cost pricing and publicities.

Challenges in macro environment:

It is the external environment & A ; it is a proper tool for analyzing the facts of the concern environment to take the advantage of chances & A ; minimise the menaces for going a successful org to turn in the hereafter.

Political factors:

It chiefly depends upon regulations & A ; ordinances. They must follow employment jurisprudence ( minimal pay ) , environmental ordinances and govt constructions.

Economic factors:

MHCCH invest their steady flow of hard currency to spread out the portion of the concern by adding excess epicurean sleeping rooms, latest equipments in beauty salon, assorted nutrient manners, different aggregation of spiritss, leisure activities. It partially shows revenue enhancement, economic growing, govt disbursement and exchange rates.

Social factors:

MHCCH monitor the clients altering outlooks & A ; life styles to fulfill their demands. They change their nutrient manners, utilizing assortment of intoxicant merchandises. So update saloon & A ; eating houses with assortment of stocks.

Technological factors:

MHCCH applies engineering in beauty salon with latest interventions & A ; good experienced physicians to turn out their distinction. Because nowadays beauty field growing is really high. Bar, conference hall, marrying hall, washrooms need to update latest tech to please the clients.

Environmental scanning:

The aggregation of information to step and analyse the alterations in environment is environmental scanning. It is really of import to analyse the updates about the environment to prolong the concern in safe and changeless manner.

It is a portion of concern tool which shows the clear image about what the market is seeking? Harmonizing to that we should make inventions to carry through their demands.

Environmental scanning is really utile to acquire the information about the rivals. This helps you to set your eyes on your concern.

Marketing cleavage:

It is an administration tool which helps to divide the clients into different groups in which the set of peoples portions a similar thoughts or same set of demands satisfied by distinct selling suggestions.

Customer group 1:

Honeymoon bundles it covers epicurean sector.

Bedroom designed with sophisticated comfortss with scenic position near to patio with twenty-four hours bed

Beautifully appointed bathroom with two headed showers & A ; a dual sink amour propre.

Exceeding privateness to experience them as an unforgettable trip.

Customer group 2:

Holiday & A ; activity interruptions for head relaxation.

Quality & A ; contemporary suites.

Topographic point near to local comfortss, lakeside etc.

Best leisure installations.

Customer group 3:

Corporate invitees looking for conference & A ; meetings.

Suitably equipped & A ; sized meeting suites for delegate from 25-500 members.

Excellent catering and cordial reception service is of import.

Marketing schemes:

As a selling adviser I suggest last option to MHCCH that expand by puting in external belongings. They can buy saloon or eating house and show distinction.

Environment scanning is really of import before get downing a new concern. It ‘s a tool helps to mensurate strength & A ; failing of the concern to put the strategic waies.

In restaurant provide assortment of nutrient manners with best quality & A ; competitory monetary value to prolong their place. For e.g.

Thai – Fish bars, Tom yum, tablet Thai.

Malayan – Nasi lemak, beef pendang, sambal udang.

Gallic – Fromage Blanc, salade Verde.

In saloon they must hold full spirits aggregation & A ; mention the monetary value per glass ( milliliter ) /bottle. For e.g.

Calvados pays d’auge





Delight the client with subdued visible radiation & A ; deep leather flying chairs, highlighted show cabinets. Make the clients to bask drinks with howling fire creates a warm confidant ambiance.

MHCCH holding different belongingss & A ; available in more than one location is the benefit to our administration that helps to acquire more clients with higher net incomes & A ; usage to stretch the trade name.

After acquiring some returns easy move to the 3rd option by puting to spread out the site by buying next belongings to construct leisure Centre, studios to derive more net income & A ; repositing the trade name successfully in the market.

Ansoff ‘s matrix:

Market incursion:

Market our bing merchandises to our bing clients. The chief construct is to increase the gross revenues & A ; bring forthing more grosss, there is no demand to seek any new clients. Merely slogan is to shift the trade name & A ; makes the merchandise successfully to stand in first topographic point.

Harmonizing to this rule, MHCCH will keep the healthy relationship with bing clients by good service & A ; supplying best bundles by lowest pricing than the rival.

This will do MHCCH to prolong their topographic point in market over a period of clip & A ; it ‘s the chief barrier for new entrants. But it wo n’t suitable for MHCCH to spread out their concern.

Market development:

There is no alteration in merchandises, it remains the same but marketed to new clients like exporting the merchandise to new part to make worldwide.

Singapore govt planned for ternary disbursement on tourer board & A ; increase no of clients thrice over following five old ages. Merely thing they want to pull & amp ; keep a client to put as a regular member.

But the opportunity is really less in this rule to spread out concern within following two old ages. So maintain this as a last option to put to death.

Merchandise development:

Create & A ; introducing new merchandises to bing client. This named as car market which replace or updates the bing merchandises.

This rule is disposed for MHCCH to spread out their concern. Expand by puting in an external belongings which means purchase & A ; developing bar/restaurant to acquire more clients.

It stretches the trade name name & A ; derive more net incomes. Nowadays everyone dressed ore on healthy nutrient or balanced diet nutrient ( calorie computation ) .

Provide assorted nutrient manners like Thai, French, Malaysian, Indian etc with good quality & A ; better monetary value. Pricing is a cardinal portion to hike up the concern.

Bar mounted with library which contains leather edge books, library saloon self-praises on outstanding aggregation of spiritss with perfect ocular facets.

Luxury smoking locale provides best smoke room, because in Singapore smoke is banned in public topographic points. It lodging an extended aggregation of Cuban-pre-Castro cigars.

The beauty salon which is late mounted in MHCCH must be updating their characteristics harmonizing to the client outlooks. For e.g. ,

Hair stylesi? digital, per med, curly hair, hair straightening.

Sensuality intervention

Faciali? glycolic tegument Peel, painless mole remotion, laser hair remotion, chemical Peels, take lines & A ; furrows.

Makeupi? organic, natural

Change the nature of the skini? oily, dry and intensive, pigmentation & A ; inflammation, pimples.

Body shapingi? utilizing suction lipectomy.

Overall construct shows that pure professional methods that attract every categorised peoples like corporate invitees every bit good as household & A ; youth invitees. Obviously the hotel acquire more no of clients with higher net incomes.

It helps to familiarise the trade name and this is the disposed method for spread outing concern efficaciously.


Develop new merchandise to new client. There is two types viz. :

Related variegation: bar maker diversifies pizza industry ( i.e. nutrient industry ) .

Unrelated variegation: bar maker diversifies garment concern ( no old experience ) .

Harmonizing to this rule variegation is non suited for MHCCH to spread out their concern. Here it shows to sell the hotel & A ; utilizing this capital get down wholly different concern is really hazard.

Porter ‘s grid:

Menaces of New Entrants:

More figure of trade conferences and exhibitions to be conducted in Singapore, addition in client ‘s disbursement on sit – down repasts by 16 % , Singapore Governments attempt to better the touristry industry attracts more participants into this field. Infrastructure installations, graduated table of economic systems and distinction of merchandise may move as entry barriers and so the MHCCH has to concentrate on these facets.

Negotiate Power of Buyers:

Presence of more rivals in the Singapore hotel industry makes the consumers to demand more from the hotels sing monetary value, quality and advanced ( assortment of nutrient, other installations, etc ) merchandises. From the instance, it is revealed that a tough competition occurs in the Singapore hotel industry, monetary value dramas a major function and its root cause is the client ‘s outlook sing quality and monetary value and this strengthens the purchaser ‘s power.

Negotiate Power of Suppliers:

The hotel industry is holding a really high relationship with the other industries ( Electricity, soft drinks & A ; carbonated H2O, Perfumes, cosmetics & A ; other lavatory readyings, spiritss, rugs and carpets Soap and detergents, etc ) and so the bargaining power of providers is high in the hotel industry but if the competition is more in the other industries excessively so the bargaining power of providers can be reduced in the hotel industry and it is indispensable to analyze still more sing the prevalence of competition in the provider ‘s industries.

Menace of replacements:

The economic hotels and motels may be the menace of replacement ‘s products/ services to MHCCH but concentrating on factors like fast nutrient constitutions which includes the simpleness of nutrient readying, high quality of nutrient served in a clean, orderly environment, prompt service and comparatively cheap monetary values.

Competitive challenger:

This challenge wholly based on figure of rivals in the market. Cost focal point & A ; distinction focal point is the chief tactics between the rivals. It partially shows the industry growing rate. Pricing and publicity will plays a important function to stand in the market for a certain period of clip.


First twelvemonth:

Expand the concern & A ; stretch the trade name by puting in external belongings like saloon and eating house. Get down the basis to put the strategic way to put to death the undertaking successfully.

Observe the regulations and ordinances designed by the govt before get downing the building work. Location is really of import for the concern environment.

Fix good providers, distributers for best merchandises and good services. Supplying some loyal strategies for the clients to make trade name in the market.

Second twelvemonth:

To prolong the clients give some distinction in everything like saloon, eating house, room installations, cordial reception service to please them.

The advertizement is really of import in marketing field to popularise the merchandise. Have direct contact with air hoses and tour agents to acquire more clients.

Update engineering harmonizing to the client altering outlooks. Provide valid bundles, complimentary services to give a great pleasance to do them as a premium member of MHCCH.

As a selling adviser I generate the study about challenges in micro & A ; macro environment, issues arise from SWOT, cleavage, selling scheme shows the clear image to the spouses to do them more enthusiastic.

Using ansoff ‘s matrix & A ; porter ‘s grid I proved technically how to develop within following two old ages.

Harmonizing to my study there is more strength & A ; chances in MHCCH to minimise the menaces & A ; failing of the concern.

Apply strategic option in order to gain more net incomes & A ; make the trade name successfully to the market in future.

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