Swot Analysis Of Wal Mart Management Essay


Over the old ages, Wal-Mart has witnessed a rampant growing both in its domestic and foreign markets. This is apparent from the fact that the house has been able to set up a figure of shops. For illustration, the house has established about 3,200 shops in US, 900 in the Americas, 350 in Europe and 440 in Asia. During the period runing from 2002 to 2004, the house continued to witness a positive growing. Its net income increased from $ 6,592 million in 2002 to $ 9,054 million in 2004. On the other manus, the stockholders equity increased from $ 35,192 million to $ 43,623 million. As a consequence, the house has managed to go the prima retail shop in the universe with a human resource base of 2.1 million employees. By 2005, the house ‘s one-year gross revenues were $ 260 billion. In add-on, the house had managed to set up a sum of 5,000 shops.

The house ‘s success is associated with a figure of strengths. For illustration, the house has a strong direction squad which enables it to explicate and implement effectual corporate civilization. One of these schemes relate to its selling schemes. Harmonizing to Yoffie ( 2005, p.1 ) , the house has managed to pull a big figure of clients due to its low pricing scheme. The house ‘s direction squad implemented the low pricing scheme from realisation of the fact that consumers are monetary value witting. During the twelvemonth 2005, the figure of clients who patronized the shop on hebdomadal about 100 million clients patronized the shop hebdomadal. In add-on, the house has implemented an effectual internal control system. For illustration, the house has adopted a comprehensive internal fiscal control system. This is attained through effectual fiscal coverage. Efficiency in fiscal control has contributed towards the house success through attainment of fiscal stableness. Another scheme that is lending to the house ‘s rampant growing is acceptance of enlargement scheme.

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In order for the house to prolong and increase its extraordinary growing in the long-run, it is paramount for the direction squad to explicate effectual operational schemes. Of great concern to the house ‘s executive is how to go on its enlargement scheme. In add-on, the house ‘s direction squad should measure the opportunities of spread outing in markets in which the retail industry is non saturated. Sing the nature of environment in which a house operates, the house will confront a figure of challenges. However, the house can take advantage of its planetary range to impel itself through the old ages to come.

Firm ‘s SWOT analysis


Over the old ages, Wal-Mart has developed a good repute. This has resulted from its low pricing scheme. In add-on ; the house provides a broad scope of consumer merchandises. This consequences into increased client satisfaction. The low pricing scheme contributes towards an increase in the house ‘s gross revenues volume since the clients are able to achieve a high value for their money through buying in the house ‘s shops. The house ‘s strength is besides associated with execution of information engineerings therefore back uping its logistic system. For illustration, the house has been using electronic commercialism engineering since 1990 ‘s. This has enabled the house to increase the degree of its gross revenues through conductivity of on-line selling ( Yoffie 2005, p.2 ) . During the period runing from 2004 to 2005, the house was committed at implementing Radio Frequency Identification which is a new engineering in the retail industry. This engineering enabled the house to minimise its loss with a border of 6 % . In 2005, its on-line gross revenues accounted for 6 % of the house ‘s entire gross revenues in US. The house ‘s direction squad has besides recognized the importance of human resource in its operation. As a consequence the house has integrated an effectual human resource direction. This is attained through preparation of its staff. A good relationship has been established between the direction and its employees. For illustration, the employees are encouraged to supply their sentiment on how to better gross revenues through analysis of its gross revenues informations.


Despite its attempt in acknowledging the importance of human capital in its attempt to win, the house has faced legion unfavorable judgments in relation to human resource direction. For illustration, the house is criticized for its overreliance on impermanent and parttime workers in an attempt to cut down costs associated with employee benefits such as healthcare coverage. In add-on, the house ‘s wage scheme is non sufficient. This is apparent from the low wage which is paid to employees.

The house has a limited coverage in the international market. This is apparent from the fact that the house operates in merely a few states globally. In add-on, the house has had failures in relation planning. For illustration, Wal-Mart has had failures in the yesteryear in relation to planning. This relates to debut of the ‘Bring it Home ‘ scheme which entailed guaranting that the house marketed merchandises made in USA. However, it was revealed that the house was selling merchandises which were made in Bangladesh whereas they were being marketed under the symbol ‘Made in US.


The high rate of technological invention presents an chance to the house ( Yoffie 2005, p. 2 ) . This is due to the fact that the house will be able to achieve efficiency in its operation. For illustration, incorporation of emerging engineerings will heighten the house ‘s competitory advantage in functioning clients. In add-on, the emerging engineerings will enable the house to be efficient in relation to stock list direction.


Presently, the house is confronting increased challenge ensuing from the concern environment. For illustration, the house faces intense of competition in its domestic and foreign market. Some of the house ‘s showing intense competition to the house includes Costco, Target, and Home Depot. These houses are contending to achieve a important market portion through acceptance of price reduction ware scheme. Wal-Mart besides faces intense competition in the foreign market. In some instances, strength of competition has frequently forced the house to go out some of these markets. For illustration, the house exited its Germany nutrient market due to fierce competition from Aldi which is the taking participant in Germany ( Burt & A ; Davison 2006, p. 1 ) . In add-on, the house besides exited South Korean market by selling its mercantile establishments to Shinsegae which is a local participant.

Prolonging extraordinary growing and feasibleness of Asia and Europe

It is universally accepted that houses must achieve and prolong their growing order to win in the long tally as traveling concern entity. Achieving extraordinary growing increases a house ‘s competitory advantage. This consequences from the fact that the house increases its profitableness degree lending to its efficiency in come ining the market. Harmonizing to Sexton, Pricer, & A ; Nenide ( 2000, p. 3 ) , a house ‘s growing is an index of its wellness. Sing the fact that the retail market has become saturated, it is of import for houses to develop schemes aimed at prolonging growing both in the local and foreign market ( Hayden, Lee, McMahon & A ; Pereira 2002, p. 13 ) .

. There are a figure of schemes that Wal-Marts Management squad can see in an attempt to prolong extraordinary growing some of these are discussed below.

Increasing its planetary enlargement

Wal-Mart direction squad should see increasing its incursion to other states through acceptance of internationalisation scheme. The house ‘s squad should guarantee that its enlargement scheme is aggressive. As a consequence, it will be possible for the house to achieve economic systems of graduated table. This means that the house ‘s cost of operation will be greatly improved therefore increasing its endurance rate. Harmonizing to Sexton, Pricer, & A ; Nenide ( 2000, p.4 ) , a big house has a high chance of lasting compared to a little house. In add-on, achieving economic systems of graduated table in the class of the house operation will lend towards the house achieving a higher operational range.

There are a figure of schemes that are at Wal-Mart ‘s disposal in the procedure of carry oning its internationalisation. Some of these schemes include formation of joint ventures, amalgamation and acquisition, partnering or traveling it entirely through foreign direct investing. Acquisition is one of the most effectual schemes that Wal-Mart should see in its internationalisation procedure. Wal-Mart ‘s direction should carry on a comprehensive market survey to measure the best houses to see in its acquisition. Some of the issues that the direction should see include the houses operation and direction schemes. To guarantee that the house is speedy in perforating the foreign market, it is critical for the direction squad to aim national retail merchants. After geting the foreign house, Wal-Mart should change over them into its ain shops through redesigning them. This will play a critical function in constructing the house ‘s trade name acquaintance in the foreign market. After effectual incursion, the house ‘s local direction should scan the environment to measure the strength of competition. This will enable the house to find on the best scheme to follow in covering with competition. For illustration, the house can see carry oning foreign direct investing by constructing larger shops ( Hayden et al 2002, p. 13 ) .

Targeting the big corporations will lend towards the house extinguishing competition from big participants in the foreign industry. In add-on, monolithic presence will be attained in the foreign market. A significant sum of capital is required if the house is to perforate the foreign market successfully. As a consequence, it is critical for the house ‘s direction squad to increase the rate of fiscal reserve so as to construct the house ‘s fiscal stableness.

One of the parts which present a feasible chance for international market laterality to Wal-Mart is Asia and Europe. This consequences from the fact that the retail industry in these states has non been saturated. In Europe, Wal-Mart has non succeeded in perforating the full market. Harmonizing to Hayden et Al ( 2002, p. 13 ) ,

, the house has merely established 400 shops most of which are located in Germany and UK. In add-on, the construct of price reduction retailing is deriving prominence in emerging economic systems such as Asia. In order to perforate states located in Asia and Europe, Wal-Mart should follow inorganic incursion schemes.

Creation of a positive trade name and trade name name acknowledgment

Customer trueness is one of the issues that Wal-Mart should see in an attempt to prolong its extraordinary growing. In order to accomplish this, the house ‘s direction squad should make a positive trade name image. The ultimate consequence is that clients will develop emotional association with the house. Brand name acknowledgment can be attained through effectual communicating which will climax into creative activity of positive promotion. Brand acknowledgment will enable the house to pull and retain a big figure of clients.

Presently, the retail industry is characterized by hyper competition. As a consequence, clients have got a broad scope of merchandise picks which they are able to carry through immediately. In their buying forms, consumers base their determinations on singularity of merchandises that are provided by a give house. In order to prolong its extraordinary growing, it is paramount for the house to incorporate the construct of merchandise distinction. Wal-Mart has integrated merchandise diverseness in its operation. This makes consumers to see the shop in their buying intent due to convenience attained. To heighten its trade name acknowledgment, Wal-Mart ‘s direction squad should be committed at guaranting that it provides quality merchandises and services. This will lend towards the clients achieving value for their money ( Hayden et al 2002, p. 14 ) . The house ‘s direction squad should see incorporating private stigmatization with its distinction scheme. Harmonizing to Ching-Ling ( 2009, p.741 ) , there has been an increase in the rate at which private stigmatization is being utilized by houses in the retail industry. The nucleus aim is to run into the clients shopping penchant. Private stigmatization will enable the house to last in a market characterized by uninterrupted merchandise development. Ching-Ling ( 2009, p.741 ) asserts that private stigmatization enables a house to run into diverse client merchandise and service demands.

Prolonging its extraordinary growing through trade name acknowledgment can besides be attained thorough integrating of other retailing sectors in its operation. This will give the house a higher competitory border in viing with other houses which have already specialized in proviso of such merchandises and services. The ultimate consequence is that Wal-Mart will be able to restrict competition from little houses.

Improvement of its supply concatenation

Apart from physical and territorial enlargement, Wal-Mart ‘s direction squad should be committed at bettering its full supply concatenation. For effectivity, it is critical for the house to incorporate channel direction. This will enable the house to develop a good relationship with other parties within the channel. For illustration, good relationship with providers will enable to stock its shops sufficiently. All the activities involved within the supply concatenation should be focused at client satisfaction. One of the ways through which this can be attained is incorporation of Enterprise Resource Management ( ERP ) and Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) engineerings. These are package which enables a house to make an effectual communicating web with its stakeholders. Upon implementing these engineerings in its supply concatenation, Wal-Mart will achieve efficiency in its information direction procedure. This is due to the fact that the house will be able to link with all its providers, shops and warehouses. The CRM will enable the house to understand its client ‘s demands through the interaction that is created. As a consequence, the house will supply merchandises that result into increased client satisfaction.

Factors that may restrict Wal-Mart ‘s growing

Political factors

There is a chance of Wal-Mart ‘s growing being affected by a figure of factors. One of these factors is political relations. Difference in political systems across states can restrict the house ‘s international enlargement. For illustration, in embarking into some states, the house may be required to spouse with local houses. This may restrict the house ‘s enlargement scheme since the house may non hold a big interest to act upon determination devising in that house. In add-on, the house may be restricted on the extent to which it can spread out in the foreign market. This means that Wal-Mart will non be able to accomplish the coveted market portion.

Economic factors

Economic factors can besides lend towards a decrease in the house ‘s extraordinary growing. For illustration, during the 2007 fiscal crisis, both single and institutional clients reduced their ingestion rate. This had a negative impact on the house ‘s gross revenues despite its low pricing scheme. Decrease in gross revenues volume arose from a decrease in demand for luxury merchandises. This resulted from the fact that consumer ‘s disposal income was reduced which coercing them to cut ingestion of some merchandises ( Emerson 2008, parity. 1-4 ) . In the event of the fiscal crisis happening once more, there house ‘s enlargement scheme may be affected. This may ensue from a diminution in the house ‘s profitableness taking into fiscal restraints which may hold negative impact tin the procedure of the house carry oning international enlargement.

Social and technological factors

Change in societal factors can besides lend towards a decrease in the house ‘s growing. This is due to the fact that consumers can non be able to perforate the full market. For illustration, a displacement in consumer penchants may climax into a decrease in the house ‘s client base and hence its profitableness. Sing the volatility of the technological environment, Wal-Mart ‘s growing faces a challenge in relation to its attempt to integrate emerging supply concatenation engineerings. For illustration, the house will incur important cost in implementing and pull offing the needed engineerings. In add-on, some states that the house may see as executable investing finish may non hold the necessary technological substructure to back up such engineerings.

Taking advantage of its planetary range

In malice of the challenges confronting Wal-Mart in prolonging its growing, the house ‘s direction squad can take advantage of its planetary range to impel its hereafter growing. This will be achieved through merchandise invention. Its presence in a broad market will enable the house to place its operation. For illustration, the house ‘s direction squad in the foreign state will be able to understand local market through comprehensive market research. As a consequence, the house ‘s direction squad will be able to develop schemes aimed at run intoing the local client demand. This will heighten the house ‘s efficiency in functioning the local market compared to when cosmopolitan international operating schemes are adopted.


Sing the nature of retail concern environment, it is critical for house ‘s direction squads to develop schemes aimed at achieving growing. Over the old ages, Wal-Mart has been able to achieve an extraordinary growing. This arises from preparation and execution of effectual operational schemes such as enlargement. In order to prolong its growing, it ‘s paramount for direction squad to see bettering its international enlargement scheme. Some of the parts that it should see include Asia and Europe since they the retail industry in these parts is non yet saturated. However, there are some environmental factors which may restrict the house ‘s growing. These relate to societal, economic, technological and political factors. The house can take advantage of its planetary range and develop schemes that focus a peculiar state alternatively of following a planetary scheme. This will heighten the house ‘s incursion rate.

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