“The amos n’ andy show” – The controversial ’50s classic comedy tv-series Essay

“The amos n’ andy show” –

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The controversial ’50s classic comedy tv-series

To be released on dvd fall 2006

            New York, NY – July 21, 2006 – Image Entertainment, Inc. will release a definitive film collection of the classic comedy series Amos n’ Andy, featuring all 75 episodes in this new, digitally remastered DVD edition. The show features the antics of Amos Jones the cab driver, a subservient and conservative father figure; Andy Brown, Amos’s wacky and gullible associate; Kingfish Stevens, with his conniving and diabolical schemes; Sapphire Stevens, the snooping motor-mouth; and Algonquin J. Calhoun the smooth-talking lawyer. Their capers and adventures were a great source of entertainment during the program’s days it American television.

            It has been one of the most controversial and protested television shows in American history. Although it can be argued that the show played on certain racial stereotypes, its fundamental message is lighthearted—it presents the comical side of human existence, with the characters being subjected to life’s craziness and absurdities. Essentially, it presents a picture of our own everyday foibles, an exaggeration of the mundane–one where anyone, people of all ages and racial backgrounds can laugh at and be entertained with.

            Amos ‘n Andy was shown on CBS television from 1951 up to 1953. The program was a commercial success, owed to its talented actors and writers, however, the African-American community remains divided with regards to the program’s merits and acceptability. The show was eventually canceled due to the clamor and protests. While the program’s place in television history is still subject to debate, it can be said that the controversy did not by far overshadow the program’s popularity and enduring appeal.

            Contemporary television viewers may find it hard to understand what the controversy is all about. Whether or not it promotes African-American stereotypes or racism is still a matter of contention and personal sensibility. But either way, the program is considered one of the greatest classic comedy sitcoms ever made. Whether the viewer is looking for a real gut-wrenching entertainment or wants to have a piece of American history, Amos n’ Andy is guaranteed to deliver. It makes one important addition to any video library—definitely a must have for collectors.

            The DVD Release will contain all 75 original Amos ‘n Andy episodes, uncut and arranged in the order they appeared on television. It features high-quality, digitally enhanced, and professionally restored images in full 480 line DVD resolution. The collection will be presented in a 15-disc set, packaged in a mauve leather-bound box with gold lettering. It will also include a glossy, 32-page episode guide. The Amos n’ Andy Show DVD collection has a September 2006 release date.

            For more information, please contact Contact’s Name at Contact’s Phone Number, or via email at Contact’s Email Address.

About Image Entertainment, Inc.

            Image Entertainment, Inc. was founded in 1981, and is now a leader in home entertainment. Using state-of-the-art equipment, over 90% of the company’s production work is done internally. The company packages and creates its own DVDs and other products with its own department of full-time graphics artists and expert technicians. Through its partnerships with major North American retailers and foreign sublicensees such as Sony/BMG and Warner Music, the company licenses, finances, and produces exclusive video titles for viewers around the world. The company releases about 30 new exclusive movie titles and four new exclusive audio titles every month, with now over 2500 exclusive movie titles and over 200 audio titles in current release.


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