The study highlights the assorted factors impacting Ford Motor company ‘s gross revenues. Merely like any other transnational companies, Ford depends on features impacting consumer behaviour, which are psychological, personal, cultural and societal factors.

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The study looks in to the purchasers determination procedure, which is an of import procedure by which every person goes through before buying a merchandise. It involves acknowledging a demand, roll uping information, measuring the different options, buying the merchandise and the consumer ‘s station purchase behaviour as per their satisfaction degrees.

The four types of Consumer Buying Decision Behaviour are besides explored. These four types are complex, dissonance-reducing, accustomed, and variety-seeking purchasing behavior.

This is a study about the phases on which a consumer adopts a certain a merchandise to their day-to-day wonts. This besides shows the different rates of acceptance due to the different features of A the consumers and the merchandises.


Based on a study ( Appendix A ) we initiated, we found that Ford is a popular vehicle of pick in the United Arab Emirates.

The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational car manufacturer shacking in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford was the laminitis car manufacturer and integrated on 16th June 1903. Ford is the 2nd largest car manufacturer in the U.S. and the fifth-largest in the universe based on one-year vehicle gross revenues in 2010 ( Schmitt, 2011 ) . Ford was the 5th largest car manufacturer in Europe, at the terminal of 2010 and is ranked 8th in the 2010A Fortune 500A list ( 2010 ) .

The companies automotive trade names includes Ford and Lincoln and owns a little interest in Mazda in Japan and Aston Martin in the UK. Ford Motor Company sold Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors in March 2008. Besides, Ford sold Volvo to Geely Automoblie, in 2010 and at the terminal of 2010, it discontinued the trade name Mercury.

Ford Middle East – U.A.E

In the 1940 ‘s, Ford foremost appeared on the Arabian Peninsula, with the celebrated F-1 pick-up truck, besides identified to most Arabs, as the Red Truck or the wanette ( 2011 ) . Ford put forwards unambiguously designed and low-cost vehicles for the universe ‘s varying lifestyles – from the Model T to latest favourites like the Mustang in the United States, the EcoSport in South America and the Mondeo in Europe ( 2011 ) .


Internal features that determine our behavior: Psychological and Personal factors.

Psychological Factors


A motivation is a demand that directs a individual to look for fulfilment of the demand. Harmonizing to Sigmund Freud, people are incognizant about “ psychological forces determining their behaviour ” ( Kotler, 2007 ) . Human urges, which are non acted upon, reappear in dreams.

Abraham Maslow presented the construct of the hierarchy of demands:


Percept is the manner one looks at a important image of the universe. And the three perceptual processes – selective exposure, deformation and keeping – emphasize that as consumers are daily exposed to legion advertizements, Ford marketers must work hard to catch its possible clients by making appealing advertizements to consumers with a common perceptual experience about the trade name: high quality and economical.


A individual ‘s idiosyncrasies are influenced through one ‘s varying experiences. Learning occurs through the interplay of thrusts, stimulations, cues, responses and support ( Kotler, 2007 ) .

Beliefs and attitudes

The consumers ‘ beliefs and attitudes towards a peculiar trade name creates a trade name image which will impact purchasing behaviour.

Personality and self-concept

Personality refers to the alone psychological features that lead to comparatively consistent and permanent responses to their ain environment ( Kotler, 2007 ) . A consumer ‘s personality will act upon their purchasing behaviour ; Ford consumers identify with the trade name ‘s personality of long-standing repute.

Personal Factors

Age and Life rhythm Phase

“ Peoples change their gustatory sensations in nutrient, apparels, furniture, and diversion over clip. Buying is besides shaped by the phase of the household life cycleaˆ¦ ” ( Kotler, 2007 ) .

UAE is a fast moving state where everyone needs to hold a auto – from the lower degree to the highest degree employees. The population consist more of males than females.

Therefore, more males are interested in purchasing autos than females and ‘the mean life anticipation is 75 old ages, higher than any other Arab state ‘ ( 2003 ) . The 15-65 age group has a male/female sex ratio of 2.743, so there are more people of this age group purchasing autos.


A individual ‘s salary affects the sum of goods he/she can buy. Blue collar workers tend to purchase cheaper autos or take a cheaper option. In contrast, white collar workers can afford to indulge on more expensive vehicles.

Economic state of affairs

A individual ‘s economic state of affairs will impact their merchandise pick and purchasing behaviour.

External features that represent the environment in which the person behaviour takes topographic point: cultural and societal factors.

Cultural Factors


Culture is a set of beliefs, attitudes, values, and patterns shared among a similar group of people. One ‘s civilization will act upon their purchasing behaviour. For illustration, vehicle and Equus caballus racing are rather important in Arab civilization.

Sub Culture

Every civilization includes subdivisions that differentiate one individuality from another. Sub civilizations can include racial groups, nationalities, faiths and geographic location.

Social Class

One ‘s societal standing can besides order their purchasing behaviour. In the UAE, it is non uncommon for most high-toned households to have more than three epicurean autos.

Social Factors

Household types

A individual ‘s household can hold a strong influence on that individual ‘s purchasing behaviour.


Mention groups are groups a individual is non a member of but have a ‘direct or indirect influence on the individual ‘s attitudes or behaviour ‘ ( Kotler, 2007 ) . On the other manus, aspirational groups are groups one wants to be a portion of. Membership groups are groups to which a individual is personally a member of and has a direct interaction on that individual ‘s idiosyncrasies. Opinion leaders are frequently looked up to because of their ‘special accomplishments, cognition, personality or other uniqueness ‘ ( Kotler, 2007 ) .

Functions and Status

Every individual is included in a peculiar group or organisation. A individual ‘s function and position will order the sum of duty and activities to be performed as anticipated by their equals.


Every purchaser faces a determination procedure when they are about to buy an point that requires some idea and consideration. These points normally include expensive and epicurean merchandises like autos. There are so many different trade names of autos ; all of which offer different characteristics, designs, theoretical accounts. So how do clients do their purchasing determinations?

The purchaser ‘s determination procedures are the phases that the purchaser goes through in order to do a pick on what merchandises or services to buy. The purchaser ‘s determination processes include:

Need or job acknowledgment

The first measure in the purchaser ‘s determination procedure is when the purchaser recognizes a job or demand. The job or need acknowledgment can be activated by either internal or external stimulation. There are many grounds why people want autos: for transit, as a response to selling attempts ( advertizements ) , or to even be accepted in societal groups.

Information hunt

Once consumers have identified their demand, they will automatically seek to work out it by seeking for information about assorted merchandise or services that can fulfill their demands. These aroused consumers will either hold a highlighted attending that is when they become more receptive to the information related to the coveted merchandise or service. Or they would travel in to an active information hunt in hunt of the merchandise ‘s cardinal properties such as Brand, quality and characteristics.

When the consumers actively search for information, they look into assorted hunt types:

Internal hunt:

This occurs when the consumers remember any information about their or other people ‘s experiences with that merchandise or service. However, this type of hunt is non dependable due to the fact that the consumer ‘s emotions about that merchandise may act upon their purchasing determination.

External hunt:

These include personal beginnings such as household and friends ; these types of beginnings have a direct influence on a individual ‘s purchasing determination. While the populace and commercial beginnings, usage advertizements, gross revenues people, wireless, and telecasting to advance the merchandise or service to the consumers.

Ford Motor Company does it outdo to advance its autos to the clients by publicizing on popular plans worldwide, and by uploading articles about the characteristics of their autos on their web site.

Evaluation of options

Once consumers have obtained adequate information, they start an rating procedure, where they use the information to judge the different trade names selling the same merchandise. In the car industry, there are many trade names for consumer to measure from which include: Ford, Toyota, Honda, GM, and many others. Consumers look into auto characteristics ( design, engine size, and cost ) or they might even test-drive other auto options before doing a determination. Therefore, it is up to the consumer to utilize the information that they have obtained to measure the assorted companies.


The rating of the alternate trade names leads to the existent purchase of the merchandise. This lone happens one time the client has performed a cost-and-benefit analysis of each alternate trade names, and will now buy the good that the consumer assumes has the highest value.


The last measure of the purchaser determination procedure is the post-purchase behaviour, which is when the consumer takes farther action based on their experiences and satisfaction degree of the merchandise. The Ford Motor Company patterns client relationship direction ; the company normally stays in contact with their clients to cognize more sing their dissatisfactions or satisfactions with their late purchased auto. These remarks from consumers can be used to do accommodations to their auto, which so helps to better the company ‘s bringing of satisfaction.

This is the most of import measure as the consumer ‘s aid the company to better their criterions and fulfill the clients.


There are different attacks to purchasing a merchandise or service, and the consumer can be every bit involved as they wish. “ Consumers are likely to be extremely involved when the merchandise is expensive, hazardous and of import to them or to others whose sentiments they value. Cars, houses, luxury goods and instruction are likely to be high engagement for a consumer. ” ( Philip, K et Al. 2007, p. 256 )

Listed are the undermentioned attacks to purchasing a good or a service:

Complex purchasing behavior

Consumers are extremely involved in the purchasing determination procedure and recognise important differences between trade names. For illustration, when purchasing a camera, a professional lensman would be able to recognize the difference between a 10.1 and 12.3 megapixel camera.

Because autos are by and large expensive and are an investing, possible purchasers do research before they buying one. Cars, every bit good, have many proficient specifications that purchasers need to familiar themselves with. Here are factors a purchaser would see:

Cost- can the consumer spend money on alien autos or prefer something more economical, like a second-hand auto?

Payment method – should the auto be paid in hard currency or can be paid in episodes?

Engine size – different auto companies offer different engines sizes.

Customisation – can the auto be customised? Ford allows clients to position, through their web site, standard and optional characteristics of their coveted vehicle.

Dissonance-reducing purchasing behavior

Consumers are extremely involved in the purchasing determination procedure but do non see important differences between trade names. Consumers, with this behavior, tend to purchase for convenience.

Picture a consumer at a supermarket make up one’s minding on which trade name of electric toothbrush to purchase: Brand A ‘s electric toothbrush has straightforward characteristics and costs around AED 30.00. On the other manus, Brand B ‘s electric toothbrush is priced at around AED 50.00 for particular characteristics such as a 2-minute timer and specific-purpose coppice caputs. The consumer purchases Brand A alternatively because it costs less and believes that a normal coppice caput would be able to execute merely every bit good as a particular coppice caput. After purchasing it, nevertheless, the consumer might see post-purchase disagreement after hearing great reappraisals about Brand B ‘s specific-purpose coppice caputs and realises that the excess AED 20.00 might hold been deserving it.

To cut down such disagreement, Brand A ‘s sellers should go on to pass on with their clients to hear their ailments, suggestions and, turn out to the consumer that they made the right pick in purchasing their merchandise.

Accustomed purchasing behavior

There is low-involvement on the consumer ‘s portion as they purchase goods out of pure wont. The consumer fails to see any important differences between trade names, particularly when consumers are purchasing a low-priced merchandise, such as veggies, salt, etc. The consumer ‘s purchasing outlook is to be familiar with a certain trade name ; so it is non being loyal to a peculiar trade name but being accustomed to it.

Variety-seeking purchasing behavior

The consumer ‘s outlook is to buy goods in a trial-and-error footing: they switch from one trade name to another when dissatisfied, therefore, there ‘s low-involvement and consumers recognise important differences between trade names.

When purchasing a laundry detergent, the consumer has to purchase from one trade name foremost, prove it out, and travel on to another trade name when it does non accommodate the consumer ‘s personal penchant.

Sidharta Roy discussed that challenges faced by sellers is to do their merchandises that stand-out and satisfy clients to forestall them from exchanging to another trade name. Roy states that this can be achieved by offering monetary values lower compared to rivals, test samples, particular trades, vouchers, and work harder in their advertisement attempts. ( 2007 )


The rate of acceptance is defined as: the comparative velocity with which members of a societal system follow an invention. It is normally measured by the length of clip required for a certain per centum of the members of a societal system to follow an invention ( Rogers, 1962 ) . There are 5 phases in which a typical consumer delve into when larning about a new merchandise. This is called the Adoption Process which is the mental procedure through which an person base on ballss from first larning about an invention to concluding acceptance. And acceptance as the determination by an person to go a regular user of the merchandise ( Kotler, 2007 ) . Here are the 5 phases:


The consumer have heard of the merchandise but does n’t hold adequate information about it.


The consumer will look for facts about the merchandise.


The consumer weighs on whether it ‘s practical to purchase the merchandise or non.


The consumer will seek to utilize the merchandise limitedly to gauge its worth or utility.


The consumer decides to integrate the merchandise on his/her day-to-day wonts.

Individual Differences in the acceptance of Inventions:

Each consumers have different personalities and backgrounds therefore there is diverseness in their function in a society. Differences in duties affects the purchasers ‘ preparedness in seeking new merchandises therefore they are categorized in different adoptive parent classs


Pioneers are those who help acquire exposure of the merchandises but they are a minority in the market. They are those who are more bold than other consumers who tries new thoughts rather easy.

Early Adoptive parents

Are the sentiment leaders to the remainder of the market. Opinion leaders are those who affects the sentiment of other strongly. They adopt new thoughts easy but they are more cautious than the pioneers.

Early Majority

They are more likely to be considered as a “ Typical Consumer ” and are estimated to be 34 % of the consumers. They are non considered leaders like the Pioneers and the Early Adoptive parents but they adopt new thoughts more than the late bulk and the dawdlers.

Late Majority

This group is more disbelieving than the last 3 mentioned and will merely purchase a merchandises one time bulk of the population have accepted it.


This group mistrusts alteration and adopts merely after the merchandise is no longer considered an invention but more of a tradition.

Influence of Product Characteristics on the rate of Diffusion:

The features of merchandises of a merchandise affects its distribution and besides the rate of acceptance among consumers. Some merchandises takes so long to be accepted by the populace and others are more easy accepted by the consumers given these five features given by Everett Rogers:

A Relative Advantage

An invention must be presented as a development from the merchandises presently used. This is measured to the grade on which merchandise is more superior than the other. Aesthetic, practicality and technological advantage can function as the footing of invention.


When an invention is attuned with bing norms and traditions this will hike its opportunities of rapid acceptance.


Complex merchandises tend to be adopted more easy and requires more work from both the consumers and manufacturers.


The grade to which a new merchandise can be used for test intents increases the rate of acceptance.


This refers to the grade on how it shows the relevancy of the merchandise to the consumers. The more of import it is to the consumers the faster a merchandise will be adopted.


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