The Branding And Promotion Effort Marketing Essay

Pensonic, set up on 1965 by laminitis Dato Sri Chew Weng Khak. The first store located at Balik Pulau, Penang. With the name of Keat Radio Electrical Co. 1974, they have their first subdivision.

1982, Pensonic Gross saless & A ; Service Sdn Bhd was established as they started imported sound and ocular merchandises under ‘Pensonic ‘ . Two twelvemonth subsequently, Pensonic hallmark have been registered in Malaysia and besides over 20 states. 1994, incorporation of Pensonic Holdings Berhad.

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After the incorporation, Pensonic get listed on the Second Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Beside this, Pensonic besides get ISO 9002 and so upgraded to ISO 9001-2000 accreditation.

Pensonic won award in sequence, like 2002 Energy Efficiency & A ; Best Price Fan 2002, the first Malaysia trade name awarded the Brand Promotion Grant ( for export market ) and logo “ MADE IN MALAYSIA FOR THE WORLD ” , NATIONAL CREATIVITY & A ; INNOVATION AWARD, Brand Excellence Award 2007 & A ; 2008, the Putra Brand Awards 2010 & A ; 2011, and besides The Best Trade names in Consumer in Electrical Home Appliances.

They besides involve in Own Brand Manufacturing ( OBM ) and Own Design Manufacturing ( ODM ) and recognised as Malaysia Good Design Mark. In 2008 Pensonic established its concern presence in 27 states worldwide.

Branding and Promotion attempt

Pensonic have a batch of publicity method, one of the well-known was their run which is ‘Pensonic Friends ‘ . From here we can see most of the clip Pensonic was utilizing famous person to advance their trade name. They besides involve and participant in sponsorship in Television plans like ‘No Regret ‘ , ‘I Love Win Chun ‘ , ‘Destiny in Her Hand ‘ , ‘Mr Siao ‘ and many other more. The company invested about RM100mil from 2003 until 2012 for advertisement and besides rebranding themselves. Nowadays people concern about the environment and Go Green is being emphasized.

With this Pensonic besides come out with some go green merchandise which is Pensonic ECO Thermo Pot. This is besides one of their publicity to do themselves follow the tendency and with the ECO and salvage energy, clip and money of the thermo pot can assist them stand strong in the industry and have more picks for consumer. Pensonic besides give out free ceramic ECO cup for those clients who buy this ECO Thermo Pot. Free thing are ever the method to pull people and besides scheme in selling. Pensonic will ever give some peripheral merchandises or little gift together with a new merchandise launch.

Beside this ‘Pensonic Friends ‘ run and free gift, Pensonic besides have warehouse sale on and off to pull people to purchase their merchandise. And certain some others promotion like price reduction will traveling on throughout the twelvemonth. Pensonic besides come out their ain catalogue, so that client can easy to cognize good for their merchandise and besides can do choice easy by mentioning to the catalogue no demand go to outlet to do their picks.

Recently, Pensonic celebrate their 30 Anniversary, with this, they unveiled their new commemorating logo as a sight of their company milepost. The logo is chosen through ’30th Anniversary Logo Design Contest ‘ . In concurrence with this, they will hold legion celebratory events throughout the twelvemonth. Some of them are ’30th anniversary route shows in hypermarkets ‘ , Siapa Di Rumah ‘ cook show and the launch of the Pensonic ‘Bold Fan ‘ .

Having competition besides one of the methods for stigmatization and besides promote themselves. There are enough much competition and competition that organise by Pensonic, merely like the logo competition, cooking competition, Parents yearss competition and many others. With all these competition and competition, Pensonic can advance their trade name in straight.

Pensonic besides keep come out with new merchandise with stylist design to suit what client want. They have assortment of picks, and certain with great quality, all this make family and user loyal to their trade name merchandise.

IMC and Branding

Over 30 old ages Pensonic had established, and they have a batch of publicities and besides method to advance themselves. Now they utilizing IMC as a method to advance and branding themselves. One of the methods they utilizing was ‘Pensonic Friends Campaign ‘ . This run starts off from 2005, which form by 12 local creative person, theoretical account and besides deejay, as embassador of Pensonic. Today the figure ‘Friend ‘ has addition to 25 people when Pensonic observing their twenty-fifth day of remembrance.

Initially Pensonic merely want to do a short run with this construct, and this run is one of the ways they use to advance their trade name. The consequence of this run was affecting, and gets good feedback from foreigner, so they decide to go on utilizing this thought and they push it to go greater run. With this, hoardings and route show event are traveling around whole Malaysia, and certainly this run been broadcast on Television for the 3months slot clip. The constructs of relationship, user friendly of the merchandise are being usage as their merchandising method.

With the name of ‘Pensonic Friends ‘ , this run are utilizing the friend construct to convey out and besides promote the merchandise of Pensonic. We can see different sort of merchandise of Pensonic used by ‘Pensonic Friends ‘ in the advertizement which broadcast on Television. The embassador will utilize the merchandise, and the advertizement will demo how great they holding Pensonic merchandise in their life. The ‘Pensonic Friends ‘ was truly eyes catchy and this make the run successful and helps a batch in their stigmatization.

Recently with ‘Pensonic Friends ‘ , they have their thirtieth day of remembrance at Mid Valley Megamall. In concurrence of observing their day of remembrance, Pensonic have fund-raising event for the National Cancer Council Malaysia ( Makna ) . With this meaningful twenty-four hours for Pnsonic, Pensonic presented RM 10,000 to Makna. One of the plans of the day of remembrance, Friends of Pensonic auctioning one of their favorite personal points and money that earn from the auctioning, will to the full donate to Makna.

From here we can see Pensonic non merely utilizing run to advance themselves but besides CSR to construct up their image. Pensonic involve in several CSR, besides from the CSR above, they besides participant in Merdeka charity carnival at PISA Penang, 2011. This carnival will donate to few NGO and besides schools. Pensonic have some deconstruction of their merchandise and besides publicity in this carnival. With the name of Charity Carnical, Pensonic will donate the money that they earn in this carnival to those NGO and schools.

In recent twelvemonth besides, Pensonic have work with SMEs ( little and average endeavors ) to hike up their gross revenues and merchandise. With this SMEs program, they will provide they merchandise to those mercantile establishment, or electronic store that have great market. Pensonic are traveling to set up a fabrication hub, so that they can do their supply concatenation growing bigger.


Pensonic is a big local electronic company in Malaysia ; we have to proud with this that we have our ain local electronic merchandise. Pensonic done a good occupation as now this trade name of electronic merchandise have been export to 27 states. They try to bring forth merchandise that environment friendly and besides salvage energy and clip as what people need and concern in nowadays society.

Although they already a really good company, but in sentiment they still have manner to better themselves and do the trade name more good know. As the above stated, Pensonic utilizing famous person, creative person and deejay, those who good known by public as their embassador. In my side of position, I think that Pensonic should utilize some ‘normal people ‘ , like normal citizen to direct out the message to the populace. I believe people will listen to what their friends or neighbour feedback and feel want to seek the merchandise.

Pensonic have involved in some CSR, this was good and I think they should hold more CSR program and besides event in the hereafter. CSR is a plan that kind of return to the community, this can assist people more easy to retrieve your company trade name as they get benefit from your company. This was the human nature as you treat person good they will camp to retrieve you than you merely do advertisement around.

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