The Challenges Of Workplace Diversity Management Essay

The function of the Human Resource professional in today ‘s organisation is germinating with the alteration in competitory market environment. To guarantee the success of an organisation, the Human Resource professional must play a more strategic function. Without seting accent on pulling and retaining endowments, organisations may happen themselves in bad effects, as their rivals may be outplaying them in the strategic employment of their human resources.

With the increasing of the rival, organisations must go more adaptable, resilient, and customer-focused to win. The HR professional has to germinate to go a strategic spouse, an employee patron or advocator, and a alteration wise man within the organisation. In order to win, HR must hold a thorough apprehension of the organisation ‘s large image and be able to act upon cardinal determinations and policies. In general, the focal point of today ‘s HR professional is on strategic forces keeping and endowments development. HR professionals will be managers, counsellors, wise mans, and sequence contrivers to assist actuate organisation ‘s members and their trueness. The HR director will besides advance and contend for values, moralss, beliefs, and spiritualty within their organisations, particularly in the direction of workplace diverseness.

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We will concentrate on how a HR director can run into the challenges of workplace diverseness, how to actuate employees gain-sharing and through proper planning, forming, taking and commanding their human resources.

Workplace Diversity

Harmonizing to Thomas ( 1992 ) , dimensions of workplace diverseness include, but are non limited to: age, ethnicity, lineage, gender, physical abilities/qualities, race, sexual orientation, educational background, geographic location, income, matrimonial position, military experience, spiritual beliefs, parental position, and work experience.

The Challenges of Workplace Diversity

Organizations recognize that they must take action to efficaciously pull off an progressively diverse, planetary work force in order to be successful ( Jackson et al. , 1993 ) . In other word, the success of any organisations relies on the ability to pull off a diverse organic structure of endowment that can convey advanced thoughts, positions and positions to their work. However, this challenge and jobs faced within workplace diverseness can be turned into a strategic organisational plus if an organisation is able to capitalise the diverse endowments. The mixture endowments of diverse cultural backgrounds, genders, ages and life styles, an organisation can react to concern chances more quickly and creatively, particularly in the planetary sphere ( Cox, 1993 ) . These are besides one of the most of import organisational ends to be attained particularly for those transnational companies ( MNCs ) who have operations on a planetary graduated table and employ people of different states, ethical and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, a HR professional demands to be aware and may use a ‘Think Global, Act Local ‘ attack in most fortunes. The challenge of workplace diverseness is besides prevailing amongst Singapore ‘s Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs ) . With a population of merely four million people and the state ‘s strive towards high engineering and knowledge-based economic system ; foreign endowments are encourage to portion their expertness in these countries. Due to this factor, most of the local HR directors have to go to cultural-based Human Resource Management preparation to foster their abilities to actuate a group of professional that are culturally diverse. At the same clip, HR professional must guarantee the local professionals are protected from those foreign endowments to guarantee that are non a menace to their calling promotion. The effectivity of workplace diverseness direction is much more dependent on the adept reconciliation act of the HR director.

One of the chief grounds for uneffective workplace diverseness direction is the sensitivity to pigeonhole employees, puting them in a different silo based on their diverseness profile ( Thomas, 1992 ) . But in existent universe, diverseness can non be easy categorized and those organisations that respond to human complexness by leveraging the endowments of a wide work force will be the most effectual in turning their concerns and their client base.

The Management of Workplace Diversity

Cox ( 1993 ) suggests that a HR Manager needs to alter from an ethnocentric position ( “ our manner is the best manner ” ) to a culturally comparative position ( “ allow ‘s take the best of a assortment of ways ” ) in order to efficaciously pull off workplace diverseness. This doctrine has to be ingrained in the managerial model of the HR Manager in his/her planning, forming, taking and commanding of organisational resources.

Harmonizing to Thomas ( 1992 ) and Cox ( 1993 ) , there are several ways that a HR director can follow to guarantee effectiveness direction of workplace diverseness in order to achieve organisational ends. They are:

Planing a Mentoring Program-

Mentoring Program are one of the best ways to manage workplace diverseness issues. In this mentoring plan, it involves directors from all different departmental to train and supply feedback to employees who are different from them. In order for this plan to run successfully, it is advice to supply practical preparation for these directors or seek aid from advisers and experts in this field. Normally in such plan, employer will promote organisation ‘s members to voice out their sentiments and larn how to decide struggles due to their diverseness. More significantly, the intent of a Diversity Mentoring Program seeks to promote members to travel beyond their ain cultural frame of mention to acknowledge and take full advantage of the productiveness possible inherent in a diverse population.

Forming Endowments Strategically-

Many companies are now recognizing the advantages of a diverse workplace. As more and more companies are traveling planetary in their market enlargements either physically or virtually ( for illustration, E-commerce-related companies ) , there is a necessity to use diverse endowments to understand the assorted demands of the market. For illustration, when China was opening up its markets and exporting their merchandises globally in the late eightiess, the Chinese companies ( such as China ‘s electronic giants such as Haier ) were seeking the selling expertness of Singaporeans. This is because Singapore ‘s selling endowments were able to understand the local China markets comparatively good ( about 75 % of Singaporeans are of Chinese descent ) and every bit good as being attuned to the markets in the West due to Singapore ‘s unfastened economic policies and English linguistic communication abilities. ( Toh, R, 1993 )

With this current tendency in workplace, HR Manager must be able to form the diverse endowments strategically for the organisation. He/she must see how a diverse work force helps the company to achieve new markets and other organisational ends in order to tackle the full potency of workplace diverseness.

An organisation that sees the being of a diverse work force as an organisational plus instead than a liability would indirectly assist the organisation to positively take in its stride some of the less positive facets of work force diverseness.

Human resource and riotous engineering

Besides workplace diverseness, the field of human resource direction has changed during the past century. The alterations are non every bit dramatic as those observed in engineering. However, these alterations are important adequate to impact the function of engineering in specific houses. Besides, many of the alterations are closely linked to technological alterations, so the function of human resource direction in riotous engineering should be considered. Changes relevant to engineering include the undermentioned: making synergy The enhanced consequence of two or more people, groups or organisations working together. In other words, one and one peers three! It comes from the Grecian “ synergia, ” which means joint work and concerted action.

… .. Click the nexus for more information.A between research and pattern, leveraging engineering, efficaciously pull offing larning and cognition, furthering womb-to-tomb acquisition Lifelong acquisition is the construct that “ It ‘s ne’er excessively shortly or excessively late for larning ” , a doctrine that has taken root in a whole host of different administrations. Lifelong acquisition is attitudinal ; that one can and should be unfastened to new thoughts, determinations, accomplishments or behaviours.

… .. Click the nexus for more information. , and acknowledging the importance of human capital ( Short, Brandenburg, May, & A ; Bierema, 2002 ) .

Human resource systems must promote employees to make the best engineerings for their employers. Besides, human resource systems must promote the acceptance of riotous engineerings that will ease the long-run success of the organisation. If the organisation wants to ease riotous engineering, the organisational civilization may hold to alter and develop. The organisation must value the types of attitudes and behaviours that facilitate the development and execution of riotous engineering. Some organisations have this civilization already, while others will hold to alter in order to hold the coveted civilization. If organisational alteration is required, organisations must actuate employees to alter.

Motivational Approachs

Workplace motive can be defined as the influence that makes us make things to accomplish organisational ends: this is a consequence of our single demands being satisfied ( or met ) so that we are motivated to finish organisational undertakings efficaciously. As these demands vary from individual to individual, an organisation must be able to use different motivational tools to promote their employees to set in the needed attempt and increase productiveness for the company. Motivational factors in an organisational context include working environment, occupation features, and appropriate organisational wages system and so on.

Why do we necessitate motivated employees? The reply is survival ( Smith, 1994 ) . In our altering workplace and competitory market environments, motivated employees and their parts are the necessary currency for an organisation ‘s endurance and success. Kotter and Cohen ‘s ( 2002 ) analysis of over one 100 organisations provides some grounds for recommendations refering ways to consequence organisational alteration. Their observations imply that alteration is best made through a “ see-feel-change ” theoretical account of persuasion PERSUASION. The act of act uponing by remonstrance or petition. While the persuasion is confined within those bounds which leave the head free, it may be used to bring on another to do his will, or even to do it in his ain favour ; but if such persuasion should so far operate on the head

… .. Click the nexus for more information. , instead than the “ analyze-think-change ” theoretical account that is frequently used to present alteration. This theoretical account requires organisations to increase employees ‘ sense of urgency sing alteration. Compelling and apprehensible statements can increase the employees ‘ sense of urgency for altering. A vision sing the coveted alteration is of import. The vision should be clear plenty for all employees to understand. It must be continually conA·tinA·uA·alA A


1. Recuring on a regular basis or often: the continual demand to pay the mortgage.


… .. Click the nexus for more information.A addressed so that all alterations can travel the organisation toward accomplishing this vision. The vision must hold a supporting construction that provides a footing for the desired alterations ( Kotter & A ; Cohen cohen

A or kohen

( Hebrew: “ priest ” ) Judaic priest descended from Zadok ( a descendent of Aaron ) , priest at the First Temple of Jerusalem. The scriptural priesthood was familial and male.

… .. Click the nexus for more information. , 2002 ) .


The function of the HR director must parallel the demands of the altering organisation. Successful organisations are going more adaptable, resilient, speedy to alter waies, and customer-centered. Within this environment, the HR professional must larn how to pull off efficaciously through planning, forming, taking and commanding the human resource and be knowing of emerging tendencies in preparation and employee development.

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