The Concept Of Organization Restructuring Management Essay

The chief motivation of this chapter is to bespeak that the job which is chosen by the Researcher is important and important plenty to carry through the probe and method which are used by the research worker are appropriate and operable to carry on the research in order to hold some fruitful, relevant and productive consequences to add value to the academic field. This survey brings many Fieldss together to jointly look into their function in the procedure of restructuring. The land of this probe is Human Resource Management ; to this context this survey brings many countries together to understand their links with the hot subject of restructuring. The most of import countries of this probe are strategic direction, alteration direction, endowment direction and knowledge direction but the cognition from all the capable countries studied in MBA will practically be utilized to carry on this research undertaking. This survey will be conducted on really firing issue of reconstituting which while recession can be widely studied even in the intelligence and there have been legion surveies conducted on this dynamic field and this probe will be carried on the Largest rider bearer of the United Kingdom British Airways.

1.1 Background of the survey

The construct of organisation restructuring was introduced in the corporate linguistic communication in 1970s ‘ in the really first clip. In the beginning it was merely associated with the economic hurt and restructuring was assumed to be implemented in downswing or recessive period in order to cut cost by cut downing the figure of occupations. Restructuring took more positive intension in 1980 when it was considered a tool to heighten the efficiency and profitableness of the concern through doing structural alterations in the operations and procedures of the organisations.

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Today there are several motivations of the reconstituting other than merely taking it as a cost film editing tool. It is the considered a major portion of the concern as dynamic alteration in the engineering and of all time increasing competition in the market due to the globalisation and altering clients ‘ outlooks the alteration in the internal operations and procedures is indispensable. Richard ( 2005 ) indicated that the restructuring may take topographic point due to several grounds which are categorized into following caputs ; economical, political, societal, demographic, technological and demographical. To hold on available chances from the competitory market and to get by up with the menaces offered by the altering state of affairss the companies need to update their internal procedures to run into the clients ‘ demands expeditiously and competitively. Same is the instance with British Airways as its rivals have been more dynamic and cost efficient due to the use of the efficient procedures and debut of the new direction techniques in the signifier of good managed squad work and civilization of coaction and coordination to run into with the of all time altering outlooks of the clients. The British Airways was non good prepared to implement this organisational construction and has to confront monolithic opposition while change overing it into a cost efficient service supplier.

One of the most imperative and critical issues in today ‘s concern universe is reconstituting which carries even greater importance in the clip of recession when competition comes to its flood tide and some clip survival becomes dismaying inquiry for the companies. Restructuring is known as an simple alteration in the scheme and way of the company which influences the construction of that company. Several alterations may happen in the organisation while implementing this alteration. These alterations may affect addition or lessening in the beds of the organisation, change the ways operations are being performed inside the organisation or transfering the duties and functions to the employees of the organisation ( Wanberg, 2000 )

Wanberg and Banas ( 2000 ) indicated that in order to increase the profitableness of the concern the operations of the organisation should be continuously improved and restructuring is at that place to carry through this motivation of meeting with of all time altering external environment.

1.2 Research Rationale

While my preliminary research of happening any pertinent subject for the completion of this undertaking I came across with big figure of recent hot subjects on different current issues and one of them was work stoppages in British Airways. There has been uninterrupted and broad scope of work stoppages against the cost film editing activities of the direction. The Unite has been opposing the determination of the direction of implementing restructuring program in British Airways. The CEO Willie Walsh remained determine to implement the restructuring program in the British Air passages in order to better efficiency and profitableness of the concern by cutting the cost through advancing squad work behaviour among the crew members. But the Unite has ever been opposing the determination against this program to reconstitute the overall company.

By sing reconstituting procedure as one of the of import issues in concern direction particularly in the period of recession when motivation is to cut the cost the research worker selected this subject to carry on the research for his thesis faculty to spread out his cognition non merely through practical apprehension of the grounds and impacts of the restructuring but besides the different methods used by the company to get by the opposition offered by the employees against this alteration procedure.

Research Title

Execution of restructuring program ; A instance of British Airways ( BA )

Research Question

How did the BA direction implement the restructuring program to increase the efficiency of concern?

1.3 Research Aim and Aims

Restructuring is really practicing direction pattern to cut down the extra concern disbursals particularly in the clip of recession the demand of restructuring arises. After understanding the importance of restructuring construct the purpose for this research is set to research the possible impacts of restructuring in British Airways ( BA ) and how successfully the BA direction has implemented the restructuring to achieve the wanting benefits. However, the research objectives for this research are described below:

To measure the possible grounds of restructuring in British Airways

To critically analyse the reconstituting execution procedure in British Airways

To measure the impacts of restructuring program in British Air passages

Chapter: 2


2.0 Literature Review

One of the grounds of the restructuring as indicated by the Gallos ( 2006 ) is the procedure of Privatization in the companies. The organisations try to acquire rid of the bureaucratic restraints in order to rapidly react the external alterations and rapid technological progresss. In recession when every company tries to cut down its cost and go efficient and client oriented the restructuring is the best tool. This thought has been supported by the Bahrami ( 1992 ) that usage and acceptance of the procedure engineering and advanced fabrication is publicized as beginning where the increasing load of the work can be managed through the limited figure of people. An organisation may utilize restructuring as a defensive tool against the contextual and external force per unit areas. This thought has been supported by the Frenkel ( 2003 ) that restructuring is an organisation move against the competition, economic and political and some clip cultural alteration every bit good. This procedure impacts all degree of organisation employees. Restructuring may increase the degree of authorization among the employees due to the broad attempts of the ballad off and downsizing. This position has been supported by the Comfiled ( 2001 ) that lessening in figure of employees in any organisation is on the other manus an chance for remainder of the work force to go more sceptered and responsible. One of the ways of get bying with the external alterations in the environment is utilizing the tool of restructuring. This position has been supported by the James ( 2000 ) that organisation may get by with these economical and environmental alterations by progressively looking at the options to acquire rid of the traditional hierarchal construction. They may try to originate and design alterations in signifiers of the organisation and direction patterns. He farther elaborated that alteration in the figure of beds of the organisation is besides an of import manner to implement this procedure. Retrenchment patterns are merely possible when figure of beds inside the organisations are decreased and when occupations are defined and assigned to the employees in a new manner. Jeffrey ( 2000 ) indicated that the restructuring is besides carried out to increase the coordination and coaction among the employees by developing the construction to advance the spirit of squad edifice and common cooperation. He farther added that organisation may alter their attack of internal focal point to client centric organisations by utilizing the construct of restructuring. There are several hinderances in the ways of implementing the procedure of restructuring and most of them come in the signifier of the opposition to alter the organisational construction which is offered by the employees.

The determination doing about the appropriate work force size and needed accomplishments, capacity of the works, possible maps and planing possible displacements in the production is called as operational restructuring. Bickerstaff ( 2001 ) indicated that organisation may originate the procedure of restructuring to go flexible and focussed towards the client demands and in order to run into single demands of the clients or to implement the construct of customization in the organisations.

Assortment of the work topographic point challenges is faced by the HR practicians in order to implement the alteration scheme of restructuring inside the organisation ( Gilley and Maycunich, 2003 ) . The impacts of the reconstituting procedure on the public presentation of the organisation while the procedure in continued has been elaborated by the research workers. Probst ( 2007 ) indicated that retrenchments have negative impacts on the public presentation of the employees as employees who are concerned about their position will non be in a place to give their 100 % productiveness and their mistake ratios to execute different undertakings may besides be increased. This is hence seen that opposition to the alteration should be dealt really suitably in order to keep and heighten the degree of productiveness of the employees. Organizational responses against the planetary competition, authorities deregulatings and technological promotion may look in the signifier of restructuring. These responses are intended to increase the fiscal place of the organisations. Szabla ( 2007 ) indicated that there is an emergent demand of the employees ‘ engagement in order to implement procedure to the full and decently. The decrease in the opposition to alter is really much of import in order to implement this alteration procedure of organisational restructuring. The HR practicians may give facilitation to the procedure in several ways. Proper support from the direction, execution of the preparation plans and pass oning information to the stakeholders are the back uping maps which may ease the procedure of alteration and may ensue in diminishing the degree opposition offered by the employees ( Kongpichayanond, 2009 ) . He farther added that human resources unit in the organisation do non hold really clear way to run into with the challenges in contrast to the other units in the organisation. HR has to plan sometime its ain eventuality program to run into the customized demands of the employees by looking the affairs at single degree.

Chapter: 3


3.0 Research Methodology

The undermentioned subdivision of proposal is emphasized on the methodological analysiss chosen by the research worker to garner the information followed by the research moralss and proposed clip graduated table for completion of this probe.

3.1 Research Methods

Since the purpose of the survey is set to critically measure the grounds, reconstituting execution procedure of BA and eventually the impacts of restructuring on the company, this descriptive nature of research will be conducted by the research worker and the proposed research method for this probe is qualitative. Through following the qualitative research method, research worker is intended to carry on the telephonic and face to confront interviews for garnering the volume of informations. Since the purpose of the surveies does non let to roll uping the required informations by curtailing the respondents in structured inquiries, therefore the qualitative technique is adopted to get the desired informations from the respondents. In support of this probe there is much desired research worker supply some old grounds and Ghouri ( 2005 ) explained that there are two wide methods for roll uping the information ; Secondary Data Collection and Primary Data Collection.

3.1.1 Secondary Data Collection Method

Harmonizing to MecNeill ( 2005 ) secondary informations is non researcher ‘s ain worker but the preexistent information is collected for back uping the primary research. Since the chief purpose of the secondary information is to endorse up the current probe of research worker with bing informations, the beginnings for roll uping the secondary information for this probe will be articles, diaries, periodicals, books, websites newspapers and university on-line resources.

3.1.2 Primary Data Collection Method

Harmonizing to Chapman ( 2005 ) primary informations is the research worker ‘s ain work to calculate out the replies for the research inquiry and aims. Since primary informations is non the bing informations, so it allows the research worker to garner the most desiring informations fiting with the intent of his ain probe. The chief beginnings of primary informations aggregation are studies, questionnaires, interviews, focal point groups and personal observations but for this survey interviews both telephonic and face to face are selected to roll up the primary informations.

3.2 Sample

Choosing the respondents ( research participant ) for study or research is known as sample ( Donald and White, 2009 ) . Since restructuring in BA is chiefly under focal point in this survey, so the research sample for this study includes HR forces and besides the crew members of BA.

3.2.1 Sample size

For this research study, sample size of BA HR forces, executives and crew members is given below:

Selected Sample

Sample Size

HR Personnel




Cabin crews in BA


3.3 Research Ethical motives

Each research should label along the moral and ethical givens through continuing the self-respect of the collected information every bit good as continuing the respondents ‘ privateness. To keep the decorousness of research all the information is referenced suitably in this study and the answering personal information will be kept secret to avoid any unsought state of affairs. The research worker besides ensures that no information will be ill referenced and this study will besides keep the information collected through reliable beginnings. To avoid any complexness or biasness, interviews will be arranged through taking anterior assignments and in the suited timings of the respondents. Although research worker has selected the random sample but to keep the genuineness of the survey, both direction and crew members ( workers ) of the British Air passages are selected.

3.4 Restrictions

Deficit of clip and resources may be the restriction of this research. Furthermore deficiency of entree to the British Airways executive may besides be a kind of restriction for this research. The respondents ‘ vacillation in presenting indifferent information may besides be a restriction for this research. These restrictions of the research can be overcome by following ways. Proper agenda will be prepared to pull off the undertaking expeditiously by the research worker in order to get the better of the clip restriction of the undertaking. Anterior assignments for interviews and handiness of the workers and their willingness to take part the research undertaking will be considered. The respondents will be ensured that information delivered by them will be wholly confidential and private and that this research is conducted for larning intents with constructive significances. An authorised blessing signifier from the establishment will besides assist in increasing worth and importance of the research.

3.5 Time Scale and Resource Implementations

Dissertation Undertakings







Preliminary Research

Topic Selection

Proposal readying and Submission

Introduction for thesis

Literature reappraisal for thesis

Final Methodology

Data Collection

Data Analysis and Research Findings


Final Review and Submission

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