The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button English Literature Essay

First, I have to state that the novel and the film are about wholly different. There are about no similarities. There are so many differences between them that it would hold taken excessively long clip to state all of them. So, I shall compare the high spots in the novel and the film, the scene and the most of import inside informations.

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The debuts are really different. In the beginning of the novel, Fitzgerald writes about the Buttons societal position. Some lines subsequently in the narrative, the male parent of Benjamin button, Roger Button is stressed about if his newborn boy is a male child so he can direct him to the University of Yale. The difference from the film here is that in the film everything starts with an old lady named Daisy and her girl Caroline in a infirmary in New Orleans. The hurricane Katrina is coming to the metropolis. Daisy tells Caroline the narrative of a unsighted clocksmith that lost his boy in the First World War and, trusting that he and the other who died may come back, built a clock that ran backwards and bent in the New Orleans train station. Daisy tells Caroline to read a diary with images and post cards written by Benjamin Button. You see how large the difference is.

In the film, Benjamin is born in New Orleans November 11. 1918, the twenty-four hours everyone was observing the terminal of the First World War. His female parent gave birth in his house, but Benjamin ‘s male parent, Thomas Button, angry about his boy visual aspect, takes him violently from the nurse and runs off with the old babe in his custodies. He tries to throw the babe in a river but a policeman halt him. The police officer starts running after him ; Thomas gets off and leaves the babe outside of a random house.

That was how the narrative starts in the film, while in the fresh Benjamin is non abandoned and is born in a infirmary in Baltimore. His male parent is really abashed over Benjamin and his visual aspect ; he is really ill-mannered against him. He forces him to dye his hair black and cut his face fungus off so people would n’t do merriment of him.

Another large difference is that in the film, Benjamin is born as a babe with furrows, pale tegument and an old-looking face. In the fresh Benjamin is born as an old adult male with a long face fungus that thinks every bit small male child. He can even talk and walk!

In the film, Benjamin ne’er went to school or kindergarden. In the fresh Benjamin gets kicked out of Yale and surveies on Harvard.

In the fresh Benjamin is born in 1860 and grows up with his male parent and female parent. They bought him many playthings and all sort of plaything soldiers, but Benjamin merely wanted to smoke cigars, talk with his gramps and read the British Encyclopedia. Afterwards he meets his lover, Hildegarde who he has a boy with, he gets the name Roscoe.

In the film, Benjamin is raised by a twosome who works at a nursing place. Queenie and Mr. ‘Tizzy ‘ Weathers, are the 1s who raise him, they find Benjamin in the porch.

Benjamin ‘s childhood in the film is a small different from the novel ; he is raised up by individuals who are really simple and low. He grows besides up surrounded by old people that teach him about life, they are similar childs to play for him, merely in another manner. In the novel, Benjamin grows up surrounded by haughtiness, wealth and a rigorous instruction.

Benjamin meets the love of his life, Daisy, who is the deceasing old lady at the infirmary in the beginning, when she merely is 6 six old ages old. Benjamin, who apparent much more than his age, looks like a 70-year old adult male while he merely is 6 old ages old. They fall in love, but things happen and they separate. Later in the film, they fix it and reconciliate. After this, he and Daisy gets a girl named Caroline. Benjamin realized, a long clip before Caroline was born, that he was acquiring younger and younger for every twenty-four hours that passed. So he abandons Caroline and Daisy because he thinks that she, besides Daisy, would happen it hard to raise both him and Caroline. After many scenes of Benjamin turning younger and his 10 old ages in India, he meets Daisy once more, she is married to another adult male and Caroline is now 14-years old.

This is Benjamin ‘s love narrative in the film.

His love narrative in the novel is rather different from the one in the film. Benjamin marries Hildegarde, who he meets at a party he went to with his male parent. Afterwards in the narrative Hildegarde gives birth to Roscoe, who is Benjamin ‘s lone boy in the novel. As the novel progresss and Benjamin gets younger, Hildegarde gets older and has a personality alteration to a more set back one, she gets besides ugly. Benjamin gets tired of it and joins the American ground forces in the Spanish-American war.

Benjamin ‘s decease may be one of the few similarities between the novel and the film. Both in the novel and the film, Benjamin dies burying everything as a babe. The lone difference in this state of affairs is that in the fresh Fitzgerald does n’t state straight that Benjamin dies, but alternatively tells us that he, besides Benjamin, dies burying everything and losing cognition, and that there were no dreams, no dreams came to upset him. While in the film, Benjamin dies in Daisy ‘s weaponries as a babe, besides burying everything.

The point of position is besides different. The novel has a 3rd individual point of position with the writer utilizing words like: he, she, it and they. In the film, the storyteller is Benjamin, he tells the narrative that Caroline reads from the journal. The storyteller uses words like: I, he, she, it and they.

I found a twosome of symbols in the film, but managed merely to explicate one of them. The scenes in the terminal of the film with the hurricane Katrina destructing New Orleans and the H2O covering the backwards-running clock could stand for that the memory of Benjamin is burying, because the infirmary is being destroyed with the journal and the Daisy in it. And the clock disappears in the H2O, the clock represents Benjamin because it ticks the same manner as his life, backwards.


Chiefly, the film and the novel are really different in many ways. Benjamin ‘s personality is different in the novel. Because in the film he is more like an adventurer, when he travels around with a seafaring crew and lives in India. In the fresh Benjamin is more conservative, he works more at the Button ‘s buttons and is more with his married woman, who he gets tired of. But as he gets younger, the party-life attracts him more. These personalities could be because of the different childhood ‘s novel-Benjamin and movie-Benjamin had.

I think that David Fincher did good by doing the secret plan more modern and realistic. Fitzgerald did the novel more humoristic and sarcastic, for illustration in the beginning. Fitzgerald did besides concentrate more on depicting how people reacted with Benjamin ‘s visual aspect and how his societal position went up and down all the clip. In the film, Fincher put more focal point on Benjamin ‘s personal life and made it a little more dramatic than the novel. The lone similarities were the name of the chief character, the life of Benjamin who went backwards and the love in his life and how it evolved.

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