The Damage We Are Costing To The Nature Marketing Essay


Presents, the environment is portion of our lives as we need to be concerned about the harm we are bing to the nature. To assist people being portion of the -needed- alteration and alter their wonts, some trade names choose to assist them by making merchandises or services that respect nature and aid people to esteem it. I am presently working for Nature et Decouverte, one of these trade names that offers an ability to gain an betterment in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life ingestion in order to salvage the planet. To assist people making a good title, Nature et Decouverte is non merely offering merchandises that are good for the environment. Indeed, they are besides convenient and utile. Furthermore, the Gallic trade name besides communicate a batch about the good effects of nature by selling organic merchandise. It has been three old ages that I am portion of this trade name. As I have spend an academic twelvemonth in Scotland when I was in 2nd twelvemonth of my Business School, I am making a market study in order to specify if yes or non, the Scots market is made for the trade name or if the trade name is made for the Scots market. During this Market study study, I am traveling to show the trade name, analyse the Scots market, the concern environment and the societal tendencies. To complete I will do a selling program: First I will do an version of the trade name ‘s offers to run into the Scots market demand by taking into history my old researches. Second, I will lucubrate the marketing-mix to accommodate the offer to all the selling elements that constitute it. During this market study I will utilize the abbreviation “ N & A ; D ” to speak about Nature et Decouverte.

I/ Presentation

A/ The company

Nature et Decouverte was founded in 1990 in France. It owns 70 two stores in France, three in Belgium and two in Switzerland. It is non a company like the others. It contributes to a better word. Indeed, it offers merchandises to detect the nature, take advantage of its benefits and do the most of it. The trade name wants to import nature in the metropolis to assist contending the clime alteration.

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Nature et decouverte means Nature and find. This store is non like the other stores. It offers specific merchandises and a unique atmosphere. For case, when you enter in one of its stores, the visible radiation is subdued, it smells oils, kernel and there is a natural music ( birds songaˆ¦ ) .

In 1994, the Nature et Decouverte foundation was created: 10 % of the net twelvemonth net income are transferred each twelvemonth to it in order to back up associatory undertakings that contribute to the protection and cognition of the nature. For 15 old ages, the foundation has financed more than 1000 associatory undertakings, in France and abroad, with a entire sum of 6 million Euros. The foundation is one of the biggest histrion of the biodiversity in France. Furthermore, N & A ; D support more than 150 undertakings to protect nature and its biodiversity.

At the beginning already, one of the precedence of N & A ; D was the regard of the environment and it is proved by the foundation charter. Every twenty-four hours since, N & A ; D does its best to understate its impactA : ware conveyance CO2 emanation decrease thanks to natural gas vehicles ; decrease of the energy ingestion in the warehouses, the caput office and the shops ; eco-conception of the shops ; wastes direction and work on the air quality. N & A ; D is the first trade name that obtained the ISO 14001 certification for all its activities.

N & A ; D presently employ 1200 salaried workers. The turnover was 180,7 million Euros in 2008. The growing rate is 13.37 % . The CO2 emanation sum was 7590 metric tons in 2008 – it is a decreasing of 1 % comparison to 2007 where the growing rate was 4 % . There are, each twelvemonth, about 3000 activities organized and these 1s are doing about 35000 people discover the nature.

As Scotland is a really rich state in footings of nature, it seems to be a good thought to import the construct in at that place. There will be many things to see during the activities and in add-on to that, the state ‘s values correspond to the values of the trade name. Nature et Decouverte keywords are nature, scientific discipline, leisure and good being.

The trade name comments that we count on future coevals to alter the universe. The thought is to learn – non in an academic manner but more in an entertaining way- and do the kids care about nature. N & A ; D offers kid attention and playthings for small kid to assist them to wonder, detect the nature and turn up otherwise. For illustration, there is a particular twenty-four hours organised few times a twelvemonth with activities such as games, show and workshop that involve kids.

B/ The store and its offerings

Nature et Decouverte sells natural merchandises such as workss and oils ; merchandises for the organic structure like pick ; books for kids and grownups ; merchandises for the public assistance, for illustration massage shock absorber and mattress ; merchandises for the house, for the ambiance like tapers or for the ornament like fountain ; merchandises for childs like games and mosses basket anti UV beams ; astronomy merchandises ; jewelry ; merchandises for outside such as chapeau and solar barbeque ; technological merchandises, for case picture camera and talkers ; and others. The quality of all the merchandises is blameless. The company besides organises some activities for childs and grownups ( observation of the birds and wood find ) , and events ( cinema projection, sight and jubilation of nature ) . They besides give advices on how to present a simple kitchen garden in the metropolis for case and they make this sort of realization possible by doing available qualitative and organic merchandise, for illustration grains, to all. They provide pleasance ethically.

In a nutshell N & A ; D offers to its consumers environmental merchandises to populate their place and they provide natural wellbeing by taking them in a walk, do them able to make organic horticulture and assist them to excite their kids. N & A ; D loves nature and wants people to portion its love.

II/ The consumer demands

A/ The environment

In order to cognize if the trade name could be successful in Scotland, I used different sort of analysis tools: LoNGPEST analysis and SWOT analysis. Businesss face uncertainness and have limited cognition of the hereafter that is why it is good for them to analyze their environment in order to do the best determination for success. In order to analyze the concern environment, the LONGPEST analysis can assist. Indeed, it is sing the influence of the external environment and, in add-on to that, it besides takes in consideration the degree at which they impact on an administration. The concern environment can be divided in four classs: the Political-Legal Environment, the Economic, the Socio-cultural and the Technological environment. These environments impact on concerns at different degrees: Local, National and Global. It is of import to find at which level the concern is influenced in order to react positively to anything that could go on. It is interesting for the company to do researches about the environment in order to be after for the long term, anticipate menaces and chances by understanding alterations.

Here is a tabular array which summarise the basic thoughts of the Nature et Decouverte LoNGPEST analysis.

LoNGPEST analysis for Nature et Decouverte






Local Scotland

Fight against wellness disease due to alcohol and burden. Scotland have undertaking to heighten the Scots resources and make new chances. Scots Development International ( SDI ) supports investing in Scotland.

Glasgow Chamber of commercialism. Scots parliament. The Scots degeneration: it means that Scotland has its ain authorities even if it is a portion of the UK.

long life anticipation ( appendix: Scots Health ) .

Increase in fleshy and corpulent grownups and kids.

There is a high intoxicant ingestion. Adults ( +16 ) are making more physical exercisings in general. Scotland is touch by the depression.

Thankss to engineering, N & A ; D is able to inform their clients about any intelligence refering their merchandises or events rather easy.

They can pass on through societal web, on-line magazine, web site…

Internet is used by a batch of people in order to be informed and/or to purchase merchandise online.

National United Kingdom

statute law. Trade unions. Trade association.

The favorite British athletics is walking.

They normally like nature and tradition.

They by and large associate Gallic trade name with quality and genuineness.



The European Union has enhanced the relation between EU states.

It has become easy for an EU trade name to put up in another EU state.

Gallic celebrity.

After the fiscal crisis, people are more able to purchase as the economic system is traveling back to its place. They want to populate once more and to take attention of themselves and their planet.

Grid for LoNGPEST analysis ( beginning Capon, 2004 )

Plague Analysis

Political Factor

The UK authorities wants its state to be clean. To do this thought in pattern, it has created “ Recycle Now ” in 2004 to force people to recycle. Thankss to this environmental concern run, more British people became recyclers. In 2007, the figure of recycler was about 25.5 million. Furthermore, the UK Government made another run in 2007 called “ ACT ON CO2 ” which encourage people to cut down their C footmark ( “ a step of the sum of C dioxide [ CO2 ] a individual creates in their daily life ” -DirectGov ) . A web site was besides created to assist people to larn how to cut down their C footmark. For case, it was proposed to utilize low-energy visible radiation bulbs, turning the thermoregulator down and turning off electrical contraptions when go forthing.

The UK authorities besides wants his state to be efficient in footings of production. To assist this happen, it is about forced to allow new companies enter in the UK market, in order to increase the competition, to maintain high the degree of invention, etc. More specifically, the SDI ( Scottish Development International ) helps foreign companies to profit from the local concerns and do available resources of Scotland. The SDI offers a “ Fiscal aid and concern grants, a political disposal supportive of concern growing, a world-class installations and support services. “ -SDI web site.

The Scots degeneration is an of import political factor ad Scotland has its ain authorities even if it is a portion of the UK.

The political factors are affected at different degree. The ordinance of the industry are made by the European brotherhood. So that, a Gallic trade name such as N & A ; D has the same ordinance as the UK so it is non a thing to alter. Still locally, in Scotland, as the wellness disease due to alcohol and weight are high, the authorities has created run to contend against it. About the economic system, Scotland has different undertakings to heighten the Scots resources and make new chances At the local and the national degree, the authorities adoption can assist you with your finance depending of their standards, for case the Scottish Development International ( SDI ) supports investing in Scotland.. At the sub-national degree, the non-domestic rate can be a menace. Locally, the be aftering determination of the metropolis can act upon or take the trade name.

Economic Factor

During times of crisis consumers are less likely to purchase -expensive- ethical merchandises and services. However, the recognition crunch, which is a good illustration of a crisis, is now about behind us. As a consequence, the GDP is turning as the activity is working usually once more so people are more able to pass money for their ethical beliefs as they are able to work and halt worrying about their finance. However, it has been said that, “ More than a 3rd of consumers have non changed their disbursement wonts because of the recession. ” ( Mintell )

It has been forecast that, between 2010 and 2012, degrees of unemployment are traveling to fall. This is a good intelligence knowing that the lower the unemployment degree is, the more people have disposable income to pass. ( keynote )

Furthermore, because of the rising prices of nutrient and energy monetary values, family general disbursement are being limited and because of that, people are being interested in environmental merchandises that make nest eggs thanks to renewable energy, for illustration accoutrements that works with solar panel and cut down the electricity measure.

Locally Glasgow Chamber of commercialism. Scots parliament. United kingdom: statute law. Trade unions. Trade association.

Globally: The European Union has enhanced the relation between EU states. It has become easy for an EU trade name to put up in another EU state.


Presents, people have post-modern values, they want and need to devour but because of the planetary warning, they besides care about the impact made to their environment. Furthermore, it is seen as “ bad ” when people are non respectful of nature. Government runs and famous person publicity of ethical and environmental behaviors have enhance the realization of the importance of ethical attitudes in society. Peoples care about their environment more and more every twenty-four hours.

Harmonizing to the ethical consumerism study ( keynote, 2007 ) , ethical consumerism represented ?35billion, that shows people spend a batch of money in ethical merchandises and services and N & A ; D could be one of the trade name that market it. Indeed, ?6million of the ethical ingestion were for “ green place ” and ?5million were for ethical nutrient and drink. Furthermore, in 2007, 87 % of British people on a regular basis “ tried to salvage energy at place ” and 90 % on a regular basis recycled at place. ( Appendix B ) .

In Scotland, the figure of people, kids and grownups, that are overweight is rather large. There is besides a high intoxicant ingestion and Scotland is touch by the depression. That is why, they are encourage to pass clip for activities such as walking or taking attention of their place every bit long as they move. Furthermore, the favorite British athletics is walking, and for recent old ages, grownups ( +16 ) are making more physical exercisings in general.

From my personal observation of the state, I think that Scots people normally like nature and tradition. Indeed, a batch of traditional imposts are still on such as have oning kilts during of import events and playing bagpipes.

About the Gallic civilization, they by and large associate Gallic trade name with quality and genuineness.

About the fiscal crisis, people are more able to purchase as the economic system is traveling back to its place. They want to populate once more and to take attention of themselves, their place and their planet.

Technological FACTORS

The Technological invention has helped the environmental issue in several ways. The usage of computing machine has decreased the usage of paper. Consumers can make a batch from their places so they use less their auto. The information about environmental concern can be find on cyberspace so people are more cognizant about what is go oning to their universe. There has been an betterment of eco-friendly merchandise in footings of recycling for illustration ( new packaging, new capacity… ) . The industry have made less contaminated mills and created new manner of bring forthing that are better for the environment. New merchandise such as intercrossed auto attempt to replace the merchandise that are non good for the environment.

The engineering offers cheaper production costs and smaller lines of communicating but it increase legal hazard and surveillance.

Thankss to engineering, N & A ; D is able to inform their clients about any intelligence refering their merchandises or events rather easy. They can pass on through societal web, on-line magazine, web site… Internet can assist doing publicity and give information of a merchandise more easy and rapidly. Furthermore, Internet is used by a batch of people in order to be informed and/or to purchase merchandise online. ( Appendix… )

B/ Social Trend in the UK


The UK is one of the states that respects the regulations of the Kyoto Protocol. The protocol is an international understanding which has for aim the decrease of nursery gas emanations to contend against clime alteration. The protocol was adopted in Japan on the 11 of December in 1997. The inquiry is, how did it work in the UK? Does people make an attempt about clime alteration?

The UK are utilizing renewable resources to bring forth electricity for illustration thanks to landfill gas, vino and beckon power ( appendix B ) . In 2004, 93 % of United Kingdom ‘s rivers and canals were said to be in “ good or just status ” . Scotland had a mark of 97 % that means that the quality of the H2O is good and is non foul excessively much. About Municipal waste direction in the UK, the waste generated per caput was 592 kgs in 2003. In comparing, France and Ireland severally generated 561kg and 732kg. By the terminal of 2004, 635,500 hectares of United Kingdom ‘s land were under organic production, which correspond to 4 % of all the land. Furthermore, Scotland had the largest proportion as 7 % of its entire country were organic farm. In 2004, the United Kingdom had 42 species of animate being in the “ ruddy list ” – a list created by the international brotherhood for preservation of nature and natural resources. The find of this species could be one of the activity of N & A ; D.

About the outgo on ethical goods and services, it rose by 60.1 % between 2003 and 2007. Ethical consumerism merely accounts for 4 % of entire family outgo.


The paper “ Towards a Healthier Scotland ” ( 2010 ) announced that “ Scotland ‘s diet is a major cause of hapless wellness in the state. The Scots diet is traditionally high in fat, salt and sugar, and low in fruits and veggies. ” Fleshiness is a existent job within Scotland as it can cut down life anticipation because of cardiovascular disease due to type 2 diabete, high blood pressure and hyper-lipidaemia. Physical inaction and hapless diet are factors that leads to fleshiness.

Other jobs that are impacting Scotland wellness are Smoking and Alcohol. Although smoke was responsible for 24 % of all deceases in Scotland in 2004, the per centum of smoking people aged 16 or more has decreased from 30.7 % in 1999 to 25.2 % in 2008. About intoxicant, which is responsible for many mental and physical diseases, the Scots authorities attempt to cut down intoxicant related infirmary admittance which degree reached 762 per 100,000 individuals in 2008-2009.

In 2007/2008, depression and other affectional upsets were the 5th most common group of conditions reported in GP audiences. There has been a study made ( Depression confederation Scotland Newsletter,2010 ) about depression and people were asked which activity should be made to forestall from depression. There was 643 people interrogated, including 585 people depicting themselves as “ presently sing depression. ” 90 % of respondents completed the study and the consequences where: 23 % think that relaxation could assist, 21 % that exercising should be practise, 19 % that societal facet is really of import and 17 % thought a psychological support is needed.

548 people suggest action to forestall their ain depression and pull off their temper, here are the most common reply: Getting plentifulness of slumber ; eating good ; avoiding intoxicant ; exercising and athleticss ; reading/writing ; socialising/spending clip with others ; listen to music ; maintaining busy ; taking clip out for ourselves ; express joying ; volunteering ; looking after pets ; utilize meditation/relaxation ; seeking professional aid.

Nature et Decouverte could assist for most of these suggestions-the 1s that are bold- as it offers books, machinery, relaxation merchandise, natural merchandise ( oilaˆ¦ ) , Cadmium participants and a pleasant experience in their stores and outside with organized activities.

In 2010, The Depression Alliance Scotland Newsletter published a magazine called “ Temper affairs ” which gave advices to contend against depression. They suggested to: “ Eat healthily, travel outdoors, do some visible radiation exercising, learn something new, read a good book or watch a feel-good film, ask for a friend unit of ammunition for a cup of tea ( socializing ) ” . Again, Nature et Decouverte could assist with this suggestions.

In 2008, 40 % of Scots grownups ( +16 ) were run intoing physical activity recommendation, 35 % of adult females and 46 % of work forces ( appendix F ) . In the same twelvemonth, 34 % of kids aged from 2 to 15 were outwith healthy weight scope, 27 % for misss and 37 % for male child. Furthermore, Walking is the most adept physical activity ( ONS, 2003 ) , so that walks in order to detect the nature should be appreciated by the British people.


I have interrogated pupils at the university and at the inquiry “ Are you interested in nature, the consequences were:

At the inquiry, Would you like to hold your ain kitchen garden ( with fruits, veggies, herbs.. ) , the reply were:


About the fact that kids should be pushed to esteem nature as they are the following coevals and the universe are in their custodies, people were about ever agreed:

Harmonizing to a study made by the depression confederation, a ego aid ‘s aˆ¦classes in school for pull offing temper might work. ( Appendix F )

hypertext transfer protocol: //





advanced merchandises and services, a good hereafter location. Quality of the offers and the procedures, good for the environment. Good repute of the Gallic trade name

deficiency of international experiences, unknown trade name,



the environment is a development and apprehended market. A new international market. Not so many rivals as the trade name offer a big scope of merchandise in a alone merchandising point. Aid for being an foreign trade name. The usage of technological merchandise. The usage of societal web such as facebook to advance events. Competition weaknesses. End of fiscal crisis

Price pick comparing with the indirect rivals. The cognition of the market by the rival. Tax for being an foreign trade name.

Strengths and failings are internal factors that affect severally goodly or severely the trade name accomplishment whereas chances and menaces act externally in a helpful or an harmful manner.

Undertaking program subtracting from the SWOT analysis:

N & A ; D need to utilize its strengths to take advantage of its chances for illustration by offering advanced merchandises that are good for the environment, it is portion of a development and an apprehended market: the environmental market. By the fact that it is a Gallic trade name, it takes advantage of being an international trade name by having aid from the Scots authorities for case. By engrafting a shop abroad the trade name prove that the fiscal crisis is over now and by being an advanced trade name, the engineering is one of its chances as the trade name can utilize cyberspace through its web site and societal web to spread out the consciousness and to advance its trade name.

The trade name besides need to get the better of the failings to still be able to take advantages of the chances and to avoid or restrict the menaces. A it is an unknown trade name in Scotland, it could utilize cyberspace to do people more cognizant about their offers. Furthermore, by selling a big scope of merchandise in the chief street in Glasgow, it fight against this failing. By being an international trade name without existent international experience, it has to be careful when taking monetary value and be careful about the cognition that its rivals have.

In add-on to that, the brad have to cognize how to utilize its strengths to restrict the impact of Threats. For case, the repute of Gallic trade name, the qualitative and advanced merchandises offering are of import facet when choosing monetary value and it is a monopole so that it has other strength that rivals do n’t needfully hold.

III/ Marketing program

A/ Change due to developing in another state

Harmonizing to Hollensen ( 2011 ) , selling standardisation is an “ uniform usage of the same selling mix in all states ” and marketing version is that each state or market has its ain selling mix. The niche market program is defined by batch of merchandises in small measure.

Hollensen ( 2011 ) noted that, refering the placement, the state of beginning is even more of import than the trade name. Taking the fact that Nature et Decouverte is a Gallic trade name, we have to believe about the image France have in Scotland. My thought of that is France represents quality and there are a batch of Scottish esteemed trade name that have Gallic name to turn out that such as Pret a Manger, crescent roll. Most of them are in the nutrient industry because it is one of the Gallic merchandise that is known as being qualitative. That is why, the trade name will maintain its existent name: Nature et Decouverte. And this is non excessively difficult to happen what it means and in add-on to that, people frequently like to articulate Gallic words. In add-on to that, France is the 2nd state where UK occupant go on vacations after Spain ( ONS, 2004 ) .

B/ Marketing Mix

Harmonizing to Hollensen ( 2011 ) , the Product Life Cycle ( PLC ) have four different phases: the debut, the growing, adulthood and diminution. We have to accommodate the selling mix harmonizing to where is situated the trade name. When a trade name is puting up in a new state where the trade name is unknown, the phases the trade name have to confront to is the debut. The Customer Life Cycle ( CLC ) is besides a thing to take into history when measuring the selling mix. The TTM ( clip to market ) is another scheme that can be used. It is the length of clip it takes for a merchandise to come in a market from the minute that it is create, for illustration, in IT industry, it is a rapid clip to market because invention is really speedy thanks to engineering so merchandise germinate really quickly.


During the debut phase, the trade name usage high costs and it targets pioneers. The strategic selling deduction are that the trade name has to assist increasing the merchandise consciousness and establishing basic merchandise that are non excessively specific to aim the most of the people.

Harmonizing to Hollensen ( 2011 ) , competitory benchmarking is ” a technique for measuring comparative market place public presentation compared with chief rivals ” . The rule is to compare rivals ‘ merchandise to the company ‘s 1.

Monetary value

During the debut phase, the trade name have to utilize premium monetary value and do high selling investing so that it is an of import phases for the fiscal planning.

There are non any shop that could be compare to Nature et Decouverte. It offers a assorted and heterogenous scope of merchandises in one topographic point. It saves people from passing excessively many clip looking for different merchandises. It offers uncommon and rare merchandises that people can non easy happen in shop straight. Scots people are large shopper and they need to salvage clip to happen everything they want in one topographic point alternatively of looking in different web site and shop to happen something. Harmonizing to Helen Mcardle ( Heraldscotland, 2011 ) , Glasgow is one of the most expensive topographic point in the UK. Indeed, the street monetary value, in Buchanan street for case, is higher from 6 % to 33 % than on-line monetary value. Shopper pay the monetary value for shopping in street shops. Buchanan street is, most of the clip, full of people. Furthermore, it is on Saturday and Sunday-shops are unfastened on Sunday unlike France- that it is the most crowded. All this to state that the competition is difficult but people spend a batch of clip in this street and are ready to pay the monetary value for instant satisfaction. Furthermore, there are non direct competition except for books that people can happen in Waterstone or WHSmith for illustration. The cosmetics come up against ferocious competition from other store such as Boots or Superdry but the N & A ; D cosmetics are organic and really original and it is merely a small portion of all the scope of merchandises they offer. Furthermore, N & A ; D can be used as a gift store as it offers a batch of merchandise for everybody and there are a batch of stores making that. Indeed, N & A ; D have to face is the indirect competition. The store have to do people think that they should pass their money in N & A ; D more than in another store. The thing is, the shop N & A ; D is selling merchandise for everybody, with different types of disposable income but everybody can happen their felicity has the monetary value are really extended, from about2a‚¬ ( ~?1.7 ) to about 800a‚¬ ( ~?700 ) with most of the merchandise in the norm of between 10a‚¬ and 50a‚¬ .

Internal factor of the company such as marketing aim, scheme, placement, production location or market entry manners can play a function in pricing. The merchandise characteristic such as the quality and the singularity of the merchandise are one of the merchandise factors that can act upon pricing every bit good. There are besides external factor such as rising prices, revenue enhancements or currency fluctuations and other market factor like client demand, ability to pay and competition that can act upon the pricing.

Harmonizing to Nagle ( 1987 ) the sensitiveness of clients to monetary value is affected by nine factors:

the differentiation of the merchandises

The sensed quality of merchandises

The fact that consumer are non truly cognizant to the replacement of the merchandise available in the market

The merchandises make the comparing hard

The monetary value of the merchandise is merely a small portion comparison with the entire client ‘s disbursement

An increasing client ‘s sensed benefit

The merchandise that you are obligated to purchase in order to do another merchandise work-they inter related.

Costss can be shared with several people.

The merchandise can non be stored.

These factors cut down monetary value sensitiveness.

There are different pricing scheme: the incursion pricing with low monetary value, the market pricing which is in the norm and the skimming with high monetary value policy.

Topographic point

Scotland had 5,168,500 dwellers in 2008. This state usage to cover with France as France is the 2nd state after the USA which import Scotland ‘s merchandise with ?1.5billion.

Glasgow is the largest metropolis of Scotland with a population of around 588,000 in 2010 and if we consider the vale, there is about 1,750,000 dwellers in 2006. Glasgow is the commercial capital of Scotland and is the UK ‘s largest retail Centre after London. It is besides one of the biggest fiscal topographic point of Europe.

The Strength of Glasgow is that it is a turning metropolis with many concern particularly in touristry, cultural and retail sector. With a batch of qualified people and varied in footings of civilization and age, Glasgow have a large capacity refering occupation opportunities/ labor. Thankss to the employment, the investing and the retail and leisure, the metropolis Centre of Glasgow is executing and competitory. Furthermore, Glasgow is really good linked thanks to a qualitative conveyance. Glasgow is the largest employment topographic point in Scotland. It is home to 13,000 houses, A? of which are the largest of Scotland.

The failings of Glasgow is the fact that it focuses on measure more than quality in footings of employment, it has a low value due to low makings and accomplishments, it makes few exports and it is an unspecialised economic system. Furthermore it relies on public sector. Peoples have a caustic civilization of low aspiration and dependence. About the topographic point, it has a residuary image comparison to England and the UK in general. There is still a spread between baseline of Scotland economic system and aspiration but it is traveling smaller and smaller.

The chances of Glasgow is that there are dynamisms due to the procedure of Globalisation, the macroeconomic environment which is stable, the development of niche sectors and trade names and the “ green economic system ” which is seen has a concern driver. The good thing that could assist with the failing of low skilled people is that there is a demand for higher accomplishments and makings. The alumnuss, the 18-35 old ages old and the economic migrator are attracted by the metropolis. In add-on to that, Glasgow has a sustainable economic system, there is a demand for retail, leisure and touristry ; and investings and invention are made.

About the menaces, there is an increasing planetary competition because of the Globalisation. There are a batch of disadvantaged country in the country of Glasgow, that means inequality and dependent population. Furthermore there are, like everyplace else, environmental and energy issues that are difficult to cover with.

One of the Scotland policy is to develop green growing by making green occupations for illustration. There is besides a undertaking called “ metropolitan Glasgow vision ” with a sustainable development scheme for the West of Scotland thanks to sustainable public conveyance in order to cut down CO2 emanations and make a better quality of life. Environment is non merely about ordinance and limitation, Glasgow sees it as an chance for new concerns. Glasgow has the lowest C emanation comparison to the remainder of the UK but it still can cut down it thanks to “ green ” solution. Glasgow has a low degree of auto ownership as there are a batch of coach connection available.

Buchanan street makes Glasgow one of the UK ‘s best retail and amusement topographic point to be, and it is known globally as one of the best shopping streets. Furthermore, Glasgow is good placed as it is non far from some universe category comfortss: the southern Highlandss and islands, including Loch Lomond national park. In add-on to that, harmonizing to the FDI magazine ‘s European Cities & A ; Regions of the future 2010-2011, Glasgow is “ the 2nd largest European metropolis for Foreign Direct Investment ” and, harmonizing to an independent study undertaken by Ernst & A ; Young in 2009, Glasgow is “ the UK ‘s 2nd most popular location after London for inward investors ” .

Scots landscape and wildlife will be utile to make subjects and a great chance for the activities. Energy and life scientific discipline are two large Scots industry in footings of invention and development.

About the other Scots industry, the most of import are:

-Electronic Technologies and the industry ( over 200 companies )

-Financial Services ( fifth largest fiscal services Centre in Europe and the industry accounts for around ?7 billion or 7 % of Scotland ‘s GDP )

-Life Sciences ( drug find, biomanufacturing, bioinformatics, root cell scientific disciplines, clinical and non-clinical research, contract research and merchandise development )

-Energy: “ one of Europe ‘s most vivacious and diverse energy industries, Scotland attracts the universe ‘s prima companies, applied scientists and scientists to populate and work in its energy Centres. From the oil and gas Fieldss of the North Sea to open uping renewable energy engineering and large-scale electricity coevals, Scotland is at the head of the energy industry. The energy industry is improbably dynamic in footings of invention, development and variegation. “

About the quality of life, there are a batch of activities available. Indeed, the countryside offers a broad scope of activities: from skiing and white-water rafting, to mountain biking and walking in some of the most dramatic scenery you will happen anyplace in the universe. All the major Scots metropoliss have good public conveyance links, such as train lines and coach paths, cut downing the demand to utilize a auto.


During the debut phase, the trade name has to offer an sole distribution and do heavy gross revenues publicity. N & A ; D stand out a alone concern and manner of trading: welcoming and friendly topographic point, available and competent staff that is ever ready to listen and rede ; astonishing experience in shop thanks to decor, scent-pleasant smell- and composure atmosphere.

The web site is an of import booster. N & A ; D web site is divided in six parts: The presentation of the trade name, merchandises for everybody, merchandises for kids ( 3-8years old ) , babes ‘ merchandises, activities and events. During the activities and events, the trade name is utilizing its merchandises to turn out its qualities and usefulness. About the usage of cyberspace, 92 % of British people use broadband on-line connexion at place to seek information about goods and services.

N & A ; D is utilizing the centripetal stigmatization scheme, utilizing the human senses: sight ( visual aspect, attraction, coloring material, form ) , hearing, odor ( olfactory property ) , touch ( texture, temperature ) , and gustatory sensation ( consistence, texture ) . Indeed, there are fountain that make noise et you can touch the H2O, there are incense that make the olfactory organ happy, there are alien aroma emanating from the pick for illustration, and you can hear the birds vocal.

N & A ; D is besides utilizing a green selling scheme as they are friendly to the environment and they understand the demand of consumers. Indeed, they provide information about the impact of their production procedure and they help people to be a “ green citizen ” .

N & A ; D could utilize newspaper or magazine to advance the new shop but besides public relation besides called promotion and of class societal networking such as Facebook or Twitter.

During the publicity, they will do a point on the trade name equity in other words, the trade name trueness, the trade name consciousness, the quality and associations -values and personality associated with the brand- .


The procedure involved in the production has an impact on trade name equity and indirectly to clients. There are two types of distribution: the intensive distribution that is qualified by its convenience, the adulthood of the merchandise, low monetary values, preferable trade name, high frequence of the purchase, common merchandise or service, self service, non proficient merchandise or service and limited service or merchandise. The sole distribution, as for, is for particular merchandise or service, new, high monetary value, trade name insisted, infrequently purchased, typical, personal merchandising, proficient and extended merchandise or service.

N & A ; D offers long term instead than short term merchandises. They are qualitative and they are respectful of nature. It is a fantastic topographic point for gifts that are full of significance, thoughtful and utile. Indeed N & A ; D take its merchandise depending on their quality, their creativeness, their aestheticism, and ; at the same clip, they are careful about the size of the impact of the production, the packaging, the conveyance and the usage of the merchandise ; they are making their best to restrict it.


Firm ‘s forces impact on client behavior every bit good as the type of client. They both play a function in the merchandising, in other word, it is the concluding measure in consumer determination devising.

The staff and the consumer in the shops are act uponing and informing the consumer about the types of trade name it is.

Physical Evidence

There are bigger hazards in services because clients can non see it before. The service is intangible so the Sellerss has to give touchable hints to turn out that the quality of the service worth it. It can be helped by the physical environment.

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