The Digital Revolution Of Music Marketing Essay

Part-1 Introduction


The digital revolution of music put the music companies in a great challenge to last. Impact of this sort of activity affect physical sale of the companies in two ways, one it reduces the sale if client have the option to download pirated music from online. Even if they have the option to purchase online, the physical sale will diminish. To be in today ‘s changing and disputing market the music companies started to set their music online so that their clients can able to purchase and download it from the web which is named as digital sale. Digital sale is busying the market of physical sale twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Still these new options are confronting different obstructions. EMI group is one of the oldest music companies in the universe, who besides sell music online. This study is prepared to happen out the current selling scheme, what should be the future scheme to maintain it fit in this ambitious state of affairs utilizing different selling analysing tools like Macro, micro and SWOT analysis.

Company Overview

In 1931 the Gramophone Company of UK and the Columbia Graphophone Company agreed to unify. The new company was called as Electric and Musical Industries or in short signifier EMI. ( EMI Music Website, 2009 )

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EMI merged with Thorn Electrical Industries Ltd. in 1980 as Thorn EMI plc. It de-merged in 1997 and came as EMI Group plc. EMI Group plc is one of the music giants of the universe. Main focal points of EMI Group is now on music recording, music publication, and music retailing. The company is runing in more than 46 states. EMI Music Publishing is the largest music publishing house in the universe who got the rights to more than one million vocals. They have more than 330 HMV music shops and Dillons bookshops in 9 states. EMI besides invested in music telecasting channels like VIVA and VIVA2 in Germany Channel V in Asia. ( International Directory of Company Histories, 1998 )

In August 2007 EMI Group Plc is taken over by Maltby Ltd. Maltby Ltd. is owned by Citigroup financed Terra Firma. In September EMI is de-listed from the London Stock exchange and became EMI Group Ltd. ( Maltby Capital ltd, 2009 ) Terra Firma is still puting in the company to beef up their place in the market. ( Arnold 2009 )

Part-2 Environmental Scanning for EMI Group

Brown and Weiner ( 1985 ) define environmental scanning as “ a sort of radio detection and ranging to scan the universe consistently and signal the new, the unexpected, the major and the minor ” . The environmental scanning for a concern is used to scan from every facet and which is really of import for today ‘s competitory universe and particularly for a company like EMI. Environmental scanning includes both scanning within and outside of the administration which is indispensable to run their concern successfully. We can scan the environment for EMI with following options:

The Intra-Firm Environment

Within the administration sometime the different sections have compete with other sections. Harmonizing to Interim Review 2008/2009 now EMI is organised in chiefly two nucleus concern countries EMI Music and EMI Music Publishing. They are operationally distinguishable with separate CEO ‘s to describe to the Multby Ltd. There could be opportunity of competition with each other in deriving precedence over one another.

The Macro Environment

This environment is dependent upon the relationship with its agents, provider, distributers and the houses whom they are viing with.

The Proximate Macro Environment

The proximate environment is consists of the people and forces of the house immediate external environment. In instance of EMI these are the selling people who come to reach with the provider every bit good as distributers. EMI ‘s music is available digitally to buy from different web sites through different retail merchants around the universe and EMI is handshaking with companies, who are coming with new thoughts such as subscriptions, online nickelodeons, picture nickelodeons, usage digests, booths, digital auto stereos, nomadic phone ring tones, maestro pealing melodies. ( EMI Music Website, 2009 )

The Supplier Environment

Relationship between the purchaser and the provider stands on common economic mutualities. Most of the Manufacturing of EMI merchandises are outsourced. They should hold to maintain their relation good with the provider to be in the concern.

The Competitive Environment

Harmonizing to Holton ( 2008 ) the planetary music market both music publication and music recording there are 100s of independent labels and four major groups Universal, Sony BMG, EMI and Warner. EMI is left behind universe market portion of recorded music. So EMI is confronting really competitory environment.

The Distributor Environment

Development of e-commerce creates a distributed environment for the companies. Like others EMI got the chance to utilize the engineering to administer their market and increase digital sale.


Environmental scanning is necessary to find the type of concern a peculiar administration wants to make, the mark group of the concern and the company scheme and end. This is of import even for a good established administration to prolong in competitory market.

Part-3 Marketing Environment of EMI Group

Marketing Environment got both direct and indirect impact on the administration. In this pert macro and micro environment of EMI group will be discussed:

Macro Environment

Harmonizing to Kotler ( 1998 ) ”The company and all of the other histrions operate in a big macro environment of forces that shapes chances and pose menaces to the company. ” The factors, which are out of control of the administration, are felt under macro environment. To analyze the macro environment several tools are used like PEST analysis. SWOT analysis and M. Porter ‘s five forces analysis.

Plague Analysis for EMI

Kotler ( 1998 ) claims that PEST ( besides known as PESTEL/PESTLE ) analysis is a utile strategic tool for understanding market growing or diminution, concern place, possible and way for operations. PEST analysis for EMI music is as follows:

Political Factors

EMI is a 1 of the oldest music companies of the universe. It is runing more than 46 states. So there is a important impact on EMI ‘s Business harmonizing to the political conditions of the states it is runing in. As buccaneering is most vulnerable issue for music industry. Organisation like EMI needs a strong support from the political authorities to halt buccaneering in several states.

Economic Factors

Economic unrest brings all the concerns in disputing state of affairs. As amusement is non the basic demand of human being amusement related concern like EMI autumn in job if there is a recession.

Socio-cultural Factors

Music is ever related with societal and cultural factors. Most of the people like to hear music from his/her local topographic point. This is manner EMI sell more America based music in America. Changes made in society bring a large impact in music industry. Even trial of music alterations from clip to clip.

Technological Factors

I think technological factor is the most of import factor for the music company EMI because particularly when it is a inquiry to lasting in the market. New engineerings for recording, storing, distribution, selling and merchandising music is coming everyday. So they need to get by up with new engineerings to be in the concern.

Another two factors Environmental and Legislative could be really of import for the music company EMI. Though EMI does non make any concern which is straight related with the environment but still they have some societal duty to take attention of it. In instance Legislative factors it is really of import for the company to acquire a legislative determination from the state authoritiess so that it could be easy to halt buccaneering.

SWOT Analysis EMI

SWOT analysis is used to measure company ‘s strength, failing, chance and menaces, which gives the company a guideline what are the potencies it has and what to better to maintain in the concern. SWOT analysis of EMI is given hollas:


  1. Home of universe celebrated creative persons like Pink Floyd.
  2. Collection of large scope of music
  3. Reserve the rights of more than one million of outstanding vocals
  4. Repute as universe category Music Company for 88 old ages.
  5. Terra Firma puting more money


  • Low trade name sustainability
  • Internal instability
  • Do n’t hold pudding stone backup
  • Fiscal loss for last few old ages
  • Less growing in new engineerings.
  • Slow reaction in challenger ‘s activities.


  1. Piracy may take company in vulnerable state of affairs.
  2. New Technology is following by the rival companies, they may capture more market portion of EMI group.
  3. Recession may take the company more weaker place.
  4. Substitute of merchandises are turning really rapidly which could be job.


  1. Use of new engineerings could take the company to its old yearss once more.
  2. If they can able to follow new engineering rapidly to vie with their challengers so it could be a good chance.
  3. There is a really good opportunity of making everything good if they can able halt buccaneering with societal and political engagement.
  4. Make a aggregation of more music, pealing tone for new coevals which may increase their market portion.

Porter ‘s Five Forces Analysis

To vie with the challengers expeditiously and efficaciously the administrations must hold to be really much careful about the market state of affairs. Porter ( 1980 ) introduced a theoretical account to analyze the competitory environment of an administration which is called Porter ‘s Five Forces Analysis. When sing the five forces it is of import support in head that disruptive alteration can really rapidly act upon any of the four factors which may so hold a major consequence in the company. Competitive environment of EMI music company will be analyzed utilizing five forces analysis.

The Threat of Substitute Merchandises

The menace of replacement merchandises is highly high within the music industry. It is usual that the rival companies bring some option of merchandise EMI is selling. Even the cyberspace works as a beginning of replacement competition in the signifier of digital music. As replacements are available to the client they can compare the monetary value and flexibleness of the merchandise and easy exchange. As a consequence there is a opportunity of fring the market portion.

The Menace of the Entry of New Competitor

The menace from new entrants has increased with the growing of the cyberspace. With a lower capital investing and operational costs it is easy to sale the merchandise, like music, online. As an on-line music shop could be from any portion of the universe it is non possible to find the size, growing and the effects of competition. EMI is besides non out of the hazard of new entries as they are is weaken state of affairs both financially and technologically.

The Intensity of Competitive Rivalry

The competition within the music industry is extremely concentrated between four large companies Sony BMG, Universal, Warner and EMI. Independent labels are increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. As a consequence competition is increasing in high volume. Because of strength of competition it is the determinations made by one company is normally followed by others.

Dickering Power of Buyers

Due to revolution of digital music market dickering power of the purchasers increased. They can now travel for online and compare monetary value, quality and measure before purchasing the merchandise. Now the music companies need to put a competitory monetary value by minimising the cost but by maximising the quality of the merchandise. As a consequence net income becomes lower twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. EMI is besides non out of this hazard because it has to vie with the others.

Dickering Power of Suppliers

Artists are the provider is the music industry. A large figure of new creative persons are coming in market everyday. In music industry it is really tough to vie with celebrated creative persons with wholly a new visual aspect. In that manner dickering power of the provider i.e. creative persons became low which could be an added advantage for a music company like EMI.

Micro Environment Factors

The factors which have direct impact on the administration ‘s planning and scheme are known as micro environmental factors. It includes following factors:


An administration ‘s basic end is to supply the clients its maximal service and supports. The concern scheme will be proven incorrect if the concern is unable to supply the service to their clients.


Enrolling efficient staff and maintaining these staff motivated, is an must for strategic be aftering procedure of an administration. Regular Training and development of the employee in service sector selling work as added advantages.


Supplier that means creative person in EMI plays a cardinal function for the organisation. Their motivated and sincere afford will convey something good for the company. Merely a closer relation with the provider will guarantee quality merchandises.


An administration require investing to travel frontward. This is the stockholders who do this thing. Proper determination devising by the board of managers and uninterrupted observation by the stockholder can convey a company to success. Incorrect determination doing sometimes lead EMI in jobs.


Positive media attending is really of import for a music company like EMI. Good feeling on media about the company or about their creative person will convey more clients to them. Some times company may necessitate to alter their scheme to pull media in positive manner.


Selling is a game like thing where a company demand to continuously supervise their challengers. It could be important for the company if the analysis sing the scheme of the challengers is incorrect. Scaning the rivals scheme and taking measure consequently that is every bit of import for EMI.


In this portion macro and micro environment of selling are explained in brief in facet of EMI group. Different analyzing tools like PEST, SWOT and Porter ‘s five force analysis are used here. Macro and micro environmental factors are really important factors to analyze a company ‘s strength or failing, positive or negative attitude. Summarised out coming from this portion will assist to do recommendation in recommendation and decision portion

Part-4 Marketing Mix in EMI Group

“ The set of governable tactical selling tools- merchandises, monetary value topographic point and publicity that the house blends to bring forth the response it want in the mark market. ” Kotler ( 1998 ) . Borden ( 1964 ) foremost brought the construct of “ selling mix ” .

4 P ‘s

By and large marketing mix reference to 4P ‘s. They are Product, Price, Promotion and Place. But service oriented administration should add another 3 P ‘s. They are Peoples, Physical Evidence and Process.


Merchandise is non be ever a physical entity. Some clip service could be a merchandise. In instance of EMI merchandise is could be in digital signifier. Product quality in any circumstance should be high.

Monetary value

Monetary value is a sensitive issue for the client. Some clip due to affordability client could non purchase the merchandise. So this is of import for EMI to put monetary value for the client so that most of them can able to afford it particularly during recession.


A merchandise of good quality could be in digester if there is a lake of publicity. So they should hold usage proper promotional activity to market their merchandise. Particularly when new creative persons are coming in the market they should be really careful.

Topographic point

Topographic point is besides addresses to the channel, distribution or intermeediary in marketing mix construct. In instance of EMI it is really important to be in topographic point i.e. administer their merchandise with proper channel in their disruptive economic status.


As the type of concern differ from others EMI needs more people from cultural background. While enrolling they need to be really care full sing the vocalists they are taking as they will supply the service to the client.

Physical Evidence

Physical grounds is of import for printing merchandises of EMI which is non that much of import in instance music merchandise. But they must be choice full.


Procedure refers to the strategic tract to the selling. It determines how a company can derive control over the market. It includes everything which is needed to put the merchandise in market. EMI got strong presence in Internet. Use of proper engineering it is possible to better their market portion.

Part-5 Recommendation and Justification

In this portion a list of recommendations are given to the British Music Company EMI how they can able to better their market portion in UK every bit good as in the universe market. Different selling scheme is besides discussed here.


Following scheme is recommended for growing of the market in future:

  1. EMI should increase their attack in the client pick and values.
  2. There should be more variegation of distribution through cyberspace and other latest engineering.
  3. They may travel for a engineering where clients will be allowed to toss off load the vocal from their web free and listen them for certain period of clip.
  4. Physical sale could be increased by geting more options in retailing.
  5. Approach to the appropriate authorization and media to command buccaneering.
  6. There should be a research sing new engineering of entering for following coevals market.
  7. The company should on a regular basis supervise the market and put competitory monetary value to win the pricing war.
  8. They should be really careful when they recruit new vocalist.
  9. Inaugural to enter more vocal with local linguistic communication to increase client scope.


EMI is really old music company with their large repute. They have really good aggregation of reputed vocalists. They have rights of more than one million vocals. It is really much possible to increase their sale by taking appropriate enterprise and can able to come out of their disruptive fiscal state of affairs.

Pick ‘n ‘ Mix Cadmium ‘s

  • New retail option
  • Personal Greatest Hits albums or a digest of your favorite vocals
  • Increased consumer pick & A ; added value
  • Distribution through portion ownership of HMV Retail concatenation and company web sites

Battling Piracy

the EMI attack

  • 01/12/02 – Alliance Entertainment Corp.
  • Digital download plan in the U.S.
  • Downloadable, ignitable, and portable formats
  • Consumers purchase singles when paths debut on wireless before released

Video & A ; MP3 downloads to mobiles

  • Capitalizing on rapid technological progresss
  • Rapid growing in wireless cyberspace entree
  • Latest releases available 24 hours
  • Possible confederation with service suppliers

Introductory offers

  • Small fees

Monitoring Technology

  • Cadmium ‘s are now 20 old ages old

approaching terminal of merchandise life rhythm?

  • MP3 ‘s are 9 old ages old
  • There is ever the “ following thing ”
  • Company may necessitate to follow rivals with engineering and media backgrounds

The MASTER program

Battling Piracy

a extremist solution

  • ‘Legal ‘ buccaneering
  • Free EMI downloads from EMI web site
  • Gross through advertisement
    • survive as Yahoo presently do
    • 85 % of gross achieved through advertizements
  • Encourage industry to follow alterations
  • Last resort
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