The Dynamic Between Task Team And Individual Management Essay

The place of leader in a squad is strategic and ambitious, without the leader the person, squads and undertakings will hold no usher or way and would most likely shortly become unproductive. Thus the chief function of leaders is to assist the squad accomplish its common undertaking, to keep the squad ‘s integrity and to guarantee that persons give their best towards the success of any undertaking. To accomplish this leader needs to efficaciously organize and actuate the persons into working as a squad on specified undertakings. This the leader can make by following suited leading and communicating manners, actuating the squad, and deputing undertakings suitably to suit person ‘s capablenesss, anticipations, ends and demands.

The Dynamic between undertaking, squad and single

Undertaking Teams can be defined as the mutualist aggregation of persons who work together towards a common end and who portion duty for specific results of the administrations.

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Persons come together under a leader to organize a squad to seek to accomplish a common undertaking between them. Thus the burden is on the undertaking director to strategically organize the 3 overlapping demands of the squad, which are the watch-words of undertaking leading and important to the successful completion of a undertaking.

These demands as captured above are:

Undertaking Needs: Team members feel the demand to accomplish a common goal/task and derive complacency. Often times, force per unit area is built on squad members to carry through a undertaking and avoid defeat. Motivating squad members into carry throughing specific undertakings leads to project success, therefore Project Leaders should follow the Goal Setting Theory as a powerful motivational tool in puting undertakings for the squad. Research has shown that the trouble of a goal/task and how clear it is will impact how difficult people will work towards that undertaking. Clear, Precise, and disputing undertakings produce better consequences than obscure or easy undertakings. Persons tend to be more motivated by clear and appropriate feedback. Take for case – What will it intend to me? Or how will I be motivated if I say ‘I ‘ll seek and make my assignments or I ‘ll make my best to compose my assignment? My success rate wo n’t be every bit high as when I say ‘I will compose my assignment to an “ A ” criterion. Here the task/goal is specific, easy ends are easy to disregard, they do n’t actuate or animate conversely ambitious ends are actuating because it is much more a hearty achievement to achieve a hard end.

More so, the S.M.A.R.T end puting method must be adopted in deputing squad undertakings. The S.M.A.R.T method assumes that if undertakings are –

Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time edge.

It will certainly take to higher and more successful undertaking results.

This theory is one of the best motivational theories in personal and squad development instilling it in undertaking helps in accomplishing undertakings, builds the squad and satisfies the persons.

Team Needs: Teams portion the demand to carry through a common undertaking or work out a job & A ; demands of self-belonging. By accomplishing a common ask, a sense of integrity is created within the squad which will besides impact the person. A good squad will intend you are likely to accomplish the common undertaking. If the persons are to the full motivated they will hold a greater input to the squad and hence the undertaking. If one of these countries fail or under performs it will impact the other countries dramatically and take to project and Leadership failure. The challenge for the undertaking director is to follow the situational leading manner, motivate and construct a cohesive squad. If the squad lacks coherence, so public presentation on the undertaking is impaired and the single satisfaction is reduced


Communicates opening and freely

Provide each other with unfastened & A ; direct feedback

Hold each other accountable

Manage clip and attempt fruitfully

Fully utilize diverse strengths styles points of position define and follow determination devising guidelines

Manage struggle efficaciously.

Individual Needs: The person in the squads feels the demand to carry through their ain personal demands such as nutrient, shelter, security, regard, and self-actualisation and anticipations. The attainment or fulfillment of these demands affect the person ‘s motive and productiveness in a undertaking & A ; squad which finally impacts on the successful bringing of undertakings.

Harmonizing to Abraham Maslow, The single demand falls into 5 basic classs which he ranked in a hierarchy, saying that the basest demand in the pyramid had to be satisfied before an person could come on to concentrating on the demands of the following measure.

Conversely, Fredrick Herzberg urge Job enrichment, expansion of duty, range and challenge as a agency of actuating persons toward higher productiveness and undertaking public presentation in a squad. Here the term motive describes the feeling of achievement, professional growing and acknowledgment, which are experienced in undertakings that offer sufficient challenge and range to the person and in bend additions sustained satisfaction and increases productiveness.

Individual demands should be met along with the squad and undertaking demands, non at their disbursal. The wages of being portion of a squad should be single part or inputs, else- it can take to resentment between squad members particularly if another squad member is perceived as having more they deserve. Thus motive is a combination of

Valence: The sensed value of the result ( What is in it for me/The single? )

Instrumentality: Individual belief that completion of undertakings will accomplish results

Anticipation: The belief that a peculiar action will take to a peculiar fist degree result.

This is the Vroom ‘s expectance theory which predicts that persons in a squad will be motivated when they believe that:

Puting in more attempt will give better undertaking public presentation

Better public presentation will take to wagess

Wagess are valued by the person

SO WHAT? Team and undertaking leaders should ever actuate squad members by puting equal challenging undertakings, using the right leading manners to bond the squad together, gaining the squad and single motivational factors and using appropriate schemes to deduce coveted high public presentation and undertaking end products.

Strategic Leadership: At whatever degree of leading, Task, Team and Individual needs must be considered. In order to keep teamwork, achieve a common undertaking, and fulfill the person, the undertaking leader has to execute certain maps, this is every bit opposed to a quality which is an facet of what they are.

Specifying the undertaking: The ability to actuate squads to set about undertakings

Regulation: the ability to act upon the way and the velocity of the work

Informing/Communication: conveying new info to the squad as it becomes available

Supporting/Controlling Harmonising, sympathizing, alleviating tensenesss, promoting, Motivating:


Evaluating: assisting the group to measure determinations or processs.

If any of these maps are losing, it will impact how the squad performs.

Leadership Functions in relation to Task, Team and Individual


Specifying the undertaking







These leading maps need to be handled with excellence in tandem with leading qualities which add functional value to the undertaking at manus.

The Need Quality Functional Value









Gets the squad traveling

Prevents the squad from giving up

Work done good at minimum costs

Establishing facts

Confronting facts

When non to be restrained by regulations or conventions

Confronting up errors and non allocating incriminations









Integrating the squad & A ; making trust

Relieving tenseness & A ; keeping a sense of proportion

Inspire through originality

Trusted by others

Fair hearing physiques squad subject

Not selfish, portion congratulations, non chesty & A ; aggressive







Sensitive in covering with people

Sympathetic consciousness and aid

Recognises qualities/abilities & A ; gives recognition

Wins single regard

Fair covering encourages persons


Persons, undertakings and squads are the major invariables in every undertaking. The success of any undertaking depends on the formation, use, integrating and interaction of these of import features of a undertaking, If one of these countries fail or under performs it will impact the other countries dramatically and take to project and Leadership failure.

The undertaking leader is posed with the undertaking of efficaciously incorporating these factors to accomplish undertaking success, therefore should deploy suitable leading manners, motivational and communicating method to maintain the undertaking at a high productive gait.

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