The Epson Company Few Words Concerning The Creation Marketing Essay

Seiko Epson Corporation makes portion of the Seiko Group. Seiko group is a Nipponese company, composed of three corporate companies: Seiko Holding Corporation, Seiko Instruments Inc. and Seiko Epson Corporation.

In this study, we will concentrate merely on Seiko Epson Corporation ( Epson ) which manufactures and distributes pressmans, liquid crystaldisplays ( LCDs ) , semiconducting material merchandises, and other related merchandises. It is well-known for its leading in the field of micro-mechatronics. The company chiefly operates in Japan, Europe, the Americas, and Asia. The company has its fabrication installations in Japan, Asia, Americas, and Europe. Epson is headquartered at Nagano, Japan.

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Daini Seikosha Co Ltd ( Suwa Plant ) : the clock fabrication arm of K. Hattori ; Daini Seikosha set up a mill in Suwa to fabricate tickers with Daiwa Kogyo.

Suwa Sekosha Co Ltd: Daiwa Kogyo and Suwa Plant merge to organize Suwa Seikosha Co. , Ltd.

Shinshu Seiki Co. , Ltd: Shinshu Seiki Co. , Ltd. became a subordinate of Suwa Seikosha. Seikosha is separated from K. Hattori & A ; Co. , Ltd. , and Seikosha Co. , Ltd. is included. In this period, Seiko ticker was selected to be the official clip keeper for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 1964. A publishing timer was required to clip activities. Then, Shinshu Seiki Co LTD started to develop an electronic pressman. So after this invention ( that is to state the usage of vitreous silica engineering to publish ) they started to put and capture the pressman market. In fact in 1968, Shinshu Seiki launched the universe ‘s first miniprinter, the EP-101. Then, in 1978, the TX-80, a dot-matrix pressman was marketed.

Shinshu Seiki is renamed Epson Corporation.

Suwa Seikosha and Epson Corporation merge to organize Seiko Epson Corporation.

Epson activities

Epson is present wholly around the universe. The headquarter is in Japan but there are a batch of subordinates and affiliates throughout the universe to back up the activity.

Gross saless / Services Subsidiaries and Affiliates Regional Headquarters Representative Offices / Branches Manufacturing Subsidiaries and Affiliates R & A ; D Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Now Seiko Epson is divided into five strategic concern units:

The printing and imaging country is composed of pressmans, projectors and point of gross revenues. In the pressmans SBU, there are inkjet pressmans, optical maser pressmans, in writing art pressmans and scanners.

The electronic devices country is composed of quartz devices and other electronic constituents ( crystal devices, semiconducting materials, and high-temperature polysilicon ( HTPS ) TFT panels for projectors.

The merchandise life rhythm and BCG Matrix show inkjet pressmans are the most rentable strategic concern unit but may worsen in the following few old ages. Laser pressmans tend to be less and less profitable and projectors will be a strategic interest in the following old ages.

The environment

The PESTEL matrix

SWOT matrix

The Epson Strategy

The trade name and company name, Epson, is made of “ EP ” ( electric pressman ) and “ boy, ” which reflects direction ‘s want that the EP-101 -the universe ‘s smallest and lightest pressman in the 60 ‘s would take to other success ( cf p.1: history of Epson ) .

Seiko Epson Corporation is born in 1985. So we will analyse the Seiko Epson scheme from 1980 boulder clay now. Throughout the old ages, Seiko Epson Corporation has ever followed a wide distinction scheme thanks to the sole engineering used in its merchandises ( engineering: MicroPiezo, 3LCD and QMEMS ) which allow it to hold really qualitative merchandises and about impossible to copy.

The 80 ‘s

During the 1980s, Epson ‘s dot-matrix pressmans enjoyed a monopolistic place ( dot matrix is the consequence of history: EP-101 and so in 1978, the TX-80 dot-matrix ) , but because of this success the company was tardily in the development of inkjet pressmans. Therefore, Epson advanced R & A ; D into new formats. In 1984, for illustration, Epson launched its first nonimpact theoretical account, the MP-130K, and continued to develop and market new merchandises, without much success.

This period was besides the epoch of the development of projector. In fact, the major key fact for Epson ‘s engagement in the projector concern was its development of the Television Watch, launched in 1982. The ticker was used as a prop in a action movie and set as the universe ‘s smallest Television. Therefore, Epson applied scientists were interested in supplying the applications of its prima LCD engineering to Fieldss beyond TVs, like projectors sector. In 1989 they launched the first projector – VPJ700- which was radical merchandise compared to the three-tube CRT projectors. Unfortunately this merchandise failed because it did n’t do so much difference in consumers mind. SO, by the 90s the projector concern was viewed with incredulity by other divisions in the company. But they did n’t give up ( as said Hirohisa Kurita, who was the general director of the Ocular Instruments Operations Division ) .

The 90 ‘s

Epson believed that the lone manner to recover its market laterality was thanks to a engineering that no 1 could copy. So they went with its MicroPiezo engineering that has since revolutionized the universe of publishing. In fact, in 1990 they decided to make a undertaking squad to develop a new inkjet caput. The squad was composed of 80 most gifted applied scientists in the company and was managed by Minoru Usui, who became president in 2008. Its mission was to develop a print caput that could excel optical maser and thermic inkjet formats in footings of cost and quality and that could be developed to publish in colour and at faster velocities. The fruits of this development came in 1993, when Epson marketed the MJ-500, a monochromatic pressman with a MACH ( Multi-layer Actuator Head ) jet print caput. The following twelvemonth it launched its first colour inkjet theoretical account, the MJ-700V2C. In 1996, the PM-700C equipped with a second-generation caput was lauchned and was a record sale in the universe. This allow Epson to beef up its place as the maker of photo-quality inkjets, and in 2000 it launched the MC-9000C, a large-format pressman with a new pigment-based ink.

Therefore they identified 4 waies:

The consumer and SOHO markets in which Epson has traditionally been really strong.

The humanistic disciplines and civilization markets, including support for lensmans ‘ originative activities and Restoration of pictures, aˆ¦

The office and commercial markets by run intoing the demands of concern users.

The industrial sector, in which Micro Piezo can be applied in the procedure of industrial production.

Refering the projector unit, the 20-member picture projector development squad was reduced to 6 because of a hard economic system in the 90s, but the staying members ne’er gave up.

Jiro Ito, who was the caput of the projector development squad at that clip, said “ We worked closely with people in marketing to understand what consumers were truly looking for. We visited the United States, a planetary leader in picture imagination, and noticed that many concern presentations still relied on OHP systems and bulky three-tube projectors to expose Personal computer proctor images on screens. We became positive that there would be considerable demand if we could come up with a compact, portable merchandise that dependably reproduced Personal computer images and was bright plenty to be used anyplace. This became our end, and we set to work developing a projector that was twice every bit bright and merely half the size, weight, and cost of our bing theoretical account. ” The fruit of this confederation between the fabrication and selling divisions was the ELP-3000, at the terminal of 1994. The new projector used HTPS panels mensurating merely 1.3 inches diagonally and with 640 A- 480 declaration, enabling it to project images precisely as they appeared on Personal computer proctors. “ We originally targeted the projector for the audiovisual market, ” Ito explains. “ But we shortly realized that there was much bigger demand in a wholly different section [ he talked about the concern and school market which used projectors or Powerpoint presentation, aˆ¦ ] . In a sense we were lucky to hold developed a merchandise merely when demand was ready to take off. But I like to believe that our difficult work was partially responsible for conveying fortune over to our side ” .

SE07 Corporate vision ( 2003-2007 )

In 2003, EPSON established SE07 scheme. “ Digital Image Innovation ” was the guiding rule. It was besides based on Epson ‘s “ 3i scheme ” for long-run concern growing in three nucleus countries: the pressman concern ( i1: imagination on paper ) , the projector concern ( i2: imagination on screen ) , and the show concern ( i3: imagination on glass ) .

Printer concern: at that clip, there were the booming of digital cameras and camera-phones which expected to make demand for photo printing. The scheme for Epson ‘s pressman concern was to do consumers believe that “ Epson = Photo. ”

Therefore, Epson believed it was cardinal to supply an environment without the intercession of a Personal computer. The thought was “ Epson digital exposure nexus construct ” .

Epson answered to the turning demand for photo quality prints and penetrated the market with extremely lasting inks. At the same clip, Epson launched a scope of merchandises for place printing of photographic content ( illustration: PictureMate personal exposure lab ) .

Projector concern: At this period, the market for projection devices expected to turn quickly with demand for informations projectors, place projectors, and big-screen projection TVs. Epson, which already held the Number 1 portion in the informations projector market, has besides captured a 55 % portion of the market for high-temperature polysilicon, thin-film transistor panels, the critical microdevices used in LCD projection systems. Epson took advantage of this projection engineering to spread out the informations projector market and develop a place projection market. Epson projectors team finaly accomplished their original end: bring cinematic amusement and dynamism at place. In 2004, Epson announced its entry into the projection Television market at the International consumer electronics Show in Las Vegas and revealed the Livingstation line of big-screen LCD projection Television. Epson besides expanded its LCD projection Television concern, in finished merchandises and in optical engines.

Display concern: At that clip, the demand for colour and active-type cell phones was supposed to turn. Epson is specialized in small- and average sized shows, and has a strong prima place. A future increasing demand for shows would necessitate an accommodation of TFT production capacity. In this context, Epson made an understanding with SANYO Electric Co. , Ltd. to unify the 2 company ‘s liquid crystal concerns in one: Sanyo Epson imaging devices corp. The end of this amalgamation was to make synergism between Epson and SANYO. By supplying high-performance and cost-efficient LCDs, Sanyo Epson imaging devices corp. was able to be a major histrion in the small- and average sized LCDs for nomadic phones, digital cameras, and usage in cars.

This scheme did non take to a existent success. In fact, fiscal state of affairs was deteriorating. In footings of marketing anf communicating, in 2005, the Epson tagline ‘Exceed Your Vision ‘ is introduced to beef up trade name publicity worldwide.

Creativity and challenge 1000 ( 2006-2008 )

On January 27 of this twelvemonth Seiko Epson Corporation announced a reform program to imrpove its net incomes potency. The reform program was an reply to alterations in the company ‘s operating environment and to halt its deteriorating fiscal consequences.

With the net loss in 2006 to 17.9 billion hankerings, Epson came with a mid-term concern program called the “ Creation and Challenge 1000. ” The end was to organize a construction to increase net income instead than gross revenues. The consequence of this program was really encouraging.

Here we will look at the first three policies, which have a direct impact on Epson ‘s net gross revenues and profitableness.

Redefine and reenforce the concern and merchandise portfolios: Epson was able to increase gross revenues volumes in the strategic pressman and 3LCD projector concerns by coming with competitory new merchandises. Epson anticipated medium- to long-run growing as a consequence of its entry into the commercial/industrial inkjet pressman markets in which they saw high growing potency.

Reorganize the electronic device concerns: Although Epson has successes in consolidating concern sites and driving efficiencies in human resources, Epson was unable to return to profitableness in these concerns. This was mostly due to a hold in switching to high-value-added markets and to a steep diminution in gross revenues volumes due to the economic recession.

Streamline cost: Epson succeeded in cutting variable costs through steps like cut downing the figure of pressman platforms. However, these benefits were hidden by the effects of the economic crisis and the grasp of the hankering.

Entire gross revenues in the first three quarters of FY 2006 came to 1.074 trillion hankerings, down 8.6 % from the same period the twelvemonth before, but entire operating net income in the said period was 46,300 million hankerings, up 100.3 % !

SE15 Corporate vision ( 2009-2015 )

When Epson established this SE15, they concluded that the economic crisis and the grasp of the hankering would go on, as the spiral of monetary values lessening and worsening demand excessively. In this hard environment, Epson will maximise the benefits achieved by Creativity and Challenge 1000 in SE15, and will decide the other jobs.

Epson ‘s purpose is to go “ a community of robust concerns ” by concentrating in “ compact, energy-saving, high-precision engineerings, ” as its nucleus strengths since its foundation, and by making merchandises and services that emotionally engage clients.

Therefore, Epson will concentrate on the undermentioned points:

1. Evolve by concentrating on countries in which Epson can reenforce its strengths

2. Reinforce the foundations of nucleus concerns

3. Make new merchandises and set up new concerns by utilizing technological assets and selling power

Epson will go on to perfection its 3 engineerings ( MicroPiezo, 3LCD, and QMEMS ) , and develop merchandises that exceed client outlooks and demands in the printing, projection, and feeling spheres. They will accomplish growing in emerging economic systems and in the commercial and industrial sector.

Epson has defined a scheme in which they divided the concern in which Epson has a weak place and the concerns with growing potency.

The scheme for concerns in which recovery is unexpected:

Small- and moderate-sized shows

Attempts are made to increase efficiency through the consolidation of domestic operations, including steps like relocating caput office maps to the Tottori Plant and speed uping forces reassignment to growing countries. Epson will go on to see assorted options, and will do a cardinal determination sing the future way of the concern that is non simply an extension of current attempts.


In the semiconducting material concern, where Epson forecasts issues in a return to profitableness in the current environment, the focal point will go on to be on merchandises integrating low-power mixed-signal parallel engineering. Operationss will be restructured, and fabrication, which takes topographic point in two domestic locations ( Fujimi Plant, Nagano, and Sakata Plant, Yamagata ) will be in the Sakata Plant over the medium-term. Besides, proficient resources, such as semiconducting material engineering, will be shifted to bolster growing in other concern countries, such as pressmans and other finished merchandises, and quartz devices.

The scheme for concerns with growing potency:


Epson will strengthen its presence in emerging economic systems by addition the figure of theoretical accounts, in the concern sector and commercial and industrial markets trough the applications of MicroPiezo. The aim is to supply pressmans that are easy to utilize and that emotionally engage consumer and concern clients worldwide with inventions in inkjet engineering and concern theoretical accounts, focused around Epson ‘s MicroPiezo engineering.

3LCD Projectors

Epson will reenforce its prima place in the projection sector and increase its market portion. The other scheme is to take advantage of the TFT LCD engineering to come in and develop new concerns.

Quartz devices

The scheme for Epson is to reenforce its market-leading merchandises by doing Epson Toyocom a 100 % subordinate to better direction flexibleness, reactivity and efficiency.

The expected consequence for SE15 is FY2015 ROS: 10 % , ROE: A sustained 10 % or greater.

The clip of reorganisation:

As we saw before, Epson is divided in 4 chief geographical countries: Epson Europe, Epson China, Epson America and of class Epson Japan. The local “ headquarter ” of Epson Europe is based in London and every state has to mention to the local headquarter.

In 2011, Epson Europe B.V has been reorganized for two chief grounds:

To optimize/reduce selling and gross revenues costs

To develop a homogenised trade name image throughout Europe.

Before 2011, every state in Europe was independent to form gross revenues and marketing the manner they wanted. Every state has its ain procedure. For illustration, state A ( we can state France ) had a budget and used it for publicities or POS Kit created in France. In a word, gross revenues and selling were local and every state was free to follow the scheme he wants sing the specifications of its market. This organisation was dearly-won and non really homogenised. That is why they implement a new organisation where Epson Europe decides the selling and gross revenues scheme. They create selling tools ( guidelines, POS, publicities ) at a European degree in order to do economic system of graduated tables and in order to hold the same tools in every state ( californium. Appendix nA°1 to see the organisation ) .

This organisation is really new for Epson Europe so we ca n’t see the consequence of such a alteration. But from an inside point of position I can state that the HR direction will be really hard: people can go forth the company because of dependence and deficiency of freedom, because top direction has changed and people do non mention to the same individual, aˆ¦ and so many other grounds.

We can state that Epson Corporation has succeeded to do the engineering at the bosom of its scheme. From a personal point of position, I would state that the consequences for Epson could be decidedly much better if they were much consumer outlooks oriented and faster in the development of their merchandises.

However Epson Corporation is a strong company which has developed successful and really advanced merchandises.

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