The Factors Affecting Perception Management Essay

This portion of the survey will discourse on the several factors of perceptual experience of hazards, the assorted elements that affect purchase purpose, how to cut down sensed hazards and methods to better the purchase of a merchandise. However, before lucubrating on these issues, it is of import to understand what perceptual experience is and how it is affected.

Definition of Percept

Percept, loosely talking, is a biological and cognitive map ( Esperanza, 2001 ) . However, this definition is obscure. A clearer definition could be that perceptual experience is concerned with the procedure by which a individual selects, organizes and interprets information to make a meaningful image of the universe ( Kotler, 2003 ) . This definition is supported by other writers. Percept can be defined as the procedure by which an person selects, organizes and interprets stimuli into a meaningful and consistent image of the universe ( Schiffman and Kanuk, 2000 ) Peoples can organize different perceptual experiences of the same stimulation because of 3 perceptual procedures: selective attending, selective deformation, and selective keeping ( Kotler, 2004 ) . Percept is concerned with how single see and do sense of their environment ( Fill, pp123 ) .Perception besides leads to determination devising and the determinations to move or non to move depends on how you develop motive ( Kotler, pp 400 ) .

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Factors impacting perceptual experience

Individual factors

Percept if affected by single factors viz. gustatory sensation, olfactory property, information, wellness belief, nutritionary merchandise, acquaintance and trade name trueness ( Krondl et al, 1995 ) .

State of beginning ( COO )

State of beginning is often associated with merchandise quality ( Lusk et al, 2006 ) . The assorted consequence of state of origin affects merchandise beliefs and perceptual experience for trade names with different degrees of equity ( Hui and Zhou, 2003 ) . Based on these researches, it is expected that COO information will hold a great impact on trade name image perceptual experience ( Kouba, 2008 ) .

Gross saless individual Behavior

The quality of gross revenues interaction with clients is besides a strong component act uponing consumer perceptual experience of value and the ability to pull clients and construct upon a good experience which lead to trueness is extremely affected by gross revenues individual ‘s behaviour ( Kapoor & A ; Kulshreshta, 2009 ) .


Several surveies have stated the result and variables refering to emotions and how it affects perceptual experience of merchandises. Several surveies have stated the result and variables refering to emotions and how it affects perceptual experience of merchandises. Regret is one among the result ( Bui et al, 2011 ) . Consumption emotions are the affectional responses to one ‘s perceptual experience of the set of properties that constitute a merchandise or service public presentation ( Mano, Oliver, 1993 ; Oliver, 1993 ; Richins, 1997 ) . A positive perceptual experience about public presentations will take to positive emotions and frailty versa ( Dube & A ; Menon, 2000 ) .

Monetary value publicity

Price perceptual experience influence perceptual experience for quality taking to a positive perceived value, but merchandise monetary value has a cost besides which can impact negatively on the perceived value ( Xia et al, 2009 ) . The promotional message and the manner the monetary value information is presented influence consumer perceptual experiences of monetary values and their purpose to buy ( Sinha & A ; Smith, 2000 ) .

2.2 Definition of sensed hazards

Percept of hazard was foremost defined as unexpected and unsure effects of an unpleasant nature ensuing from the merchandise purchase ( Bauer, 1960 ) . Perceived hazards concerned the uncertainness of a proposed purchase and the results that will ensue from a determination to buy a merchandise ( Jill, 2009, pp170 ) .Perceived hazard is besides defined as “ aˆ¦.the subjective outlook of a loss ( Sweeny et al 1999 ) . Perceived hazard is viewed as one dimension of merchandise engagement ( Dholakia, 2001 ) . Perceived hazard occurs as the consequence of a pick determination which can merely be known in the hereafter, the consumer is obliged to cover with uncertainness and to the extent that they realize they may non achieve all purchasing ends ( Mitchell, 1998 ) . Perceived hazard is concerned with the purchase of different merchandises holding different degrees of hazards ( Bayon & A ; Wangenheim, 2004 ) .

Concept of sensed hazards

There are normally five constituents of perceptual experience of hazards and they are physical, public presentation, fiscal, clip and psychological ( Mitchell, 1998a ) . However other research workers found other constituents of hazards. One prominent hazard besides is the societal hazard which might be present although the other types of hazards absent ( Mitchell, 1999 ) . These are discussed in inside informations below:

Fiscal hazard

Fiscal hazard is concerned with the possible pecuniary outgo related to the purchase monetary value and the cost of keeping the merchandise ( Akturan & A ; Tezcan, 2012 ) . It has besides been held that fiscal hazard can be explained as the chance of losing money from purchasing unfamiliar trade name ( Beneke et al, 2012 ) . This type of hazard implies that the monetary value of the merchandise is non deserving the merchandise ‘s quality ( Schiffman and Kanuk, 2004 ) .

Performance hazard

Performance hazard is the effects related with a merchandise that does non run into the outlooks of clients ( Hoornibrook et al, 2005 ) . It besides shows that consumers are afraid that a merchandise will non execute good based on its benefits promised. ( Beneke et al, 2012 ) . Performance hazard can besides be the instance due the gustatory sensation and the unsafe contents of the merchandise ( Yeung & A ; Morris, 2001 ) .

Time hazard

Time hazard is the perceptual experience that it will take excessively much clip to follow and acquire used to a merchandise ( Hirunyawipada & A ; Paswan, 2006 ) . In short clip hazard refers to the clip taken in footings of traveling and waiting to purchase a merchandise. ( Mitchell, 1998 ) .

Social hazard

Social hazard is concerned about the possibility that a merchandise or service in usage will impact the manner others think about a individual ( Tan, 2002 ) . It occurs due to fear of being out of manner when utilizing or have oning a peculiar merchandise ( Burgess, 2003 ) . Social hazard consequences in losing societal position from utilizing a merchandise. ( Dean, 2011 ) .

Psychological hazard.

Psychological hazard is defined as the experience of concern or mental uncomfortableness originating from the purchase of a merchandise ( Perugini & A ; Bagozzi, 1999 ) . Yi Lin and Wen Chen ( 2009 ) specify psychological hazard as “ the opportunities of the specific purchase being inconsistent with the personal or self image of the traveller ” . Psychological hazard is linked to societal hazard and it suggests the effects of doing a incorrect purchase which can impact on the feeling and psychological science of the consumer ( Beneke et al, 2012 ) .

Physical/Health hazard.

This is concerned with the inauspicious wellness effects that consumers believe can meet in the purchase of a merchandise. ( Yeung & A ; Morris, 2001b ) . The impact of this is absenteeism from work which is thought by clients ( Yeung & A ; Morris, 2001a ) .

Factors lending to put on the line perceptual experience

Merchandise engagement

Seeker and Lim ( 2003 ) define “ merchandise engagement reflects the sensed relevancy of the merchandise class to the person on an on-going procedure ” . Percept of hazard is a type of merchandise engagement and has been determined as a effect of merchandise engagement ( Dholakia, 2001 ) .


There is a negative relationship between trust and perceived hazard ( D’Alessandro et al, 2012 ) . That is, the lower the trust in a merchandise, the higher the sensed hazards ( Yen, 2010 ) . There are four types of relationship between trust and perceived hazard ; the first is that sensed hazard cut down the relationship between consumers ‘ trust and purpose to purchase ; secondly, perceived hazard spell before consumers ‘ trust ; thirdly, trust travel before perceived hazard and eventually the relationship between these two are mutual ( Chang & A ; Wen, 2008 ) .

Personal factors

One cause is gender, whereby adult females are more likely to be restraints to hazards compared to work forces who are more hazard takers ( Armas, 2006 ) . There are besides other of import factors like income degree ( Johnson, 2004 ) ; instruction ( Sjoberg, 2000 ) , age ( Sjoberg, 1998 ) and personality traits ( Chauvin et al, 2007 ) which affect perceptual experience to hazard.

Brand acquaintance

When consumers are non familiar with a trade name, their perceived hazards rise ( Park & A ; Stoel, 2005 ) .


Low cognition addition perceived hazard of consumers and frailty versa ( Tuu & A ; Olsen, 2012 ) .

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