The Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior Marketing Essay

As an sharp seller, it takes duties to see consumers whole purchasing procedure instead than merely the purchase determination, due to loyal consumers represent the company assets. These surveies indicate the of import factors for seller to understand each phases of consumer determination doing procedure in order to vie in the intensive market and derive competitory advantage ( Sousa et al. , 2010 ) .Thus, houses are able to bring forth more hard currency flows and consumers repetition.Besides, seller should understand the consumer ‘s characteristic that will determine consumer behaviour.

Third-I conveying the intangible and digital information out into the touchable universe. The device allows users to utilize manus gestures to interact with the information, moreover it can work as an intelligent smart phone ( Foo, 2009 ) . The mark market focal point on the age scope between 20-39 old ages old, monthly income more than RM2000 and the focal point provinces are Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Selangor, and Johor Bahru.

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In need acknowledgment phase, consumers may gain that its current nomadic phone unable to entree cyberspace and program to buy for a new smart phones to fulfill internal demands. Therefore, seller should make consumers awareness sing the benefits that its merchandise can offer and how good it can offer compare to competitors.To stimulate market demand, marketer demand to name out the merchandises attributes, for illustration Third-I transform the ordinary surface into an synergistic touch screen show and let users to entree cyberspace at anytime, anyplace.

3.2 Information hunt

Consumers tend to get for solutions to their demands. Hence, information hunt can be categorized into two stage, internal or external hunt. To buy high engagement merchandises, consumers are more likely to carry on external hunt ( Orth, 2005 ) . To exemplify, the mark market is focus on tech-savvy users, users from this section usually involve to a great extent in the usage of cyberspace, so they may obtain information from web sites. Therefore, sellers can make an synergistic web site that allows consumers to link with gross revenues force to obtain pre-purchase information and guarantee information accessible and seeable for consumers who are actively seeking for information.

3.3 Options rating

Consumers will see assortment of factors to do a determination before purchase. Consequently, they will see in footings of pricing, trade name repute, merchandise characteristics, or even compare the benefits offer by rivals. Therefore, seller should place its merchandises against rivals byorganizing particular events or route show to pull crowdandstrongly emphasize its merchandises benefitsor distribute booklet to make possible customers.Besides this, seller can besides let consumers to prove use the existent merchandise during the events, so consumers are familiar on the merchandise characteristics and more confidentto make a purchase.

3.4 Purchase determination

Consumers may hold desire or purpose to buy after behavior rating. Therefore, consumers will see where to buy the merchandises, methodof payment or any price reduction or free gift provided. So, seller must understandthe consumers need and be aggressive to fulfill thoseneeds. In the hope of procuring gross revenues, seller must clearly place where to buy Third-I and either hard currency or recognition card can be accepted in order to do payment. Besides this, to catch consumer ‘s attraction to buy Third-I, an instant hard currency discount and free gifts will offer tofirst 50 possible clients if they purchase the merchandise during the peculiar events.

3.5 Post-purchase rating

Once the consumers used the merchandise for a period of clip, they will get down to measure their buying decision.If the merchandise ‘s public presentation did non run into their outlook, consumers will see in some degree of uncomfortableness, which is post purchase disagreement. Therefore, seller must research assorted marketing attempt to seek to forestall consumer ‘s compunction, otherwise consumers might state everyone how bad the merchandise was, as wordof oral cavity see really of import issues that mightruinthe trade name image and repute. In order to understate cognitive disagreement and maximize consumer ‘s credibleness, seller might offer extend guarantee to possible client, along with the direction user manual in a multilingual signifier or supply a 24 hours toll-free troubleshooting line for consumers to give feedback. In add-on, after gross revenues service is critical of import, clients who satisfy will take to reiterate purchases in the hereafter ( Heitmann et al. , 2007 ) .


4.1 Socio-cultural Factors

4.1.1 Mention groups

Reference group have a direct or indirect influence on a individual ‘s attitude or behaviour ( Orth, 2005 ) . If famous persons expose a new behaviour or lifestyle towards peculiar fashionable merchandises, such as Third-I, this may make conformance for consumers to follow the famous persons act, therefore the greater group ‘s influence will hold powerful force in making consumers buying involvement.

4.1.2 Family members

Family members have a strong influence on the consumer behavior.To purchase expensive merchandises, hubby and married woman normally prosecute in the joint determination devising. If a hubby purchase Third-I and used it for period of clip and acknowledge that Third-I have a good public presentation, the married woman will usually see to do a purchase.

4.2 Individual Factors

4.2.1 Percept

Percept is the manner by which single selects, organizes and interprets information into a meaningful experience. Sometimes, clients might expose to Third-I advertizements in the hoardings while driving on the route ( Bergman, 2006 ) or being attract by the selective attending such as Third-I motto, “ Your Brand New Digital Era ” in the wireless advertizement. So, the nowadays of advertizements is the manner to acquire public attending.

4.2.2 Motivation

Motivation is an interior thrust that stimulates need and buyerseeksfor solutions to fulfill, whereas it need to hold intense aroused or stimulation before it comes into a motivation. Through the purchase of merchandises, it is the thrust to fulfill demands and wants. To exemplify, psychological factors motivate clients to buy smart phones to fulfill acquired demands such as position or self-importance demands. Therefore, consumers will be motivated to buy Third-I because they feel keep gait with the tide species by utilizing Third-I.

4.2.3 Lifestyle

Lifestyle refers to model of life and it can be analysed through buying behaviours, demographics, activities, involvements and sentiments ( AIOs ) . Consumers with tech-savvy behaviour usually sensitive towards the progress technological alteration and they may see themselves as early adoptive parents and to be on the taking border in the advanced society. Ultimately, the innovation of Third-I is to maintain gait with the engineering epoch and aims to be more seamlessly integrate online information and engineering into day-to-day life.

5.0 Decision

Consumer behaviour strongly influence by the purchaser ‘s determination devising procedure and purchaser ‘s features. Most of these factors barely to command by the sellers, therefore sellers should place and lament understanding toward the consumers ‘ demands and wants.

Presents, clients are more knowing, more demanding and more discerning. Some clients response to purchase merchandises based on feeling, emotions or concentrate on doing the wisest economic determination. Therefore it is critical of import for sellers to understand what compels the client to do existent purchase. By understanding the assorted elements that stimulate clients purchase activity, it decidedly helps sellers to plan an appropriate selling scheme for each mark market.

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