The History Of Usa Automotive Market Marketing Essay

The USA has the 2nd highest degree of GDP per capita in the universe, in footings of buying power para after the EU. From the OECD part and harmonizing to Doing Business indexs, USA maintained the figure four topographic point amongst top 10 states at easiness to make concern in. In the same spirit FORBES ranks US as figure 12 in World ‘s Best Countries for Business.

The EU/US relationship is traditionally centred on trade and investing. The EU and the US are each other ‘s chief trading spouses ( taking goods and services together ) and history for the largest bilateral trade relationship in the universe, accounting for 33 % of universe trade in goods and 42 % of universe trade in services.

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The day-to-day value of transatlantic trade ( in goods and services ) is about ?1.7 billion.

The EU/US relationship is institutionally underpinned by the New Transatlantic Agenda ( 1995 ) , aimed at furthering EU/US attempts to advance peace and stableness ; respond to planetary challenges ; contribute to closer universe trade and economic dealingss ; construct Bridgess across the Atlantic and advance duologue ( through the Transatlantic Legislative, Business and Consumer Dialogues ) . This was enhanced by the Transatlantic Economic Partnership ( 1998 ) , which stressed the demand to esteem and develop WTO regulations and escalate attempts to extinguish EU/US barriers to merchandise. The Positive Economic Agenda, agreed in May 2002, farther promotes transatlantic regulative cooperation in a scope of sectors.

B.1.2. PESTEL analysis

Political landscape

”The United States of America is the greatest force for freedom and security that the universe has of all time known. And in no little step, that ‘s because we ‘ve built the best-trained, best-led, best-equipped military in history – and as Commander-in-Chief, I ‘m traveling to maintain it that manner ” President Obama, January 5th, 2012

land of wealth, known for its big in-between category. Differences in income and wealth remain of import.

Despite diverseness, Americans are united by their shared committedness to democratic values, economic chance, the work moral principle.

There are two chief political parties: the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, both organized at State and Federal degree.

Economic landscape

Market-oriented economic system where private persons and concern houses make most of the determinations, and the federal and province authoritiess buy needed goods and services preponderantly in the private market place.

The US has the largest and most technologically powerful economic system in the universe, with a per capita GDP of $ 48,100

After a 3.0 % leap in 2010, the US economic system expanded at a more modest gait of 1.7 % in 2011

2012 and 2013 prognosis GDP

Social landscape

Age construction ( 2012 est. )

0-14 old ages: 20 % ( male 32,050,686/ female 30,719,945 )

15-64 old ages: 66.5 % ( male 104,156,828/ female 104,442,302 )

65 old ages and over: 13.5 % ( male 18,424,785/ female 24,052,919 )

Technological landscape

Harmonizing to The World Intellectual Property Organization ( WIPO ) , the United Nations bureau dedicated to the usage of rational belongings, the US is an ‘Innovation leader ‘ state with high-income which have succeeded in making invention ecosystems back uping human capital and stable invention substructures

WIPO considers states ‘ invention public presentation in relation to their income degrees ( GDP per capita in PPP $ )

Environmental landscape

The United States places 49th in the 2012 EPI ( Environmental Performance Index ) , with strong consequences on some issues, such as H2O and air pollution direction, but weak public presentation on others, including nursery gas emanations and renewable electricity coevals. This ranking puts the United States significantly behind other industrialised states, including France ( 6th ) , the United Kingdom ( 9th ) , Germany ( 11th ) , and Japan ( 23rd ) .

The US topographic points 77th in the Trend EPI rankings, proposing that small advancement has been made on environmental challenges over the last 10 old ages.

Legal landscape

Sing the Economic Freedom of the World: 2012 Annual Report, The US are ranked figure 18, long considered the standard carrier for economic freedom among big industrial states

the most outstanding feature of US financial policy is that the state chosen to follow the way of monolithic growing in authorities financed by borrowing

B.1.3. Economic mentality

The United States is the universe ‘s most productive big economic system. It is the largest market for the universe ‘s most sophisticated goods and services, which stimulates invention and hence attracts investings.

The sub-prime mortgage crisis, falling place monetary values, investing bank failures, tight recognition, and the planetary economic downswing pushed the United States in to a recession by mid-2008. GDP contracted until the 3rd one-fourth of 2009, doing this the deepest and longest downswing since the Great Depression. After a 3 % leap in 2010, the US economic system expanded at a more modest gait of 1.7 % in 2011. The recoil of the US exports, following the execution of the National Export Initiative ( NEI ) is expected to go on, as the universe ‘s economic system stabilises. In all, the US economic system is expected to turn 2.00 % in 2012, and we forecast a 2,3 % rise in 2013.

Long term challenges:

stagnancy of rewards for lower-income households

unequal investing in deteriorating substructure

quickly lifting medical and pensions costs of an aging population

energy deficits

ample current history and budget shortages – including important budget deficits for province authoritiess

Current strengths:

In July 2010, the president signed the DODD-FRANK Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, a jurisprudence designed to advance fiscal stableness by protecting consumers from fiscal maltreatments, stoping taxpayer bailouts of fiscal houses, covering with troubled Bankss that are “ excessively large to neglect, ” and bettering answerability and transparence in the fiscal system – in peculiar, by necessitating certain fiscal derived functions to be traded in markets that are capable to authorities ordinance and inadvertence.

Future chances:

America is fixing to present revenue enhancement rises and disbursement cuts. The International Monetary Fund reckons that the rich universe ‘s economic systems will together turn by a paltry 1.3 % this twelvemonth, down from 1.6 % in 2011.

Policymakers, like MNCs, are besides looking east. The White House ‘s Office of Social Innovation has examined grassroots pioneers from emerging markets. GM goes to Russia

Future hazards:

Trusts reckons that about a 3rd of Americans who, as adolescents in the 1970s, belonged to the in-between category ( the working category and above ) have slipped below it as grownups

Jaideep Prabhu, of Cambridge University ‘s Judge Business School, argues that companies hence need to make separate trade names for economical merchandises without damaging their chief trade names ‘ image among the better-off. ( Dacia sub Nissan? Sau separat? )

B.2. The USA Automotive Market

In 2012, the USA Automotive Market counted for 12 % from planetary vehicle gross revenues of 76.5 million vehicles, being portion of the mature markets cluster where assorted consequences were forecasted.

The US economic system is expected to be stronger which will take to higher gross revenues, while Europe is expected to be level, while Japan is expected to see its car market psychiatrist.

China, India and Brazil are expected to go on to spread out on the 51 % portion of entire light vehicles captured in 2011. Overall, emerging markets were expected to account for 53 % of entire light vehicle gross revenues in 2011, a farther mark that these are the cardinal markets that will drive the degree of growing in the coming old ages. The consequences for emerging markets in 2012 are =

The United States is the largest rider vehicle market of any state in the universe and get downing 2010, is on the 3rd twelvemonth in a row turning with dual digit figures.


Unit of measurements sold

Annually growing






10 %



11 %



13 %

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The mean monetary value paid for a vehicle by U.S. consumers in 2011 was $ 28,341, up 11 % from $ 25,505 in 2008, harmonizing to J.D. Power ‘s informations.

In footings of rider autos per 1000 people, the United States are ranked on strong 3rd place. Harmonizing to Polk, a market-research fim, Americans are keeping on to their motors for longer. The mean length of ownership in 2011 was 57 months, the longest on record. The mean light vehicle on America ‘s roads was 10.8 old ages old, another record. Before the downswing the increasing dependability and lastingness of autos was already encouraging automobilists to maintain them longer ; in the past three old ages a weak occupation market, low consumer assurance and the handiness of long-run finance hold given the tendency an excess push.

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The United States is home to General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler besides called ‘the large 3 ‘ and numbering on norm of 45 % from entire gross revenues in the last 2 old ages.

America ‘s recoil will be reflected in fabricating tendencies, with Ford traveling production of its Fusion theoretical account from Mexico to Detroit. Southern China will besides derive production musculus when Volkswagen and PSA Peugeot Citroen open big new mills at that place.

Many big leagues car makers and providers have undertaken important attempts in the past old ages to clean balance sheets, take extra capacity, and restructure costs to do more efficient usage of production capacity and do a net income at far lower volumes. This has been led to a merchandise Renaissance and there is strong assurance in the attraction of current vehicle offerings and merchandise portfolio.

A new normal is emerging with an accent on edifice trade name equity with consumers, bettering the experience, go oning to better cost place and viing globally.

Global auto gross revenues will turn by 5 % in 2013, in a similar rate as twelvemonth before and boosted by the gross revenues in emerging markets.

America together with China will account for more than 60 % of planetary growing in auto gross revenues in 2013 as the industry ‘s two largest markets register above-average additions.

B.2.1 The US Automotive Market Value and Volume

The highest on record, the gross revenues of new motor vehicles in the United States totaled 17.4 million units in 1999. The old high was 16.3 million units in 1986 followed by 16 1000000s in 2007. It declined after this twelvemonth, subsequently being affected by the planetary recession get downing 2008 and reached the twenty-seventh lowest figure in 2009: 10.4 million autos and light trucks.

Since 2009 it reversed the tendency, making 12.7 million units in 2011.

As the volume rebounds, driven in big by repressed demand, easier recognition, and greater consumer assurance and assorted up by stronger balance sheets, bequest liabilities shed, debt decrease, and product/capital investing, the US automotive industry can return to consistent degrees of profitableness.

This is shortly reflected in the 2012 gross revenues, as the best since 2007, thanks to about 14.5 million light vehicle gross revenues, stand foring a 13.4 % per cent addition over 2011.

Over the following five old ages, US automotive industry market is expected to see steady growing – at degrees consistent to one-year GDP growing. Prognosiss foreseen 16 million units in 2018, which means the market will stabilise around 15 1000000s units for few old ages.

The conflict for market portion is shifted by the companies ‘ aspiration to keep a better balance between supply and demand, and concentrate on medium and long term profitableness.

B.2.2 The US Automotive Market Segmentation

OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer )

The 2012 growing is driven by Asia/Pacific and Europe makers, with growing rates of 18.2 % and 19.2 % , both above the industry rate. The Large 3 American manufacturers reach merely 7.8 % addition compared to 2011, where Chrysler is taking with 20.6 % and slowed down by a smaller gait growing of 4.5 % of Ford and 3.7 % of General Motors. Still, General Motors was, one time once more, the figure one group in the U.S. with 2,595,717 bringings, followed by Ford ( 2,205,547 ) and Toyota ( 2,085,504 ) .

Degree centigrades: UsersStefanDesktopCapstone ProjectCapture of Auto market 2012 V 2011.PNG

Type of auto

Micro autos

Economy autos

Luxury autos

Forte autos


Sport utility

Pick-up trucks

Commercial new waves

There is a tendency for fuel efficient autos as gasoline monetary values have an influence on gross revenues, particularly for light trucks. During 2001-2010, the Light truck gross revenues dropped in favour or rider autos. Small autos are preferable if we compare the information of December 2012 versus December 2011.

vitamin D: UsersspopescuDesktopdataEMBA WUCapstone ProjectUS Auto MarketPassanger Car Gross saless overpassing Light Truck Gross saless 2001-2010.bmp

Recent refreshes in the midsize-car market besides should assist that section to go on to take the industry. Overall, more than 40 new vehicle debuts are expected in the U.S. this twelvemonth, more than twice the figure of debuts recorded in 2012.

In the rider auto section, the Diesel portion could increase to 3 % by 2015 ; intercrossed auto could even achieve a high single-digit market portion.

B.2.3 Competition

The Evolution of Competition in the Automotive Industry

World rider auto production by part, 1975-2006. Beginning: Ward ‘s Yearbooks

B.3 Consumer Profiles

Consumer assurance is lifting, and recognition is more widely available. Rising fuel monetary values are doing new fuel-efficient theoretical accounts more attractive. Pant-up demand is besides spurring gross revenues. The mean US auto is presently more than 10 old ages old and has logged more than 100,000 stat mis ; both Numberss are far above historical norms. Many clients who put off buying a new auto during the dark old ages of recession have fewer grounds to make so much longer, and lifting monetary values are besides motivating some purchasers to upgrade to more fuel-efficient theoretical accounts.

Consumers Prefer Using Own Data Plan for In-Vehicle Connectivity

U.S. consumers are paying historically high monetary values for their vehicles

B.4 Market distribution

Procente blare jucatorii pietei cat vand Si pe Ce canale

B.5 Legislation

OEM ( original equipment maker )

is used to mention to the company that acquires a merchandise or constituent and reuses or incorporates it into a new merchandise with its ain trade name name.

USA auto market analysis:

-A value, volume, cleavage, competition, US auto protectionism from Gov?

– consumers & A ; profile

– distribution concatenation

– legal/industry criterions etc



Renault ‘s Expansion Strategy

The planetary market was expected to spread out 4 % in 2012 compared with 2011. The Group continued to turn in strong markets outside Europe, consolidating its places on the European market, forecasted to worsen by 3 % to 4 % overall, while maintaining to the fiscal marks set in Renault ‘s Drive the Change Plan.

Jerome Stoll, Executive Vice President, Gross saless and Marketing & A ; Light Commercial Vehicles, Chairman of Europe Region, said: “ In an unsure economic and fiscal environment, the Renault group has strengths that will stand it in good position in 2012. The twelvemonth will have a major merchandise violative both in Europe and on international markets, as we roll out nine new theoretical accounts and ten new stages. ”

hypertext transfer protocol: // mediaid=28867

In 2011, Renault considered India as the 3rd pillar of international scheme, alongside Brazil and Russia. Major factors in make up one’s minding to spread out to India were related to the market development and local resources of Renault – we analyzed the same degree of factors with respect to the USA market to make up one’s mind the enlargement to the North-American Market:

The context for Renault ‘s enlargement into India:

– an Alliance works with a capacity of 400,000 vehicles/year by 2015 ( Chennai )

– a gross revenues subordinate, Renault India Private Ltd ( Chennai )

– a logistics and export centre for Renault and Nissan parts ( Pune )

– 14 franchises in 14 metropoliss in May 2011 ( 100 planned by Dec-2012 )

Renault ‘s advantages from spread outing into Indian market:

– 20 % one-year growing ( 1,2 million vehicles in 2005, 3 million expected by terminal 2011 )

– the 4th largest planetary market by 2015

– 60 % of first-time purchasers and 57 % of auto purchasers are under the age of 35 ( 2009 figures )

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Sing the USA, foremost and first, the auto-market is clearly retrieving from the disconnected bead in the economic crisis. This is apparent in the changeless growing of vehicle unit gross revenues, particularly in the last two old ages, with a 13.4 % addition in 2012 V 2011, and the US market now stands strong at 14.5 million autos, approaching more to the high registered at 16 million in 2007, before the crisis.

Furthermore, in the following five old ages, US automotive industry market is expected to see steady growing – at degrees consistent to one-year GDP growing. Prognosiss foreseen 16 million units in 2018, which means the market will stabilise around 15 million units for few old ages.

The USA market would stay the 2nd largest auto-market in the universe.

As antecedently shown, in USA there is decidedly a tendency for fuel efficient autos as gasoline monetary values have an influence on gross revenues, particularly for light trucks. And Dacia-Renault theoretical accounts are recognized as premium suppliers of autos in this section.

Another index that the USA market is ready to have new autos is the figure of scrapped vehicles, as a per centum of entire registered vehicles, which reached new depressions in the last 2 old ages [ 2009 and 2010 ] . Primarily we would believe this state of affairs to be the consequence of the success of the national plan which began in 2009: “ Car Allowance Rebate Systems ( CARS ) ” , besides called “ Cash for Clunkers ” – a plan which Romanians know excessively good, as it has been present on the local market since early 2000 ‘ under the name “ Rabla ” ( Junk Car ) and enjoyed monolithic success in trashing highly old polluting Dacias ( 1980 ‘s ) and regenerating the local auto sellers.

But in USA, the existent phenomenon was foremost a diminution by 0.3 % in freshly registered autos, combined with the scrapping of old autos by consumers and concerns without replacing them. And this happened repeatedly, as a direct benefit of the CARS plan was to draw gross revenues frontward and raise the monetary values of used autos.

As a decision, “ the deficiency of full replacing suggests that there is repressed demand for new vehicles, which could take to stronger-than-expected gross revenues in 2012 and beyond ”

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SWOT Analysis


Strong fiscal public presentation

Duster theoretical account first-class gross revenues consequences & A ; reappraisals

Duster ‘s many awards, proven success

Renault-Nissan strategic confederation

Leading market place in Europe

Advanced invention in fuel-efficient autos


No presence on USA market since 1987

No production workss

No distribution concatenation / trader web

Lack of consciousness for Renault/Dacia trade names

Too reliant on Europe gross revenues


USA market increasing double-digit

Demand for low-cost autos

Increasing demand for fuel-efficient autos in USA

Customers looking for “ value-for-money ” autos

Strategic investings with Nissan ( supply concatenation )

Existing production & A ; distribution installations of Nissan


Very intense competition from established auto-makers

Stricter emanation criterions ordinance

Cannibalize portion of Nissan ‘s gross revenues

Reproduction of Duster theoretical account by rivals

Market increase slow-down

Porter Analysis

The Porter Five Forces is a concern scheme tool used to analyse the attraction of an industry – it consists of placing the five competitory forces within that specific sphere:

The menace of new entrants: how hard it is for new rivals to come in the market, are at that place barriers

The menace of replacements: how easy it is for a merchandise to be replaced, particularly with cheaper merchandises

The bargaining power of purchasers: how strong is the purchasers ‘ place, can they aggregate demand for big orders and negotiate monetary values

The bargaining power of providers: how strong is the providers ‘ place, are at that place many or is it a monopoly, can they enforce monetary values and conditions

The competition among bing participants: how strong is the competition between bing participants, is at that place one dominant participant that can order the market conditions, or equal participants in size and strenght

Porter, M.E. ( 2008 ) The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, Harvard concern Review, January 2008

The menace of new entrants in the USA auto-market is low, as there are many factors to perchance barricade a new auto maker ‘s entry: officeholders opposition ( good established local manufacturers – eg: The Big 3 ) , high costs for constructing production workss, relocating to a new continent ( Europe-America ) , large economic systems of graduated table needed ( providers, production, traders ) , entry barriers from Government protectionism for the car and steel industries ( considered of national strategic involvement ) .

The menace of replacements is really high, because of the big figure of manufacturers with similar portfolio of autos ( over 20 sellers, with more than 200 theoretical accounts ) , clients get downing to exchange between auto theoretical accounts ( they prefer smaller, cheaper and more efficient autos, instead than trucks )

The bargaining power of purchasers is instead high at this minute, because the demand is still low compared to the volume of autos available, the pick of theoretical accounts is really huge, so purchasers can exert monetary value force per unit area on manufacturers.

The bargaining power of providers has a reversed tendency than that for purchasers, perceived as moderate, as the car industry is retrieving ; there is a sufficient figure of parts providers, but each maker has long-standing preferable concern dealingss with specific providers, due to the high engineering involved in steel use, human body, electronics etc – this makes the auto-makers and their providers co-dependent, doing it hard for either side to alter the merchandises or the channel to which they ship

The competition among bing participants is really high, as there is a big figure of auto-makers in USA ( over 20 ) and they compete with over 200 theoretical accounts on every section of the auto market ( from little autos to large trucks ) ; the client trueness is instead high, due to the long usage rhythm of autos and trade name penchant, although lately clients are seeking for the best value for money ( right characteristics, right monetary value ) ; there are besides large costs of go forthing the market, tied with mill shutting, employee compensations, stock list glade etc


The “ Duster ” Global Phenomenon of Dacia-Renault

Dacia-Renault ‘s Duster has proven to hold a solid impact on the car market, get downing with its place state Romania, traveling into Western Europe and beyond. It ‘s become Renault ‘s star merchandise in its international enlargement scheme.

A The Duster theoretical account has already become a existent planetary phenomenon, either under the Dacia or Renault trade names, with monolithic success in Europe, Asia & A ; South America. Production workss are located all across the universe in Pitesti ( Romania ) , Moscow ( Russia ) , Curitiba ( Brazil ) and Envigado ( Colombia ) , but most significantly at the Renault-Nissan Alliance site in Chennai ( India ) . This gives Renault the ability and flexibleness to believe big graduated table about international enlargement.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Dacia, of the Renault group, sold 343.000 autos in 2011 and Duster has become the new spear top of the Dacia scope, geting to stand for 47 % of the entire gross revenues of the trade name, with over 161.000 units sold.

Duster enjoys a singular success to the export, where there were sold until now about 230 000 units.

First, due to a supplies/interior space/price ratio without equivalent in the universe of 4×4 vehicles, Dacia Duster quickly imposed on the Rumanian market. With 7 252 auto enrollments, Duster is the 2nd most sold theoretical account in Romania, after Logan, and an incontestable leader of the 4×4 section. The range-top version, Laureate, was preferred by 95 % of the clients.

France remains the first export market for Dacia, with over 94 000 units, that corresponds to a market portion of 3.5 % . Duster is present on the 6th topographic point in the standings of the theoretical accounts preferred by Gallic clients, with 53 148 enrollments.

Besides the commercial competition, Dacia Duster proved that it could near without composites the challenges in the athletics universe, as good, irrespective how hard they were. Having at its wheel the well-known Gallic pilot Jean-Philippe Dayraut, the Duster No Limit vehicle, equipped with an engine of 850 CP, coming from Nissan, obtained the 3rd topographic point at the latest edition of the celebrated Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competition in the United States.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Another thirstily awaited event has been Dacia trade name ‘s move into the United Kingdom [ and subsequent into Ireland in January 2013 ] , of class with the top merchandising theoretical account Duster.

There are multiple grounds why Duster has enjoyed monolithic success in all the states where it is marketed and has been widely acclaimed by the media. Largely Dacia/Renault Duster is seen as a robust, mid-sized SUV, really easy to utilize and hone for drivers seeking for a auto with existent off-road capacities. Depending on the market, it ships in 4×2 or 4×4 versions.

Sport utilities are normally associated with bulky autos, but Renault ‘s Duster has really compact dimensions, demoing this does n’t hold to be true, while the underbelly is suited for all-track, all-terrain usage, with high land clearance. Additionally, Duster features active safety, with ABS, exigency brake aid ( EBA ) , electronic brakeforce distribution ( EBV ) .

In footings of theoretical account versatility, Duster features specific features depending on the markets ( eg: the version for South American ships with sole cabin design and colourss ; for India, Duster is equipped with a separate air conditioning system for the rear compartment with independent controls ) .

Besides Duster won multiple awards and great reappraisals from clients across the Earth, set uping a new benchmark in the vehicle fabrication universe:

– “ Autobest 2011 ” award for the 2010 west European market ‘s best car bundle,

– “ Trophee de l’Argus ” ( household auto category ) in France. This award takes into history standards such as the new auto ‘s purchase monetary value, running costs per kilometer, residuary value, fuel ingestion and driver-friendliness,

– The rubric of “ 2011 Residual Value Champion ” ( SUV category ) in Germany,

– “ Car of the Year ” in Romania. This award is awarded to the vehicle which has the biggest impact on the Rumanian car market, taking all sections into history.

– Dacia Duster was voted 2011 ‘s ‘4×4 of the Year ‘ by the respected Gallic publication ‘4×4 Magazine ‘ in association with the Gallic Television plan ‘Automoto ‘ ( TF1 ) .

hypertext transfer protocol: // mediaid=31163

Commenting on these consequences, Jerome Stoll, Executive Vice President, Gross saless and Marketing & A ; Light Commercial Vehicles, Chairman of Europe Region, said: “ In 2011, the Renault group beat its ain record, selling 2.7 million vehicles, and pursued its planetary enlargement, bring forthing 43 % of its gross revenues outside Europe. Despite assorted consequences in Europe, Renault remains the market ‘s No.2 trade name… ”

This obviously gives a foundation for Renault to seek new markets on the rise, where to spread out its international gross revenues, as its place market Europe is worsening.

Dacia Duster built on its commercial success, with a 170 % ( PC+LCV ) addition compared with 2010, seting it in 6th topographic point for gross revenues to consumers.

The trade name ‘s success in Brazil and Argentina is being driven mostly by Renault Sandero Phase 2, which was launched and developed entirely for these markets and besides Renault Duster, which was heartily received.

Local Market Trends

As antecedently seen in the USA market analysis subdivision, there are several tendencies in the local which are switching the consumer vehicle penchants.

The first and most of import tendency is that clients are more cautious in choosing their auto in footings of monetary value: they demand lower monetary values, lower costs of care and low funding costs. The mean monetary value paid for a vehicle by U.S. consumers in 2011 was $ 28,341, harmonizing to J.D. Power ‘s informations. ( still manner higher than European markets )

Second, clients are looking for more fuel-efficiency from their autos, once more in order to cut down the long term costs of ownership.

Third, clients are more attentive to the characteristics in the auto, looking for the right mix of “ must-have ” characteristics versus “ unneeded ” characteristics, all in the range of making more value for their investings ( acquiring the most out of a predefined budget, instead than seeking to fit the budget with a coveted constellation ) .

On the other side of the buying procedure, auto-makers are get downing to be constrained by local norms and ordinances, sing minimal milage per gallon and pollution, which involves higher costs with reshaping engines for more efficiency, invention, revenue enhancements etc.

We believe Dacia ‘s Duster theoretical account comes in to perfectly address all of the above tendencies and demands, as these are the chief grounds it ‘s become the success theoretical account that it is today for Dacia-Renault ‘s enlargement: a robust Sport utility with the monetary value of a mid-sized auto, highly fuel efficient and environment friendly, with merely the right characteristics for in and out-of -city drive ( the “ no-frills ” attack ) , low costs of care and really good after-sales service options.


Analyzing Renault ‘s place, we find there are several methods of entry for Renault-Dacia into the USA and present the Duster theoretical account:

First option would be for Renault to export Duster autos from one of the bing workss in India ( Chenai ) or South America [ Colombia, Envigado mill ] to USA. Although included in the NAFTA part, with several advantages originating from it, and the close propinquity to US, this option does hold major drawbacks. Among them, high transportation costs, some trade barriers and foreign currency exposure hazards. Major draw-backs and hazards of the export discrepancy of come ining the USA market:

Economic exposure, intending the extent to which the value of Renault company would be affected by unforeseen alterations in exchange rates between EUR and USD, and these could hold a dramatic consequence on the house ‘s competitory place in the universe market, accordingly on its hard currency flows and market value.

Transaction exposure, intending the sensitiveness of ‘realized ‘ domestic currency ( EUR ) values of Renault ‘s contractual hard currency flows denominated in foreign currency ( USD ) to unexpected exchange rate alterations. This exposure largely arises short-run, from fixed-price catching in a context where exchange rates are altering quickly and indiscriminately ( EUR-USD ) .

Translation exposure, mentioning to the potency that Renault ‘s amalgamate fiscal statements can be affected by alterations in exchange rates.

Another negative to this might be the Americans ‘ penchant for autos “ made in USA ” which they believe to be more dependable, adapted to local demands or that embody the American spirit, affect local workers ( patriotism ) etc.

Second option would be for Renault to set up a new production installation in USA and of course fudge any currency and fiscal hazards, by bring forthing and selling in USD. However, the costs associated with opening up a new works ( over 20 million $ ) , developing forces, develop franchises, service support and the deficiency of consciousness for the Renault trade name, do it an impracticable option. hypertext transfer protocol: //

And of class, one major negative factor in this option would be the deficiency of consciousness of Renault-Dacia on the USA market and large attempts – fiscal & A ; marketing – needed to establish a new trade name.

Government intercession might besides be a factor, in the involvement of protecting the local auto makers [ Detroit Big 3 ] , considered to be of national importance.

Third option and the most suited one is that Renault make usage of its strategic confederation with Nissan and addition specific and mensurable competitory advantages:

Nissan is already an established trade name in USA, with 10 theoretical accounts sold

Nissan enjoys a solid market portion of 7.90 % in USA, with one-year gross revenues of 1.14 Million autos

Nissan already has a wide franchise spread across USA, with 1,100 traders

Nissan already has three production workss in USA, which produce every type of auto and engines, from rider to SUVs, being to the full prepared to fabricate and serve the Duster theoretical account, without much alterations or large investings

“ 4+1 Large Faculties ” construct as base for common faculty household: a new attack aimed at duplicating the joint usage of parts between Nissan & A ; Renault ( engine compartments, cockpit, front/rear underbelly + electronics ) – 80 % of confederation ‘s theoretical accounts range will portion constituents by 2016

Nissan ‘s Smyrna Plant has an one-year production capacity of 550,000 vehicles and represents a capital investing of $ 2.5 billion. The works produces the Nissan Altima, Nissan Maxima, Nissan Xterra, Nissan Frontier and Nissan Pathfinder, and Infiniti JX.

The vehicle assembly works in Canton, Mississippi, now produces the Nissan Altima, Nissan Armada, Nissan Titan and NV Utility and Passenger Vans. The works has an one-year production capacity of 450,000 vehicles.

Nissan ‘s powertrain assembly works in Decherd, Tennessee, manufactures all the engines for the complete batting order of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles produced in the U.S. The works besides forges crankshafts, and cylinder block casting.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

The declarations from Gerard Detourbet, caput of the Logan plan, for the Wall Street Journal have brought us even more lucidity to the scheme Renault might use with respects to USA & A ; Duster: “ Renault is analyzing assorted options to see if it ‘s clip to get down marketing its low-priced vehicles in North America and Southeast Asiaaˆ¦the manner the SUV Dacia Duster will be received in Europe and other markets where the launch will count more in doing determinations related to enlargement into new territoriesaˆ¦The representative said that Renault is sing, and return to the U.S. market, but this is really dependent on the commercial success of Duster ‘s SUV in Europe. ”

Renault has left North America in 1987 ( USA and Canada ) and has n’t managed to restore a place within US, non even after hammering the Nissan confederation – non yet, anywayaˆ¦And this is the premiss for our program.

Besides, Renault & A ; Dacia already have a history of establishing theoretical accounts under the Nissan trade name, in states where Renault does n’t hold a presence or consciousness, this being one of the chief benefits targeted in the confederation tied-in between Renault-Nissan old ages ago – usage each-others ‘ strengths in new markets, for international enlargement.

The most relevant illustration for our instance is the launch of the Dacia Logan theoretical account under the Nissan logo in Mexico – as Nissan Aprio. [ see Annex ]

hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Main statements for following this joint-venture scheme Renault-Nissan:

Renault ‘s involvements:

Expansion internationally to a new market, where it has no presence

Turn its planetary gross revenues doing usage of USA ‘s dual digit turning market

Increase gross, without much investings ( works, traders, constructing a new trade name )

Increase the Duster trade name consciousness, to be able to widen its gross revenues to even more markets

Nissan ‘s involvements:

Turn its market portion on a really competitory USA market

Increase gross, without much investings ( in R & A ; D, constructing a auto trade name )

Necessitate a proven successful auto theoretical account

Necessitate a low cost theoretical account SUV, to turn to market demand and steal market portion

Need fuel efficient theoretical account, to react to market tendencies

Addition production installation usage for economic systems of graduated table

Therefore, it is clear that Renault ‘s and Nissan ‘s strategic involvements are aligned, for common benefit, and besides they are comparable in footings of size, power and resources in their several market fastnesss ( Renault in Europe, Nissan in USA ) * .

Having in head that the two companies already have in topographic point an confederation since 1999 sing multi-level cooperation on engineering invention and platform sharing, the lone cardinal issues staying to be addressed are:

the “ splitting of the pie ” ( gross portion ) : 50-50 % for the two companies, sing the same degree split on the investings in mill reshape and selling costs

length of understanding: 5 old ages for the Duster theoretical account: production, gross revenues and selling

monetary value: jointly decided based on market standards, premium trade name and competitory place


Renault withholds control over Duster engineering patents, trade name, parts and production procedure

Nissan owns and operates the workss, trader web and selling Duster under its trade name

*see Annex for Renault-Nissan confederation construction


Choosing a new auto can be hard. So, we ‘ll do it every bit easy as 1, 2, 3aˆ¦

Duster will be available in US in 3 different degrees of equipment: Entree, Ambition or Ultra, in both 4×2 and 4×4 transmittal options. The launch will offer clients three engine versions: one gasoline, 1.6-liter 16V with 110 horsepowers and two 1.5-liter Director of Central Intelligence Diesel, with power 110 horsepower.

The Nissan Duster will be built on the B0 platform, widely acclaimed for its lastingness, dependability, and strength.

Dacia Duster is 4.31 metres long and 1.82 broad and the land clearance will be over 20 centimeters. Machine weight is 1180 kg and 1280 kg. This makes Duster the perfect counterpoison to the large clunky trucks Americans used to desire – little, but roommate: 5 people can go in comfort, 3 rear riders can comfortably sit in the dorsum, and there ‘s besides adequate infinite for kids seats. Besides, Nissan Duster will hold up to 475dmA? baggage infinite, ( really competitory in this vehicle class ) , while the bench can be split 60/40 and fully-folded, to increase infinite to 1,636dmA? .

Duster has been particularly designed to be various and supply a reassuring drive, whether it ‘s driven in the metropolis, on main roads, or off-road. It besides has a really broad inside which is comfy and provides safety. The forepart grill, the wheels, arches and chrome lines of the Duster enforce a sense of regard and inspire stamina and a spirit of off-road escapade.

We ‘ll besides be offering a line of option battalions for customization, alongside a comprehensive scope of accoutrements ( flying extenders, wide side defenders for doors, sidelong bars, 16 inch alloy wheels ) :

“ The Modularity Pack ” for driver ‘s comfort, contains 1/3 – 2/3 split turn uping rear bench place, height adjustable driver ‘s place, tallness adjustable ( tilt ) maneuvering wheel and height accommodation on forepart seat belts.

“ The Safety Pack ” for rider safety, with ABS and Emergency Brake Assist, front rider airbag, front side airbags and unlock dismay ( ocular and hearable ) on forepart rider seat belt.

“ Exterior Look Pack ” for design and expression, with satin chrome door mirrors, satin chrome longitudinal roof tracks, front/ rear skid home base additions with satin chrome visual aspect pigment, side skirt screen with satin chrome visual aspect pigment, excess tinted rear Windowss, rear one-fourth glass and rear windshield.

The outside of Duster is complemented by a modern splashboard, organized, functional and fashionable, with the controls handily positioned and easy to read informations for drive.

Nissan Duster 4×4 will hold a strengthened bottom, suited for all-terrain usage thanks to:

* High land clearance of 205mm/210mm depending on discrepancy

* Short overhangs ( 822mm at the forepart, 820mm at the rear ) ,

* Best in category clearance angles ( 30 grades for attack angle ; 24 grades ramp interruption over angle for the 4×2 4-speed AT version and 22 grades for the 4×4 6-speed MT version ; 36 grades departure angle for the 4×2 4-speed AT version and 35 grades for the 4×4 6-speed MT version ) .

The high place of the seats will give drivers a really good visibleness of possible risky state of affairss, besides reassuring drivers with a precise power guidance, for best in category drive pleasance criterion. More control is given to drivers by the possibility to take the trim degrees and tallness of the place, every bit good as controls on the guidance wheel and ability to set the maneuvering wheel based on tallness.


Even though it was considered hazardous acquisition in the beginning and European clients considered Dacia theoretical accounts as low-level new autos alternate to used autos, Dacia became Renault ‘s net income machine. Furthermore, whenever Renault slaps its badge ( trade name ) on Dacia theoretical accounts ( 2/3 of the 1 Million low-priced M0 platform ) , it normally charges a premium monetary value for the same autos.

“ Dacia is truly a hard currency cow for the company, ” said Renault Chief Operating Officer Carlos Tavares in an interview with Automotive News Europe.

Although Renault does n’t print separate gross revenues by auto trade name, Morgan Stanley was gauging an operating border of 9 % for Dacia ( which is unusual, being more common for premium car manufacturers ) .

“ There seems to be a common misconception that mean gross revenues monetary value for the Dacia concern are highly low, in the scope of about 8,000 euros, ” said Laura Lembke, a fiscal analysts at Morgan Stanley in London. That is non the instance. Dacia theoretical accounts branded as Renaults in international markets sold at least for 20 per centum more than Dacia-brand theoretical accounts in Europe, Lembke said.

In Brazil, Renault sells the Duster little SUV for 21,000 to 27,000 euros, compared with a monetary value scope of 12,000 to 19,000 euros as a Dacia in Europe, Lembke estimates.

hypertext transfer protocol: // AID=/20130102/ANE/312259994/how-renaults-low-cost-dacia-has-become-a-cash-cow # remarks

Get downing from this analysis and sing Renault ‘s scheme for entry-level placement of Duster by characteristics, but premium by trade name, we will establish our USA pricing on UK monetary values, but ad a 20 % extra mark-up, under the Nissan trade name.

Adding the 20 % mark-up for the Nissan premium trade name, we end up with a starting monetary value for Duster in USA, per discrepancy:


Access 1.6l 16V 105CP 4×2

Ambition dCi 110 4×4

Ultra dCi 110 4×4

Dacia Duster UK

9,000 GBP

13,500 GBP

15,000 GBP

Nissan Duster USA

17,300 $

25,900 $

28,800 $

*1 GBP = 1.6 $ .

Compared to monetary values from other small-SUVs on the USA market ( primary target-market ) , we can see a clear monetary value advantage of Duster, over all other bing theoretical accounts. Smallest starting monetary value for a small-SUV ( primary market and direct competition of Duster ) is 19,400 $ , which is 2,100 $ above our starting monetary value. Besides, mean starting monetary value in small-SUV section is 22,070 $ , which gives Duster the possibility to derive gross revenues and bargain market portion from competition.

Another of import facet is the mid-sized USA auto market ( secondary target-market ) which presents an attractive and valid chance for even more growing, due to its high starting monetary values besides, compared to our Duster. Smallest starting monetary value is 19,900 $ , an interesting 2,600 $ over that of Duster 4×2.

This means that we are in a place of offering clients more options to take from ( on a given little budget ) and more value for their money ( the possibility to purchase a new SUV for the monetary value of a mid-size auto ) .

Another of import portion of our scheme to supply added value to clients, aside from good quality & A ; equal pricing, will be the funding options of the Duster.

In the last 2 old ages, during the recovery period of the economic system, wider entree to car loans has helped the recovery in auto gross revenues in USA. This is another engine we can utilize to spur involvement and gross revenues of Duster, particularly in the launch stage, while presenting the theoretical account in the market.

The mean involvement rate on a 4 twelvemonth new auto loan has come down to 4 % , ( from 7 % before the recession ) harmonizing to

hypertext transfer protocol: //

We plan on offering Duster funding with 3 % involvement, over 5 old ages, through all 1,100 Nissan traders across US.

And add to this a service guarantee of 5 old ages, or 50,000 stat mis.

The funding will be done through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation ( NMAC ) division, which is the automotive fiscal services arm of Nissan North America. NMAC ‘s chief end is to buy retail and lease contracts for their clients from its Nissan traders. The company offers funding for the complete line of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles sold in the United States, so Duster would be an easy add-on to the offer.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //


As stated before, in the manners of entry subdivision, Duster will be introduced in US through the strategic confederation of Renault with Nissan, under the Nissan trade name, due to the bing footmark of mill, trade name consciousness, length of service, good market place and portion of Nissan, as an car manufacturer.

It ‘s merely fitting and sensible that the best manner Duster will be sold and marketed will be through the bing web of stores and traders that Nissan already established in USA.

When Nissan launched in the United States in 1958 it began the import and production of Datsun autos under the Nissan Motor Corporation, U.S.A. ( aka NMC ) . Nissan North America Inc. ( NNA ) , was so created in 1990 for the mastering of dealingss and coordination of the Nissan assorted activities in USA: production, development, design & A ; selling. Consequently, these two entities merged in 1998 into NNA, guaranting a concrete and common scheme in the market, and besides the tools needed to turn to entire client and employee satisfaction: vehicle styling, technology and funding services for consumers and concern clients.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

At the minute Nissan North America Inc. has a huge web of 1,100 traders in USA, and it ‘s merchandising and selling 11 theoretical accounts through its Fleet Gross saless operation, runing from little autos to large trucks.

Our program is to aim 25 % of the bing traders which will hold the Duster theoretical account in their offers, in the first 6 months and so rage up to 75 % coverage within the following 2 quarters, and 90 % after 15 months, as production besides increases.

Main focal point in the first phase of launch will be the traders in sub-urban countries, following to large metropoliss, to be able to turn to out primary mark of mid-level income households.

Aside from the huge trader web, high-quality services are indispensable to winning client trueness.

We plan on offering a service offer that will include a complex “ Duster Complete Care ” bundle, comprising:

technicians trained in France, at top 10 % franchises and on-line presence

a 5-year/50,000 stat mis warranty and a 1-year guarantee for care and fix

free service vouchers at 1,500 stat mis, 7,000 stat mis and 15,000 stat mis

24/7 aid

“ We understand that the client is highly value witting, therefore our committedness to globally benchmarked merchandise quality, service and after-sales quality and web quality ” says Jerome Stoll, Executive VP, Gross saless and Marketing Renault.

hypertext transfer protocol: // mediaid=28867


In Europe, particularly in France & A ; UK, Dacia-Renault has upset the established order with the no-frills Duster theoretical account that significantly undercut the competition. Based on this success, we plan on positioning Nissan Duster in USA in the same mode. For the first clip, clients with low budgets will be able purchase a new SUV at used-car monetary values.

Already known and loved as the ‘shockingly low-cost SUV ‘ from the UK, the all new Nissan Duster SUV with echt off-road ability is ready to hit the US streets.

In USA we plan on establishing Nissan Duster under the slogan “ Shockingly Affordable, Impressively Performing ” . This will give voice to the placement as a low cost, no-frills SUV theoretical account, but with speech pattern on quality and functionality – Dust storm does the same things as any other SUV, but is cheaper, more fuel efficient, with smaller care costs.

The formula for success has been and will be the alone niche of Duster: “ I do n’t care about appliances, badges or horsepower ” . This is the primary market section that Duster will turn to, through its monetary value, but counter-balanced by a high-end characteristic set, design, engine and inside.

Bing a peculiarly various 4×2 and 4×4 vehicle, which combines a broad inside with saloon-car comfort, while its compact footmark and high land clearance guarantee that it is at place in and approximately town as it is on state roads or off the beaten path.

Talking about accommodating Duster to the Indian & A ; UK markets, a Renault interpreter declared: “ We had to take utmost clime factors into history, every bit good as driving conditions that could be unsmooth and varied ( long distances, jammed roads ) .. , so we took on the challenge of offering an all-terrain vehicle that was less complex but still dependable and low-cost, that combined the design of a existent 4A-4 with the comfort of a barroom, it ‘s a really popular construct specially following the universe economic crisis, which hit household budgets difficult and made many people think twice earlier purchasing a new auto. With its shockingly low-cost monetary value ticket and its inner qualities, we expect the Duster to hold the same success in USA as it has everyplace else ” .

hypertext transfer protocol: //


Over the old ages, Duster has become a flagship for Dacia ‘s trade name values and it will be a welcomed add-on to the Nissan portfolio, implementing the Nissan ever-growing trade name since its strategic confederation with Renault in 1999.

Duster has proven to be a shot of mastermind, unsophisticated and dependable auto, and this lone doubles the values which have made Dacia addition such an international repute among Renault ‘s multiple trade names. Duster has been at the bosom of Dacia-Renault ‘s activities in the motorsport country, doing it a flagship in footings of public presentation and competitory spirit.

Mentioning to Dacia and Duster ‘s trade name doctrine, a imperativeness release from Dacia-Renault mentioned: “ From the ice circuits visited by France ‘s Trophee Andros ( back-to-back second best rubrics with Alain Prost in 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 ) to the Rallye AA?cha diethylstilbestrols Gazelles which takes in the dunes of the Moroccan desert ( 2nd and 3rd topographic points in 2011 ) , Duster has risen to a figure of motorsport challenges which are consistent with the trade name ‘s doctrine. The auto ‘s latest effort was a dais coating at the USA ‘s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The Dacia Duster No Limit celebrated its introduction effort at the universe ‘s toughest and most celebrated hill mount event with 3rd topographic point in the Unlimited category in the custodies of Jean-Philippe Dayraut, merely seconds behind two of the event ‘s recognized experts. ” hypertext transfer protocol: //

Furthermore, what combines these featuring events is the Duster trade name ‘s gustatory sensation for original, popular competitions which involve the populace into the action.A Overall, Duster encompasses Dacia ‘s aspiration to be a popular trade name which is near to its clients and capable of turn toing their existent demands and outlooks.

Selling & A ; PROMOTION

How they do it in UK: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Shockingly Low-cost: hypertext transfer protocol: // v=CBPguh2JfBw

Sing we ‘re be aftering to establish a new SUV theoretical account on a really intense competitory market as the USA, we would necessitate to hold an aggressive launch run, dwelling of multiple media mix, to enforce the Duster as the leader in its small-SUV section and pull a big figure of interested clients.

TBWA, the Nissan selling bureau will be charged with the run, holding the local cognition of advertisement patterns, tools, norms, client profiles and the several price reductions on media purchasing.

For this intent, we will focus on our run on the tagline “ Shockingly Affordable. Impressively Performing ” to incarnate the sportive and public presentation spirit of Duster, combined with an unbeatable “ no-frills ” monetary value in its section.

Our end is to first denote the new and most low-cost SUV theoretical account in the market, so place it as the perfect alternate to viing offers and even smaller metropolis autos, thanks to its perfect feature-mix and low-cost.

Priority client profiles:

Young professionals 25-35 old ages old, in hunt of an low-cost first/second auto

Middle-aged work forces, in hunt of a sportive and low-cost Sport utility

Young households with kids & A ; alleged “ soccer-moms ” from suburban area

Mid-sized auto purchasers, seeking for more value-for-money: purchase an Sport utility for the same monetary value

Second-hand purchasers, desiring to trade-up: Sport utility for the same monetary value as a used auto

Low-mid income immigrants

Fringy: husbandmans in hunt for light off-road usage

Looking at the client profiles, the primary media we ‘ll aim will decidedly be Television & A ; Online, to turn to the penchant of communicating channels.

Here ‘s how we ‘ll construction the Nissan Duster Launch Campaign:

Ad Political campaign:

Pre-launch run – 2 months before launch day of the month, to excite involvement, make consciousness and word of oral cavity for Duster, create demand and get down a communicating with clients:

Online Viral Video: we ‘ll establish a viral picture on YouTube and Facebook, with the end of sharing with friends the Duster approaching launch. The book will mention to “ value-for-money ” creative activity of the Duster, targeted at clients who are sing purchasing a mid-size auto, but would be able to afford an SUV now, with Duster: “ we ‘re regretful to all who bought a sedanaˆ¦the all-new low-cost Duster SUV is coming soonaˆ¦ ” i?S

Pre-order your Duster for merely 100 $ : we ‘ll go on the countdown to Duster ‘s pre-launch activities by denoting an on-line pre-order mechanism for Duster SUV, 45 yearss prior:

Dust storm: a compact SUV for metropolis auto money

Customers can pre-order the multi-award-winning Duster – when scope pricing and specification is confirmed – with merely a 100 $ sedimentation

Pre-ordering will guarantee clients are given priority bringing of their chosen Dust storm

Manufacturers ‘ Recommended Retail Prices, will be guaranteed 6 months after pre-order

The scope will get down from less than 20,000 $ , with 4×4 versions from less than 25,000 $

Duster will open up a new smart-buy construct for auto purchasers: by extinguishing the cost of the unneeded in its vehicles, it offers purchasers precisely what they need, at improbably attractive monetary value

Social Networking: we ‘ll establish a Facebook page dedicated to Nissan Duster USA and a Twitter history “ @ DusterUSA ” , to make a vivacious community of interested clients and fans that can raise the consciousness of our SUV.

In order to pull fans and increase the database, we plan on establishing a competition to win a drive-test with friends in the new Duster. The tagline for the competition will be “ BIG, Beautiful, Efficient ” to reflect the values and placement of Duster and the mechanism:

Like the FB page and go a fan, to have future intelligence and info about Nissan Duster

Choice 3 brothers that correspond to Duster ‘s 3 chief characteristics: Big ( dreams ) , Beautiful ( manner of life ) , Efficient ( worker )

Choose a topographic point where you ‘d desire to test-drive the new Duster with your 3 brothers

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Television Campaign – to make the impact we want, impose Duster in clients ‘ heads, create the efficient & A ; low-cost perceptual experience and raise the Duster trade name consciousness, we ‘ll sharply aim National & A ; Cable media in USA, with an advanced and American-style merriment TVC that can besides go viral.

Script: the ad will have a couple/family drive-testing merrily a Duster through the forests, on a main road and in the metropolis, experiencing confident and proud of their SUV, impressed by its characteristics and public presentation. Coming back to the franchise, they ask about the monetary value and upon hearing the low-cost monetary value of Duster, they ‘re utterly shockedaˆ¦and merely walk off, the adult female believing out loud: “ come on honey, it must a trick – an SUV for a city-car monetary value, it ‘s unheard-ofaˆ¦ ” The Duster tagline appears “ Shockingly Affordable. Impressively Performingaˆ¦.The all new Nissan Duster SUV, get downing at 17,300 $ . Eagerly expecting for you to take it out in the metropolis, or into the wild. ”

Print Campaign – we ‘ll have ads in major newspapers and car magazines, to show the new Duster and its perfect mix of characteristics, but besides focus more on the more proficient facets that can non be covered on Television ( engine, off-road ability, interior, trunk infinite, etc )


The international styling of the new Nissan Duster turns heads no affair where you go. Its alone design allows it to accommodate of course to any sort of terrain. While its odd fuel efficiency lets you drive deeper into the wilderness, its state-of-the-art safety characteristics keep all concerns at bay. Muscular to its nucleus, the Nissan Duster is an adventurer ‘s true dream machine. Packed with a host of smart characteristics, it helps you get through mundane life in a zephyr. The Nissan Duster. Unstoppable, merely like you.

OOH/Outdoor Campaign – will have little parts of the print ads, with short transcript, but large bold text on clean images of Duster, for monolithic impact, merely like the Duster itself.

Online Campaign & A ; Webpage – we ‘ll hold a particular Nissan Duster USA micro-site, linked with the parent web site, the Facebook page and besides the web-banners used in the online run, from where possible clients will be sent for more information on the auto.

The construction of the micro-site will conspicuously have inside informations about Dust storm: monetary value, practicality, design, all-terrain ability, booklet with characteristics and bundles, a auto constellation engine and trader locater.

Additionally, in the pre-launch stage, the micro-site will hold the pre-order mechanism front-and-center, with reserve for merely 100 $ .

Retail Campaign – will affect POSMs ( point-of-sale-materials ) to retrofit the traders ‘ web of Nissan, to denote and welcome the new Duster: postings, window spines, brochures/catalogs, circulars for trying, table collapsible shelters, presentation pictures for store plasmas, mini Duster toy-models, Duster-branded office supplies.

Additionally, for the launch of Duster, we ‘ll conspicuously e

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