The Issues Of Apple Marketing Essay

SAMSUNG ( 1938-present ) : The Samsung Company founded by Lee Byung-chull in 1938. This company started from little concern of export in Taegu, Korea. The company has grown to go universe taking electronic company, specialized in digital contraptions and media, semiconducting material, memory and integrating. Present Samsung creates top quality merchandises and procedures that are universe recognized. The Samsung have concern in other industries other than electronics like fiscal services, heavy industry, chemical industry, transportation, medical centre, hotels and many more. The headquarter of Samsung is in Samsung town, Seoul. The cardinal individual in Samsung is Lee kun hee ( Chairman and CEO ) . The Samsung come in electronic industry in 1960. The company finances in 2011: Gross of US $ 247.5 billion, Net income US $ 21.2 billion, Assets US $ 343.7billion, Equity US $ 141.1billion. There are 369,000 employees working in the Samsung group ( Source-

APPLE ( 1976-present ) : The Apple Inc founded by Steven occupations and Steven Wozniak in 1976. Both occupations and Wozniak interested in electronics working for companies in Silicon Valley for Hewlett-Packard. Apple1 the first computing machine machine was born on 1 April 1976 designed by Wozniak take market take off in 1977 with Apple2, foremost personal computing machine included colour artworks that increased the gross revenues further. The company industry, designs and media devices, nomadic communicating, personal computing machine, portable digital music participants and sells package, services peripherals and many more. The company ‘s merchandises are iPod, IPod, iphone, Mac, apple Television ; package applications are iOS and OS X runing system. The company besides sells many contents through I Tunes, Application, iBook shop. Apple provides to consumers: little medium size concern, instruction. The company caput offices is in California, United States. The company finances in last one-fourth 2011 gross US $ 28.2 billion, net net income US $ 6.6billion. there are 307,250 employees working in Apple Iraqi National Congress.

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The subject is about the Samsung vs. Apple case. The conflict started between Apple and Samsung in April 2011, when Apple filed patent misdemeanor against Samsung that the designs of iphone and ipad are copied by Samsung. This instance of large company ‘s goes to woo all over the universe. The Apple hires the best and high paid attorneies inquiring for US $ 2.5billion from Samsung electronics the biggest rival. The Samsung backfires with its case inquiring forUS $ 399 million.


The Apple has many issues with Samsung sing manner patent misdemeanor. The patents are as follows:

1 – Patent ‘381: it describes the gum elastic set consequence, where the page bounciness or leaps back when individual scroll down to bottom, holding touch screen actions such as multi touch capablenesss and dragging down the paperss. The device of Samsung which comes under this patents are Galaxy Ace, Samsung captivate, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab, vibrant.

2 – Patent ‘163: it describes the dual pat touch screen map to enlarge and center part of web page, exposure, paperss and etc. The device of Samsung which comes under this patents are Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy 4G, Epic 4G, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab2.

3 – Patent ‘915: it describes the touch screen relates device capablenesss separating between individual touch operation and multi touch pinch to rapid climb. The device of Samsung which come under in this patent are Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2, Galaxy check, Vibrant, Nexus S, Transform, Epic 4G, Captivate.

4 – Patent ‘677: It describes the front face of an electronic device such as the trade frock of the I phone. The device of the Samsung which comes under this patent are Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2, Epic 4G touch, skyrocket, Infuse 4G, Vibrant.

5 – Patent ‘087: it concerns about the general lineation design or the dorsum of the Iphone. The device of Samsung which comes under this patent are Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy Sand Vibrant.

6 – Patent ‘889: it associate to the industrial design of tablet computing machine. The device of the Samsung which comes under this patent are Galaxy check, Galaxy Tab 10.

7 – Patent ‘305: it describes the frock form of iphone ‘s place screen. The device which comes under this patent are Galaxy S 4G, Captivate, Gem, Infuse 4G, Vibrant.


The Samsung besides have many issues sing its patents against apple. The issues are as follows:

1 – Patent ‘941: this patent describes the radio engineering, which means the engineering rearranges informations packages for the transmittal in an easy manner.

2 – Patent ‘516: with this patent the Samsung cover the cell phone 3G engineering, which means power direction of wireless transmittal.

3 – Patent ‘ 460: with this patent the Samsung dressed ore on directing exposures through electronic mail, which means portable device like camera and phones can direct and have the images.

4 – Patent ‘711: it covers mp3 playback engineering on cell phone devices, which describes the background engineering for playing music while making other work ( multi tasking ) .

5 – Patent ‘892: it describes the ability of cell phone device to shop rapidly from the gallery exposure and travel straight to camera manner to snap images and return back to gallery.


SOUTH KOREA: The tribunal in South Korea hear patent cases of both Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple inc. , the panel of three Judgess said that Apple ( US: AAPL ) had disobeyed two Samsung patent, where as Samsung ( KR:005930 ) violated one of Apple ‘s. The tribunal orders both companies to halt the gross revenues of electronic merchandise which were found guilty in misdemeanor of patent in South Korea. The tribunal besides ordered Apple to pay 20 million won for every patent misdemeanor, where as the Samsung was ordered to give Apple 25 million won. The tribunal band the gross revenues of Apple ‘s iphone 4 and I pad 2, Samsung ‘s Galaxy s2 and Galaxy Nexus Smartphone and Galaxy check and Galaxy Tab2.

Japan: The Tokyo territory tribunal makes clearly in finding of fact that Apple entreaties about Samsung misdemeanor of patents which covers picture and music informations with waiter. Verdict comes out as Samsung was non found guilty on patents misdemeanor and Samsung do non owe any amendss to Apple in present clip. In short Samsung appears to be free of patent misdemeanor of Apple with their Galaxy merchandises range.

United statess: The jury of SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA tribunal gives its judgement in favour of Apple inc. in the patent war between Apple and Samsung. The jury ordered $ 1.05 billion dollars to be paid to Apple by Samsung. After the finding of fact the Samsung remarks “ the finding of fact will be positions as a win for apple, but large loss for consumer in America and will travel in way where less invention, pick and much more monetary value.

AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, GERMANY, and NETHERLANDS: The jury of the tribunal of these states goes with the consequence announced by the tribunal of the USA and banned he Samsung merchandises in their state for a short period of clip.


It is a portion of the law-suit. The Apple asked Samsung to take out its celebrated appliances like phone and tablets from the American market. Continuing statement during the test, Apple ‘s attorney Harold Mcelhinny demands, there was a job in design after launch of iphone in 2007. The Samsung decided to hard currency in the radical design of the Apple device. Samsung attorney mentioned it was easy given the consumer what they asked for ; smart phone with large screens. Lawyers told that the company did non interrupt any apple ‘s patents. Rest of the invention was discovered by different companies. Samsung becomes the largest competition to Apple as smart phone shaper. The Samsung uses the Google runing system named Android, has given to Samsung and many other companies for free. Samsung agreed that Apple creates nice merchandise whereas it does n’t hold secularism on rectangular design phones with rounded sides that claim Apple created. Samsung sold around 22.7 million smart phones and tablets which Apple said its engineering has been used. This scales accounted Samsung 8.16 billion dollars gross revenues in 2010-2012. Both Samsung and Apple have more than 50 % of market portion in the universe of smart phones, Samsung merchandise looks like apple merchandises as said by apple attorneies. Lawyers of Samsung presented positions that many apples inventions are really constructs of sony corporation and others. Apple attorneies argued that there was no difference between Samsung and apple merchandises. The US test is merely the latest battle between two large companies of phones over the design, giving the finding of fact to pay 1.05billion dollars to Apple by Samsung.

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