The Job Satisfaction In Seiko Epson Corporation Management Essay

The employees ‘ occupation satisfaction is extremely regarded and position as a really of import component to run and keep an efficient and successful concern. Dissatisfaction consequence low productiveness and weaken the organisation fight. Seiko Epson is taking stairss to keep its employee occupation satisfaction in order to increase the competitory in order to increase concern effectivity and do the overall company performs better.


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Seiko Epson is a planetary company with assorted affiliates around the universe. The employees ‘ occupation satisfaction is extremely regarded and position as a really of import component to run and keep an efficient and successful concern.

Job satisfaction is described as the employee ‘s attitude towards his or her occupation. A satisfied employee will by and large be a good employee. ( Robbins S P.A 1998. ) The working environment is a factor of an employee ‘s occupation satisfaction. The attitudes and values can impact the behaviour of the employee at work. Positive attitudes result in higher productiveness. On the other manus, negative attitudes can ensue in lower efficiency at work.

Employee turnover rate and absenteeism are related to occupation satisfaction every bit good. An unsated employee has a greater opportunity to be absent more frequently. Employees who are unsatisfied will go forth the company. However, sometimes the unsated employee may remain even they are unsated. On the other manus, the employee with positive personalities that may go forth faster. As a consequence, The company left with the negative employee while the positive employee left. It is non a good state of affairs to the company. ( Liberman, A K..A ( 2010, A November ) . It is of import for the company to actuate the employees to be more satisfied at work. This paper is to analyse the many factors impacting occupation satisfaction and how Seiko Epson is taking stairss to keep the employees occupation satisfaction in order to increase concern effectivity and do the overall company performs better.

Reasons of occupation satisfaction and dissatisfaction

Job satisfaction includes an employee ‘s personality, outlook of the company and his or her ain personal positions. One ‘s personality can besides impact the self satisfaction degree at the work topographic point. A staff with more aggressive personality may hold a higher outlook of one ‘s ego and therefore more motivated to work. Vice versa, one with more mellow personality may decelerate to make his or her full potency.

The construct of the “ Job Fit Theory ” is rather of import in an organisation. The staff who assigned a place that fits their ability and personalities can promote occupation satisfaction and cut down turnover rate. The features of the occupations can impact the attitude of the employees. A nice and helpful squad at work can better the occupation satisfaction of the staffs. ( Loannis Nikolaou.A ( 2003 ) .

Factors impacting occupation satisfaction in Seiko Epson Corporation

Job satisfaction can be affected by many factors, such as the relationship between the staffs and direction, the on the job civilization and workplace atmosphere, the self-realization on their occupations, the place and the wages system etc.

The work topographic point atmosphere affects occupation satisfaction of the employee. When the occupation burden is invariably at an unreasonable high degree, the opportunity of emphasis may hold a greater opportunity to impact the employees working attitude and even personal life. Job satisfaction will endure and do the productiveness to dunk and error rate increased.

Seiko Epson views the staff ‘s wellness as a precedence and promotes the “ 3 proceedingss exercising ” twice per twenty-four hours to cut down the emphasis degree of staffs. Seiko Epson is besides puting up an overtime working control system to supervise the staff ‘s work hr in order to do certain the staffs have a balanced calling and quality personal life.

Employees are much more satisfied if they can be in charge of disputing and interesting undertakings that make usage of their abilities at the fullest. The grade of challenge and the chances to increase the duty can promote staff satisfaction and do them more motivated at work. Manager should allow the employees to do their ain determinations and put up working ends together. ( Bhatti, A K. , A & A ; A Shahzad, A I..A ( 2008 ) . With the usage of the MBO systems, Seiko Epson allow staffs to be after their one-year work end with their supervisor to accomplish the company goals together.

It may do a negative consequence if an employee feels the attempt he or she contributed is non decently compensated. There is ever a possible struggle between the employee and employer that the employer wants the employee to be more productive and the employee wants to acquire better wage from the employer. This is related to the rich literature in economic sciences between the principals and agents ( Holmstrom, Bengt ( 1979 )

Research workers find that the higher the prestigiousness an employee feels about his or her occupation, the greater the occupation satisfaction. ( Slesinski, Ray.A ( 1991, A August ) . To see the relationship between attempt and occupation satisfaction, Seiko Epson patterns a “ wage for public presentation ” doctrine to honor the employee with good public presentation and accomplishments. Therefore, the better compensation can promote better occupation satisfaction, actuate employee to be more productive and cut down any negative effects.

The employees ever compare their employment position with the criterion of life within the part. If the status is better than the criterion, the employee will be in a comparatively satisfied province. In order to vouch the income and wellbeing of its employees, Seiko Epson sporadically review the wage and benefits compare among the part and industry equals.

Finding and Analysis

Seiko Epson believes that by beef uping the satisfaction degree of its employees, it can assist the concern runs better. It had been utilizing a set of effectual policies to keep its employees satisfaction degree and protect their ain involvement. It has created a civilization for each person ‘s part to the company and promotes the teamwork spirit. Seiko Epson keeps supplying developing chances to its employees to farther develop and maximise the staff ability to lend back to the company.


In order to maintain the company in a competitory province, direction has to continuously attract and maintain good quality and experient employees. Disgruntled staff may bring forth internal struggles, deficiency of trust among workers and high emphasis degree will impact the working environment and cause productiveness to diminish. The employee should be trained to recognize their ain calling contentment instead than anticipate the employers to do them satisfied. ( Hafran, A M. , A & A ; A Garton, A J..A ( 2010, A August ) . Seiko Epson should go on to actuate its employees in a positive mode to assist advance occupation satisfaction, which will ensue in addition productiveness and cut down turnover rate, and finally go a more successful concern.

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