The Largest And Most Profitable Retail Chain Marketing Essay

JUSCO has become the largest and most profitable retail concatenation in Japan since 1969. JUSCO ‘s sensitiveness to the changing demands of its local client bases, its legerity in accommodating to alterations in the concern environment, and its heed to quality of service have helped it to win in a extremely competitory and strongly regulated market sector. The company ‘s motto is “ Serving the local community through commercialism ” . The AEON group, as JUSCO and its affiliates have been called since 1989, comprises around 160 companies. ( International Directory of Company Histories, Vol.68. St. James Press, 2005 ) . The group has diversified from supermarket in to other retail concern which included smaller convenience and forte shops, section shops, and some eating houses ironss. In 1985, Jusco open its first oversea shop in Malaysia. In the ulterior portion of the 1980s JUSCO started expand its concern. It opened another Malayan superstore, opened four in Hong Kong and five in Thailand. Jusco was spread outing its concern followed by “ develop and import ” scheme. Its aim is to develop merchandises suited for the quality. AEON besides expects that it will bit by bit go a developer of shopping centres consisting a assortment of specialised retain mercantile establishment. JUSCO has expanded as a robust web of 16 shops, 13 shopping centres and 2 D’Hati supermarkets in Malaysia. JUSCO ‘s changeless interior redecorations of mercantile establishments is to project an image designed to fulfill the of all time altering demands and demands of consumers. The Company ‘s public presentation has been farther enhanced by the direction ‘s acute apprehension of targeted market demands and the proviso of a right product-mix. ( Go for JUSCO Career, 2011 ) . JUSCO rules are aimed to administer every possible manner to wellness, safety and peaceful of head.


What is human ecology? Harmonizing to the Oxford English lexicon, it is stated that human ecology is the survey of statistics such as births, deceases, income, or the incidence of disease, which illustrate the altering construction of human populations. To set it simple, human ecology is the scientific survey of features and kineticss refering to the human population. The features of this survey include size, growing rate, denseness, critical statistics, and distribution of a specified population in a definite country without sing whether the country is a big or little one. Demography requires the survey of specific information that may be gathered from a population nose count or critical statistic records. Peoples who study and record this information are called the demographists. Demographers must cognize both how to scientifically obtain information and how to construe it consequently.

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Demography is normally used by concern companies, authoritiess and sociologists. Many people may inquire why it is such a large trade. Normal people may inquire about the importance of human ecology but this uncertainty is evidently non and will ne’er be among business communities, authoritiess and besides professional sociologists. To them, get the hanging and utilizing human ecology to the fullest is a compulsory. For illustration, allow ‘s speak about business communities or concern companies. If a man of affairs or a new concern company want to put on something new in a trade name new topographic point or get down a new concern in an country, the first thing that he hold to make is for certain to happen the best location of the country. Then, he will hold to see whether will the concern that they intend to get down will derive them at least the minimum net income or non. If the man of affairs or the concern company heedlessly ignore the importance of human ecology and pay the least attending to it, so, what will go on?

Not merely the concern that he intended to make earlier will go an heroic failure, most likely, he will confront the danger of going insolvent every bit good. This is because, in order to do certain you will hold the minimum net income at least, you will hold to see what the bulk population of the country is. If the bulk of the population in that country is of Malays or Indians, and you decide to sell porc or beef, do you believe the people from that country will come and purchase? Therefore, we can besides reason that human ecology really procure the minimum net income of our concern, at least state us whether will our concern be all right in that trade name new country and most of import, will assist us to avoid unneeded misinterpretation.

As for sociologists, it is even obvious that the use of human ecology is of import as the major thing that they are analyzing are about how a individual or fundamentally human, being able to suit themselves in a peculiar society. By utilizing human ecology, they will be able to happen out what is the job of a peculiar society, why will at that place be large differences between a civilization of this society if compared with other society and material similar to that. They will besides be able to work out crisis involve or cause by or impact the society such as poorness, economic crisis, bias and favoritism.

Therefore, we can reason that human ecology is so an of import cognition or accomplishments to us as it is indispensable to us in our day-to-day life. With human ecology, jobs related to society will be able to be solved easy. This will really salvage our clip and energy for us to work out other more of import or serious jobs or crises.

Demographic tendencies can be divided into several classs. Here we discuss the four most of import tendencies which are altering age construction of the population, geographic displacements in population, educational features and increasing diverseness. ( Kotler and Armstrong, 2010 ) . Change in the demographic tendencies will hold major impact for Jusco company concern.


First of wholly, we discuss about the changing age construction of the population. Population includes assorted generational groups and I am traveling to discourse the three chief groups which are baby boomer, Generation X, Millennials.

Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964.For the youngest boomers will be 40 ‘s piece for the oldest are turning into their 1960ss. ( Klein, 2011 ) .They are the wealthiest and most sophisticated of buyers. They like to purchase for themselves and their behaviour is ingestion oriented. During the midlife of any babe boomer, they re-evaluate all things that have any relationship to their personal life. Baby boomers create market for the fiscal services, new lodging and place mold, travel, wellness and fittingness merchandises and others. As babe boomers are more concern about their wellness, we will expose those merchandises are related to wellness attention to pull them. We target baby boomer at wellness and fittingness merchandises, natural nutrients and drinks, organic nutrients, nutraceutical, general cosmetics and personal attention, antiaging merchandises, medicines that related to wellness attention, vesture that can suit older people ‘s organic structure forms and others. In add-on, babe boomers grew up in a telecasting society. We can sell those movies which showed in their clip and besides some Cadmiums that play classical music. These might be fascinated by those babe boomers that are film or music lovers. For pricing, I would take non monetary value competition. We will stress distinguished quality on our merchandise and attending to detail in the production because babe boomers are more concern about the quality of merchandises characteristic than the monetary value. To maximise company net income in baby boomers market, we have to supply those goods and services which are truly needed and wanted by them.

The 2nd group of the population group is Generation X. The Coevals Xers are born between 1965 and 1976.Compared with babe boomers, Generation Xers have a high degree of instruction and cognition. When we target on them, we have to be more cautious about the pricing because they are sensitive to monetary values. To increase the gross, we have to put the monetary value of merchandises somewhat lower than the rivals as Generation Xers will make a study about the monetary values of merchandises before they make determination. Furthermore, Generation Xers are more concerned about their household than their calling. Therefore, when we target on this, we can put our merchandises in household set. For illustration, we can hold dining set for the household, sleeping room set, vesture for the whole household or packaging other merchandise in a bigger bundle that the measure suit for a household. With this merchandising scheme, we can sell more merchandises and besides increasing benefit indirectly. As Generation Xers regard on their household, every clip when they visit Jusco, they will convey along their household. For these we can hold some bundles for the repast sets for household or holding publicity and gross revenues at different sections so that the whole household will walk around the Jusco and this may heighten the desire for them to devour in every sections. The Coevals Xers are less mercenary, so they do non truly look at those trade name prestigiousness merchandises. For them, I would instead supply those merchandises and services with detail information and direction in order to capture their attending. For case, I will present them a good quality and functional fan with middling monetary values instead than a high quality but high priced fan. The consumers will so be persuaded and purchase the moderate fan. Besides that, the Generation Xers need the groundss to turn out that how good the merchandises that we sell and why should they purchase the merchandise so. To get the better of this, I will engage boosters to give account and presentation at specific merchandises to convert them to purchase our merchandises alternatively of rivals ‘ merchandises.

The 3rd largest group is Generation Y. They were born between 1977 and 2000.They besides called as Millennials or echo boomers. They are now spread out into three class which are tweens ( aged 8-12 ) , teens ( 13-18 ) and immature grownups ( the 20-something ) . ( Kotler and Armstrong,2010 ) .The upper grade may hold stronger buying power than those at the underside. We should aim more merchandises on the immature grownups. Coevals Yers are comfy with Internet engineering, computing machine, digital and other hi-tech appliances. They do non read newspaper and how they get the information from is through cyberspace. ( Coates, 2007 ) . As a Jusco director, I would wish to publicize my merchandise chiefly through cyberspace, and besides via wireless, telecasting and other media that Generation Yers will normally look at. For their buying behavior, they are non loyal in specific merchandises and their gustatory sensations are so varied. ( Jackson, 2010 ) .So when we come out with a new merchandise, we will hold more sorts of merchandises and services for them to take. For illustration, when we are selling drinks, we will hold different front-runners, packaging, and sizes for them to take. As their buying behaviors are flexible, so every clip when they consume, they will seek something new for them and they will may purchase assorted merchandises. When we target on coevals Old ages, we have to come out new thoughts more frequently and the types of merchandises must be assorted so that they will hold more picks when they make determination.


Geographic displacement in population is one of the demographic tendencies that often occur in all parts of the universe. In selling, geographic displacements in population agencies there is a period of great migratory motions between and within states.

Malaysia is well-known with the assortment of ethnicity and civilization. However, Malaysia besides contains different types of geographical countries. Chiefly in this state, we look at two parts, the rural countries and the urban countries. The rural countries are normally where we called as “ kampung ” or village or “ FELDA ” . While the urban country normally located at the Centre of the province which consists of tonss of edifices and have the immense population of occupants populating in.

In Malaysia, there are ever many groups of people that live in the rural country who so move or migrate to the urban countries which are the busy town or the large metropolis. Migration of rural to the urban is the dominant factor of urbanisation in Malaysia. In illustration, many people who live at the not-so-popular topographic points will travel to the large metropolis such as Kuala Lumpur to gain for lifes. The urban and rural countries in Malaysia are shaped through clip and by population displacements within and between its colonies.

Equally far as economic structural changed, since 1970, the displacements towards the more developed provinces which have the chief economic activities are more rapid comparison to the less-developed state.

With these grounds, Jusco plans to open their shops harmonizing to the human population in Malaysia. First, in 1985 the first JUSCO overseas shop was opened, inA Plaza Dayabumi, A Kuala Lumpur, A Malaysia. TheA ?ON Bukit Tinggi Shopping CentreA inA Bandar Bukit Tinggi, A KlangA inA MalaysiaA is the largest JUSCO in Malaysia and Southeast Asia with over 2,100,000A square pess ( 195,000 M2 ) of built-up country and 5,000 auto park bays. What do these two things tell us? It shows that JUSCO locate their shops at the popular topographic points which they have done the research on. Through this research, we noticed that JUSCO ever have their concatenation shops at the busy topographic points or even turn up inside the popular shopping Centres such as Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley Megamall and others.

JUSCO knows that the topographic point where consists of immense population brings them more net incomes. The population displacement from a rural country to an urban country doing the urban country going busier and busier whereas the rural country is going more abandoned. One of the issues we should cognize is that we normally can non happen JUSCO in many non so well-known topographic points. When they open their concatenation shops, the shops will be immense and attractive.

This shows that JUSCO locate their shops mentioning to the geographic displacements in population. The sequence will be the population switch their topographic point from the rural countries into the urban 1s and so the JUSCO will make the research and decides where they should open the retail shop. This is the ground why we ca n’t about see any JUSCO in some little topographic points in Malaysia.

Now, JUSCO has opened many retail shops in the busy countries in Malaysia. Because of the rapid growing of economic sciences, many people try to travel themselves to the suburban countries so that they could gain for a better life. These rapid displacements give JUSCO more net incomes as they have already located their shops at that place.

To better the development of JUSCO, we suggest that JUSCO should open some of their shops in some not-so-famous but besides under developing town such as Kluang in Johor. This town is besides one of the well-developed towns in Johor province. However, JUSCO can seek non to take the hazard of opening large shop such as in the urban countries. The company can seek to turn up smaller shops in this type of town to prove for the response. If the response is good, so JUSCO can see extends their shops larger as an grasp to the response of the clients.

In decision, to open another concatenation shop, JUSCO truly did to the full research on it because they do non desire to take the hazard of ended up shuting the shops. Geographic displacements of population within the state make JUSCO to make up one’s mind where they should turn up their new shops and where are the topographic points that will roll up more JUSCO merchandises purchasers.


Presents, instruction is one of the industry which turning quickly in a really short period of clip. The growing of this industry non merely in one or few states, but it is turning all over the universe. Every authorities of each state came out with a policy to better their states ‘ instruction degree and preparation talented to vie with others states in the universe. So instruction was the industry which covering all over the universe. Harmonizing to this state of affairs, bulk occupant of a state population had been educated except those aged who had born in earlier decennary and the hapless. Although there were still rather a figure of the aged went to university for instruction and some of the voluntaries went to the hapless where authorities unable to offer instruction to educate with free of charge.

As a Marketing Manager of JUSCO Company, there have a duty to maximise the company ‘s net income with making research with the ingestion environment. Education is one of the demographic tendencies which able efficaciously influence the population of a state moreover influence the purchasing behaviour of the consumer in the specify country. Education degree is the factors which act uponing consumers ‘ desire and devouring behaviour, therefore concern manager should include this as one of the consideration on a concern creative activity or development.

In Malaysia, high instructions are rather popular particularly in a larger metropolis like Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Pulau Pinang. Universities were common and general in those topographic points. JUCSO as one of the biggest shopping Centre in Malaysia should hold a subdivision in each university country. Those subdivisions nearby the university country should take the market on those university pupils. The lifting figure of educated people will increase the demand for quality merchandises, books, magazines, computing machine devices and accoutrements, and amusement merchandises. For the foreign pupils, their buying power will more higher than those local pupils because those foreign pupils come from other topographic point and they will get down their new university life, therefore they will necessitate a batch of day-to-day necessary include nutrients and amusement. This will leads a great chance to the shopping Centre around the country. Besides that, those nutrients, communications, and publishing industry in the university country will besides acquire the chance because of the great buying power of those university pupils.

In other manner, bulk of the high educated people have become white-collar population. Those high educated people have more demand on healthier and higher phase lifestyle. Those white-collars have higher instruction degree and they known what and how fitter life style is, they will demand more harmonizing to their desire. Besides that, white-collars have more opportunity to go to foreign and more able to bask their life comparison to those blue-collars. In this instance, JUSCO can divide the goods ‘ quality harmonizing to the quality, trade name, and healthy degree while doing the section dividing.

Besides that, the demand of white-collars and blue-collars are bulk different. White-collars demand a comfy, grave and quality formal shirt but the blue-collars demand the lasting, long lasting and lower quality shirt for their heavy work. Those different in demand between these two classs are really immense and each of them have rather a figure of market, hence company can do cleavage on these two classs of people. In other ways, life styles of these two classs of people are besides different. White-collars prefer at a higher quality merchandises but those blue-collars demand at a lower quality merchandises which is able to utilize and cheap. They wo n’t concentrate at the trade name or bask devouring those luxury branded.

Last, harmonizing to research those white-collars ‘ income bulk is higher than blue-collars. Therefore, white-collars have a larger devouring power comparison with those blue-collars. Because of the fine-looking income, penchant in quality and branded merchandises, and ability to bask their life, white-collars are more welcome in any shopping Centre or even high category topographic points. So JUSCO can seek to pull this sort of consumer with addition and variegation the trade name of merchandise, quality, and even luxuries. Education makes people know about the universe and difference in values. Peoples have desire and demand by cognizing the universe. There is supply whenever the demand is.


DiversitydiversityThe ways in which people are similar or different from each other. in population means the people which are similar or different from each other with different characteristic such as race, gender, age, term of office, instruction, or functional background within a topographic point ( Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan ) . The consciousness of increasing diverseness tendency is of import on determination devising. The JUSCO Company realizes that they need to beyond the traditional things by diversify their merchandise at all degrees in order to remain competitory ( Hymowitz, C. , 2005 ) . I am traveling to reexamine the peculiar challenges associated with pull offing gender, race, faith, physical ability, and sexual orientation diverseness in the workplace ( Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan ) .

Race Diversity

Malaysia is a multi-races state with multi-cultural market place. Every race has its ain imposts and civilizations which are different from others. The JUSCO has the consciousness on the assorted races such as Malay, Chinese, Indian, and etc. in Malaysia.

The major race in Malaysia is Malays which is more than half of all the population. Malaysia besides set Bahasa Malaysia as the official linguistic communication. Therefore, the country of merchandise must be clearly stated utilizing Bahasa Malaysia. So, people can happen whatever goods they want easy.

The 2nd largest race in Malaysia is Chinese. The big Numberss of Chinese in Malaysia have become the chief economic system power. The Chinese are known for their colorful imposts and traditions particularly during the Chinese New Year ( Asia web ) . Therefore, JUSCO should do usage on this point by form some publicity or gross revenues during the festival. Chinese is willing to pass when come across all these festivals. JUSCO can form competition related in order to force up the crowd. For illustration: form conundrums competition and lantern doing competition during the Moon bar festival.

The 3rd largest race is Indians. JUSCO can pull Indians by holding publicity on the traditional apparels or nutrient during the Deepavali. JUSCO can besides take the Indians market by selling the Indian ‘s bites such as “ muruku ” to the populace every bit good.

More and more aliens immigrate to our state besides increase the diverseness of races in our state. JUSCO should import some merchandise which is rarely seeing in Malaysia in order to pull those aliens.

Religious Diverseness

There are many spiritual in our state such as Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, and so on. Malayans are constitutionally Muslims and can merely accept halal nutrient which is allowable to utilize harmonizing to Islam jurisprudence, they are out on eating porc, intoxicant and etc. ( Asia web ) . Therefore, Jusco should guarantee that those merchandises are unseeable for them by clearly separated the porc and intoxicant from other food market merchandises. This action gives convenience to others as good. JUSCO Company should take those merchandises which are clearly stated that it is halal merchandise to accommodate the Malays.

There are some festival is celebrated based on spiritual such as Muslim celebrates Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji ; Buddhist celebrates Wesak Day ; Hindu celebrates Deepavali and Thaipusam ; Christian celebrates Christmas and, in Sabah and Sarawak, Christian besides celebrates Good Friday. JUSCO should do usage on it every bit good. For illustration JUSCO can form a coloring or pulling competition based on these festivals that can pull tonss of kids with their household members. JUSCO can give out the verifier as the awards.

Age Diversity

The JUSCO shop making a shopping floor stressing lifestyle and scenes based on the thought of a household life style shop in order to make an gratifying shopping environment ( AEON Co. , Ltd. , 2008 ) . Its shops and merchandises are accommodating every household member ‘s gustatory sensation. JUSCO is a great topographic point to pass the vacation of whole households due to it diversifies its merchandise which suits every age ‘s people. For illustration, the milk pulverization is differentiate by ages such as 1-3years old babe milk pulverization, 4-6 old ages old milk pulverization, 19-50 milk pulverization, above 51 old ages old milk pulverization. This is because the nutrition required in different age is different.

Physical ability

The JUSCO Company besides targeted on those people who are disablement by supplying the installation that suit disabilities such as wheelchair, car motor auto, accessible lavatories, parking infinites for handicapped people near the front door of the supermarket ( Peter Tan, 2009 ) . They besides provided a precedence lane for the pregnant adult female, wheelchair edge and the aged folks ( Peter Tan, 2009 ) . These seem that they are non merely concern on the merchandise but besides concentrate on the installations towards their diverseness clients. However, sometimes all these installations provided are used by those normal people, so JUSCO should besides implement the security on all these installations particularly on the parking infinites and precedence lane.

Gender Diversity

JUSCO entreaty to clients with a focal point on trendsetting work forces ‘s and ladies manner mentality and include a scope of alone stores in the countries of accoutrements and day-to-day necessities ; female clients are targeted on day-to-day family inside merchandises and day-to-day necessities ( AEON Co. , Ltd. , 2008 ) . There are some merchandises differentiate in genders such as tegument attention merchandise, Garnier no longer merely aim the female market, it has besides targeted the work forces section, so Garnier for work forces come to the market.


In a nutshell, we found out that there are four of import tendencies that we must follow so that demographic can be used and map efficaciously and expeditiously.

First of wholly, the first tendency of human ecology is altering age construction of the population. This tendency is of import as the peculiar company will be able to acquire the effect of what merchandise to sell so that a minimal loss and a maximal net income can be achieved. Purportedly that the country is full of people who are non modern or take a firm stand on their traditional thoughts, but yet, without sing bout the tendency of people in this specific country, the company make up one’s mind to sell something that is new and considered modern to youths presents. So, do you believe that the peculiar company will be able to derive net income? Therefore, this tendency plays an of import function.

Second, geographics displacement in population is of import as good. By detecting this tendency carefully, the peculiar company will be able to place whether to get down a concern at urban country will be a better pick or get downing a concern at rural country will be a better option. By placing this tendency, the company will besides be able to repair the monetary value of the merchandises every bit good. If the company want to get down a concern at urban country, the monetary value should be somewhat above norm and if it ‘s in a rural country, so the monetary value should be somewhat mean or below norm.

Third, better instruction and more white collar population is an of import tendency every bit good. By groking this tendency, the selling unit of the peculiar company can be after to hold more assortment of trade names of the same merchandises so that consumers will be holding more picks alternatively of merely one or two. Besides, they can besides be after to hold some high quality merchandises to fulfill these white neckbands people whose prestigiousness and position are high in society.

Last, increasing diverseness is important in marketing planning every bit good. By understanding this tendency, it will be much easy for the selling squad of a peculiar company to hold publicities which can assist in stock clearance and at the same clip, derive some net income as good. This is because increasing diverseness is comprised of race diverseness, faith diverseness and others. By cognizing which race diverseness for illustration is the bulk within a specific country, so, when there are any festivals related to this bulk race, the selling squad of the company will be able to hold suited and appropriate publicities. Furthermore, by placing race diverseness, unneeded misinterpretation will be able to avoid.

Therefore, we can state that demographic is so a utile method in advancing a peculiar concern or can assist a batch in about every company ‘s selling squad. By using demographic to the full, we can procure a brighter hereafter for the concern that we intend to get down in a trade name new environment or country.

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