The Love And Peace English Literature Essay

In 1939, I had a fellow whose name is Jack, a really normal name so I didnt think that would be a so celebrated one in following yearss. I love him for he was so courageous, clever and strong. He was the sunlight in my life. He ‘s from a military household, his male parent was a soldier in World War and was really proud of his military decorations. So when Jack and his old brother were really small, they were asked to seek their best to analyze in the United States Military Academy at West Point. However, Jack did n’t desire to be a military. He love music and literature i??and dreamed to be a poet one twenty-four hours. We had a happy clip in our high school clip, and we all knew that when high school finished everything must had an stoping.

Sometimes, we would watch a film in a local film. I love the black and white silent movie, and I truly lose them. I and Jack shared the clip with Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and other histrions ‘ public presentation. And we ever listened Bellie Holiday and Bessie Smith ‘s phonograph record, both of them had a unhappily tone, as they were complain their unhappiness. The same as Bing Crosby, a celebrated popular music vocalist. For music, Jack prefer vocals with bright and cheerful beat i??like the vocals of Louis Armstrong. In that yearss, times fly and we had no attending about it.

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When Second World War broke out, we all had no thought about it. We still enjoyed fresh air and beautiful sunlight for the Roosevelt authorities did n’t mean to fall in the war unless the Axis onslaught us foremost. Although we did n’t care, we still experience really sad for the giving people.We did n’t speak about war between us for we all love peace and did n’t desire to see the slaughters. Even about the whole universe was under the haze of the war, we still lived in our ways excepted Jack ‘s male parent. One twenty-four hours, I was invited to Jack ‘s household diner. On the tabular array, his male parent even talked the war with me. He was so aroused i??seemed back into the old yearss when he was still a immature adult male i??and told me his military decorations. To be honestly, I did n’t care about that, but I still tried to listen and understand because I ‘m truly respect him. And I thought it ‘s possible for him to travel to the conflict if American articulation the war and he did n’t acquire legs injury in John Pershing commanded the 2nd conflict of the Marne.

When times move in 1940, after alumnus I chose survey in a local university I had find a occupation in Louis eating house, and Jack volunteered to fall in the Marines. In that summer, we stayed in different topographic points and he told me everything will be all right when he finished military service, and we would analyze in the same university and had a same beautiful clip like high school. Louis is a little household topographic point with good nutrient, and ever be nice to work forces who miss the gustatory sensation of household dishes. It ‘s an easy occupation for me and the employees here were like a household. Manger aunt Jenny was really patient and sort, in the beginning, she helped me to acquire familiar to the occupation as a waitress. It ‘s non really hard for me, the things I need to make were supply services for clients dining here and put the tabular array. And the clients did n’t do problem with you if you ever be careful and friendly. I love this lovely occupation, and I enjoy have a conversation with them.

The wether was acquiring to cold in the December, the eating house ‘s clients were speaking about the bad wether and the war. Most of the clients were merely care his concern, and I was take the client ‘s order. Ms.smith rushed in as something happened, and said, the Nipponese onslaught on Pearl Harbor in the forenoon. The whole eating house was acquire hot, everybody was acquire really angry, and some invitees banged the tabular array and roared, wholly about dissing Nipponese. I was quiet for yesterday was Jack ‘s last twenty-four hours in military, so today he ‘s back, and we made a day of the month tonight.then I remembered the words of Roosevelt ‘s presidential run, he said — ‘ unless the United States is the fist to be violative ‘ . There was no uncertainty that the war would come, and American would ne’er stand beyond the war. Jack would travel back to the ground forces, that ‘ what I did’t like to see. I lost all my thoughts i??I could n’t stand the longest midday in my life. When all my occupations finished, I ran towards the Jack ‘s house in my fastest velocity for I missed him so much, and I could n’t wait one more minute. I knocked the door, Jack ‘s female parent opened it. She was smiled and asked Jack went down stepss, so she gave a glass of juice and went off. When Jack stood in forepart of me, I hugged him. He kissed my brow, and comforted me. I did n’t inquire him if he would turn back to ground forces for I had a feeling he had already known the intelligence and from his eyes I saw angry and duty. I thought I had acquire the reply, he would travel if the conflict and companions need. Then I left with Jack ‘s company, he talked with me, but I did n’t hear anything. I knew he loves me and he could make anything for me, but I wo n’t inquire him non to endorse because I respected his determinations.

The following twenty-four hours, December 8, every household had known the Nipponese onslaught Pearl Harbor throw wireless, intelligence and crowds in the streets were shouting. Everybody got brainsick, even my small brother stay at place in the Monday forenoon. In the midday, we heard the declaration from Roosevelt, he said it ‘s a day of the month which will populate in opprobrium. Even I had guessed this consequence, but I still felt I will lose something. Just that afternoon, Jack left and joined the ground forces. I still worked in the eating house, but there ‘s fewer clients than usual. Through the window I saw the streets were full of crowds and muster ad. I merely wanted Jack would remain at the state alternatively of being sent to other states and I hoped he would be safe and sound after the war. In the following few yearss, more and more work forces were fall in the war. It ‘s difficult to see some immature work forces on the street. Subsequently, the authorities asked adult females to travel to the mills. And I heard that the Asia people were avoid to travel on the street particularly the Nipponese, and they were hit by the angry people. I did n’t desire to do any decision about that, although they were guiltless.

The war spread in this state, and I felt ill. I hated the conflict, blood full of everyplace. No 1 loves acquiring hurt, no 1 loves decease. Even the conflict is to the name of the God i??to save us from snake pit, I still hate it. No evil desire, no war. I did n’t detest the Japanese, German, I hated the eternal desire.

Merely a few yearss subsequently, I heard there ‘s a hard-fought in Wake Island and about everyone dead. I was shocked it ‘s the topographic point where Jack ‘s forces were. When I heard the intelligence I cried, it ‘s non merely for Jack, it ‘s for all of lives loose during the war. Everyone who live on the Earth, breath the air, imbibe the H2O has his right to be here to bask his ain life. Jack was a good adult male, the same did others. I lost Jack, and at that place must was some other misss lost her love. Unless the war halt, there would be more forfeit.

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