The Mansion Essay

The Mansion

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            I have always had a life fit for a queen. My parents owned one of the largest contractual companies in New York City. I did not find the need to ask for anything anymore. Everything that I wanted and needed was laid in front of me by my parents. Little did I know that an event would change my life forever.

            On the night of October 8, 2003, my parents were on their way to home from a party in New Jersey.  My parents wanted to go home, for they had to pick me up from my friend’s party. The glided through the slippery street, when suddenly, a ten-wheeler truck came flashing its light on them. My dad tried to avoid the vehicle, and in so doing, hit a tree before falling down the bushes. My mom was badly bruised, and she was brough to the hospital, where the doctors found out that she was paralyzed from the waist down. My dad, on the other hand, suffered from multiple organ failure, with a branch hitting is heart. He died on the spot. He was fourty five.

            I was badly shaken by the news. Learning about my dad’s death was something that I did not accept instantly. I did not know that more was in store for me. I spoke with my dad’s partner, and I soon realized that the only property that we had left was the house we were living in. My dad had sold everything for the business was down, and our house was used as the collateral in the bank. Although there were some savings left for us, we had to keep some of them for my mom was still recuperating in the hospital.

            At the age of seventeen, I was left to care for my family. My mom was desolated with my dad’s death, and I had to be strong for her. Soon after, we had to cut off our butlers, drivers, and maids in the house. The monthly payment of the house was costly for me. I was then left with no choice but to do the household chores and work for our survival.

            I admit it was very hard at first, for I was literally born with a silver spoon. I was left alone, with our friends disappearing in the middle of this battle. I learned how to be independent. My dignity and will were still intact, which served as my driving force to help survive. We almost lost everything, but I promised myself that I will do everything I can to save the house. Besides, it was my only remembrance from my father.

            In the end, I was able to learn the realities of life and I was able to move on. My mom is now on her feet, with her own gardening business. I, on the other had, am married to my long time boyfriend, who has been with me through everything. I have revived our contractor business, and is now doing well. Until this day, we still live in the mansion that my dad had left me with.

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