The Market Analysis And Business Strategy Marketing Essay

Strategic Management is be aftering, using and measuring efficient determinations that will let an organisation to make its long-run aims. It is the way of placing the organisation ‘s mission, vision and aims. Planing undertakings and plans to accomplish organisations aims by developing schemes and delegating resources to implement the schemes done by strategic direction. To full fill organisations Mission, vision and aims, an organisation must cognize its current market place. By transporting out market analysis, an organisation can place its attraction and competitory power in the market. To analyse competitory place in the market Michal Porter ‘s five forces frame work have been recommended.

Question 01


Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account is an lineation for the market analysis and concern scheme development, developed by Michael E. Porter in 1979, it includes five forces that decide the competitory power and attraction of a market.

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Porter referred those forces affect one time capableness to function its consumers and profitableness. Change in any of these forces makes a concern unit to re-assess the market place. Though industry may look attractive to get down a concern, it does non intend that every company in the industry will gain the same profitableness. Some concern may hold better market topographic point and earn higher net income whilst another concern in the same industry may stop up at break even point. To get the better of this state of affairs an organisation must use their nucleus competences, concern theoretical account or web to accomplish a net income over the other rivals.

Competitive competition:

– Number of rivals

– Quality differences

– Other differences

– Switch costs

– Customer trueness

– Costss of populating market

– etcaˆ¦

Menace of New Entry:

– Time and cost of new entry

– Specialist cognition

– Economies of graduated table

– Cost advantages

– Technology protection

– Barriers to entry

– etcaˆ¦

The theoretical account of Porter ‘s five forces include – menace of bing challengers, menace of new entrants, menace of replacements, dickering power of providers and the bargaining power of clients or purchasers.

Menace of New Entry

Buyer Power

Supplier Power

Competitive Competition

Supplier Power:

– Number of providers

– Size of providers

– Singularity of service

– Your ability to replace

– Cost of altering

– etcaˆ¦

Buyer Power:

– Number of clients

– Size of each order

– Differences between rivals

– Monetary value sensitiveness

– Ability to replace

– Cost of altering

– etcaˆ¦

Menace of Substitution

Menace of permutation:

– Substitute public presentation

– Cost of alteration

Menace of New Entrants

New entrants to an industry can raise the degree of competition, thereby cut downing its attraction. The menace of new entrants mostly depends on the barriers to entry. High entry barriers exist in some industries, whereas other industries are really easy to come in ( e.g. eating houses ) . Cardinal barriers to entry include

– Economies of graduated table

– Capital / investing demands

– Customer shift costs

– Entree to industry distribution channels

– The likeliness of revenge from bing industry participants.

Menace of Substitutes

The presence of replacement merchandises can take down industry attraction and profitableness because they limit monetary value degrees. The menace of replacement merchandises depends on:

– Buyers ‘ willingness to replace

– The comparative monetary value and public presentation of replacements

– The costs of exchanging to replacements

Dickering Power of Suppliers

Suppliers are the concerns that supply stuffs & A ; other merchandises into the industry.

The cost of points bought from providers ( e.g. natural stuffs, constituents ) can hold a important impact on a company ‘s profitableness. If providers have high bargaining power over a company, so in theory the company ‘s industry is less attractive. The dickering power of providers will be high when:

– There are many purchasers and few dominant providers

– There are uniform, extremely valued merchandises

– Suppliers threaten to incorporate frontward into the industry ( e.g. trade name makers endangering to put up their ain retail mercantile establishments )

– Buyers do non endanger to incorporate backwards into supply

– The industry is non a cardinal client group to the providers

Dickering Power of Buyers

Buyers are the people / organisations who create demand in an industry

The bargaining power of purchasers is greater when

– There are few dominant purchasers and many Sellerss in the industry

– Merchandises are standardized

– Buyers threaten to incorporate backward into the industry

– Suppliers do non endanger to incorporate frontward into the purchaser ‘s industry

– The industry is non a cardinal provision group for purchasers

Intensity of Rivalry

The strength of competition between rivals in an industry will depend on:

– The construction of competition

– The construction of industry costs

– Degree of distinction

– Switch costs

– Strategic aims

– Exit barriers


When choosing an organisation I have looked for a topographic point where I can analyze and use Porter ‘s Five Forces theoretical account, by transporting out a market research I have chosen Amaya lake hotel ( Under Amaya Resorts & A ; Spa ) ,

“ Amaya Resorts & A ; Spa brings invitees reliable Sri Lankan experiences: Architecture, humanistic disciplines, music, dance, culinary art ” . Amaya incorporates each facet of local civilization into its retreats. Amaya Resorts & A ; Spas is a subordinate of Connaissance Holdings. Under Amaya Resorts & A ; Spa they have three hotels. Amaya Lake, Amya Hills and Amaya Reef Hotel located at three regardful locations. In this assignment I have chosen Amaya Lake hotel at Dambulla to analyze and use Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account.

Question 02


Porter ‘s Five Forces Analysis shows that there are five of import elements that verify competitory control in a concern location and market attraction. Study and application of Porter ‘s five forces for Amaya Lake Hotel shows below,

1. Menace of New Entrants

Demand for Restaurants, Guest Houses and motels are still really high in the industry. Yet bulk of big concatenation hotels have been established their authorization with marketing-mix escape and operating efficiency. Improved promotional monetary values that little single hotels are unable to vie with do little single concern entities survival hard in the market. These influential forces have an huge impact on the little ordinary hotels, eating houses, bakers, invitee houses and motels etc. It possesses a strong obstruction for new companies who wish to come in in to the cordial reception industry, it becomes instead complicated for new rivals to raise equal resources and set up highly developed service. This is besides apparent in huge investings done by big ironss like Amaya Resorts & A ; Spa, progress engineering for check-ins, check-out procedures and stock control systems that drive off new rivals and the bing 1s. Amya Lake has overcome menace of new entryway with their repetitive operational schemes in merchandise development, promotional activity and better service.

Menace of new entrants for Amaya Lake – Up coming Restaurants, Bars, nines, invitee Houses, dress shop hotels, ectaˆ¦ .

2. Dickering Power of Suppliers

This force stands for the control of providers towards hotels. Suppliers can be the holy proprietors of the determination devising in footings of pricing. Anyhow this can be influenced by good established hotel ironss. Making fright of losing their concern to other providers ‘ and holding figure of providers as an option can gain providers control. Improved promotional monetary values for goods that little single hotels are unable to vie with will go forth no pick for providers but to lodge with the hotel. On the other manus providers are besides vulnerable by the lifting capacity of big hotels to resource their supplies from abroad at better trades. At Amaya Lake they have good controlled the state of affairs by holding strong and better relationship with provider and taking many Numberss of providers as there service suppliers. Using their turning ability in the hotel industry Amaya Lake have implemented better trade with providers where other concern can non fit with.

Suppliers of Amaya Lake – Most veggies and fruits are harvested in their ain garden, apart from that they have concatenation of providers to provide other stuffs.

3. Dickering Power of Customers

Porter said that more the service become uniformed consumers find many options to take, therefore more power is given to purchasers. Based on this if a hotel does non place clients need and interrupt the formality of the service, retaining clients will go a hard undertaking. At this point Amya Lakes celebrated trueness card remains the most successful client care scheme that drastically increases the profitableness of there concern and besides by taking attention of client demands, supplying customized service, guaranting low monetary values, implementing better picks, adding value add-ons, holding changeless publicities they have attract many Numberss of clients under their wing. This has contributed to retain their client base over the period of clip. Ecologically sort and ethically sound nutrient and drink merchandises have made clients glued to Amya Lake than the rivals in the market.

Customers of Amaya Lake – largely the leisure market have been targeted by Amaya Lake, and they maintain a portfolio of corporate clients. Since clients ‘ demands are good identified and satisfied by the hotel, care of client base has non been a hard undertaking.

4. Menaces of Substitutes

Substitution is holding other medias to carry through one time demands. For illustration in-house invitee who wants to bask a repast have many picks. Use hotel eating house, out side eating house, travel to another hotel eating house. Except first option, other medias can cut down the demand to the hotel eating house, as there is a menace of consumers exchanging to the picks.In the cordial reception industry this can be seen in the signifier of service-for-service or the replacement of demand, and this takes topographic point by new developments such as little hotels, eating houses, bars, nines ectaˆ¦ this happens in a manner of convenience, seamster maidens, easy entree and proper client attention ectaˆ¦ . Amya Lake has overcome this by adding few value add-ons such as Bar, Restaurants, Gym, and Spots composite, DJ nine for occupants and non abode for low-cost monetary value with better service, truth of repast picks, different room classs.

Substitutes to Amaya Lake – Restaurants, motels, athleticss centres, bars, etc

5. Menaces of Existing Rivals

Having many rivals in the market for the same industry make competition, to prolong and come on in the market one must follow seamster amah and orderly service. On the other manus providers and purchasers have the power to pick with whom they need to cover with. Same manner if it is merely you who provides one peculiar service and no 1 can make what you do, and so you can frequently hold a fantastic force over providers and purchasers which lead them to hold no pick but to retain with you.

Hospitality trade has seen a considerable growing in the size and market power of the larger groups and little groups, with greater size it may pull sensible figure of invitee who are using scope of value add-ons, which are now of import features of the section. Yet some guest prefers little or mid size hotels with more privateness, low-cost rates and more spiritual atmosphere. As it was mentioned above, the power of taking the topographic point where a invitee wants to travel depends on competition among the industry. At Amaya Lake clients largely tend to take them, since they have different room classs at different locations, and invitees have picks of there ain.

Rivals of Amaya Lake – Sorrowwa Resorts & A ; Spa, Gimanhala Hotel, Chaya Village, Heritance Kandalama Hotel, Thilanka Hotel

Operating in an constituted market makes growing difficult chiefly because of the competition among concerns. Yet competition makes nurturing industry by velocity up degree of growing, resulting in a circumstance in which cordial reception sector may hold to be advanced to keep and construct market portion. Such invention can be seen in the development of a assortment of runing systems, in reaction to change in consumer behaviour. Market leaders have reacted by concentrating on service, monetary value and value add-ons. Amaya Lake is one of the concatenation hotels holding its ain clients in the market with other rivals by supplying better service and value add-ons to its clients. .

Question 03


Porter ‘s Diamond of National Advantage Theory

In this theory, Porter highlighted that comparative advantage inhabit in the factor contribution that a state may be lucky plenty to inherit. Factor aids contain belongings, natural resources, labour, and the size of the local occupants.

Michael E. Porter said that a state can bring forth new extremely developed factor parts such as engineering, skilled labour and cognition base, authorities support, and civilization. Porter implemented a diamond molded map as the foundation of a construction to show the determiners of national advantage. This diamond stands for the national playing field that states set up for their trades.

Porter ‘s Diamond of National Advantage Frame work

Four constituents of the diamond model have an consequence on national comparative advantage. Those constituents are,

The handiness of resources and accomplishments,

Information to make up one’s mind which chances to follow with those accomplishments and resources,

The ends of persons in concern,

The force on concerns to introduce and put.

Components of the diamond frame work are explains as follows.

I.A A Factor Conditions

A state generates its ain important facets such as technological support and skilled resources.

The modesty of factors at a given clip is less important than the extent that they are improved and deployed.

Local defects in factors of production force betterment. Unfavorable fortunes such as labour deficits or limited resources force houses to develop new methods, and this betterment leads to a national comparative advantage.

II.A Demand Conditions

When the market place for a peculiar merchandise is better in locally than in abroad markets, the local houses dedicate more concentration on that peculiar merchandise than foreign houses. This will take to a competitory advantage when that merchandise starts to export.

Challenging local market leads to national advantage.

A strong local market help local houses look frontward to planetary markets.

III.A Related and Supporting Industries

Availability of related and supportive industries to keep the concern

When local concerns are aggressive, industry has the benefit of more cost effectual and advanced parts.

This consequence make stronger when the providers are strong with international rivals.

IV.A Firm Strategy, Structure, and Rivalry

Local fortunes influence the scheme. For illustration, some concerns have a inclination to be hierarchal. Some companies tend to be smaller and are run more like drawn-out households. Such scheme and construction helps to make up one’s mind which types of industries are good in state.

Can the construction of the concern exist in environment

Porter ‘s Five Forces theoretical account says, at the beginning of an industry small competition makes an industry contact. Though at clip an industry prefers a smaller sum of competition, in the long tally more competition is good since it construct weight on a concern to be more originative and go more progress. And besides, the more local competition a state has less planetary competition will come in in to the market.

Local competition pushes concern to travel beyond cardinal advantages that the state can bask, such as low costs.

v. Change Events

Troublesome developments beyond the control of houses and authoritiess. This allows participants to do usage of chances originating from a reshaped industry construction. For illustration, extremist inventions, unexpected oil monetary value rises, revolutions, wars, etc.

VI. Government ‘s Role

Encourage companies to raise their public presentation, for illustration by implementing rigorous merchandise criterions.

Stimulate early demand for advanced merchandises.

Focus on specialised factor creative activity.

Stimulate local competition by restricting direct cooperation and implementing antimonopoly ordinances.

Provide proper substructure

Reduce revenue enhancement

Strategic group Analysis Theory

Hunt invented the phrase strategic group in 1972 while transporting out a survey of the contraption industry, subsequently on he himself revealed a higher sum of competitory competition in the industry than expected, and he recognized this as an being of subgroups within the industry that compete along different proportions. These imbalanced strategic groups root the industry to hold more fast invention, higher quality, lower monetary values and lower profitableness than customary economic theoretical accounts would calculate.

Scheme is the way and capacity of an organisation to accomplish wagess for the concern while directing how the concern will do money. A strategic group is a construct used in strategic direction for concerns within an industry that have related concern theoretical accounts. For illustration, a hotel can be classs based on the service they provide, Geographic coverage, Market segments served, Branding, Pricing policy. They all under one industry, but all of those hotels do non vie with one another in the industry. By strategic group analysis hotels can place which group they fall in to and on what footing they compete, by which they can understand their market place. When a concern is good established in its ain group it can diversified or progress its services to fit with a higher group, possibility of traveling from one strategic group to another.

In an industry there can be many entities carry oning the same type of concerns viing with most close behavioural similarity concerns. That similar behavioral concern falls in to one group. And there can be another one with different features, yet they are non the chief rivals for aforementioned group. They are merely sub groups that effects market part.





Capital of sri lanka



Strategic group map of the hotel industry

Low Facilities / Low Price

Middle Facilities / Middle Price

High Facilities/ High Price


Success of the Amaya Lake shows how far competitory power and attraction of a market can take towards its productiveness. Amaya has proven their individuality by doing their service construct into a assorted channels such as cultural facets, geographical, and nature friendly experience.

In a fast changing concern atmosphere with high competition concerns have to place there rivals good and follow new enlargement schemes and diversified the bing concern in order to keep its primary market topographic point in an already established hotel sector. Amaya Lake has continuously adapted to the fast changing conditions. Strategy preparation has been observed as a pattern of uninterrupted acquisition, which contains larning about the ends, effects of tests towards these ends and how to set into pattern and carry out these tests. The excellence of an invented scheme and the velocity of its completion will therefore straight depend on the quality of Amaya Lakes ‘ behavioural acquisition procedures.

In big organisations like Amaya Lake, scheme should be analyzed and applied at different degrees within the industry. These different degrees of scheme should be related and reciprocally back uping one another. Amaya Lake ‘s scheme at corporate degree defines the range of the concerns in which Amya Lake will vie, by which it focus resources to change over typical competency into competitory advantage.

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