The Mobile Industry Giant Nokia Corporation Marketing Essay

September 2006: The nomadic industry giant, Nokia Corporation ( NYSE: NOK ) launches and announces N95 as the following coevals Mobile. The portion monetary values addition and hits high as FYI 2007 stopping points.

January 2007: The iPhone marked Apple Inc. ‘s raid into touch Mobile. The full universe moved into a province of lunacy around the absorbing touch screen nomadic universe. Steve Jobs became the innovator of groundbreaking invention in nomadic industry. Nokia remains nescient of this. Microsoft president Steve Ballmer critics the iPhone as the one of the most expensive Mobile in the market.

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October 2007: Android phones were unveiled by HTC ( G1 ) . While Apple ate the king of beasts ‘s meat of the market portion, G1 became the following tough competition in the touch nomadic industry.

Therefore began the gradual ruin of Nokia Corporation, non in footings of market portion but in footings of head portion, popularity as one of the taking nomadic industries with the cutting border engineering. Nokia is still being considered as one of the planetary leaders, but over the past few old ages, it has been confronting a grin competition with Apple Inc and Blackberry makers RIMM and is seeking to salvage itself from “ droping ” .

[ 2 ] hypertext transfer protocol: // phones are the latest appliances that are catching up acceptances at a really fast rate. Smart phones are Mobiles that are integrated with runing systems to enable many complex calculating abilities and connectivity including limitless entree to internet, anytime, anyplace. Already 22 % of consumers have a smart phone and lifting to 31 % among immature grownups [ 2 ]

While Nokia has been continuously utilizing Symbian OS as their premier engineering, the Andorid and Apple Inc corporations have taken nomadic engineering to the following degree. When iPhone was launched, Nokia ignored the touch nomadic captivation saying that a phone without buttons will non be long lasting and that iPhone will shortly manner out. But iPhone prevailed for a continuance longer than expected and merely so Nokia realized that they missed the tendencies and found themselves on a incorrect path with the indolence of past success. This manner of thought is stated as one of the Torahs in Peter M. Senge ‘s Fifth Discipline, “ Today ‘s job comes from yesterday ‘s solution ” .

Immediately Nokia launched 5800, their first sort of touch Mobiles to hit the market as a response to Apple. This merchandise did sold good as any other Nokia theoretical account would make, but merely fell short of competence when compared with Apple ‘s user friendly touch Mobiles. Nokia ‘s following effort to do flagship phone was that of N97 during November 2008, as its top section phone. But it crashed out really early since clients felt the phone was a crazy effort in doing a flagship phone. This is when the existent downhill started for Nokia.

This is ruin is apparent if we look into Nokia ‘s portion monetary value since 2006, from the launch of N95. Though the merchandise went high in gross revenues, after the launch of iPhone it became more popular and Android began acquiring more popular with many applications developers. Thus Nokia ‘s investors lost trust and Nokia ‘s stock monetary value started to fall since 2008. The figure below shows a better illustration of how Nokia ‘s portion value stayed ever below.

A: MS IESpring 2011Semester 2System TheoryTerm PaperNokia portion market.jpg

The bluish line is Nokia ‘s tendency line where as ruddy line indicates Apple ‘s.

HTC: ( indicated by orange line ) was besides on par with Nokia ‘s market value. But Nokia even after selling 1000000s of phones invariably saw a ruin in its portion monetary value. This was because of the fact that Nokia lost most of it public consciousness and the clients particularly in USA saw Nokia as a worsening contingent. And furthermore, Nokia ‘s investors are in USA. When they got a feeling that Nokia is falling, automatically reflected upon the company ‘s stock monetary value.


This turbulency among the investors were ceased by the immediate alteration over of the so Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, to Canadian Born Stephen Elop, merely to do certain that the company was run by a non- FinninshAA CEO. It did small aid to the company in retaining the assurance on its investors but Nokia ‘s scheme was still considered futile in USA since in USA, the telecom operators like AT & A ; T and Verizon were ordering the nomadic makers industry. But Nokia ‘s insisting base of non staying by the methodological analysis of these telecom operators, in which Apple & A ; Blackberry had thirstily co-operated, resulted in deficiency of basic theoretical accounts in Nokia, which seemed, in the eyes of an mean client, that Nokia ‘s phone were more expensive than other theoretical accounts given its common characteristics. The chief disadvantage for Nokia is that, its stockholders were worried about the deceasing market portion in US entirely, without sing the remainder of the universe.

Put the graph of HCL infosystems

HCL Infosystems Limited is a company which has a long term contract to administer Nokia phones in certain geographicss in India. They earn a certain committee on the volumes of phones distributed. Nokia entered India during the early portion of 2000, merely when the nomadic revolution excessively away. Quickly it garnered a immense market portion due to its good quality merchandises ( considered really hardy ) and attractive pricing. By mid- 2000 it had over 60 % market portion in India and was voted among the best trade names in the state, in front of decennaries old trade names like

Lifebuoy, Lux, Pepsi etc. Nokia right assessed the potency of the Indian market ( with a population of 1.2billion ) and established one of its largest fabrication installations in the universe in the Indian metropolis of Chennai. AA However, it failed to acquire an apprehension of the altering consumer penchants & A ; altering engineering. Nokia didnaa‚¬a„?t have quality merchandises in the top terminal ( touch screen/ smart phones ) or at the bottom terminal ( phones for less than 5000 INR ) . This created an chance for competition. Swiftly RIM ( thru Blackberry ) captured the top terminal office departer market while participants like HTC, Sony captured the touch screen market. At the bottom terminal, a batch of participants captured the bomber 5000 phone market. Players like Micromax, Maxx Mobile, Karbon, Spice etc captured 2 % to 10 % of the market each, within 3 old ages of launch. They basically imported french friess from Taiwan and assembled phones around it, which made it highly cost effectual. Nokia, on the other manus, couldnaa‚¬a„?t match their pricing. This led to the ruin of Nokia. Besides, participants like Apple, who were barely present in India, started

capturing the portion of the flush Indian, who was good cognizant of the planetary tendencies. This reflected in the stock monetary value public presentation of HCL Infosystems every bit good. The stock has underperformed the stock Index over the last few old ages.

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