The Mobile Phone Industry Nokia Marketing Essay

Nokia was founded over 140 old ages ago in Finland, and since so has become a planetary administration that operates in over 120 states worldwide. Nokia has besides become a market leader in the nomadic telecommunications industry and is most known for their nomadic phones and Smartphone ‘s. Although recent competition has affected the market portion that Nokia has in the telecommunication industry they still hold a strong 29 % ( 2011 ) of the market portion in a forever changing industry

The micro environment is the internal factors that are affected by the clients, staff, stockholders and rivals. The best theoretical account for measuring the micro environment of Nokia is Porter ‘s 5 forces as this takes into consideration the rivals, clients, providers and new entrants.

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Menace of new entrants:

The nomadic phone industry is already a good established market and the menace of a new entrant is rather low, as the engineering needed to equal the devices already available is rather beforehand if they want to distinguish from them

The barriers to entry in the nomadic phone industry is high because any new entrants will necessitate high investings in R & A ; D, engineering and selling in order to vie with the established administrations.

New entrants want to take market portion from the larger administrations but Nokia hold 29 % of the market portion in the industry, the highest market portion in the industry. ( BBC News, 2011 )

The menace of new entrants into the nomadic phone industry is really improbable as the start up cost of come ining into the market at a high degree needs a batch of investings and clip to be considered a respectable rival of the already established administrations. Nokia presently hold a 29 % of the full nomadic phone market worldwide and for a new rival to obtain some of their market will take either a really long term program or something that is genuinely advanced and unobserved earlier. This is because realistically the new entrant will necessitate really high investing for R & A ; D and selling, and would non be able to print positive consequence for a long clip as they try to construct a client base and a name for itself in an constituted market.

In decision the menace of new entrants is really low and non a factor which Nokia will hold to worry approximately in the close hereafter.

Power of providers:

Although Nokia rely on its providers to provide equipment for their advanced nomadic phones there are really a figure of big equipment shapers, which Nokia could exchange to.

The package providers for their Smartphones are now Microsoft, who will hold a really high bargaining power.

As the taking nomadic phone company in the industry they are in a really strong place when bargaining with their providers.

Nokia are in the place where they can dicker and negociate with any nomadic phone hardware shaper because there is a high figure of equipment providers that are readily available to them should their current providers attempt to dicker for more money with them. Nokia ‘s chief statement would be the fact that they are a planetary administration that has the highest market portion in the industry, so the providers would non desire to lose such an celebrated administration. On the other manus, Nokia have late created an confederation with Microsoft for their package which would be considered a major putsch for Nokia more than Microsoft. As a consequence, Microsoft will hold a batch of power when negociating a monetary value and portion because the trade is more good to Nokia than Microsoft.

In decision, there is a moderate menace from the powers of providers because although the hardware providers have a really low power, Microsoft ‘s power over the package is really high because they ‘re really few other administrations who have the expertness and accomplishments to equal Microsoft.

Powers of purchasers:

The power that clients have is lifting because of the increasing figure of picks in the nomadic telecommunication industry.

With a batch of the Nokia rivals all offering similar bundles ( e.g. limitless texts and calls ) the industry is really monetary value medium with clients seeking out the best value for money.

Many of the consumers will besides be tied into long term contracts so exchanging from one French telephone to another will be hard and expensive for the consumer, as a consequence they may non desire to alter until the contract is finished.

The nomadic phone industry is a competitory market where the figure of picks is really broad, ensuing in the consumer holding a batch of power because they can take to travel to one of Nokia ‘s many challengers if they feel Nokia are non good plenty. As Nokia do non hold a direct shop to sell to their consumers, mediators such as Carphone warehouse or web shops such as Orange besides have other French telephones readily available for the consumers, which makes it hard for Nokia to hold a direct impact on the merchandising of their French telephones. As a consequence this has created a really monetary value sensitive market because consumers will ever be on the sentinel for the best trades.

In decision, the purchasers have a high sum of power because of the other French telephones they can buy alternatively of Nokia.

Menaces of replacement ‘s merchandises

Mobile phones are an mundane indispensable in people ‘s lives today and people would happen it difficult to replace, as clients would non be able to be in changeless contact when off from the house.

On the other manus, it could be said that clients would be able to reach people through others types of media such as societal networking web sites, electronic mail and place telephones. Although remaining in changeless contact would be difficult in clients ‘ twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life.

However, smart phones are capable of a batch of maps so there are many replacements if the replacement focuses on one of the maps, e.g. digital camera can take better exposures so smart phones, notebooks can surf the web merely as efficaciously and PDAs can be after a twenty-four hours the same manner a smart phone can.

Mobile phones have become an mundane necessity in peoples ‘ lives because of the of import maps that they can make and are all available in merely one French telephone. No other merchandise has the ability to do phone calls, send messages, surf the web and many more in one device. The thought of being in changeless communicating with person at anytime and anyplace makes the nomadic phone a really of import device to people. On the other manus, a nomadic phone can be dissected into the cardinal map where there are replacements for the maps, such as the camera map on a nomadic phone can be substituted for a digital camera which can make a better occupation than the camera in a nomadic phone.

In decision, the menace of a utility merchandise is really low due to the fact a nomadic phone is no longer merely for doing calls but for all the other map as good are expected on all nomadic phones. So, the lone existent replacement is to purchase all the maps of a nomadic phone in the person merchandises which would non be plausible to transport all about on a individual at the same clip. Without nomadic phones consumers would happen it really hard to replace, as it can offer so much to the consumers all in one device, no affair what the demands of the consumer are. Consumers rely on nomadic phones a batch and would non be able to happen a replacement that has all the map of a nomadic phone.

Competitive competition:

Nokia challengers have moved to ache phones and humanoids while Nokia have merely merely late released their first smart phones go forthing them draging their challengers such as Apple and HTC.

There is besides really small distinction between the rivals which means any new smart phones in the market, like Nokia Lumia, will happen it hard to allure bing iphone and HTC clients to exchange.

Intense competition from big companies such as ; Apple, HTC, Blackberry, Sony Ericcson and LG, ECT.

Nokia operate in an industry where the competition is highly ferocious with high investing in R & A ; B and selling to vie with some of the biggest administrations in the universe. This twelvemonth Nokia ‘s market portion has dropped to 29 % and it is forecast to go on to fall because of the lifting popularity of the Apple Iphone. After Nokia ‘s slow move into the Smartphone market it has left them draging their challengers, and has merely released their Lumia scope which will happen it hard to vie and win over consumers from their Iphones.

In decision, competitory competition is really high and Nokia must be cognizant of the menace that rivals have on their concern particularly with the turning popularity of the Apple iphone and RIM blackberry. The competitory competition is the biggest menace to Nokia because in the Smartphone market they are well behind and to increase their market portion will take a batch of work in an market where some of the biggest names in concern operate in such as Apple and Sony.

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