The Mobile Telecommunications Market In Srilanka Marketing Essay

There are five chief Mobile webs runing in nomadic telecommnunications market in srilanka at the moment.They are Dialog Telekom, Mobitel, Airtel lanka, Hutch and Etisalat Srilanka.

Etisalat Srilanka can be identified as the particular web among all the other besides can be termed as the market leader.Etisalat Srilanka is a mammoth company runing in 18 states around the Earth, with a entire client base of over 100 million and more.It has a client base of over 4 million in sri lanka.

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The history of Etisalat runs back to 1989.It was so known as Celltell.At that clip Celltell was started with a few clients more than 200. this at that clip wasthe foremost nomadic web runing in srilanka.This continued boulder clay 2007, fo 18 old ages and in 2007 celltell was taken over by millicom internationaland was renamed Tigo. Tigo operated in srilanka for merely 2 old ages and in 2009, saudi mobily enters the srilankan telecommunication market under the name Etisalat srilanka.

Etisalat originates from Saudi is in Saudi that the chief company of etisalat is situvated under the name Saudi Mobily. etisalat srilanka can be classified as a transnational company and the lone service supplier runing in the state to be ranked amongst the universe ‘s top 10 service suppliers in the universe.

Etisalat srilanka in other word can be classified as the best and the most advanced service supplier in the srilankan telecommunications has introduced many things for it ‘s customers.for ex: etisalat srilanka was the first to present ‘the per 2nd charge ‘ and ‘incoming wholly free’.if non for etisalat srilanka the clients in srilanka would still be paying for their entrance calls. the clients have beneifited by such a well recognised and immense house get downing its operations in srilanka.

Dialog telekom was considered the market leader before the twelvemonth 2009, but things have changed. Etisalat srilanka has changed things for its customers.And right now Etisalat is the market leader.With over 4 million active clients.

The client provender back shows that over 80 % of the clients naming their hot line are satisfied with degree of efficency that it serves its clients.

It besides has was the first to present the 3.75g to srilanka and still it is the lone web with 3.75g.It therefore can be defined as thefastest, best, cheapest and the most advanced Mobile web runing in srilanka at the minute

corporate communications would be of import to any type of oraganisation, but to a telecommunication oraganisation this would be most important.communication in many should be important for etisalat specially, since they would’nt O.K. of any of their possible clients go forthing their web and shift to another web, this in one manner would intend that by word of oral cavity might distribute and non merely etisalat client go forthing the web but the etisalat client go forthing the web might distribute the word that he has left etisalat and other possible clients that are likely to fall in etisalat in the hereafter would non be probably to fall in etisalat.this might be likely to harm the image of etisalat.

in another manner, the communicating procedure between the hierachy of the administration would be imporatant.

hierachy can be defined as the organizational construction of the business.starting off with the Chief Executive officer and the frailty president and so on every employee will be included in the hierachy.

for one thing the right orders should be passed from employee to another.

fo example-if the director of the call centre passes a message this might be through a supervisor or a adjunct director and employees working in the call lope would non be probably to acquire the direct message.or it might non be message intended by the call centre director.

deficiency of communicating will take to demotivation, diseconomies of graduated table and many other disadvantages for etisalat.therefore corparate communicating should be taken seriously.corparate communcations should be taken seriously.doing a research on corparate communicating to happen out the current situvation of communicating procedure would be good illustration.

and so based on the consequences safeguards would be taken to better the quality of corparate communications.

What is corparate communications?

Corparate communicating can be defined as the set of activiteies involved in pull offing all internal and external communications aimed at making a favorable point of position amomgst it ‘s stakeholders.corparate communications help to convey the mission of the administration to its stakeholsers.In other words corporate commmunication helps to associate the vision of its stakeholders with the administration.

stakeholders can be defined as the people whose chief concern is in the organisation.for etisalat this might be in the signifier of its employees, directors, clients, authorities etc.

the employees of etisalat would desire to happen out whether the company that they are working for is doing profit.and whether there occupations in the hereafter would be secure.For the directors net income would be the chief ground, net income might take to enlargement and more occupation oppurtunities, publicities for the director etc.cutomers would desire to cognize the company in the hereafter would be able to provide them successfully and the authorities would etisalat to be successful.this in one manner would be a income through revenue enhancement, this would pull other transnational companies to follow etisalat and situvate in srilanka.this would take to a better employed rate in the state.

A transnational company can be defined as a administration with operations in more than one country.In this instance Etisalat is a immense transnational administration with its operations in 16 other states.

Communication should be at a proper degree in order to increase efficeny within etisalat.lack of communicating would take to etisalat non being able to accomplish it ‘s mission.

Possible purposes of Etisalat srilanka.

Purposes can be identyfied as the set of marks the oraganisation wants to accomplish in the close hereafter.

The possible purposes in the close hereafter for etisalat would be have growing in the organisation.This would intend a growing in the construction of the organisation.this would be done through gap of new mercantile establishments etc.Another possible aim would be maximize its net incomes in the future.this would intend do the maximal net incomes possible.If this is possible so growing and enlargement would be rather simple aims.

The chief nonsubjective how of all time might be market portion. Market portion can be identyfied as the gross revenues that etisalat makes in comparing with the entire gross revenues in the market that it operates this instance market portion would be the entire clients of etisalat divided by the entire no of clients in all the other webs including etisalat and figure multiplyed by 100.This would show market the market portion of etisalat as a per centum of 100.

What function has corparate communicating to play in order for etisalat to accomplish it ‘s marks?

First and foremost it is really immpotant to understand that there is immense nexus between corparate communicationand the stakeholders.Since stakeholders are responsible for the mission of the company.negative communicating between stakeholders would be a immense drawback for etisalat when seeking to accomplish its marks.

For illustration a negative relationship between the clients would be drawback.Etisalat seeking to convey its mission to its clients but the clients non being able to hold on it would be another.This would intend that it will be clip devouring to acheive the certain targets.also this might take to a loss.Since to market a merchandise etisalat wouls have to bear up a immense cost.this will be really unprofitable for the administration.

Therefore necessarymeasures should be taken to identfy what the client would desire and at what times.And so promotong the right type of service at the right time.For example- low rates in the dark or free calls within the web at night.This rule is known as selling.

Selling can be defined as understanding the client wants, expect the clients future wants and so travel on to fulfill them in a profitable mode.

Understanding the customer.Keeping in touch with the customer.for illustration the gustatory sensation a peculiar client will at most times change with time.The sellers of etisalat should understand this principle.And to understand this we need communicating.

How do we findout about the clients ideas that keep altering everyday?

Market research.This can identyfied as the best method to the stopping point the spread between the consumers of etisalat with administration itself.this in other can be called upon as the span which would allow the selling section of etisalat know what its clients would want.Market research in other words is client feedback.And for the client to feedback it should hold a manner of pass oning with the administration and this is market research.

Market research is of 2 types.

1.Primary research

2.Secondary research

primary is the more the more immportant since it provides the more accurate information and is non outdated.

Secondary research is past data.This can be in the signifier of newspapers, authorities statistics etc.this is non really although really stingily or about freely available it is outdated informations.

Market research is happening out about the client taste.This would chiefly be done through questionaires, observation, interviews, experiments etc.The most suited method for Etisalat would be the questionaires.A questionaire is a set of multiple pick inquiries set by a market research company and a group of selected clients reply it and by comparing the questionaires the company would come to determination as to what they concentrate on marketing the most etc.

What measures can be done to better the internal communications within Etisalat?

Internal communications is really immportant for Etisalat, Bad internal communicatons would take to client dissatisfaction, struggles within the employees, diseconomies of graduated table and many more other drawbacks.

Diseconomies of graduated table can be described as a situvation where the mean cost is lifting with the output.This is non really practical for the third sector concern whose is chief thought is to provide the client with its services.But deficiency of communicating within the etisalat would take to diseconmies of scale.this normally happens when the administration grows beyond its optimal size.

This can be avoided by giving the employees of Etisalat a proper training.Training is supplying new or bing workers with new accomplishments and experiences.In this manner the employes would experience more familiar with the on the job conditions.

This once more would go forth the employees motivated.

Motivation is really important.If a set of employees are working with a smiling on their face this is likely to catch up to the fellow workers.

This would take gross revenues increasing in a immense way.That is if all the employees feel that they are portion and package of the company.

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