The personalities and attitudes of virgin


Two of the best-known enterprisers and concern visionaries in the universe are the New Europe ‘s Richard Branson and Percy Barnevik. The showy Branson is known as much for his extremely publicized around-the-world hot air balloon escapade, sense of temper, and wide-open sceptered direction manner as he is for establishing the Virgin imperium consisting of Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Cola Virgin Mega shops around the Earth, hotels picture and book publication and wireless and telecastings production. Barnevik, on other manus, has a different personality but an every bit impressive path record. In 1987, he pulled off one of the universe ‘s biggest cross-border amalgamations by combing the Swedish technology group ASEA with the Swiss rival Brown, BoverI added 70 more European and American houses, and covered planetary markets in electric power coevals and transmittal equipment, high velocity trains mechanization and robotics and environment control system. Recently Barnevik has experienced some public contention after ABB took a whipping and he received a fine-looking pension payment. INSEAD ‘S Manfred kets de Vries ask personal inquiries that reveal the personalities and attitudes of these magnetic leaders.

Q 1 to Branson

What do you see as your failing? Do you hold any features that get in the manner of your work?

Branson: I suspect non being able to state no. Hopefully, I am acquiring better at it now. But there are so many fantastic thoughts, . I do love new undertakings ; I love new thoughts… My failings truly travel back to the fact that I have spread myself excessively thin. In a strictly concern sense, I suspect that if I merely wanted to maximise net income. I should hold stayed more focussed on one country and truly concentrated on that one country. That ‘s the conventional manner, and I ‘m certain that half as much merriment. I must acknowledge that I feel really much alive when I set out to accomplish some thing. On contemplation, it ‘s truly more the battle than the existent achieving. I love people and I merely love new originative challenges. Some people ask, why keep battling on when you can take it easily? My ground fundamentally is that I ‘m really fortunate to be in the place I am. I ‘ve learned a great trade and I have had great merriment making so.

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Q2 to Branson

When you leave Virgin, what sort of digesting grade do you desire to go forth behind? How do you desire to be remembered?

Branson: I think that it would be nice if Virgin can be remembered as a company that challenged the established manner of making things and the that built up a figure of companies that were universe leaders in their ain Fieldss. That does non necessary mean being the biggest companies, but the best in that peculiar field. That does non needfully intend being the biggest companies, but the best in that peculiar field. I besides would wish that the staff of Virgin would hold really happy memories of the clip that they spent working here.

Q 1 to Barnevik

What gets you excited at work?

Barnevik: a batch of things, I know I am competitory. Beating the competition for a large undertaking gets me excited ; so does interrupting into a new industry where we were non antecedently. But what truly gives me the greatest satisfaction is seeing immature people whom I have promoted win. Then you have created something that will outlive an single dealing. At the same clip, I have had some of my biggest letdowns when people fail… I want my people to invariably prove their imaginativeness, their ability to travel farther. To make this alteration outlook, this originative spirit, you have to demo them that the environment, the rivals, the clients are altering. In order to last we have to alter. You know the look, “when you are through alteration you are through” .

Q 2 to Barnevik

Given your repute of ever being over prepared, do people in the company inquiry some of your thoughts? Do they make bold to differ?

Barnevik: its hard inquiry to reply because all executive say “Oh certain others disagree” . Even the worst dictators tend to state something like that. Now, I appreciate that my features are some times a small spot dominant. At times I can overpower people. I ‘m cognizant of the hazard, sitting in my place, of non acquiring adequate feedback and non holding a sufficiently unfastened attitude. Of class, its comfy, whatever place you are in, to hold people agree with you. The enticement is ever at that place. In this organisation for people who know me, there is perfectly no job about stating, “you are incorrect. I disagree. But of class in an organisation this size, there are many people who do non cognize me that good. In the Latin states particularly, and may be in Germany, there is a inclination to be a small cautious so as non to pique the top cat. It ‘s hard to do people truly speak their head and state you things openly, peculiarly unpleasant things… I can merely state that I am cognizant of the job, which I work at it. With new people whom I do non cognize good, I go out of my manner to seek to construct their assurance so that they do non worry about that facet of the conversation. How successful I am in making is another affair.

Q 2 to Barnevik

What drives you?

What gives me a sense of wages is to make some thing, to do some sort lasing impact. Thingss like perforating new states, developing and commercializing new engineerings, making new chances. I do n’t work for the money and the prestigiousness and all that. I guess it ‘s like a individual planing a house. Peoples want to construct some thing, create something that is worthwhile. That ‘s what it all boils down to.


Sir John Bond became Chairman of Vodafone Group Plc on 25 July 2006 holding antecedently served as a non-executive manager. Previously he was Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings plc until May 2006, when he stepped down after a 45 twelvemonth calling with HSBC. Sir John joined The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited in 1961 and worked in Asia for 25 old ages and the USA for four old ages, before coming to London in 1993. He became Group Chief Executive of HSBC Holdings on 1 January 1993 when HSBC merged with Midland Bank plc, and became Group Chairman on 29 May 1998. His old assignments include non-executive manager of Ford Motor Company from 2000 to 2008, London Stock Exchange from 1994 to 1999, British Steel plc from 1994 to 1998 and Orange plc from 1996 to 1999 ; he was besides on the Court of the Bank of England from 2001 to 2004. He was Chairman of the Institute of International Finance, Washington DC ( an organisation of over 300 Bankss ) from 1998 to 2003 and was elected President of the International Monetary Conference ( IMC ) in June 2002. Following his instruction in the UK, Sir Johnheld an English-Speaking Union Scholarship in the USA from 1959 to 1960 ; from November 1997 to December 2003 he was a Governor of the English-Speaking Union. He was elected a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in 1983. His Knighthood was conferred for services to banking in the Queen ‘s Birthday Honours in 1999. In 2003 Sir John was awarded both the Magnolia Gold Award by the Shanghai Municipal People ‘s Government and the Foreign Policy Association, New York ‘s Gold Medal. Deputy Chairman, John Buchanan, is the nominative senior independent manager and his function includes being available for attack or representation by managers or important stockholders who may experience inhibited from raising issues with the Chairman.


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His direction manner is modest, and in interviews Bond preferred to discourse HSBC instead than himself. He attributed his rise to the top of HSBC as a consequence of being in the right topographic point at the right clip. In an interview in 2005, he noted being driven more by a fright of failure, of allowing down stockholders, clients and staff, instead than a sense of personal aggrandisement. To win in concern, he says, you have to unite qualities of pragmatism, sensitiveness, wonder and acknowledgment that life is a uninterrupted acquisition procedure. He values inaugural, action and decision and is fond of the Chinese adage: “Today, you ‘re a cock, tomorrow you ‘re a feather duster” . He realized the importance of autonomy, client orientation and international teamwork. Noted for his relaxed leading manner, Bond attributes great importance to esteeming local civilizations. Rigorous cost control is at the bosom of Bond ‘s success. He has applied this systematically throughout the organisation. He said in his address the importance of workss that “You can non pass trust and unity. You can non enforce it from without. Surely strong corporate administration should be portion of a company ‘s character formation. But this does non intend box clicking. It means the manner a company behaves, at all degrees: the board, co-workers, the whole company, every twenty-four hours. “Words are non plenty. Your existent repute depends on deeds.”

When he was CEO of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, demonstrated his committedness to the company ‘s end of minimising costs with a figure of apparently little actions. He turned the visible radiations off in his office when he left it. When he went to the airdrome, he frequently rode his ain bike alternatively of taking the company limo. His action signaled to the bank ‘s employees they ever be economical with stockholders ‘ money. What stands out about these leaders is their cognition that, over the long draw, apparently little gestures will make more to signal their committedness to organisation ends than any figure of addresss or memos to employees. Following his illustration maintain us from unwittingly understanding our vision and ends by directing the incorrect signals. Informally seeking feedback from employees ensures you find out if you are traveling off path. Sir John he ever took clip to speak even the lowliest staff member on is tours around operations. Checking the temperature of the organisation and hiking morale. Even trade brotherhoods found it difficult to dent his mensural ambassadorial manner. At one stormy one-year meeting, brotherhoods arranged for the immigrant worker who cleaned the offices in Sir John ‘s office at the bank to inquire a inquiry about the difference between his wage and that of the president. “You likely do n’t cognize who I am, I am acquiring up at 5 a. , to clean your windows” the cleaner told Sir toilet. “Of couse I know who you are” came the friendly rejoinder. “I ‘ve frequently seen you and wanted to hold a confab. Following clip you do the Windowss, why do n’t you halt by for a cup of tea? Stylistically, he tends to be traditional in his bearing, fastidious about their visual aspect, and ferociously protective of his repute.


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Undertaking 1. Using appropriate grounds from each of the people researched indentify reappraisal and assess ain public presentation of current direction accomplishments.

Current Management Skill I have acquired.

  1. Acknowledge and appreciate that worker ‘s feelings, ideas, attitudes and behaviors are partly determined by their personalities, which are hard to alter. I realize that I might necessitate to set to my ain feelings and actions to work efficaciously with others.
  2. When I seeking to understand why workers have certain attitudes and act in certain ways, I remember that attitudes and behaviors are determined by the interaction of an person ‘s personality and the state of affairs in which the persons plants.
  3. When executable, construction an person ‘s work state of affairs to suit his or her personality. A good lucifer is likely to ensue in positive attitudes and behaviors.
  4. Promote an credence and grasp of the diverse in my organisation.
  5. Realize and accept that some workers are more likely than others to be positive and enthusiastic because of their personalities. Similarly, realize and accept that some workers are more likely than others to kick and see emphasis because of their personalities.
  6. Provided an excess step of direct supervising to workers who do non take the enterprise to work out jobs on their ain ever seem to fault some one or some thing else when things go incorrect.
  7. Provided extra encouragement and support to workers with low self-prides who tend to minimize themselves and oppugn their abilities.

Undertaking 2. Conduct a self appraisal.

How ‘s Your Self-Esteem?

Answer each of the undermentioned inquiries candidly. Following to each inquiry write a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, depending on which reply best describes you.

  1. =Very frequently
  2. =fairly frequently
  3. = Sometimes
  4. =Once in a great piece
  5. =practically ne’er
  1. How frequently do you hold the feeling that there is nil that you can make good? 3
  2. When you talk in forepart of a category or group of people your ain age, how frequently do you experience disquieted or afraid? 5
  3. How frequently do you experience that you have handled yourself good at societal assemblages? 2
  4. How frequently do you hold the feeling that you can make everything good? 1
  5. How frequently are you comfy when get downing a conversation with people you do n’t cognize? 2
  6. How frequently do you experience self-aware? 1
  7. How frequently do you experience that you are a successful individual? 3
  8. How frequently are you troubled with shyness? 5
  9. How frequently do you experience inferior to most people you know? 5
  10. How frequently do you experience that you are a worthless person? 5
  11. How frequently do you experience confident that your success in your future occupation or calling is assured? 1
  12. How frequently do you experience certain of yourself when among aliens? 1
  13. How frequently do you experience confident that some twenty-four hours people will look up to you and esteem you? 2
  14. In general, how frequently do you experience confident about your abilities? 2
  15. How frequently do you worry about how good you get along with other people? 5
  16. How frequently do you experience that you dislike yourself? 5
  17. How frequently do you experience so demoralized with yourself that you wonder whether anything is worthwhile? 5
  18. How frequently do you worry about whether other people like to be with you? 1
  19. When you talk in forepart of a category or a group of people of your ain age, how frequently are you pleased with your public presentation? 1
  20. How frequently do you experience certain of yourself when you speak in a category treatment? 1

Scoring Key:

Your marking ( that is, a 5 becomes 1, 4 is 2, 2 is 4, and 1 is 5 ) . The higher your mark, the higher your self-esteem.

Beginning: Developed by A. H. Eagly and adapted from J. R. Robinson and P. R. Shaver, Measures of Social Psychological Attitude

Institute of Social Research, 1973 ) , pp. 79-80.

Are You a High Self-Monitor?

Indicate the grade to which you think the undermentioned statements are true or false by circling the appropriate figure. For illustration, if a statement is ever true, circle the 5 following to that statement.

  1. In societal state of affairss, I have the ability to change my behavior if I feel that something else is called for. 5
  2. I am frequently able to read people ‘s true emotions right through their eyes. 5
  3. I have the ability to command the manner I come across to people, depending on the feeling I wish to give them. 3
  4. In conversations, I am sensitive to even the slightest alteration in the facial look of the individual I ‘m discoursing with. 1
  5. My powers of intuition are rather good when it comes to understanding others ‘ emotions and motivations. 2
  6. I can normally state when others consider a gag in bad gustatory sensation, even though they may express joy convincingly.1
  7. When I feel that the image I am portraying is n’t working, I can readily alter it to something that does. 2
  8. I can normally state when I ‘ve said something inappropriate by reading the hearer ‘s eyes. 3
  9. I have problem altering my behavior to accommodate different people and different situations.5
  10. I have found that I can set my behavior to run into the demands of any state of affairs I find myself in. 4
  11. If person is lying to me, I normally know it at one time from that individual ‘s mode of look. 3
  12. Even when it might be to my advantage, I have trouble seting up a good forepart. 4
  13. Once I know what the state of affairs calls for, it ‘s easy for me to modulate my actions consequently. 2

Scoring Key:

To obtain your mark, add up the Numberss circled, except contrary tonss for inquiries 9 and 12. On those, a circled 5 becomes a 0, 4 become 1, and so forth. High self-monitors are defined as those with tonss of 53 or higher.

Beginning: R. D. Lennox and R. N. Wolfe, “Revision of the Self-Monitoring Scale, ” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, June 1984, p. 1361.

Copyright 1984 by the American Psychological Association.

Are You a Type A?

Circle the figure on the graduated table below that best characterizes your behavior for each trait.

  1. Casual about assignments Never tardily
  2. Not competitory -Very competitory
  3. Never experience rushed Always feel rushed
  4. Take things one at a clip -Try todo many things at one time
  5. Slow making things Fast ( eating, walking, etc. )
  6. Express feelings – “Sit on” feelings
  7. Many involvements -Few involvements outside work

Scoring Key:

Entire your mark on the 7 inquiries. Now multiply the entire by 3. A sum of 120 or more indicates that you are a hard-core

Type A. Tonss below 90 indicate that you are a hard-core Type B. The undermentioned gives you more particulars:

Points Personality Type

120 or moreA1




Less than 90B

Beginning: Adapted from R. W. Bortner, “Short Rating Scale as a Potential Measure of Pattern A Behavior, ” Journal of Chronic Diseases, June 1969, pp. 87-91.

Undertaking 3. Devise and keep a current curriculum vitae or portfolio of work.Task

4. Invent a personal development program to accomplish personal mark both long and short term larning aims. Undertaking duties for ain personal and calling development. ( refer to task 1,2,3and 4 )

What are the benefits of inventing a personal development program?

Roll uping a personal development program can:

  • Identify I am standing now.
  • Promote myself to recognize my strengths and countries to better.
  • Motivate myself to put realistic and accomplishable ends.
  • Supply a tool to measure my accomplishments.

1. Where do I get down? Review myself

Start with a small introspection. Analyse my strengths and demands, the chances and challenges I feel are unfastened to me and my likes and disfavors.

Some other inquiries that may be utile at this phase will include:

  • Do I have an outstanding country of concern about my development?
  • What are the cardinal national precedences that involvement me?
  • What are the local priorities/service developments that need to be addressed in my country?
  • Identify your squad ‘s precedences in the coming twelvemonth, how does this consequence me?
  • If possible, discourse me self-assessment with a co-worker.

2. Identify my ends

Construct a profile of the cognition and accomplishments that I and my employer think I need in order to develop in my existing function and the accomplishments that I may necessitate to derive for the hereafter.

3. Plan to accomplish

Fix my development program to run into the ends that I have set. I try to do these ends realistic, both in footings of the resources I have at your disposal and in the clip frame I set for myself. I may desire to split my ends into short and long term.

Cardinal inquiries to inquire at this phase will be:

  • What are my countries for development in the coming twelvemonth?
  • Are there countries for ongoing development?
  • What will I make and by when?
  • What are the expected results?
  • What resources will I need to implement my Personal Development Plan?
  • Who can I inquire to back up me in accomplishing my PDP?
  • How will this impact on patient attention?

4. Document my personal development program

To be after your professional development you can utilize:

  • my ain trust ‘s strategy.
  • A strategy or program I devise.
  • Another establishment ‘s signifiers.

Construct a comprehensive, populating portfolio to back up my PDP with my attending and achievement certifications.

A PDP is a unrecorded, invariably altering papers that will alter on a regular basis as your ends and demands develop.

5. Resources to back up me

There are many resources available to back up me in accomplishing my PDP. These can include:

  • On-the-job preparation consisting of supervised work larning a new accomplishment, technique or application.
  • Experience acquisition – shadowing person more experient or set abouting a specific piece of work.
  • Professional development – which might dwell of any activities that broaden cognition, competency or possible outside the immediate end.
  • Daily contacts with other members of the multi disciplinary squad as larning chances.
  • More effectual clip usage ( e.g. doing handovers or meetings more effectual, i.e. the usage of engineering, or utilize them for teaching/discussion of new thoughts ) .
  • Part or all of unit or squad meetings for professional development and placing common scheduled development periods for staff.
  • Off-the-job preparation. This can include formal classs, either in-house or external.
  • E-learning chances.

Learning is about more than merely traveling on a class and acquiring a certification. Daily resources in my ordinary work, such as co-workers, clients, are all critical constituents in accomplishing my PDR

Some utile contacts:


  • Line director.
  • Those responsible for instruction and development in my administration for illustration, the human resources section or clinical instruction squad.
  • My local university, Further Education College or larning resource Centre.

6. Record my acquisition

In add-on to put to deathing my program, I should take part in a assortment of activities and take advantage of every chance to larn and develop for myself and for your administration.

Keep a record of what you did and why it was of value to you as grounds of the development that I have undertaken and the acquisition that I have achieved.

Learning takes topographic point in a assortment of signifiers. I sure to utilize the activities that I feel most comfy with and are hence most likely to larn from. One of the cardinal benefits of ongoing development is in placing what has been learnt and utilizing that larning in your professional pattern.

7. Measure your accomplishments

By its really nature, your development program is personal to me. Measuring my accomplishments, hence, will be a slightly subjective procedure unless I make good usage of benchmarks and any other available nonsubjective steps.

When doing a record of my development, it is utile to reflect on what you have learned as a consequence of the activity. Ask yourself how I benefited and what I intend to make with new information, cognition or accomplishment. I make certain that I make a record of my development.

Having achieved what I set out to, I so need to re-assess my strengths, failings, chances, challenges, likes and disfavors and produce the following stage of my development program.

I remember that I do non needfully necessitate to bring forth new programs all of the clip as my development program can be modified invariably as some marks may be met before others. This is the nature of my personal and professional development throughout life.

8. The challenge of my personal development planning

Personal development planning carries risks – I may be exposing myself to my sensed countries to better every bit good as my strengths, and I am puting marks that I may or may non accomplish for rather legitimate grounds. I will find the benefits of accomplishing those ends because I am in the impulsive place and are responsible for placing the hazards and chances particular to me.

If I choose to take the hazard of non perpetrating to personal development, I will happen that showing my competency and abilities, if I am called to make so, is a hard undertaking. Finding times to implement my PDP is ever a challenge but here are some suggestions which I will follow:

  • Organise clip outside the clinical country during the on the job twenty-four hours ( e.g. , use staff sagely to liberate other staff to go to workshops or detect clinical pattern in other countries ) .
  • Refocus the intent of bing clip committednesss ( e.g. usage of handovers or meetings ) .
  • Reschedule the on the job twenty-four hours ( e.g. , accommodations on certain yearss could let an convergence for learning intents ) .
  • Increase the sum of available clip ( e.g. through the usage of development banking ) .


An of import point to which I remember is that ongoing development is my duty. I am accountable for continuously developing my cognition, expertness and competency and, if called on to make so, guaranting my professional organic structure that I have done this. My PDP besides represents my investing in myself and in my professional employability.

Sources” Organizational Behavior Tenth Edition by Fred Luthons

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