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Ralph Lauren is a well-known and planetary trade name in the merchandises of dress, accoutrements and it has ever stood for the premium life style every bit good. Furthermore, it has created the diverse bomber trade names which are invention, distinguishable design and superb workmanship, such as Polo, Club Monaco and Rugby ( Trefis Team, 2013 ) . Furthermore, it ab initio focused on the work forces market and following markets were adult females and different ages across states worldwide through online store and in-store retail merchant. However, there is a great trade of rivals like Chanel, Calvin Kevin, and private label trade names that Ralph Lauren is confronting. Hence, the intents of this survey may non merely assist Ralph Lauren maintain bing and turn new consumers, but besides understand what people desire, attitude and behavior.

Problem statement

Recent old ages, Ralph Lauren ‘s trade name portion has been shared by private labels which are bit by bit increasing at section shops ( Trefis Team, 2011 ) . This menace may earnestly ensue in the decrease of bing clients who have loved for Ralph Lauren. Additionally, another job is Ralph Lauren expands its retails into Asia, but scheme and control have lost. In add-on to this, it has to confront the high per centum of buccaneering merchandises which hurts its repute and trade name image in Asia ( Trefis Team, 2012 ) .

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Management & A ; research inquiry

What specific ways can be done to retain original consumers at section shops?

How to increase its grosss and clients even private labels come out?

Development of aims & A ; principle

Estimate rivals ‘ constructions, schemes and chances to increase more its fight.

Realize consum { Aggarwal, 2008 # 16 ; Corporation, 2013 # 6 ; Corporation, 2013 # 10 ; Devault, 2012 # 12 ; DiFrisco, 2009-2011 # 8 ; Keller, 2013 # 17 ; Logos, n.d. # 9 ; Perner, 1999-2010 # 13 ; Quester, 2002 # 14 ; Roumeliotis, 2012 # 2 ; Srivastava, 2011 # 20 ; Summers, 2005 # 19 ; Tombs, 2011 # 11 ; Trefis, 2011 # 4 ; Trefis, 2012 # 5 ; Trefis, 2013 # 3 ; Wikinvest, 2011 # 7 ; Wood, 2010 # 18 ; Wright, 2006 # 15 } Ers ‘ perceptual experiences to retain consumers and the relationship between them.

Literature sum-up

Ralph Lauren has successfully existed in the field of premium lifestyle goods for more than 30 old ages due to well-organized selling scheme and trend design. Particularly, it has powerful trade name individuality and consciousness in clients ‘ head through the drawn-out figure of merchandises, bomber trade names, international markets and easy recognized logo ( Ralph Lauren Corporation, 2013a ) . Harmonizing to Ralph Lauren ‘s official web site ( 2013a ) references that the integrating of advertisement, selling, selling and ocular presentation will be a unambiguously enormous manner to take into the corresponding showcasing of the universe. Hence, this scheme has profoundly entered into homo ‘s head and stimulated clients to fall in love with the trade name. Besides, a broad scope of monetary value picks from price reduction to luxury is an advantage which accords with clients ‘ outlook and penchants that could pull more broadly clients ( Trefis Team, 2011 ) . However, Ralph Lauren still has jobs need to get the better of.

First of wholly, the web site of Wikinvest ( 2011 ) has showed that a moving ridge ofA integrating in the thick of section storeA ironss has made for the outgrowth of major participants likeA Macy ‘s Inc. ( M ) , J.C. Penney ( JCP ) A andA Nordstrom ( JWN ) . Biggish buying power is benefit to these ironss which are able to diminish the figure of physical shops. Furthermore, these ironss start their ain trade names and sale own designed merchandises at section shops to weaken premium trade names ‘ place. Therefore, the rivals of Ralph Lauren have been increasing. Ralph Lauren needs to postulate with the private label trade names which these ironss launch their ain with low monetary values and high quality ( wikinvest, 2011 ) . As a consequence, the market portion has decreased and lost portion of trueness clients owing to these private labels.

The 2nd major issue is that Ralph Lauren has started spread outing its concern into Asia as a important growing scheme in emerging markets, whereas the job comes out. In 2010, Ralph Lauren was licensed to Dickson Concepts in China because this manner could handily enlarge trade name acknowledgment and expand greater consumers and cut down capital outgos ( Trefis Team, 2012 ) . However, non merely did Ralph Lauren lose its direct control of the concern but besides its repute damaged due to buccaneering of Polo shirts ( Trefis Team, 2012 ) . Because the unstable macroeconomic status in the universe, most makers realize that consumers look frontward to cheaper goods to replace luxury goods. Consequently, in order to derive more benefits, Dickson Concept was centred on low-priced production line to bring forth Ralph Lauren ‘s merchandises with a stale, low quality trade name image in China. It was opposite to the luxury image in US and Europe ( Trefis Team, 2012 ) . It causes clients change their love into private labels or buccaneering.

All in all, in order to keep its place in the universe, Ralph Lauren has to understand its entreaty and competitory advantages and whether these advantages have singular influence on consumers ‘ attitude to love for Ralph Lauren. Besides, they have to reason what affects trade name trueness and how to prolong or turn their place in people ‘s head.

Model development

There are three developed theoretical accounts to depict the ascertained characteristics and psychological concepts or attitudes.

Model 1 purposes to depict the important characteristics that impact on penchant.

Model 1: Features and Degrees


The trade name has a strong acknowledgment to vie with new challengers.

The trade name does non hold a strong acknowledgment to vie with new challengers.


The trade name offers many-sided services to contend with new challengers.

The trade name offers limited services to contend with new challengers.

Integrated selling communicating ( IMC )

The trade name utilizes multichannel publicizing run to pull clients.

The trade name utilizes individual advertisement run to pull clients.


The trade name produces high quality and delicate merchandises to fulfill clients.

The trade name produces low quality and unsmooth merchandises for clients.

Logoi?sAccording to a most influential interior decorator, Milton Glaser, said, “ The logo is

the entry point to the trade name ” ( DiFrisco, 2009-2011 ) . Logo makes clients easy acknowledge a peculiar trade name and distinguish from different trade names which do non hold obvious Sons to remember. Furthermore, it can be penetrated into people ‘s head when the logo design is simple, colorful and meaningful that associates with the name of trade names. The logo of Ralph Lauren is a adult male with a mallet on a Equus caballus that reveals a clear feeling of the wealth people and American expression. Besides, Ralph Lauren uses the colors of white and black to demo the prestigiousness of its trade name ( Celebrated Logos, n.d. ) .

Servicei?sCustomer service is based on fulfilling clients ‘ chances and

maintains the relationship between companies and clients. The official web site of Ralph Lauren offers on-line client aid services which include tracking orders, returning and refunds policy, gift services ( Ralph Lauren Corporation, 2013b ) .

IMCi?sIntegrated selling communications means “ The construct under

which a company carefully integrates and coordinates its many communications channel to present a clear, consistent and compelling message about the organisation and its merchandises ” ( Tombs & A ; Seamons, 2011 ) . Most of trade names use more than one channel to advance their merchandises due to the fact that multichannel selling brings effectual and affecting feeling to pull consumers. Ralph Lauren capitalizes on multichannel publicizing run, like doing the most of on-line media web sites, print media advertizement and in-store ( Devault, 2012 ) .

Producti?sNot merely are clients bit by bit going sensitive and careful on

the quality, but besides sing the singularity of merchandises which could public presentation their position and repute. Ralph Lauren delivers epicurean goods in four classs: dress, place, accoutrements and aromas to different age ( Ralph Lauren Corporation, 2013a ) . Consequently, satisfied clients will be given to love Ralph Lauren.

Model 2 intents to explicate and specify purchaser behaviors.

Buyer Behaviour Model

Input ( External influence )

Firm ‘s selling effortsi?s merchandises, publicity, pricing, channels of distribution,

market cleavage

Sociocultural environmenti?sFamily, communicating and mention groups, societal

category, subculture and civilization, sentiment leading

and diffusion of invention, public policy and

consumer protection.

Procedure ( Decision doing )

Need acknowledgment Pre-purchase hunt Evaluation of options

Psychological field Experience

Consumer demands and motive

Personality and ego


Learning and engagement


Organizational field

Organizational purchasing

Output ( Post-decision behavior )



Repeat purchase

Post purchase rating

Beginning: 2011, Pearson Australia, Schiffman et Al, Consumer Behaviour, 5th Edition

( For the account of purchaser behavior theoretical account refer to the appendix. )







Model 3 purposes to explicate the relationship between trade name and clients from the underside to the top. Particularly, it besides conducts that clients love for trade name due to satisfaction and trueness.

CBBE theoretical account

Beginning: 2011, Pearson Australia, Strategic trade name direction: edifice, measurement, and pull offing trade name equity, 4th Edition

CBBE theoretical account ( Customer-Based Brand Equity ) was proposed by Keller in 1993. He claimed “ differential consequence that trade name cognition has on consumer response to the selling of that trade name ” ( Aggarwal, 2008 ) .

Saliencei?sThis bed is speaking about the deepness and comprehensiveness of

trade name consciousness that clients ‘ memories can be recalled and recognized the trade names in different state of affairss ( Keller, 2013 ) .

Performance and imageryi?sPerformance includes the internal

merchandises or services that fulfil consumers ‘ demand. The dimensions of public presentation do non merely concentrate on merchandise dependableness, lastingness and reparability, but besides manner, design and monetary value ( Keller, 2013 ) . Imagery is the personalities of trade names that stating a narrative about the merchandises and its clients ‘ outlook. Therefore, trade name imagination needs to be strong, favorable and alone to convert and pull the eyes of the consumers ( Keller, 2013 ) .

Judgments and feelingsi?sThe dimensions of judgement are

trade name quality, credibleness, consideration and high quality. Yet the feelings dimensions are to mensurate the societal blessing, self-respect, excitement and security. Both of two dimensions are to carry on the positive and accessible responses from clients ( Keller, 2013 ) .

Resonancei?sIt is to gauge the relationship between trade names

and clients in order to further higher trade name trueness. The dimensions include behavioral trueness whether frequent buying the same trade names, attitudinal fond regard, like proud of trade names, sense of community and active battle ( Keller, 2013 ) .


This subdivision reveals the attacks to utilize in the survey.

Research design

The survey will analyze clients ‘ attitude toward Ralph Lauren and others, besides evaluate new challengers ‘ public presentations. Therefore, the research will be designed to carry through the aims.

Research context

Most clients keen on cheaper merchandises alternatively of luxury trade names in recent old ages, due to the fact that macroeconomic conditions cause the piratical merchandises and private labels have been progressively establishing. Consequently, more and more rivals are scrambling the market of dress and accoutrements. That is why this research tries to assist Ralph Lauren figure out a manner to acquire over the menace and more widely understand clients ‘ demand to retain and pull new and old clients. Most of import thing is that specifying the trade name love in clients ‘ head.

Data Collection

In this survey, both primary and secondary informations are used. First of wholly, the primary informations will be utilizing a printing and an online questionnaire study at the same clip that is called “ A study of comparing luxury trade names to buccaneering and private labels. ” The questionnaire will hold near ended inquiries, unfastened ended inquiries, trade name evaluation and pick inquiries. The advantages of questionnaires are that practical and convenient collect informations from a great trade of people in a short clip without high cost. However, it still has some disadvantages, such as deficiency cogency ( Wood & A ; Ross-Kerr, 2010 ) . Second, beside the primary informations, comparative informations can be provided from the secondary informations resources which include house ‘s internal information system and electronic database. The advantages of it are economical and specific information can be collected to back up primary informations. Nevertheless, its informations may be out-dated ( Summers & A ; Johnson-Morgan, 2005 ) .


The samples of the research survey consist of clients from luxury trade names and private labels as respondents. The respondents have been divided by nationalities, ages and different backgrounds. It is a non-probability method which includes convenience, opinion, quota and sweet sand verbena sampling. Furthermore, the advantages of this sampling are that passing lower cost and informations can be collected easier than the population measuring. Nonetheless, trying method provides less precise and creditable information ( Srivastava & A ; Rego, 2011 ) .


Features statement

This proposal will utilize factorial design to roll up the information of characteristics and characteristic degrees.

In Model 1, there are four classs of trade names ‘ characteristic. Each class has two different degrees. So it is a 2x2x2x2 factorial design.

Design Matrix for 2x2x2x2 Factorial Designs






Merchandise A





Merchandise B





Product C





Product D





Merchandise Tocopherol





Merchandise F





Merchandise G





Merchandise H





Merchandise I





Product J





Merchandise K





Merchandise L





Product M





Merchandise N





Merchandise O





Merchandise P





This survey will utilize a seven-point evaluation graduated tables, which is easy for respondents to reply, to measure consumers ‘ penchants.

Attitudes measuring

In the behavior theoretical account, it assumes purchaser behavior as “ Y1 ” , house ‘s selling attempt as “ X1 ” , sociocultural environment as “ X2, determination doing procedure as “ X3, purchase “ X4 ” and post-purchase rating as “ X5. ”

Firm ‘s selling attempt

The trade name offer high quality merchandises to carry through your demand.

The monetary value of this trade name is deserving to pay.

The trade name ‘s channel of distribution is easy to happen and be recognized.

The trade name ‘s publicity is strongly pulling you.

Sociocultural environment

The trade name can increase your position.

The trade name brings a strong cultural spirit.

Decision devising procedure

The trade name can raise your personal traits.

The trade name has a name you can swear.

The trade name has the ability to present what it promises.

The trade name meets your outlook.

The trade name ‘s quality has been consistent for long clip.


I would reiterate purchase this trade name.

I would see purchasing this trade name.

I would ne’er purchase this trade name.

Post-purchase rating

I am more interested in this trade name.

I would urge friends or household to purchase this trade name.

This measuring will utilize five-point evaluation graduated tables. Respondents are asked for the grade of each statement.

Brand statement

This research uses balanced uncomplete block designs ( BIBDs ) to compare luxury trade names and buccaneering and private labels.

Parameters of BIBDs:

There are five trade names including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Kevin, Bar III, Halogen and Chanel ( v=5 ) .

There are 10 pick sets ( b=10 ) .

Each trade name comes out six times ( r=6 ) .

Three trade names appear in each pick set ( k=3 ) .

Each brace of trade names appears three times ( I»=3 ) .

Incidence Matrix for a BIBD with Parameters ( 5, 10, 6, 3, 3 )

1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1

1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0

1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0

0 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 1

0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 11 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10






Respondents have to take the best and the worst option in a set of available options.

Analysis program

This research will sum up the informations aggregation to look into whether the aim is solved by utilizing the computing machine package known as Statistical Package for Service Solution ( SPSS ) plan. Furthermore, refer to informations testing to look into for the informations what losing and describing descriptive statistics. Furthermore, place the techniques, such as ANOVA and arrested development analysis, for patterning several variables that appropriate to each aim.

Ethical motives statement

In this research, respondents are anonymously unpaid participants who can retreat from this survey anytime. Furthermore, it will be a safety survey which protects the personal rights of participants. The survey will utilize merely for academic research to understand consumers attitude on trade name love ; hence, private information will non be recorded. The information aggregation will be digitally stored in database. On the other manus, research workers may run into the job is sensitive respondents so each method needs to be careful designed. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the quality of this undertaking, questionnaire demands to be antecedently sent to gauge whether it is straightforward.

Brief drumhead

Restate research aims

The mainly aims are to gauge rivals ‘ schemes and to heighten more Ralph Lauren ‘s fight every bit good as to turn closer relationship by groking consum { Aggarwal, 2008 # 16 ; Corporation, 2013 # 6 ; Corporation, 2013 # 10 ; Devault, 2012 # 12 ; DiFrisco, 2009-2011 # 8 ; Keller, 2013 # 17 ; Logos, n.d. # 9 ; Perner, 1999-2010 # 13 ; Quester, 2002 # 14 ; Roumeliotis, 2012 # 2 ; Srivastava, 2011 # 20 ; Summers, 2005 # 19 ; Tombs, 2011 # 11 ; Trefis, 2011 # 4 ; Trefis, 2012 # 5 ; Trefis, 2013 # 3 ; Wikinvest, 2011 # 7 ; Wood, 2010 # 18 ; Wright, 2006 # 15 } Ers ‘ perceptual experience. Therefore, there are three developed theoretical accounts to stipulate the ascertained characteristics, psychological concepts and attitudes. Finally, the aims will be checked whether they are solved by sum uping the information aggregation.

Potential importance of the research

Turning to the inside informations, there are four of import characteristics, like logo, service, IMC and merchandise, which may impact on consumers ‘ penchant. Therefore, Ralph Lauren can vie with new challengers by analyzing their failings and strengths. While the psychological attitudes on purchasers behaviour include external influences, determination devising and post-decision behavior. This theoretical account could assist Ralph Lauren understand what consumers will see and be influenced when taking trade name and the attitude of post-purchasing. The last 1 is aims to explicate the relationship between Ralph Lauren and clients by CBBE theoretical account.

Deductions of the research

The information will be collected to analyze the aim is solved or non through SPSS plan which may offer high credibleness and high value for Ralph Lauren to derive more clients and maintain greater repute.

Appendix: measuring instrument undertaking cost and clip line

Buyer behaviour theoretical account

Input ( External influence ) i?sIt means that clients are frequently influenced by outside environments. First, house ‘s selling attempts which focus on fulfilling clients ‘ demands. For illustration, distribution agencies turn uping the merchandises near mark audiences to hike the purchasing motive. Furthermore, clients buy specific trade names to run into their desires. Second is the sociocultural environment. For case, the mention groups whose values are compared by an person as a criterion of his or her purchasing behavior and life styles. ( Perner, 1999-2010 ) . Furthermore, harmonizing to the research shows that “ A hierarchal division of a society into comparative distinct and homogenous groups with regard to attitudes, values, and life styles ” ( Quester et al. , 2002 ) . As a consequence, external factors will impact clients ‘ consideration on the trade names whether match their position and demands.

Procedure ( Decision doing ) i?sBefore buying merchandises, clients will ab initio place their demands, and cod information from past experiences so measuring the assorted options in the market ( Wright, 2006 ) . Hence, trade names should increase their fight to derive fame.

Output ( Post-decision behavior ) i?sThere are two parts in this subdivision. First is purchase, such as test which clients can measure the merchandise through direct usage. If the merchandise is sufficient them, clients will reiterate to buy and go loyal on this trade name ( Wright, 2006 ) . Another one is that post-purchase rating which clients still analysis the merchandise after holding it due to the fact that they want to recognize whether it fulfils demand.

Provide undertaking timeline

April 2013i?s Investigate the issue of Ralph Lauren a literature reappraisal.

May 2013i?sPrepare and subject a brief papers petition understanding to supervisor.

June 2013i?sIdentify a thoughtful development of the theoretical model.

July 2013i?sDevelop a suited method for roll uping utile informations.

August 2013i?s Design the signifiers of informations aggregation.

September 2013i?sDesign and reexamine questionnaire.

October 2013i?sAdminister questionnaire.

November 2013i?s Collect questionnaire.

December 2013i?sAnalyse and construe informations.

January 2013i?s Final authorship of project study.

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