The Practice of Leadership and Management as a Nurse

Management is an economic resource to run into nonsubjective. It is a societal procedure implying duty for the effectual and economical planning and ordinances of the operations of an endeavor in fulfilment of the given intent. Leadership on the other manus is the procedure of act uponing persons or groups towards accomplishment of a end in a given state of affairs. The intent of this paper is chiefly to synthesise differing leading and direction constructs and to use rules of leading and direction, squad edifice constructs, and organisational theory to nursing clinical pattern. This is to guarantee quality betterment, guaranting that the fiscal information is up to day of the month, to guarantee minimum hazards occur at the wellness centres and avoid perennial clinical jobs. It is hence of import as a nurse to use leading and direction constructs to guarantee that there is motive for the good operation under the infirmaries.

Nursing direction is the public presentation of the leading maps whilst guaranting the leading powers are kept in topographic point. This leading powers include: coercive, reward, legitimate, adept, mention, information and should do certain they are all cloaked and exercised. Nursing direction includes all the chief maps of direction viz. :

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Planing ; this includes the prediction and the choice of aims with the policies, plans and processs for accomplishing them. Nurses should hence be in a place to be after with clear focal point

Forming ; this is concerned with determination of work and the allotment of responsibilities, authorization and duty. This will enable nurses to avoid reoccurring of old mistakes.

Directing/leading ; it involves the guiding and oversing subsidiaries. The nurses must do certain the subsidiaries are oriented into the understanding why, guided towards improved public presentation and motivated to work efficaciously towards the infirmaries ends

Controling ; it is the procedure involved in puting up of criterions, the regular comparing of physical events with criterions and so taking up the disciplinary actions.

The nursing direction is hence using this maps and leading functions particularly at the nursing unit. They besides have other primary duties of staffing, motivation, pass oning, commanding and budgeting among others.

Importance of Management and Leadership to Nurse Directors

First, it guarantee quality betterment by integrating integrity of way, integrity of bid, stableness of staff which will take to a sense of belonging and ensures patients are good taken attention of. Besides it helps by guaranting that the fiscal information is up to day of the month by using the rule of authorization and duty which calls for answerability and prevents abuse of authorization. In add-on it minimizes hazards at the wellness centres by doing certain there are order and a scalar concatenation of bid and once and for all, avoids recurrent clinical jobs.

Difference between Leaderships and Directors

leaders by and large innovate and develop while directors administer and keep

Leaderships focus on people animating trust and openness while directors focus on systems and constructions and do staffs trust on control

Leaderships do the right things and maintain an oculus on the skyline while directors do things right and maintain an oculus on the bottom line

Leaderships originate things whereas directors imitate things

Leaderships change the position quo while directors accept the position quo

Management Style and Leadership manner

The eventuality attack or situational attack suggests that there is no 1 best manner to pull off and form but instead, successful managerial determinations options depends upon the state of affairss and fortunes in which such determinations are made.

Autocratic leading manner is considered as a classical attack to leading or absolutism. It is one in which the directors retain as much determination doing authorization as possible.

Bureaucratic leading is where the directors manage by the book that is ; everything must be done harmonizing to process or policy.

Laissez carnival is the 1 in which the leader provides small or no way and gives employees as much freedom as possible. All governments are given to employees and they must find their ends, make determination and decide jobs on their ain.

Democratic leading manner encourages employees to execute portion of their determinations. Democratic director keeps his or her employees informed about everything that affect their work and portions determination devising and job resolution duty.

I would hence use the democratic leading manner since it will guarantee that I consider the subsidiaries that unit ‘s for the benefit of the wellness attention and the society at big.

II. Application of leading and direction of nursing pattern

Case Scenario

A wellness attention that envisages supplying the best and competitory wellness attention installations must hold staff illustration the charge nurse, sister nurse who are first-class in their chosen subjects, have strong leading capablenesss, and are comfy working in the environment. Top directors of the unit should therefore posses ‘ distinguishable features of great leaders, therefore being a blessing to the wellness unit and society particularly as patients. Besides strategic direction is believed to distribute the realisation of organisational aims. The strength of planetary fight in best service requires directors to follow strategic direction and be good versed with the features associated with strategic determinations.


Bing the nurse in charge of advanced wellness attention institute, there has been jobs as a consequence of hapless direction and leading accomplishments. First the employees turnover is high that is the Numberss of employees under assorted section employed per twelvemonth is about 100 % .Secondly the wellness attention members normally receive orders from assorted supervisors conveying Forth a batch of confusion, the division of labour is ill done such that some patients may be attended by more than one nurse and the others may neglect to be attended. The jobs that were antecedently done are reoccurred hence doing the figure of patients to acquire services to other wellness attention unit.In add-on there are a batch of complains from other staff that their wage is non just plenty and that the degree of occupation satisfaction is rather low.

Plan action

Behavioral attack to direction ; this is based on the perceptual experience that those involved in the organisation are the predetermining of organisational and managerial effectivity. It is concerned with apprehension of the single workers with accent on motive, demands, interpersonal relationships and group kineticss. For case, Douglas Mc Greggor-Theory X and Theory Y.Douglas MC Greggor believed that employees are lazy existences hence directors should utilize ‘carrot and lodge ‘ in actuating employees in theory X premise. In theory Y premises Douglar MC Greggor believed that work is like a drama and if a drama is non interesting the employees will non be interested in the drama. With this sort of a system and using Henri Fayol ‘s rules of direction that are relevant to principles direction, I will guarantee that there is just wage, that besides there is stableness of staff, the rule of integrity of bid will besides be utile by guaranting that members receive orders from merely one supervisor.

The most appropriate leading manner to yield the job is democratic leading manner which requires a leader to be a sofa that has the concluding say but gathers information from the staffs before doing a determination

Stairss in deciding this job

Problem acknowledgment

Problem definition

Planing and design

Solve the job

Implement the job

Schemes of taking and pull offing people

Motivation is the procedure that accounts for an single strength, waies and continuity of attempts towards achieving a end. It is the grounds why employees would desire to work hard and work efficaciously for the organisation. To actuate those involved towards a solution requires the elements of motive which are ; ability, degree of accomplishments, cognition about how to finish the undertaking, attitude, fillings and beliefs. By using the motive that is content theory and procedure theory, directors will be able to increase their motive capacity. To derive effectual support, the directors should guarantee that they guide and supervise the subsidiaries consequently and by manner of illustration. The transportation of information between different people in a concern should hold a unit of way to avoid struggle and confusion in authorization.

Change Theory

Change is doing things different or making things in different ways. In most organisation, alteration activities are activated. The modern attack to alterations requires organisation to be proactive to alterations. In nursing direction, for case there are stimulations to alterations. The outgrowth of freshly created or reregulation ‘s of bing Torahs, increased in the figure of accidents and mistakes, high degree of labour turnover, alterations in the legal system regulating labors and other general countries. The alteration procedure includes ;

Initial job designation where the initial job is identified

Obtaining informations associating to the job through different methods of informations aggregation

Problem diagnosing to understand the roots of the job

Action planning ; this involves strategically holding programs for work outing the job

Implementation which involves application of the job work outing techniques to the job

Appraisal of the effects and larning from the procedure and giving feedback to other interrelated persons and stairss

Organizational Environment

Management environment refers to forces act uponing organisational activity and direction policies from within and outside the organisation. The internal environment refers to the internal resources, activities and events of the organisational members. The stakeholders depending if it is a profitable or non profitable organisation have a direct and specific impact upon organisational operation, the general environment particularly the patients affect the organisation. My scheme to work out the job will hold a societal, cultural, economic, political impact on the bureau.

III. Evaluation

Today the impression of entire quality direction means that the entire organisation is committed to quality. Entire quality direction means a entire attempt towards run intoing client demands and ensures choice by be aftering for quality. This can be easy evaluated by the results of the staff members in conformity to the expected consequences. My program would hold work if the consequences are as per my programs and all the other jobs are resolved. This is by guaranting there are no perennial clinical jobs and the clinic operates expeditiously.


Staff opposition to alter is as a consequence of selective perceptual experience, fright of unknown, organisational civilization and usage, awaited incommodiousnesss and likely economic factors. In add-on the cost of analyses and doing these alterations is high and the organisation may see the cost outweighing the benefits. Besides, the clip required to work out the jobs, doing alterations and coming up with a new program may be excessively much and the organisation may make up one’s mind to disregard the jobs. Furthermore there may be fortunes where the undertaking will neglect land this may take to abandoning the undertaking that was to integrate alteration. In add-on there can be altering precedence and another program has to be developed.

IV. Summary

In drumhead a leader should use facets of a good and effectual leader. By using the different leading manner that is bossy, bureaucratic, and democratic and laissez carnival, a leader should guarantee that he is competent plenty. Management is a societal procedure implying duty for the effectual and economical planning and ordinances of the operations of the endeavor, in fulfilment of the given intent. Besides the director should guarantee that he applies the rule of direction particularly scientific direction and art direction. There is still a sense of art in all direction and in intuition is a really utile usher. Cipher will state that book acquisition will do successful director. The importance fright of human dealingss with its psychological contacts is frequently a affair of personality more than process.Nursing direction will therefore affect integrating all the rules and maps of direction in order to guarantee effectual work is done and integrating leading manner to actuate and collaborate with other staffs.


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