The Problems At Riordan Manufacturing Management Essay

Riordan is sing assorted challenges that need to be resolved in order for it to win in its operations. Indeed, the senior direction of the company is charged with the duty of developing and implementing critical steps that are in line with the ends of the organisation. In peculiar, the company needs to turn to the issues of employee motive and occupation satisfaction.

This scheme needs to set in to consideration the involvements, values and concerns of the employees for it to be successful. Specific countries of concern include the demand to better the wages system of the company and guarantee that monitoring and control is undertaken. In add-on, there is demand to guarantee that the company ‘s human capital is improved through preparation. All these should non compromise the quality of the merchandises provided to the clients. It is against this background that this paper seeks to suggest a solution that would enable Riordan to develop a comprehensive motive and wagess scheme. Notably, this is cardinal in heightening public presentation, bettering occupation satisfaction and hiking productiveness of the company.

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Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The recent execution of a new concern scheme that does non profit the employees by Riordan had negative deductions as it decreased their motive and public presentation. In this regard, Kreitner and Kinicki ( 2003 ) ascertain that employees tend to exhibit more attempts when they believe that the compensation that they get for their attempts is worthwhile. By and large, Riordan ‘s compensation rates are manner below those provided in the industry. Management surveies show that effectual wage system is a really powerful tool for back uping and promoting the employees consequently ( Dreher and Dougherty, 2001 ) . Therefore in order to heighten teamwork, difficult work, quality betterment, cooperation and teamwork, Riordan must implement a new wage system that efficaciously compensates the employees. The company has the chance to implement another wage system if it seeks to pull and retain quality employees that are motivated and hardworking.

Further, the employees are non trained consequently to develop raising every bit good as strengthen their accomplishments and abilities. This undermines their capacity to accomplish the ends that are set Forth by the company. Notably, the company has the chance to supply accomplishments developing to the employees to guarantee that they meet the ends that are set. Employee preparation is of import because it equips the work force with sufficient accomplishments to turn to the emergent challenges with easiness. In add-on, Dreher and Dougherty ( 2001 ) indicate that this is critical to heighten the public presentation of the employees. Effective preparation demands to include occupation rotary motion. In this respect, Dreher and Dougherty ( 2001 ) show that rotary motion exposes the employees to a broad scope of work environments. The alternate places stimulate them to show their endowments, accomplishments and cognition consequently.

The employees besides feel defeated due to the fact that their assorted achievements are non recognized and rewarded consequently. In peculiar, publicities are non undertaken based on the achievements of the employees. In their reappraisal, Dreher and Dougherty ( 2001 ) bespeak that employees that are driven by a desire to win frequently prefer being accorded more hard undertakings. In add-on, they prefer chances that would dispute their capacity and enable them to larn. Riordan apparently has the chance to actuate and promote the employees consequently through wagess, positive support every bit good as feedback on public presentation.

Stakeholder Positions

Ethical Dilemmas

In order to win back the assurance of all the stakeholders and guarantee that the human resource direction patterns are in line with the concern schemes, Riordan needs to affect all the stakeholders in the preparation and execution of strategic pans. In peculiar, the values, rights and involvements of all the stakeholders need to be accorded equal attending. In add-on, determinations need to reflect the involvements of the employees, clients, board members and senior leading squads. Mainstreaming of stakeholder concerns and involvements is of import as it enhances motive and committedness. Notably, this is cardinal for accomplishment of company end and aims.

Particular concerns that have been raised by the employees include the demand to better the wage system to a degree that it would counterbalance the employees consequently for their attempts, acknowledgment of employee achievements and the demand for preparation. The employees are concerned because the company is doing limited attempts to guarantee that these concerns are addressed.

The major concern of the squad is to help the employees with critical resources that would increase their public presentation. It hence has a right to pass on with the affected parties and supply an environment that will profit each and every member of the company. In add-on, the squad seeks to implement relevant schemes that would guarantee that hardworking employees are retained. Further, they are concerned about the demand to better the employees ‘ wage in order to actuate them and hike their public presentation.

The clients on the other manus are entirely concerned about go oning to have quality merchandises from Riordan without holding to pay more. Therefore they believe that the company needs to do determinations that are sustainable and less dearly-won. The CEOs and other stakeholders are concerned with the capacity to accomplish the highest degree of public presentation. The company ‘s concern is to implement attacks and schemes that would guarantee that the employees ‘ motive is boosted and occupation satisfaction achieved. This would be instrumental in avoiding the high rate of employee bend over that it is soon sing. Finally, the human resources direction is concerned about the demand for Riordan to supply employees with wagess, publicities and compensations based on their accomplishments.

Problem Statement

Riordan Manufacturing will heighten growing and stableness through employee preparation, development of appropriate plans and proviso of competitory compensation bundles that would increase occupation satisfaction every bit good as motive with efficient human resource direction patterns that are instrumental in heightening an just work environment.

End- State Vision

Riordan needs to utilize a scheme to set the human resource direction patterns in line with the concern scheme that it implemented late. The company has to implement a scheme that would advance an just work environment for all its employees. The proposed alterations would be determined through an employee feedback plan that has the suggestions and assorted comparings made by the employees at all degrees of the organisation. The company will supply the employees with a wage system that is honoring and one that compensates their attempts to the full. Furthermore, it will be competitory in the industry.

Riordan will expose the employees to equal chances every bit good as calling systems in order to increase their motive and productiveness. The company will supply chances for its employees to see occupation rotary motion and accomplishments developing. In add-on, it will supply development plans that seek to beef up their abilities and endowments. Finally, Riordan will supply the employees with effectual direction, preparation and chances to utilize their interpersonal intelligence. These dynamic alterations will finally expose the employees to an just work environment that in return additions occupation satisfaction and reduces turnover rate.

Alternate Solutions

The company needs to let its human resource direction leaders to implement the proposed alterations that would guarantee that the employees have a flexible and competitory wage system that benefits both the company and the employees. Notably the alterations would travel a long manner in admiting the importance of an effectual human resource direction in advancing an just work environment that boosts the public presentation of the employees and additions occupation satisfaction.

Basically, Nancherla ( 2008 ) ascertains that employers across the Earth frequently find it hard to retain high potency employees that are important for successful operation of their companies. He cites the ClearRock Company that has faced the challenge before. Riordan needs to revise its keeping plans to guarantee that they cover the emergent and dynamic demands of the employees. In this regard, Nancherla ( 2008 ) points out that companies are progressively revising their keeping plans in order to retain high profile employees. It is besides noteworthy that Riordan employees are non motivated to better their public presentation and productiveness. This is due to the fact that they are non compensated consequently for outstanding public presentation. In add-on, they are non recognized for their achievements. There is an pressing demand for the company to clear up its outlooks to the employees sing entire wages system.

Notably, Boeing Aircraft makers besides grappled with the job of deficiency of employee motive that adversely affected its productiveness as a consequence of low public presentation. To counter this, the company adopted a feasible scheme that revitalized the wages bundles of its employees. The new compensation bundles were all encompassing and entailed the basic wage of the employees, their pension, and stock options, health care and restricted stock information. Riordan should use a similar scheme and turn to the single wage bundles of its employees. This will guarantee intertwine its employees enjoy better benefit planning, disposal and design. Riordan will decidedly be after and plan efficient benefits plans and inform its employees of the value of the same.

Besides, it is notable that Riordan employees have indispensable accomplishments, cognition every bit good as aptitude that enable them to finish their responsibilities consequently. However, they lack accomplishments preparation and critical development plans that are critical for fostering and beef uping their abilities. For sustainability intents, Riordan needs to supply its employees with an effectual on line calling development class. The site needs to maintain path of critical information sing the employees that have completed the class. Ultimately, this would enable the employees to update their accomplishments consequently.

Further, it is imperative for Riordan to understand and appreciate that end puting greatly influences the attitudes and public presentation of employees. Critical steps in this respect would be to hold leaders that have the ability to put realistic ends. In order to accomplish this, the company needs to implement a preparation class for its direction forces. Hastings ( 2008 ) indicates that this would enable the direction every bit good as the employees to accomplish motive and occupation satisfaction that is instrumental in heightening public presentation. Notably, this is a more sustainable excessively due to the fact that it has long term deductions. Of great importance is its ability to better the company ‘s endowment pool.

It is besides clear that Riordan understands that increased public presentation is dependent on motive, cognition and accomplishments of the employees. The companies need to travel beyond this realisation and supply relevant preparation, compensation and development. At this occasion, it should be appreciated that the company ‘s human capital contributes significantly to the stableness of the same in the industry. Riordan will decidedly use a host of attacks to guarantee that the end of heightening employee public presentation and productiveness is met.

Analysis of Alternate Solutions

In order for the company to effectual supply an just occupation environment that is characterized by publicity of high public presentation, preparation and occupation satisfaction, rating of top options is a necessity. Supplying competitory wage bundles and alining the HRM pattern consequently was rated 4.69. This is because the schemes are straight related to the desirable alteration that the company needs to do. Notably, developing and development that must be provided by Riordan have a direct impact on the public presentation of the employees. For this ground, they have been rated 4.38. The company needs to affect the employees in taking a competitory wage bundle. In add-on, it has been noted that Riordan must utilize an on line web tool to inform the employees of the alterations undertaken in the company. This tool was rated 4.00. It should be acknowledge that the alterations that the employees are informed of seek to hike their motive and public presentation. Riordan must besides supply a platform for frequent feedback from the employees sing calling development. This would be achieved through inter/intranet. The feedback plans had a evaluation of 4.08. The alternate solutions that have been provided can help the company in achieving its basic end of alining HRM patterns.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques

Execution of these alterations by the company is likely to confront some degree of employee opposition. The employees are improbable to believe that the proposed alterations are good. In order to counter this, it is imperative for Riordan to pass on to them and inform them of the importance of the alterations. This may be reinforced by supplying the employees with comparative feedback and suggestion studies that would maintain the informed about the approaching alterations.

Supplying the employees with a competitory wage bundle that efficaciously compensates their attempts is likely to be disputing excessively. To get down with, the employees may be unwilling to take their desirable wage and may differ with the inducements provided to better the same. In the long tally, this would necessitate Riordan to find the compensation that the employees are given. This is likely to take to settling on a bundle that does non to the full fulfill the employees. To counter this, the company would supply the employees with the determined wage bundles and anticipate them to give a feedback. It must besides give the employees adequate clip to take the bundles that satisfy them.

The on-line tool would be of import in reexamining the profiles of the employees. However, this may be considered malicious by the employees. Riordan needs to pass on to the employees about the importance of the tool and promote its usage by posting of import company information on the site. Further, the company needs to avail optional preparation every bit good as development plans to its employees. The plans might be excessively expensive for the company to keep and the staff may non use them consequently. Before execution of the plans, the employees need to be informed about their importance to career development and the demand to take up the classs. In add-on, a study needs to be done to find the employees that would utilize the service.

The company should besides supply frequent feedback and possible calling development through the cyberspace. Employees might defy adhering to this due to the fact that it affects their beefs and values. It would be of import to transport out research about calling development. Besides employees need to be informed consequently about the importance of calling promotion.

Optimum Solution

Riordan needs to aline the HRM patterns to the proposed concern schemes in order to supply the employees with the much needed satisfaction and just work environment. The company needs to implement a competitory wage bundle that would counterbalance employee attempts consequently and heighten occupation satisfaction. In this regard, incentives as indicated by Kreither and Kinicki ( 2003 ) are of import as they increase motive and ultimate end attainment. Employees need to be exposed to accomplishments developing that non merely heighten their public presentation but besides exposes them to different work environments and enhances interaction between the direction and the employees.

Further, the proposed public presentation feedback and suggestion studies would enable them to compare their public presentation with that of the equals every bit good as directors ( Kreitner & A ; Kinicki, 2003 ) . This would enable them to guarantee that their behaviour and attempts are inclined towards accomplishing the ends of the company. Finally, Riordan needs to supply an on line web tool that informs the employees sing critical alterations in the company. This would besides be instrumental in heightening an just environment that would hike productiveness.

Execution Plan

The company is ready to use nine months in the execution of the program that is meant to redesign and aline the Human Resource Practices to the Proposed Business program. The employee feedback will be provided in two months and a competitory wage system will be delivered in five months. During the initial six months, Riordan will give its human resource direction forces a opportunity to aline the relevant patterns consequently and increase the occupation satisfaction and motive of the employees. The company, in coaction with its direction will avail an on line web tool to their employees within seven months. Generally, an just work environment will be provided to the employees in nine months.

Evaluation of Consequences

In finding the effectivity of Riordan in alining human resource patterns, a monthly study will be carried out. The chief countries of concern of the studies will include interaction between the employees and the direction, efficiency of the wage systems, occupation satisfaction and the effectivity of the on-line tool. These studies would dispute the company ‘s capableness to efficaciously turn to the existent issues. The company will besides avail employee feedback plans at all degrees. The single feedback will be undertaken quarterly and will inform the employees about their personal public presentation.

Riordan will besides benchmark the wage bundles that are available in the industry, quarterly. Further, relevant squads will set about an internal rating to find the turnovers. Information on the company web site will be updated on a hebdomadal footing. These consequences will efficaciously mensurate the human resource patterns of the company and steer it in accomplishing its cardinal ends. Finally, the direction squads will be expected to honor the employees utilizing squad based wage. This will move as an inducement for assorted achievements and will besides actuate the employees to better their public presentation.


Riordan has efficaciously identified the chances that would enable it to reconstruct motive in the company and enhance public presentation. It has a sustainable strategic program that seeks to aline the human resource patterns to the concern scheme. Specific countries of concern have been the demand to reexamine the wage bundles of the employees to guarantee that they are honoring. The feedback plan would be instrumental in controling possible employee opposition to the execution of the program. The company deems it necessary to integrate the involvements, values and concerns of employees, stakeholders and clients in the strategic program. This would heighten sustainability and guarantee that the program enables the company to accomplish its cardinal ends.

Table 1

Issue and Opportunity Identification



Mention to Specific

Course Concept

( Include commendation )


The company implemented a new concern scheme that was non good to employees. This adversely effected their public presentation and motive

The company has the chance to actuate and promote employees

Kinicki and Kreiter ( 2003 ) bespeak that employees exhibit increased attempts if they are good compensated

Employee motive, public presentation and satisfaction.

The employees do non hold the accomplishments to efficaciously transport out the ends of the company

Riordan has an chance to better the employee accomplishments through preparation

Employees are frustrated because their attempts and accomplishes are non efficaciously rewarded

The company has a opportunity to promote and actuate employees through effectual compensation

Dreher and Dougherty ( 2003 ) show that employees prefer disputing undertakings

Table 2

Stakeholder Positions

Stakeholder Positions

Stakeholder Groups

The Interests, Rights, and

Valuess of Each Group


Concerned about having valuable merchandises without holding to pay more

Concerned that determinations made by Riordan be less dearly-won.


Concerned about demand to better the wages and compensation system

Concerned about the directions deficiency of finding to turn to the issues consequently.

Senior leading squad

Concerned with the demand to help employees to achieve cardinal resources

Concerned with execution of a scheme to heighten employee compensation

Human Resource Management

Concerned with implementing attacks that would cut down the rate of turnovers and heighten employee occupation satisfaction

Concerned about the realisation of improved public presentation and motive is based on wagess, compensations and publicities based on achievements

Table 3

Analysis of Alternate Solutions

Table 4

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques

Alternate Solution

Hazards and Probability

Consequence and Badness

Extenuation Techniques

Align HR with concern attacks

Incredulity by employees that alterations are good

Employee opposition to alter

Reduced public presentation

Lack of employee trueness to company

Lack of trust by employees

Company looses fiscal resources

Inform staff of grounds for execution

Avail staff suggestion studies

Provide staff comparing feedback

Supply a competitory wage system

Expensive for company

Staff do non take the bundle

Undermines occupation satisfaction

Company looses fiscal resources

Employee dissatisfaction

Staff dissension with wage system

Offer inducements related to public presentation

Provide adequate clip to choose bundles

Supply staff with feedback public presentation

Supply staff with optional accomplishments developing

A part O degree Fahrenheit employees may differ

Programs expensive for the company

Staff uncertainties on effectivity of preparation

Some employees may neglect to take advantage of plan

Company looses resources

Employees think they have sufficient accomplishments and expect increased ay

Carry out studies to find staff involvement in preparation

Inform staff of occupation outlooks

Allow the HR to pass on with the employees through squads

Table 5

Optimum Solution Implementation Plan



Who is Responsible

Align HR patterns

Six months

HR Leader

Improve wage system

Three months

Riordan and CEO

Avail preparation and development

Five months

Riordan and Staff

Provide staff web site

Seven months

Company and direction squad

Provide feedback plan

Two months

Riordan and employees

Avail and just work environment

Nine months

Company and direction squad

Table 6

Evaluation of Consequences

End-State Goals



Align HRM patterns with concern schemes



Provide employee with feedback based on feedback studies at all degrees

Individual Performance Feedback


Supply employees with a competitory wages system

Benchmarking and employee study


Reduce turnover rates of employees

Management ‘s internal rating


Supply staff with website tool

Updates sing alterations in company


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