The RIght College Essay

In the United States. there are more than 2. 000 four-year colleges and universities. Many of these colleges offer first-class instruction chances and many do acknowledge a big figure of the pupils that apply. Every college is different. and they offer different classs to involvement a assortment of pupils. I am interested in nursing. so I am looking for a college that offers this plan.

So when I began my hunt for a college. I began to look at several different factors. size of the school and size of each category. the quality of the professors. good pupil engagement. the graduation rate. distance from place. and the cost. I want a college that offers most or all of these factors because college is expensive and I want to be able to acquire the best for my demands.

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I started looking at colleges a little later than other pupils but I knew what I was looking for. At first I wasn’t certain where I wanted to travel to school. It was hard looking at schools and contracting them down but by utilizing the factors that I had set in topographic point I was able to carry through my end. I will be go toing Southeastern Louisiana University following autumn and participating in the nursing plan. Southeastern had everything that I was looking for.

The school has an first-class student/teacher ratio. figure one nursing plan in the province. a high graduation rate. it is merely 45 proceedingss from my house. and the cost is really sensible. Visiting the school made it easier to make up one’s mind which school to take. since I am involved in Student Government and Beta in high school I wanted to travel to a school that had good pupil outreach excessively. At Southeastern. pupils are really extremely involved in many facets of campus. Professors know your name at Southeastern. If you are non go toing a category. they will detect.

The factors that I had set in topographic point truly helped me in my hunt for a college. I grew up in a little school. it is what I am used to and experience comfy in and I wanted my instruction procedure to remain the same through out college. So as I finish out my high school experience and go on frontward with my new college experience. I am looking forward to a great learning experience.

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