The Spanish fashion


Zara is a concatenation of shops which belongs to the Spanish manner INDITEX group founded by Amancio Ortega Gaona. The Inditex group has over 4430 shops world-wide and more than 70,000 employees in the universe.

Zara is the most of import trade name of the Inditex group which is represented in Europe, America, Africa and Asia with 1,412 shops in 72 states, 500 of them in Spain. These shops are located in the busiest commercial countries in each metropolis, even, in the better streets of Paris, New York, London, Beijing, Milan, Tokyo, and so on.

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The first shop opened in 1975 in A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a ( Spain ) , now is resent in 72 states, ideally located in major metropoliss. Its international presence clearly shows that national frontiers are non impediment to sharing a individual manner civilization.

Its chief rivals include H & A ; M, GAP, Mango and Benetton.

A regular client walks into a shop 4 times a twelvemonth, on norm. A client enters the shop 18 times on norm. The client knows that each hebdomad will hold a new garment and that in two hebdomads that pledge will be withdrawn. It creates an semblance of demand and exclusivity.

Zara has become the biggest Spanish fabric company. Zara is ranked 50 in the categorization of trade names. ( Interbrand 2009 )

Amancio Ortega, Inditex ‘s chief stockholder, Godhead of Zara, is the richest adult male in Spain thanks to Zara, and his theoretical account victor.

The key of Zara is non to sell apparels, is selling manner. Blanco, X.R. Y Salgado, J. ( 2004 ) .

Now, we will see an analysis of the company through selling mix analysis i.e. merchandise, monetary value, publicity, and topographic point.


The merchandise is the star in the nature of the concern of fabric endeavors. Zara focuses on the production of a fugitive manner and low-cost, easy to sell throughout the universe, and besides limits clients: immature people fundamentally. The apparels are designed for all ages, from babies to grownups. Besides fabrics, Zara sells cosmetics, dressing accoutrements such as umbrellas, belts and earrings, or tickers for specific garments and place apparels. Finally a lesser extent besides manufactures merchandises – shoe repairing.

Zara has managed to fabricate apparels for European, Asiatic and American people.

It ‘s all about manner. Research workers working continuously for all states where there is something that has to make with the industry, such as Spain, France, USA, Japan, Italy…

Zara has more than 200 interior decorators among their employees.

When Zara makes a new aggregation, they produce merely 15 % of the sum. Then, they are sent to the several shops, six months before the season, and depending on the shops ‘ location they are made available to clients. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours they analyze gross revenues informations, and they produce those garments with higher gross revenues or more ( other signifiers or other colorss ) and the unsold apparels ‘ production is cancelled. This is the ground that Zara does non hold stock list jobs. Zara is able to make this procedure in less than 15 yearss, alternatively of competition produced the full aggregation at one time, and they have no room for alteration.

Zara, Inditex ‘s queen, is the concatenation ‘s largest and most studied portion of a fixed aggregation is about 60 % of production, the “ rudimentss ” which are the apparels that go out of manner. 40-50 % is timeserving garments that can merely be in shops two hebdomads. They are the “ merely in clip ” . ( JIT ) . Kotler, Philip, Armstrong, Gary, Wong, Veronica and Saunders, John ( 2008 )

Zara makes a rotary motion of apparels from clip to clip, due to the propinquity of its shops, and shop theoretical accounts are studied millimeters.

The merchandise label Zara, is alone for all states, stating them the different sizes of different states, the monetary value of the garment shown in the garment once it knows the finish of it.

The merchandises are renewed in the shops every twice a hebdomad. And the aggregations are changed every 4 hebdomads. They design more than 20,000 theoretical accounts of vesture per twelvemonth, 4 times more than their chief rivals.

The key to its success – is they are connected with consumers. Zara adapt manner tracks to the existent manner people.

Monetary value:

The interior decorator vesture has ever been dominated by trade names, high quality, but they are priced excessively high ( such as Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, Channel, Guess ) . Zara introduces interior decorator apparels with same quality like other esteemed trade names, but at popular monetary values, “ popularized manner. ”

In the European market, Zara has a medium-low monetary value, while in the remainder of the universe has a higher monetary value because the European vesture is really esteemed and has much quality.

The monetary values are set harmonizing to the buying power of the state, besides harmonizing to the competition, and an analysis of demand. They maintain a stable monetary value all twelvemonth, even in the price reduction period, they do non desire to a monetary value war with rivals.

The one-year marks in relation to the monetary value are: The gross revenues ends are to increase gross revenues by 10 % each twelvemonth. Increase net incomes by 2 % each twelvemonth.


Zara is characterized by non utilizing publicizing runs in the publicity in a mass medium. All publicities are done in the shop.

Zara buys old edifices and put collapsible shelters on them as an sole store. That was its chief promotional scheme. These edifices are situated in the best shopping countries in each metropolis, with the purpose of being observed worldwide. The shop is the chief topographic point of the publicity. Hines, Tom and Bruce, Margaret ( 2007 )

The show window is the best concern scheme of Zara, the shop location and monetary value is their arms. Word of oral cavity does the remainder. Another point that is really of import in a Zara shop is good presence and good instruction of all employees.

Zara shops are shops that have a peculiar design are the prototype of corporate advertisement.

The shops are the image the company wants to give the trade name of that imperium.

Zara is really clear the most of import facets when displayed to the populace: The show window, broad inside, merchandise arrangement, furniture.

The new shops are more broad, comfy, cared for every item, and with a short debut, some of them, other trades outside the fabric such as hair tonic, massage or UVA.

The distribution of infinite has been studied in item: the placement of the merchandises or the design of all types of furniture.

The show window is really of import in Zara shops. This is changed every 2 hebdomads and is virtually the same for all corporate shops. The show window is for sole usage by specializers in this activity. No 1 else can touch.

The stores are reformed every 18 months. The shop is the chief advertizement for Zara.

The cyberspace publicity is through their web site. It is a extremely developed.

Topographic point

Zara has 1,402 shops worldwide. The distribution scheme is developed in the headoffice, La Coruna ( Spain ) . Zara has some of the best information systems in the universe, a capacity to bring forth and administer apparels in record clip, and all this at really low monetary values. Presently, there are 8 logistics points, all of them are in Spain. Zara uses the system merely in clip, for the distribution.

It uses an internal channel of distribution. The merchandise is distributed twice a hebdomad in each shop.

The directors of the shops send day-to-day gross revenues consequences and they order from the warehouse. The day-to-day information is hence has competitory advantage on other houses.

Zara ‘s success is that it is capable of planing, bring forthing and packaging, distributing, and doing it available to clients within 15 yearss. Competing houses need 2-3 months to make the same. Christopher, Martin and Peck Helen ( 2003 ) .


The Zara concern theoretical account is characterized by a high grade of perpendicular integrating compared to other theoretical accounts developed by international rivals, which are conducted at all stages of the manner procedure: design, fabrication, logistics and gross revenues at shops ain.

Zara offers the same sort of apparels that the interior decorators sole to large trade names, but adapted to the civilization of the street, and all this fantastic, picturesque low monetary values.

We can happen shopping at Zara rich and hapless, because there truly are your favorite apparels.

The key to this theoretical account is being able to set supply in the shortest clip possible, the wants of clients. For Zara, clip is the chief factor to see, above production costs. Zara has based its success in regenerating their merchandises in recorded clip, with efficient stock list direction. Hines, Tom and Bruce, Margaret ( 2007 )

The publicity in Zara is wholly different from the rivals, does non utilize advertisement run on Television or wireless. The publicity is made in the store, since it is based at the best topographic points in the universe, with mercantile establishments designed down to the smallest item, purchasing sole edifices, etc.

Zara has been slower than the competition in the on-line channel, but they are about to establish their ain web for on-line purchases of apparels in spring 2010. Presently, they do n’t hold many gross revenues channels, but possibly in the hereafter they will transport important weight in the fabric companies.

Zara is bettering twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours for be a more esteemed house.


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