The Strategic Group Mapping Model Marketing Essay

For the intent of this study, the industry of pick was the cereal industry. The cereal industry is extremely competitory with legion concerns viing for an increased market portion. The cereal industry is influenced by client disbursement and client life style. In recent old ages, consumer behavior has altered with clients going more wellness witting. As a consequence of this, concern within the cereal industry have introduced new merchandises and modified bing merchandises to appeal to wellness witting clients.

Based on research behavior, the undermentioned tendencies were identified within the cereal industry:

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Consumer behavior alterations

Health witting clients

The chief concerns within the cereal industry are Kellogg ‘s, Nestle , Weetabix, Flahavan ‘s and Odlums.

Breakfast apart from being a necessity for interrupting the fast, it is besides seen as a societal ritual amongst the bulk of civilizations around the universe.[ 1 ]

Three chief tendencies emerge from an analysis of the industry: Acquisitions, Automation and Consolidation. The nature of the cereal industry is oligopoly as there are merely a few houses ruling the industry.

The key participants were identified as Kellogg ‘s, Origin Enterprises ( Odlums ) , Nestle, Weetabix and Finegrove Holdings Ltd. ( Flahavan ‘s ) .The breakfast cereal industry can be divided into two classs ; hot breakfast cereals and Ready to Eat ( RTE ) . The cardinal drivers to run in this industry were identified as: Reformulation of nutritionary ingredient, Product distinction, Contracts for natural stuffs, Economies of Scale and Creative advertisement.

The industry as a whole has an copiousness external macro environment factors which are clearly seen in the PESTLE.

Porter ‘s five forces identified average barriers to entry, menace of permutations and supplier power, but highlighted high purchaser power and competitory competition. From utilizing strategic mapping it was emphasised that participants in the industry modernised /changed their schemes to react to identify tendencies in the industry. From analyzing the five key participants in the industry, it is clear that all have similar merchandise variegation, merchandise development ( Ansoff growing matrix ) Strengths, weaknesses, chances and menaces ( SWOT Framework ) .

Industry Landscape

There were three cardinal tendencies found from the participants in the cereal industry. Kellogg ‘s have consolidated 42 concern web sites into one web site in order to give a clearer trade name individuality and to heighten the client experience. In relation to mechanization, these participants presently use technological advanced machinery to help them in production and packaging. Finally in May 2012, 60 % of portions from the Weetabix Food Company have been acquired by China ‘s Bright Food Group while the staying 40 % is owned by Lion Capital.

From these tendencies, there are issues that affect these participants, in footings of market impregnation and fluctuating monetary values for wheat and oats. These are possible menaces for this industry as reported by Business Insights which states ; “ cereal merchandises have reached a degree of impregnation in many Western markets, so adding value and following consumer desires will be cardinal to successful merchandise lines ” . In order to battle this market impregnation, concerns need to research, understand and acknowledge consumers demands.

The fluctuating monetary values of oats and wheat could impact each concern within the cereal industry. The monetary value fluctuations are a consequence of troubles experienced during the turning seasonal period.

Rising monetary values due to increasing costs for logistics and ingredients are chiefly traveling to impact the breakfast cereal industry and its key participants in the hereafter. Cereal merchandises could be sourced globally ; nevertheless, there is a diminution in international cereal production due to endure conditions[ 2 ]. If this continues, it could take to cereal monetary values intensifying and additions being passed down the distribution channel.

There is increasing force per unit area for new merchandise development amongst the industries cardinal participants. This could potentially increase market portion and enhance gross for the niche participants such as Flahavan ‘s and Odlums, while leting market leaders such as Kellogg ‘s the chance to forestall smaller concerns from obtaining market growing. There is an addition in wellness witting clients and in the hereafter, this may specify the merchandise lines produced by the key participants.

From the acquisition of Weetabix, Bright Food Group has vowed to globally spread out the Weetabix concern by come ining the turning breakfast cereal market within Asia. Changes to nutrient ingestion forms within Asia have resulted in concerns come ining Asiatic parts and selling nutrient and drinks to consumers.

Nationally, the cereal industry is deserving a‚¬200 million per twelvemonth with a net income between 40 – 45 % .

In relation to the current market place of these participants, Kellogg ‘s would be classed as the leader due to a 44 % market portion. With Nestle and Weetabix as the market followings, these concerns have a ample market portion and stay competitory within this industry. The niche participants, Flahavan ‘s and Odlums, are non every bit profitable as rivals, peculiarly Odlums who do non supply an extended scope of merchandises.

Competitive competitions could originate between these industry participants, as all rivals have similar merchandises taking at similar mark markets. The menace of replacements is besides an issue for these participants ; as there is a rise in ain trade name merchandises, such as Dunnes Stores and Tesco. These merchandises are being introduced into the market due to the altering consumer disbursement wonts. As this industry could be seen as oligopolistic, the power over providers and purchaser could potentially increase, nevertheless for the niche participants, the competition could escalate.

By and large the cereal industry marks household oriented markets. In relation to Kellogg ‘s and Nestle, they could be seen to aim kids, as these participants introduce characters to their trade names in order for the kids to be attracted to these merchandises. Weetabix, Flahavan ‘s and Odlums mark mature audiences which can be seen to be under the household orientated market.

For each key participant, they must keep competitory advantage in order to prolong the market. The threshold resources that any participant should hold to run within this industry include ; finance, client trueness, trade name consciousness and a broad merchandise scope. Unique resources, such as Flahavan ‘s and Odlums, are peculiarly focused on the Irish facets of the merchandise. This involves the methods of bring forthing the merchandise and occupations that are created within the state. Irish consumers are value driven, nevertheless Irish merchandises are of import to these consumers.

In old old ages, Kelloggs ‘s held a really dominant place within the industry, nevertheless this has changed well as more rivals have entered the market and have impacted the net income obtained by Kellogg ‘s.

In 2010, there was a net income rise of Kelloggs ‘s, which has since fallen from $ 1.2 billion to $ 961 million and emphasises a dramatic lessening. In 2012, the portion monetary value of the concern was volatile as it declined to $ 46.33 in July, nevertheless increased to an acceptable monetary value of about $ 60 in December. The size of Kellogg ‘s reduces the menace of a coup d’etat occurring and go outing the market would non be foreseeable for Kellogg ‘s.

Kellogg ‘s usage of Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is at the head when pass oning with clients. This is extremely apparent in “ Give a kid a breakfast ” run launched in October 2011 as this run highlighted the benefits of kids eating breakfast. By foregrounding this run, it improved the public perceptual experience of the company.

Fiscal studies released for 2012, illustrated that the Nestle group as a whole had a successful fiscal twelvemonth. It shows an addition in net income for the twelvemonth by $ 1.8 billion. The cereal scope of the concern is represented in this figure which displays a positive fiscal public presentation for Nestle.

Previously, Nestle has experienced a negative public image ; “ Nestle efforts to deviate unfavorable judgment of its babe nutrient selling activities ”[ 3 ]. Nestle continuously attempt to better their CSR individuality within the eyes of the populace.

Bright Food Group generated grosss of about ?7.5 billion last twelvemonth which indicates it has a big resource base to spread out the Weetabix trade name into more foreign markets. The acquisition of Weetabix would bespeak that there is a high demand for cereal merchandises globally every bit good as within its bing markets.

The Weetabix trade name has a long association with the British and Irish markets and has successfully reflected a positive trade name image. However, the recent acquisition could hold a positive and negative impact as it could be viewed as the loss of another autochthonal company to a foreign transnational and may thin the trade name value.

As Flahavan ‘s is a in private owned household operated concern and similar to Weetabix, is non listed on any stock exchange. Flahavan ‘s is an established trade name and retains the bulk of the market portion in relation to hot cereal breakfast in Ireland. This trade name has a positive image among Irish clients and assisted the enlargement into markets such as the UK and US.

Flahavan ‘s is associated with Bord Bia and outlines the nutritionary value of eating porridge as portion of a healthy balanced diet. As the concern is proud of its heritage and is a little participant within the industry, the possibility of an acquisition may be unattractive to an established participant.

Odlums is portion of the Origin Enterprise Group, which is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and experienced an increased portion monetary value within the last twelvemonth.

The Odlums trade name is good known within Ireland, chiefly for their baking merchandises. It could be perceived that the populace have less acknowledgment for the porridge scope. The trade name image is viewed positively and is besides associated with Bord Bia.

Within the cereal industry, there are certain facets which could impact cardinal participants in the hereafter. In footings of Kellogg ‘s, they have chiefly grown through amalgamation and acquisitions. If all the cardinal participants follow this tendency and grow like Kellogg ‘s, they could perchance keep market portion growing. Further trade name edifice of cardinal participants, could let for growing in new divisions, for illustration Weetabix presenting a new scope of biscuits.

The bulk of ruling concerns have a strong portfolio of merchandises with great trade name individuality amongst its market portion. If the key participants continue to put and turn their trade name portfolio, it would be expected to hold a positive long-run consequence on those concerns.

There is a possibility of a new picking order in footings of the hot breakfast cereal market section. At present, Flahavan ‘s is the market leader in this class. However, Kellogg ‘s have developed a merchandise, “ Kellogg ‘s Corn Flake Porridge ”[ 4 ], to vie against Flahavan ‘s porridge. This merchandise has non been launched in Ireland, but could potentially rule the market in the hereafter.

Presently, the key participants are widening the life of their consumer recognizable merchandises instead than taking them from the market topographic point.[ 5 ]Customers would be willing to buy familiar merchandises and be more inclined to buy new merchandises launched by a sure trade name.

The key participants have adopted an extension scheme of their merchandises. From analysis of the Ansoff Matrix[ 6 ]on the key participants, it was apparent that they had the same scheme which included the keeping of bing clients and attractive force of new clients by agencies of merchandise development and merchandise variegation.

The key participants are presently following marketing schemes to guarantee that their trade names are in the elicited set of their mark markets while traveling through the determination devising procedure and the client chooses their merchandise.

HRM Schemes

Nestle ‘s amalgamations and acquisitions provides the concern with a wider choice of employees which can be used strategically to further develop the company ‘s competitory advantage. However, this method may non be executable as employees may experience their sentiments to be underappreciated and lack engagement with front line determinations.

In the instance of Weetabix, their usage of motivational ends drives their usage of HRM, which furthers their competitory advantage by supplying a recognized and admirable work environment, which could be so used strategically to pull extra talented campaigners.

In comparing to its rivals, Flavaghans is a well smaller company, chiefly because of its household ethos. These kinds of companies by and large limit new add-ons of staffing in order to cut down costs. However with the use of their level hierarchy which enables all sections to work together closely, this allows for a competitory advantage, which does non straight affect necessary enlisting and choice. In a sense Flavaghans has used their bound of enrolling for a more choice staffing experience which so follows through to competitory advantage.

Odlums have used their HRM schemes competitively in order to derive gifted managerial staff in the company. This can be seen in their quality staff members, who have all had quality old employment and instruction. This is a clear competitory advantage for odlums, and has formed them as an elect group of staff.

Kellogg ‘s, although they use extended research and development which efficaciously provides solid consequences and provides a clear competitory advantage. It has been recognised that although direction places are favorable, their staff motive and thrusts are low, therefore we can bespeak that HRM schemes are non of concern to Kellogg ‘s.

A· Are the Strategic HRM policies of the key participants in alliance with its overall scheme?

In kernel Nestle ‘s vision of “ good nutrient, good life ” is really much in alligment with its strategic HRM policies. Through the usage of amalgamations and acquistions, Nestle has managed to roll up different types of endowment, in order to supply quality behind its overall scheme of “ good life, good nutrient ” in its merchandise.

External Environmental Analysis

Strategic Group Mapping Model

Strategic Group Mapping Analysis

Nestle is identified with holding a high assortment of merchandises coupled with a high mean monetary value of a‚¬3.53per 500g Kelloggs is on par with Nestle nevertheless Kelloggs have a larger assortment of merchandises and somewhat higher mean monetary value of a‚¬ 3.54per 500g. Both breakfast cereal companies are positioned as holding a big assortment of merchandises with a high retail monetary value aiming the same market sections. Kelloggs mark households with merchandises such as cornflakes, rice crispies, frosties, all bran, crunchy nut and Cocos nucifera dads every bit good as the wellness witting grownup adult female with their particular K scope[ 7 ]. Nestle mark households with merchandises such as nestle cornflakes, adieus. Target childs and teens with nesquick, cookie chip, chocolate whiffs merchandises and their grownup with their fittingness scope.[ 8 ]

Weetabix is more differentiated from Nestle and Kellogg ‘s. Weetabix chiefly targets the wellness scruples consumer market section whereas Nestle and Kelloggs aim a proportion of that section. Weetabix is identified with holding a low assortment of merchandises combined with a high mean monetary value a‚¬3.49per 500g. Weetabix is a market leader with a 12 % market portion[ 9 ]( merely behind Kellogg which leads trade name gross revenues with a 42 % value portion )[ 10 ]

Flahavans is a market leader in the hot breakfast market section with a 65 % portion of the hot breakfast cereal market[ 11 ]and a 7 % portion of the overall breakfast market[ 12 ].they have undertaken a loanblend scheme since 2008 by widening their merchandise scope and doing their merchandise more convenient to the consumer i.e speedy oats. flahavans is identified with holding a low assortment of merchandises ( i.e hot oats ) coupled with a low mean monetary value a‚¬1.25 per 500g.flahavans entirely targets the wellness scruples individual/families.

Odlums holds a comparatively little proportion of the hot breakfast cereal market and is identified with holding a low assortment of merchandises combined with a low mean monetary value of a‚¬1.15 per 500g.

Kelloggs and Nestle are the most expensive of the companies, their higher monetary value is justified by their larger assortment of merchandise offered. Weetabix, Flahavans and Odlums are the least expensive of the companies with is due to their low merchandise scope nevertheless their monetary values may increase in the farther due to the perceived client benefits of their merchandises.

Internal Strategic Capability Analysis

Kellogg ‘s Company Background

The Kellogg ‘s Company was established in 1906 by W.K. Kellogg. By go oning to utilize the same technique in bring forthing the merchandise since this clip, the Kellogg ‘s trade name has grown successfully over the last 100 old ages with merchandises making 180 states worldwide. Kellogg ‘s chiefly bring forth breakfast cereal merchandises, along with wassailer pastries and bites, such as, cereal bars and winders.

In 1922, the Kellogg ‘s company arrived in Ireland with merchandises being sold throughout the state. As Kellogg ‘s now is the taking trade name in the breakfast cereal industry in Ireland and the UK, the concern was one of the first to present nutritionary labelling on their packaging, back in the 1930 ‘s.

With their successful launch in the 1950 ‘s of the cereal merchandises Frosties and Special K, in the 1980 ‘s new merchandises, such as Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes, was launched into the Irish market.

The W.K. Kellogg Institute for Food and Nutrition Research was opened in 1997. This is where the applied scientists, dieticians and nutrient scientists would look into the quality of the green goods used. This installation besides catered for the alternation in the decrease of salt used in breakfast cereals in 2010, along with vitamin D been added for kids in 2011.

The Kellogg ‘s Company have assorted locations worldwide including North America, Europe & A ; Middle East, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin & A ; South America. The Headquarters for Kellogg ‘s is located in Michigan.

Kellogg ‘s Cultural Web Model

Kellogg ‘s Ansoff Product / Market Growth Matrix

Market Penetration

By using this scheme, this would profit Kellogg ‘s in footings of go oning to stay competitory within the market and bracing their place as a market leader within Ireland and UK. Over the old ages Kellogg ‘s have dramatically increased their merchandise scope to provide for a wider client base. Kellogg ‘s provides cereals for kids and grownups to suit for their different life style demands.

By go oning to penetration this market at a comparatively low hazard for the concern, Kellogg ‘s would necessitate to implement a scheme in order to keep their market portion by utilizing their existing merchandises while retaining their current clients. This scheme would necessitate to be developed by increasing trade name consciousness of their merchandises, for illustration charity events or competitions, in order to remind client their merchandises.

Product re-launch could be another incursion for Kellogg ‘s in footings of retaining their bing clients. Through client engagement and push selling schemes, these methods could assist Kellogg ‘s to procure their market portion or have the possibility of increasing their client base.

New Products and Services

As the cereal industry is a competitory market and developing the ability to be typical from the bing rivals could be a challenge for Kellogg ‘s. In order to increase the client base, Kellogg ‘s developed merchandises in the countries if wassailer pastries and bites. These developments allowed the concern to research new merchandises while retaining their bing clients.

Market development

Market development is an of import facet for Kellogg ‘s to turn within the cereal market. Currently Kellogg ‘s offer a porridge merchandise which is available in South Africa nevertheless are non gettable within Ireland and the UK. Gluten free merchandises from the US are besides non available within these states. These merchandises could hold a dramatic consequence if Kellogg ‘s introduced these merchandises into the Irish and UK market, as it could rise the competition amongst rivals and pull new clients to their merchandises.

Conglomerate Diversification

In order for Kellogg ‘s to diversify into an unrelated market would be a hard challenge for the concern. A market that Kellogg ‘s have diversified into is the bite nutrient market. This is apparent from the acquisition of Pringles in early 2012. This market could be seen to be hard to run as it does non associate to the cereal industry and the concern may non hold the necessary cognition of the bite nutrient industry.


Nestle Company Background

Nestle was founded in 1866. As the company began to turn, it merged with another established company, Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in 1905. From this amalgamation, Nestle acquired Rowntree ‘s of York in 1988.

Within Ireland and UK, Nestle is one of the key participants in the nutrient industry with 19 locations using over 7000 staff. Nestle is besides one of the cardinal exporters for these two states, with exporting merchandises over ?300 million worth to 50 states worldwide every twelvemonth.

With the amalgamations and acquisitions antecedently mentioned, this gave Nestle the ability to diversify their merchandise portfolio to provide to a wider mark audience. Nestle Ireland and UK expanded to sister companies such as Nestle Professional, Nestle Waters, Nestle Nutrition, Nestle Purina Petcare, Lactalis Nestle Chilled Dairy Company Ltd, Cereal Partners UK, Nespresso and Jenny Craig.

With these sister companies, Nestle was able to bring forth popular trade names such as, breakfast cereals Shreddies and Cheerios, Go Cat pet nutrient, Nescafe, Kit Kat and drinks Nestle H2O and Nesquik.

Nestle have Headquarters in Ireland and UK, with their mills chiefly in the UK. Globally, Nestle are located in Africa, Oceania, Europe, and Asia and North and South America.

Nestle Cultural Web Model

Nestle Cultural Web Analysis


Nestles ethos “ Good nutrient, good life ” is a clear index of where cuddles drive originates. This can be clearly defined as Nestles collective experience which is applied to state of affairss in order to do sense of scheme. For illustration cuddles acquisition of Alcon Laboratories Inc. provided an addition of nutrient engineering competences behind their nutrients therefore corroborating their initial ethos of “ good nutrient, good life ” .


Nestle ‘s is regarded as the largest nutrient concern company in the universe ; this has been experienced through the usage of amalgamations and acquisitions and primary nutrient nutrition values. Nestle acquired Crosse & A ; Blackwell in 1950 and Rowntree Mackintosh in 1988 to call a few. It operates in 86 states and is the largest stockholder of L’Oreal. It has besides been ranked at 1 in the luck planetary 500.

However, Nestle cereals received bad imperativeness in 2011, with the accusals of wrong nutritionary information on their cereal merchandises. This apposed their believes of nutritionary value in good nutrient.


Nestle is a Swiss made transnational state which strives in power and way. It is a professional company, which has used amalgamations and acquisitions to its advantage in its early old ages and continues in this manner today. Nestle receives great esteem publically.


Cuddles power construction is really hierarchal, many field employees feel like patterned advance is limited and non balanced for all employees. However when we consider their old waies to this power ( amalgamations and acquisitions ) we can construe their power thrust as uninterrupted and dedicated. Besides another interesting fact is that Nestle is chiefly a Male dominated administration, which creates the concerns of the “ glass ceiling ” consequence for adult females, which can be regarded as discouraging and an instability on gender equality.

Organizational construction:

Nestles Organisational construction is revolved around invention and enlargement. Innovation through their ethos of “ good nutrient, good life ” , this can besides be seen in their portfolio of introducing merchandises such as babe expression and instant java. Their changeless coaction makes their company quiet segmented, nevertheless this attack has proven to be successful. In add-on to this organizational construction, employees felt that speedy determination devising is non a competence of Nestles senior directors. This could potentially convey up the issue of possible lose in employee engagement, which can in most fortunes be valuable.

Control systems:

Nestle offer attractive pension programs in order to command employee systems. This is a batch more attractive for long term employees who are in the office. However, a bulk of employees expressed that there is no work life balance programs to maintain employees motivated and balanced in place and work activities. In contrast to their attractive pension programs, it can be assumed that Nestle is clearly cautionary focused with employees.

In add-on we found that Nestle do non micro pull off their employees, although this is more gratifying for the employee, it can be interpreted that nestle necessitate to hold on control systems in order to maintain employee focal point in activities.

Routines & A ; Rituals:

On a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing, Nestle offer flexible working agendas for their staff. This communicates a laid back working environment, nevertheless due such hierarchal stances, scheme and way is driven from central office. This tells us that on field employees are non driven on public presentation, as that type of belief is left to the senior directors in the company.

It can be widely assumed of how advantageous it is for all employees to hold entree to Nestle ‘s international preparation Centre in Switzerland. This can be seen as a esteemed chance for all Nestle ‘s employees to stand out in. “ Making Shared Value and run intoing our committednesss ” is Nestle ‘s position on enlargement into different states and making farther client sections globally.

Nestle Ansoff Product / Market Growth Matrix

Market Penetration:

Like all cereal trade names, Nestle is no different in desiring to spread out farther within markets such as the UK and Ireland. In order to make this they face a major obstruction in that they are the 2nd largest behind Kellogg ‘s who have a 45 % market portion of the breakfast cereal market. However, as revealed tardily last twelvemonth, the company is looking to spread out its trade name farther within the part of Northern Ireland and in order to assist accomplish its aims they have enlisted the services of GM selling to assist spread out the trade name through the usage of online engineerings and refined selling schemes. The first stage within the selling scheme will see the nucleus trade names used to assist place the Nestle trade name every bit good as utilizing pre priced cereal boxes which may be cheaper or the same monetary value as their rivals.

Even though this is a low hazard scheme the degree of success of such a scheme can besides be miniscule. If this scheme immensely increases the market portion of Nestle it will hold an impact on the market portion of their rivals but at the same clip it may non increase the market portion of Nestle sufficiently to hold a major impact on their rivals. It may take a considerable sum of clip and may do an impact within other countries that Nestle focal point clip and resources on. This scheme should be taken with a prudent attack in head so as non to harm other classs that Nestle places its trade name.

New Product & A ; Servicess:

Research and development is an built-in portion within the Nestle company as they look to present merchandise development within all of the classs that it places its trade name. This is clearly apparent within the company as they employ 4,500 people globally within its R & A ; D sections every bit good as utilizing external research provided by scientists, physicians who work within universe renowned universities. This facet of edifice Bridgess externally allows the company to farther innovate within the country such of nutritionary and healthy nutrients every bit good as legion other classs.

A nucleus belief that exists within the Nestle group is to “ believe planetary – act local ” . When looking for new ways in which to present new merchandises within bing markets they place the client at the nucleus of the merchandise. This is recognizable in the manner that they cater to assorted client groups with breakfast cereal trade names such as Nestle Multi Grain Cheerios concentrating on all members of the household, Nesquik for adolescents and kids and Nestle Fitness for people who place a high importance on maintaining in form. Nutrition is a critical component within the Nestle nucleus beliefs and values but they besides put a batch of attempt into guaranting that good quality gustatory sensation is ne’er sacrificed in the cereals that they provide.

Merchandise development is a scheme that Nestle have continuously looked to better upon since it identified that nutrition, wellness and health was to be the nucleus scheme that it developed its merchandises upon. Although it is a dearly-won scheme the fiscal benefits on a planetary graduated table seem to outweigh the costs for Nestle.

Market Development:

“ Administrations would ideally wish to run as if the universe were one big market, disregarding superficial regional and national differences but still doing certain that marketing activities fit to the patterns and cultural features of truly different markets ” ( Lee and Carter, 2008 )

The Nestle trade name is recognised on a planetary graduated table and has a huge portfolio as it does non chiefly concentrate on cereals which can be identified due to its big divergency into similar but besides unrelated countries such as babe nutrient, cocoa bars, drinks and many other assorted classs. However, they do non concentrate each of these classs on a planetary graduated table as non all of their merchandises would be successful within each of the metameric markets.

Even though each of the classs are non launched on a planetary graduated table it does non intend that they would non be successful within different markets as changes could be made in relation to ;

How the merchandise is packaged and designed

The type of marketing communicating scheme adopted to place the trade name within different markets and the people within those markets

What values are of import within the different market

Given that Nestle is already a recognized trade name name on a planetary graduated table and offers different classs of merchandises in most domestic states it would propose that logistical constructions are already in topographic point which would be a major economy in footings of clip, money and hazard would be reduced due to bing constructions within the planetary market.


Diversification is a scheme that an administration can utilize to assist act upon the growing of the administration on a big graduated table platform. It is a scheme that Nestle has closely adhered to as they have diversified into unrelated markets such as pharmaceuticals, drinks, pet attention, wellness attention in order to cover losingss sustained within other parts of its portfolio while besides turning its market portion within these markets.

Nestle has depended to a great extent on variegation to prolong its market leading as the universe ‘s largest nutrient company. Another ground for Nestle taking to diversify throughout different markets is placing what clients want now every bit good as in the hereafter. By prosecuting within markets that are in an introductory phase it allows them to salvage money from been involved at the start than come ining a market when competition is extremely competitory. Early entry into unrelated markets besides allows them to derive a higher market portion now than they would at a ulterior phase.

Within the cereal industry Nestle has had to significantly change the merchandises which it provides to its clients. This was extremely apparent in October 2012 when they vowed to cut down the proportion of sugar and Na content that exists within the cereal class aimed at kids and adolescents. Nestle say they are taking into history what their clients are stating and that this is a scheme which they have focused on within the last decennary. This is apparent in that they have removed 9,000 metric tons of sugar and 900 metric tons of salt that antecedently existed within its old cereal expressions.


Weetabix Company Background

In the 1928, a merchandise called Weetbix was produced in Australia by Bennison Osbourne. The merchandise was introduced to Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. It rapidly became a popular breakfast merchandise. Osbourne went to the UK, in 1932, with his concern spouses and made alterations to the Weetbix merchandise formula. These alterations resulted in the creative activity of Weetabix.

In 1932, the Weetabix Food Company was integrated under the name British and African Cereal Company. A Weetabix mill was set up in Burton Latimer, Kettering in Northamptonshire and the production of the merchandises began. In 1936, the concern name was altered to Weetabix Limited.

Weetabix Limited expanded into the Canadian market in 1967 and so into the American market in 1968. With the enlargement into foreign markets, Weetabix turned its attending towards making more merchandises for breakfast ingestion. In 1971, the concern launched Alpen Muesli and in 1991, Weetabix acquired Ready Brek from Lyons Tetley.

In order to stay competitory within the market, Weetabix introduced a new scope of Alpen merchandises in 2002. The new Alpen Bars allowed Weetabix to entree the bing market while besides seeking to pull new clients.

Weetabix was a household owned concern until Lion Capital purchased the concern in 2004

In 2006, Weetabix farther improved the breakfast saloon scope by presenting Alpen Light Bars. 2006 besides saw the debut of new breakfast cereals called Oatibix and Oatibix Bites.

From 2007 to 2010, Weetabix expanded their merchandise scope by presenting more breakfast cereals such as Oatiflakes, Ready Brek Chocolate, Weetos and Oaty Bars. Weetabix has won a figure of awards for their merchandises.

In 2012, it was announced that China Bright Food had purchased a 60 % interest of Weetabix. This purchase gives China Bright Food a controlling portion of Weetabix.

Weetabix Cultural Web Model

Weetabix Cultural Web Analysis


While Weetabix do plume on sourcing locate green goods for their merchandise, protecting the environment is a cardinal factor in how the concern operates. Through working with professional strategies in run intoing marks, for illustration C footmark, H2O and waste use, Weetabix strive to accomplish these ends with minimum impact on the environment.


From the research conducted in relation to Weetabix ‘s employees, it was apparent that the employees have positive experiences from working with the concern. Weetabix province that working with the concern is “ more than merely a occupation ” . Employees find that working in Weetabix is “ honoring ” and a “ great topographic point to work ” . Employees besides province they receive “ good wage and pride of being a portion traditional branded company ” .

Customer feedback is besides an component that affects the civilization of Weetabix. Negative feedback could potentially impact how employees operate and preform within the concern. However, Weetabix obtained positive feedback from clients online, sketching their satisfaction with the nutritionary benefits of the merchandise.

Equally good as these positive facets, Weetabix have assorted fabrication workss, which attracts current and new employees to work with the company every bit accessible to these workss are greatly good.


As the logo for Weetabix is a clear index of the merchandise the concern uses, it besides focuses on the facet of the providers. The relationship with the providers, for this nucleus merchandise of wheat, is the kernel of the concerns operational map. The balance between this relationship is critical for the concern to advancement and grow for the demanding environment.

The trade name image of Weetabix illustrates how the concern is chiefly household orientated and recognises that nutrition is an of import portion of the family ‘s day-to-day dietetic demands.


The Head Office of Weetabix controls the operations of the sections within the concerns. These sections include gross revenues, selling, finance, operations and human resources. With the recent acquisition, the power construction between these companies may jump as both companies will hold different operational positions for the concern.


Weetabix is a formal transnational organizational construction. This format focuses on the planetary coordination in the geographical countries, with the assistance of the Latimer Group fabrication workss, in Canada, South Africa and the US. Distribution of these merchandises is available in 80 states from South East Asia, South America, Middle East and Europe.

With this construction in topographic point it allows Weetabix to place their merchandises to accommodate the relevant civilizations and responsible respond to the Torahs and ordinances of that civilization.

Team work is another facet that helps to develop the Weetabix trade name. As one line operator employee stated that “ working together in a little squad in a high force per unit area environment ” was cardinal to success for the company.

Finally, as stated antecedently, the coaction of acquisition of Weetabix would hold a dramatic consequence on how the concern would run on a day-to-day footing, as both companies would hold different managerial manners in running the concern. The consequence could damage the civilization of the concern if these managerial manners are filtered down the organizational construction.


In order for Weetabix to run into their mark of production, the followers are some controls which are in topographic point to ease in doing this mark ; audit processs, public presentation direction, production velocity control and hazards appraisals. These controls are utilized to guarantee that the concern remains consistent with their production line and that the employees are catered with an efficient work topographic point.

Routines and Rituals

The civilization of Weetabix is focused on working difficult and achieving ends ; nevertheless though publicity and advertisement helps to diversify the civilization in concentrating on the community surround the concern. Promotions through online, advertizements and events create trade name consciousness for Weetabix while affecting their cardinal mark audience of households.

Weetabix besides prides itself in supplying the best employment chances for their employees. Weetabix seeks to understand their employees and their aspirations to develop within the company. Weetabix offer their employees the opportunity to re-train or obtain a publicity for a specific function. This displays that Weetabix, with their employees, are extremely motivated and end orientated in accomplishing set marks for the concern.

Weetabix Ansoff Product / Market Growth Matrix

Market Penetration:

This scheme would affect Weetabix taking to retain or increase its bing market portion through accomplishing an addition in gross revenues by go oning to bring forth and sell its current merchandises. This scheme can be implemented as a manner to procure laterality of the concern in a growing market. This can be done by taking the competition from the market.

As Weetabix now compete against concerns such as Nestle and Kellogg ‘s, it must increase its attempts in procuring a high market portion. Achieving a higher market portion may turn out hard for Weetabix as a consequence of strong competition within the market. An addition in market portion will let Weetabix to hold an advantage over its rivals.

Weetabix have increased its merchandise lines in recent old ages which will help the market incursion. The broad assortment of merchandises offered by Weetabix means the concern can aim a wider client base. Weetabix could besides specifically attract clients associated with its rivals which would ensue in Weetabix deriving an addition in market portion at the disbursal of these rivals.

The usage of advertisement can assist Weetabix to pull clients who usually do non buy its merchandises. Effective advertisement runs can aim and promote new clients to buy the Weetabix merchandises. Ad can besides promote its current clients to increase the frequence in which they purchase the merchandises.

The hazards of implementing this scheme are comparatively low but the success degree can besides be low if Weetabix do non set up a growing addition within the market.

New Product & A ; Servicess:

Merchandise development would affect Weetabix developing new merchandises for its current market. Weetabix could present advanced merchandise ranges which would replace the bing merchandises. Weetabix could do betterments to bing merchandises. The concern could besides present newer merchandises which complement the current merchandises on offer.

As a consequence of rivals, such as Kellogg ‘s and Nestle, continuously presenting or altering their merchandises, Weetabix need to partake in merchandise development in an order to hold a better choice of merchandises available for client ingestion.

The uninterrupted alterations and growing within the breakfast cereal market have resulted in the demand for Weetabix to vie against popular branded concerns and to maintain up to day of the month with the rapid accommodations associated with the market. All concerns must carry on research and development in relation to their market and clients. Weetabix must guarantee to carry on research and development in order to derive valuable client input sing the merchandises offered by Weetabix. Valuable client input could besides be gained in relation to rivals and Weetabix could try to detect why clients purchase merchandises from rivals.

Based on the research behavior on Weetabix, it was identified that Weetabix do non supply gluten free cereal. Introducing gluten free merchandises would be advantageous to Weetabix ad it would let the concern offer new merchandises to its bing client base. These merchandises could better Weetabix competitory advantage and increase the market portion.

For Weetabix, merchandise development would affect an component of hazard as the concern would incur disbursals but the information gathered could be good to the concern in developing merchandises, viing against popular branded rivals and fulfilling client ‘s wants and demands.

Market Development:

Market development would affect Weetabix taking to come in a new foreign market and sell its current merchandises to a new cleavage of possible clients. The intent of this is to pull possible clients who would wish to buy merchandises from the Weetabix scope. This would help Weetabix in deriving clients and let the concern the chance to go dominate within a new market.

As a consequence of come ining a new foreign market, Weetabix will hold to amend its current scheme for selling. The amendments would be in relation to countries such as pricing, distribution channels and promotional runs. Weetabix may make up one’s mind to spread out into a antecedently undeveloped market where there is possible for the concern to be successful. Besides Weetabix may make up one’s mind to come in a market where the distribution channels are sufficient to guarantee the merchandises are available for purchase within the new market.

As a consequence of Bright Foods, a Chinese concern, late buying a portion of Weetabix, the concern may wish to spread out to the Chinese market in an attempt to increase its planetary standing. With Bright Foods now holding a important input in Weetabix and its merchandise ranges, the concern might derive entree to the appropriate channels required to come in the new market.

For Weetabix, market development would affect an component of hazard as the concern is unfamiliar with undeveloped foreign markets and the clients. However, Weetabix would hold exceeding cognition of their merchandises and could utilize this cognition to pull new clients and be a success within the market.


Diversification in respects to Weetabix would imply the concern developing advanced merchandises for markets which the concern has non entered to day of the month. It would besides affect developing these advanced merchandises for new possible clients. If Weetabix were to partake in variegation, it would hold to guarantee that the merchandises and the intended market are selected with the chance of market growing for the concern.

Diversification can be either related or unrelated. In relation to Weetabix, related variegation has proven to be a recent development for the concern. In January 2013, Weetabix introduced a new scope of breakfast biscuits in an effort to pull clients who do non eat a traditional breakfast daily. The debut of the biscuits is besides a manner to stay competitory with Kellogg ‘s who besides released breakfast biscuits within the last twelvemonth.

For Weetabix, variegation would affect a high degree of hazard as the concern will be runing with unfamiliar facets of the market.

Flahavan ‘s

Flahavan ‘s Company Background

The concern was founded by the Flahavan household in the late 1700 ‘s. The history of the household has been traced back to 1785. Flahavan ‘s is believed to be the oldest in private owned household concern in Ireland. The concern operated from a factory in Kilmacthomas which was powered from the Mahon River. The Mahon River besides supplied power to another four different Millss.

Originally, the concern used the factory to treat oats from husbandmans for a fee. The factory was expanded, in 1935, to include a installation for oatflaking and helped the concern to bring forth a flake that cooks more quickly.

In 1995, Flahavan ‘s made their merchandises available to the Northern Irish market. In 2003, Flahavan ‘s merchandises were introduced in the UK market. In 2005, as a consequence of Flahavan ‘s uninterrupted exportation, the concern won an award for exporting from the Irish Exporters Association. In 2006, Flahavan ‘s won two more awards for their merchandises, the Waterford Chamber Award and the Cork Environmental Forum Award. In the undermentioned old ages, Flahavan ‘s continued to win legion awards for their merchandises. In 2010, Flahavan ‘s introduced the new oatmeal merchandise scope into the US market.

To this twenty-four hours, Flahavan ‘s still use the same factory which houses the different equipment the concern uses to bring forth a scope of merchandises. Flahavan ‘s produce a assortment of merchandises, for illustration porridge oats, ready to eat cereals and biscuits.

Flahavan ‘s Cultural Web Model

Flahavan ‘s Cultural Web Analysis


Proud and wholesome component reverberates throughout the company

Irish heritage and traditions to the full utilised to assist rule hot cereal market portion in Ireland and perchance used abroad ( UK & A ; USA ) to assist place itself with coevalss of Irish decent.


Flahavans is one of the oldest household owned companies based in Ireland. Members of the Flahavan ‘ household have worked throughout all different degrees of the administration for the last six coevalss which spans in surplus of 200 old ages. In 2009 selling director John Noonan was nominated and won seller of the twelvemonth for successfully shifting the Flahavan ‘s trade name. This was a major success and helped the trade name to be ranked narrowly inside the top 100 checkout list of Ireland in 2009. The company has besides grown sizeably both in footings of market portion and employees working within the company.


Flahavan ‘s per say does non hold a recognized symbol, nevertheless the name Flahavan ‘s itself is an iconic trade name that is extremely recognizable within the Irish market. The tag line “ Sets you up for life ” helps to convey a significance of nutritionary and healthy value that would be of high importance to the wellness witting consumer.


Peoples within the Flahavan construction are clearly identified within the sections they preside over. For illustration, the gross revenues teams representatives responsible for gross revenues throughout the different parts are clearly stated on the Flahavan web site every bit good as who is responsible for selling, production and other of import sections within the company.


Although the construction identified within the Flahavan administration identify personal who are responsible for the responsibilities that their section are empowered with, the construction within Flahavan ‘s is functional as the pull offing manager is in touch with all caputs of sections and allows for input into the scheme that the company per Sues.


Due to the little size of the company the hierarchy that exists within the Flahavan company appears to be quiet level with a batch of sections working closely together in relation to merchandise development, research and invention. Control within the company has been tightly protected as coevals after coevals of the Flahavan household have worked throughout all degrees of the administration.

Routines & A ; Rituals:

Flahavan ‘s is a really traditional yet advanced house as they look to their yesteryear to larn from methods that have been used over the last 200 old ages and utilize current engineering to assist better on past methods. The milling procedure that Flahavan ‘s undertakes when bring forthing their oats ensures that all oats are cooked twice to give a alone gustatory sensation when compared to rivals.

Flahavan ‘s Ansoff Product / Market Growth Matrix

Market incursion:

Initially Flahavans, concentrated on its local and regional market in the south east but with the outgrowth of imported ‘cold ‘ cereals, such as Kelloggs cornflakes, in the 1950s, Flahavans had to up its game significantly.By 1962, the company decided to increase its incursion of the Dublin market through little independent retail merchants, within the twelvemonth Flahavans had captured 2 % of the Dublin market.flahavans continued to advance its cereal trade names and despite the intensification of competition from international rivals between the 1970s, to 1990s.The early 1990s was a peculiarly hard clip for the concern, nevertheless when wellness benefits associated with porridge became more chief watercourse in the 1990s, the company capitalised on this healthy eating tendency by re-branding and re-packaging its merchandise.

Since the beginning of the recession in five old ages ago, ingestion of ‘cold ‘ cereals has decreased and ingestion of porridge has increased, driven chiefly by its value offering.Today, Flahavans is the 4th largest cereal trade name in Ireland and uses athleticss and famous persons such as Paul O’Connell and Naomi Campbell to advance the wellness benefits of its merchandise.

New Product & A ; Servicess:

Initially flahavans consisted of one chief merchandise a heavy textured burgoo which is heavier than the Flahavan ‘s “ flaked ” oatmeal that can be bought in the stores today. Retention of bing loyal consumers to the brandA was the an aim for flahavans. To implement this scheme new merchandise development was undertaken to run into the demands of the loyal clients. Needs of the client were altering and flahavans had to turn and alter with the times in order to retain their bing client base. Flahavan ‘s developed porridge merchandises to run into the demands of assorted clients every bit good as retaining repetition buying consumers. This was achieved by trade name extention of the parent product.. Flahavans now have a assortment of options available to the consumer, from the Progress, Real Fruit and Organic ranges to the convenient Quick Oats scope, including the individual helping pots and the microwaveable sachets, which now includes an Organic option.

Market development:

Traveling the merchandise with the times is indispensable for flahavans as consumers are turning clip hapless and progressively wellness scruples. By Foregrounding and reenforcing the wellness benefits of the merchandise every bit good as offering different merchandises to different client profiles and besides guaranting the merchandise is speedy and easy to fix allows flahavans to develop the hot breakfast cereal market even further.


Recruitment of new consumers to the brandA was the chief aim for flahavans to turn their market. To implement this scheme successfully new merchandise development was indispensable to capture different client profiles. Flahavan ‘s developed porridge merchandises to run into the demands of assorted clients in order to capture a larger part of the market portion. Flahavans now have a assortment of options available to the consumer, from the Progress, Real Fruit and Organic ranges to the convenient Quick Oats scope, including the individual helping pots and the microwaveable sachets, which now includes an Organic option. Each option is specifically targeted to new client profiles but all have an equal trait ( the turning wellness scruples consumer )


Odlums Company Background

Odlums was founded in 1845, by the Odlum household, when a flour factory was opened by William Odlum in Portlaoise, County Laois. The easy recognizable Odlums logo of an bird of Minerva is based on the crest associated with the household name. In 1960, Odlums was the first flour maker to utilize little bags as packaging for flour.

In the 1960 ‘s, Odlums were runing nine Millss in assorted different locations. However in the undermentioned old ages, in an attempt to stay competitory, Odlums reduced the figure of flour Millss to three, which were situated in Portarlington, Cork and Dublin. Until 2009, Odlums besides operated an oat factory which was located in Sallins, County Kildare. In 2009, the Cork factory was closed as a consequence of an addition in competition from the UK.

Odlums remained owned by the Odlum household until 1988 when it was sold to Greencore. Greencore so sold 50 % of the concern to IAWS. In 2007, Odlums was purchased by Origin Enterprises PLC, who gained full control of the concern.

Odlums produces a different choice of merchandises, runing from a broad assortment of flour and baking mixes to porridge.

Odlums Cultural Web Model

Odlums Cultural Web Analysis


Irish heritage- Odlums has been milling and packing flour in Ireland for about 170 old ages. The concern was originally established by the Odlum household in 1845 when they opened their first flour factory in Portlaoise and so in 1920 Odlums industrial-sized flour factory on Alexandra Road, Dublin was opened, every bit good as Millss in cork and an burgoo factory in Sallins Kildare

Brand recognition- The Odlums Brand is immediately recognizable amongst Irish consumers and is one of the most recognized Irish trade names in Ireland.

In 2009 Odlums obtained a silver Globe award for “ Best effectual long term selling run ” . Continual advertizement and promotional activities have helped Odlums achieve trade name acknowledgment amongst Irish consumers


Positive consumer feedback: Odlums reviews on all their merchandises received positive feedback consumers are highly satisfied with the quality of their merchandises ” Good quality productsA ”

History: Odlums has been milling and packing flour in Ireland for about 170 old ages. The Odlums trade name was ab initio established by the Odlum household in 1845 when they opened their first flour factory in Portlaoise carbon monoxide Laois. Even today they continually produce flour merchandises for retail merchants, place bakers and cooks countrywide.


Odlums specialise in presenting a delightful, hearty scope of porridge which has been good known and loved in Ireland for many old ages.


Odlums logo consists of an image of an owls face, smartly and merely consists of four constituents to countervail the owl image there are the two eyes a nose and forehead. With Odlums in big italic fount beneath the image.

There are three chief colorss used for the logo white, orange and brown these colorss are warm and homely and reflect the image Odlums is seeking to portray.

Odlums is committed to working with local communities and back up a broad assortment of groups chiefly through sponsorship at both an educational and featuring degree.

Power construction:

Odlums tend to utilize a hierarchal organisation construction, get downing with a Chief executive officer at the top so beneath is the board of managers followed by senior direction ( i.e. finance, HR, selling every bit good as operations ) , mill directors, supervisors and line workers.

Organizational construction:

Formal construction – Valeo nutrients have a formal construction in topographic point and the constructions are created by the CEO, board of managers and senior direction to guarantee the company reach their declared aims.The administration has a formalA hazard appraisal processes in topographic point to place obstructions the company may confront and to get the better of them before they become a issue.

Encourages collaboration – Valeo nutrients ( Odlums ) encourages all sections to work together to accomplish the aims of the company. This involves the selling section working closely with new merchandise development to develop a merchandise which meets the demands of the consumer. This gives employees from different sectors a greater apprehension of how other section plants and hence helps the administration achieve their aims

Control systems:

Hazard appraisals – Significant clip and resources have been invested in placing specific hazards across the Group and in developing a civilization of balanced hazard, minimization. To help this, beginning endeavors have a formal hazard appraisal processes in topographic point through which hazards and mitigating controls are evaluated.

Quality controls – From the clip the grain enters the factory until it is distributed to the retail merchant or bakeshop, it is n’t touched by manus. It merely passes routinely from one phase to the following, carefully supervised by skilled/experienced employees. Samples of the merchandise are tested in a research lab at assorted phases to do certain the flour maintains a high criterion of quality.A

Organized work construction – Odlums Carry out research lab trials accurately and follow rigorous methodological analysiss to transport out analyses. Keeping and runing research lab equipment, for illustration milling wheat samples utilizing a buhler factory, finding of wet content of wheat and flour samples utilizing a brabender oven, finding of hagberg falling figure utilizing, farinograph testing of flour, extensograph testing of flour, proving samples for damaged amylum, near infra ruddy spectrometry, finding of protein content utilizing leco

tracking and interpreting consequences to show to senior co-worker.

Routines & A ; rites:

Ensure quality – quality confidence is a necessity for Odlums to maintain its trade name name held with the highest respect within the eyes of the consumer.

Customer satisfaction – consumers are highly satisfied with the odlums merchandise which is apparent from the Odlums societal media pages “ A I have celiac disease and utilize your Tritamyl flour acquiring first-class consequences every clip particularly sponges. ”

Odlums Ansoff Product / Market Growth Matrix

Market Penetration:

Odlums have late closed down two Millss in order to cut down cost and remain competitory with U.K. cereal manufacturers. Therefore perforating the market with may non be a feasible way to take as higher degrees of production may non be applicable.

New Product & A ; Servicess:

In order to remain competitory in a altering market, Odlums could develop merchandises into swerving countries such as on-the-go porridge merchandises and porridge cereal bars to further develop the merchandise scope. In add-on they may see a sweeter porridge with extra flavorers such as cocoa and banana for the younger audience.

Market Development:

Odlums do non presently export their merchandises overseas. In order to develop a new market, Odlums could potentially export merchandises to the U.K. This would make a new line of distribution which could be used as a possible scheme for Odlums. However this once more raises issues about their factory closings and whether they would hold capacity do carry through this type of scheme.

Conglomerate Diversification:

Odlums is a traditional company at bosom with chief focal point and precedences on baking, and wholesome goodness in nutrient. Diversifying into extra merchandises and services may be hard for the company to vie with. This type of scheme would be hard to calculate and would necessitate the aid of an external organic structure, or an external position in order for it to be successful.

Strategic Choices & A ; Challenges

Kellogg ‘s and nestle portion distinction scheme as both are high monetary value merchandises and both have a differentiated focal point on scheme in comparing to their rivals.

Kellogg ‘s for case focal points on household orientation and supplying good will to the community. They provide a high sensed merchandise at a high monetary value.

While Nestle focal point on all different sections of life ( kids, teens, grownups ) in add-on to making events which gather high consciousness on societal affairs. In add-on to high monetary value and high perceived value.

Flavahans have a intercrossed scheme seen through their low cost and high perceived value. This can besides be seen in their convenient quick oat cereals, for the on the spell wellness witting consumer. This provides a high value cereal at a sensible cost, therefore enabling a intercrossed scheme.

Weetabix have a focussed distincti

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