The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Nike Marketing Essay

Nike is known by everyone everyplace. They have created dominant trade name acknowledgment. Nike is the figure one athletic dress company in more than 10 states. They have distribution centres all over the universe. The advertisement bureau Nike has contracted has grown to three offices, each in different states, to better make their mark audience on a local degree. You can travel anyplace in the universe with the Nike logo and about anyone would acknowledge the trade name. This show how their difficult work in the advertisement section has paid off. In 2006, Nike spent $ 134 million in selling. With a gross sum of $ 16.3 billion in 2007, Nike can surely afford such a big selling measure. Nike is strong sing its research and development section based on its turning and ground-breaking merchandise scope. The Nike Sport Research Laboratory is responsible for advanced thoughts like the NikeID online shop where client can buy usage made places. Nike started out doing lone gym shoes now makes things from specific athleticss equipment to public presentation dress. Nike rebelliously knows how to spread out good into the athletic sporting market. Nike has a strong presence overseas and gross revenues their merchandise worldwide. They ever have the elect jocks advancing their merchandise. They have Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and before they had Michael Jordan. Those jocks have helped in playing a function in making trade name trueness. They have achieved this through 40 old ages of athletic of systematically developing superior merchandises which appeal to consumers both domestically and internationally.


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One serious failing with Nike is that they ignore to see jobs in their labour and mill conditions. In the 1980s, Nike contracted most of their fabrication to mills in hapless states such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mexico in order to acquire the lowest fabrication costs. Alternatively of paying higher rewards, they were able to increase net incomes by paying lower rewards to people in less developed states. In 1996 Nike was uncovered for child labour Torahs in Pakistan. This led to a tonss of negative promotion. Many people began to boycott their merchandise. Many human rights groups formed confederation to protest the intervention of employees in these abroad mills. Even pupils at the University of Oregon, a college which depends to a great extent on the contributions of Nike laminitis Phil Knight, rallied and signed requests against the company, which put a strain on the relationship between the two organisations. Nike saw a little bead in gross revenues after this dirt broke. Though this dirt has tarnished Nike ‘s repute for more than 15 old ages, they have remained on top throughout it all. Another issue Nike needs to turn to is that it has such a high monetary value for dress compared to its rivals, granted the quality is high but many consumers are turned away by the expensive monetary value.


One great chance for Nike is to advance their trade name as manner every bit good as athletic wear. There are many consumers who see some Nike merchandises as a manner gym shoe and wear their gym shoes for that purpose alternatively of merely athletic wear. Gym shoes like the air force 1 ‘s and sneaker aggregations like the air soaps, Nike stuff shots, and the Jordan aggregation are worn as stylish gym shoes merely every bit much for public presentation. In jubilation of the Olympics ‘ this summer, Nike revealed a new merchandise line meant to observe Nike classics, such as the “ Air Force 1 ” , the Nike “ Dunk ” . Nike ‘s greatest chance is China ‘s market which is spread outing quickly. China was a $ 600 million dollar concern for Nike and the largest concern Nike had outside of the United States in 2006. Nike is the leader in the market for athleticss dress in China ; it still has the chance to catch a larger market portion, which could ensue in 100s of 1000000s of dollars more. Nike is the first company to work with Chinese jocks and make a expression which includes their civilization. Nike has created a competitory advantage over its rivals. Nike has an even greater chance to take advantage of on the China market place when they sponsored the 2008 Olympics in Beijing this summer. This event was watched by one million millions worldwide and allowed Nike to beef up their relationship with China by turn outing their merchandises value. Once China ‘s market place has been established, enlargement into other states can make the same. It has a good judgement of selling by patronizing top jocks from different athleticss. Nike has prominent jocks from all major athleticss, which allows them to link with a broad assortment of consumers.


Some menaces that the Nike Company may hold are their competitory trade names. Since Nike is the highest priced athletic trade name name that puts them at hazard for losing many of their clients.

Nike faces a batch of competition. The shoe industry entirely is extremely competitory. This competition makes it difficult for Nike to invariably put themselves apart from their rivals. As an pioneering leader, Nike is on a regular basis the beginning of reproduction. For every new betterment, Nike has a really short lead clip before their rivals let go of a similar merchandise. The industry itself is going progressively monetary value competitory. Nike produces a high quality merchandise and sets its monetary values as a consequence. Nike is good known as a first-rate priced merchandise. With this kind of reproduction, rivals can sell similar merchandises for a cheaper monetary value. Price sensitive clients will so travel with Nike ‘s competition. Nike has many rivals, merely looking at the shoe industry. While they are presently the best in the industry in footings of market portion, in 2005, two of Nike ‘s largest rivals, Adidas and Reebok, merged into a individual company in an effort to shut the spread between themselves and Nike. When Nike became the victim of public examination over its oversea mills, both companies started to do betterments in their oversea mills to better their image over the industry best. Another strong rival is New Balance, a in private owned company based in Massachusetts which produces largely adult females gym shoes. New Balance is dedicated to selling merchandises that are “ made in the U.S. ” . With Nike ‘s hapless public sentiment of abroad fabrication, this could be a large benefit for New Balance. New Balance ‘s committedness to client trueness allows them to pass less on selling. Other rivals include Skechers and Puma. Skechers chief focal points is on fashionable footwear, utilizing popular media personalities such as Carrie Underwood for its selling. The German based company Puma is besides a quickly turning company. Puma introduced a five twelvemonth program get downing in 2006 to spread out into India and China, every bit good as launch five new merchandise lines. Companies like these are non large plenty to be a menace to Nike ‘s success now, their fleet growing makes them possible menaces in the close hereafter, and Nike will necessitate to supervise their success.


Nike is evidently the top of its concern, but no company is unbeatable. Nike has several avenues of promotion. If they want to go on to construct on lead and maintain their dominate position in the industry, they need to take a difficult expression at their mission and specify it in S.M.A.R.T footings. This will give the company a changeless end and a way to travel in alternatively of being self-satisfied waiting for its rivals to catch up. They need to do it clear non merely that they want to remain on top, but how they will remain on top. They have a alone chance with Google their and The ability to make some of their mark clients in such a manner could be a immense selling advantage. The site needs to be finished before other networking sites take over. Nike needs to cognize what its competition is making and demands to fix to counter anything the competition puts up against them. The most of import thing they can make is better labour fortunes in mills. The difficult portion for Nike is keeping low costs while still maintaining the trade name equity they are known for. In order to make this Nike needs to hold fewer providers and more deliberate relationships with the 1s they already cover with. Making these accommodations, their repute will go positive and they can derive back the clients they lost due to negative promotion. Nike has ever been associated with high quality retail merchandises. They now need to be associated with the same type quality when it comes to labour and fabrication conditions.

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