The Struggle To Maintain Cultural Identity English Literature Essay

Sherman Alexie ‘s award winning novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time deals with the narrative of a immature Native American, Junior or Arnold Spirit that trades with the issues within his ain Native Americans society and besides the issues within the white Americans. Native Americans were ever associated with bad feelings or unproductiveness economically in their surrounding society. Their generalization and history of the Native Americans were something to be looked at earlier to follow the beginnings or the causes such bad feeling of the Native Americans as a whole. Through clip and alterations in the Native American society, their society as one, struggled with challenges to keep their civilization but despite all their opposition they do lost their cultural individuality bit by bit because of the manner their chances for holding a better life have been ‘blocked ‘ by their oppressor straight and indirectly.

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When we look at the history of the Native Indians traveling to the hapless reserve, harmonizing to William T. Hagan in his instance survey, Kiowas, Comancheasnd, Cattlemen, 1867-1906: A Case Study of the Failure of U.s Reservation Policy, Native Americans were moved to reserves as the States ‘ authorities that has been led by the Whites had nem con agreed that for the endurance of the Native Americans, they need to travel them ( Native Americans ) to reserves. Truth is told, late as we can see in Native Americans still populating in a non-productive society where they are still bound with societal jobs like deficiency of instruction, alcohol addiction and opprobrious act in their ain community and Sherman Alexie reflected these jobs in his novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian ( 2007 ) . Sherman Alexie ‘s contemplation, in a manner, proved that what was done for the Native American to be moved from their ain topographic point to reserves for endurance is non a ‘genius ‘ thought after all.

In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian ( TATDOAPTI ) , when we look at the chapter ‘because a geometry is non a state someplace near France ‘ , the introducing of a sloppy instructor, Mr. P that was so unretentive and even at one clip wore pajamas to learn reflected the un-seriousness attending or concern that the community had given for childs instruction and in this narrative, Arnold Spirit, Rowdy, and the remainder of the childs at the reserve. The text book that he had thrown to Mr. P is his female parent ‘s old text book. What can Arnold larn through his female parent ‘s old text book when the universe outside his reserve which is the white childs ‘ school, have newest, revised, and improved text book? Arnold and the remainder of the child that is still analyzing old text book would merely be left behind and their competency degree are merely non plenty to fit the universe or the society outside the reserve.

The inquiry of how Native Americans cultural individuality be sustained if they are confronting with major jobs like poorness? The really best manner to depict why they are populating in a hapless life style is because of they are moved into reserves with no chances. In Robin M. Leichenko ‘s authorship, Does Place Still Matter? Accounting For Income Variation across American Indian Tribal Area, high rate of poorness were scored by the Native American folk as the land that their being moved to, the reserves, were located in remotely rural parts that gives us the thought on how low their per capita income. Native Americans society that lives in the reserves has limited entree to resources like markets, good substructure and has to populate in a lower cost of populating therefore, when poorness becomes a job of a society, poorness creates societal jobs such as force, alcohol addiction and deficiency of instruction. In TATDOAPTI it is obvious that Arnold ‘s community is in the province of a low cost life or hapless life manner. Poverty plays its ‘ ‘role ‘ in Arnold ‘s manner of acquiring to school where he had to utilize several ways merely to acquire to his school like hitchhiking, and walking 22 stat mis to acquire to school when his male parent can non afford to purchase gas money for his auto or when there is no 1 to give him a drive.

Education in Native Americans plays of import functions in whether to prolong their cultural individuality or to lose their ain Native Americans cultural individuality. The signifier of instruction will impact 1s ‘ society whether to encompass and maintaining their cultural individuality alive or to wipe out their memory of their ain cultural background. Sheman Alexie ‘s novel reflects how the Native Amerrican oppressor, which is the white Americans, would seek to wipe out them in schools form their cultural backgrounds or individuality through instructors like Mr. P himself. Mr. P function ‘s as a instructor turns out to go a civilization ‘eraser ‘ in school where he taught the Native American with ‘expired ‘ cognition which makes the Indian becomes incompetency and the manner he tried to consume Arnold ‘s Native American civilization by doing them give up being American indians and to go forth their civilization heritage such as their myths, vocals and dance. In Indian Removal: Manifest Destiny or Hypocrisy by David L. Ghere, he stated on how Native Americans were removed and what did the white Americans did to maintain them remain in reserves.

Secretary of War John C. Calhoun in 1818 justifies the Indian Removal policy by saying that, the Native Americans are non to be considered as independent and with a good combination of force, penalty and wagess, they will obey to the jurisprudence and civilisation. He besides stated that if the native Indian were left to take attention of them they will ne’er hold a better life. His statement can non be true as Native Americans were the 1s who survived themselves, even before the imperialist comes to their topographic point and took everything. We can see that the white Americans tried to pull strings the Native American ways of life to their advantage. One manner of chastening Native Americans is to ‘introduced ‘ so to Christianity so they would be bound by regulations and would be easy to pull strings Native American once they are devoted Christians. Harmonizing to a member of a folk Speckled Snake, a Creek senior aged 100+ in 1829 said that when the white American came with no endurance accomplishments, the Native American helped them to last but when the white American become stronger society, they betray the native American and became their ‘Great Father ‘ and said ‘Get a small farther signifier me, you are excessively near… ‘ In The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian, Arnold is a Christian and when her sister died, her female parent support on traveling to church to pray while his male parent supports on imbibing. When we see this state of affairs, the Native Americans had been assimilated and bit by bit their cultural background flies off.

Native American besides struggled to continue their cultural background though they are losing them bit by bit. Harmonizing to Bruce Ballenger, in his article Methods of Memory: On Native American Storytelling, Native American spreads their civilization through narratives whether they are in myths, vocals and even dance. In Native American storytelling, personal memory is non of import as the racial memory is more of import so that they can continue their cultural values. Recasting the yesteryear into their present is the intent of the narratives. In TATDOAPTI we can see that how Arnold ‘s society handed down narratives like the narrative about the chilling lake that was told by his male parent, the huddle jubilation that has last for more than 100 old ages and when his grandma died, Arnold can remember what his grandma was like in her younger yearss, even though he did was non born. Peoples in the reserve have ‘shared ‘ narratives to pass down to one coevals to another coevals. When speaking about keeping their civilization, the society was against Arnold ‘s determination to travel to Rearden as what Arnold is making is ne’er been done by other people in their society and his determination is against the manner their civilization works. After that Arnold was despised and out casted by his ain society like when he came to play at Wellpinit high school, he was called by bad names.

The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian truly has shown us the world of the rough life of the Arnold ‘s Native American society where they had job with deficiency of instruction, less resource of economic system and were populating in a rural country which makes it harder to populate. The authorities should play major functions in assisting the Native Americans as they were the 1 who help them to last their lives in the first topographic point manner back ago. Native Americans need to make something to keep and non losing their cultural individuality by traveling outside of their community and get down a better life outside of the reserves but still populating in their beliefs and imposts of who they are as Native Americans.

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