The things they carried Essay

The Things They Carried Theme Analysis Essay

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Student name:
Teacher: Hayes/Schierholz

Deadline: Wednesday, October 6th 2010 Date Paper Submitted: ______________________



Main Idea
No clear thesis is present
Thesis is present, yet it lacks relevance and detail. Also, thesis is NOT developed throughout paper Thesis is present, yet somewhat vague
Thesis is on target, relevant, and precise and developed throughout the paper. ____
Transitions and
Work is rarely logical, relevant, or organized, but seems random and thrown together. No transitions between ideas. Structure of essay reflects little if any preparation. Or
Is missing a Introduction or Conclusion
Work is sometimes logical and relevant, and has only glimmers thought and sequence. Few if any transitions are used. Structure of essay reflects some preparation. Or
Introduction and Conclusion are vague and difficult to identify Work is mostly logical and relevant and seems that some thought was used for sequence. Some transitions are used. Structure of essay reflects adequate preparation. Has clear Introduction and Conclusion. Work is very logical, well sequenced, relevant, and thought out. Ideas are well transitioned. Structure of essay reflects outstanding preparation. Has clear and appropriate Introduction and Conclusion. ____

Analysis of Theme
Little to no Theme analysis is discussed.
Theme analysis is NOT supported by textual evidence
Theme Analysis is vague, and or difficult to follow or understand. Or
Theme Analysis is rarely supported by textual evidence
Theme analysis is present, yet details and quotes are obvious and lack innovative thought Theme analysis is detailed, developed, and specific, is supported by textual evidence and is creative, and insightful. ____X2

Us e of textual Evidence
Student uses no quotes in paper.
Only one quote is present
Writer uses three quotes, but randomly, and provides no explanation. Student only uses only two quotes in paper.
Student uses all three, but inappropriately or Analysis is vague, or not explained by writer. Student uses at least three quotes in the paper. Analysis is present, yet obvious and un-insightful Student references at least three quotes in the paper. Quotes are adequately explained “sandwich style”, and clearly support the theme ____X2

Grammatical or Technical Errors
Work has 6+ errors per page: Basic punctuation, spelling, capitalization, sub/verb agreement, pro/ant agreement. Work has 4-5 errors per page: Basic punctuation, spelling, capitalization, sub/verb agreement, pro/ant
agreement. Work has 2-3 errors per page: Basic punctuation, spelling, capitalization, sub/verb agreement, pro/ant agreement. Work has 0-1 errors per page:

Basic punctuation, spelling, capitalization, sub/verb agreement, pro/ant agreement. ____
Follows basic directions/ Works Cited Page
Student is missing 3 or more elements
Student fails to include parenthetical documentation
Student fails to complete 2 minor elements.
Student is only missing one minor element.
12 point, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, MLA style parenthetical citations, rough draft/pre-writing, at least 2 pgs long. ____X2

Works cited page disregards MLA format or is non-present.
Works cited page contains an accumulation of errors.
Works cited page is mostly accurate.
Works cited page is accurate.
Teacher Comments:

Total—> _____/100
-20 Points: 1 day late -10 Points: Turn it

The Things They Carried Theme Analysis Essay
Wednesday, October 6th 2010

What is a theme? Our literature book defines theme as a central message, concern, or purpose in a literary work. A theme can be expressed as a general statement about human beings or about life. The theme of a work is not a summary of its plot, but instead is the writer’s central idea.

Many themes are common throughout all of literature. A theme can be as simple as one word: loyalty, courage, love, and friendship. They can also be a little more detailed like: cheaters never prosper, it is better to give than receive, and love conquers all. These are themes that can be found in a number of stories and novels. For this essay you will be writing a 2 page theme analysis. You will choose ONE of the following themes, and discusses how O’Brien develops this theme in ONE specific vignette (chapter). Most importantly, you will use specific quotes (at least three) from the text to support your analysis of the theme. The list of themes you may choose from are below:


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