The Things They Carried English Literature Essay

This research paper attempts to analyse the intent of the construction in the books The Things They Carried and A Rose for Emily. It farther assesses the impact of the manner in which the information in the books is arranged compared to if it were set in a consecutive mode. It besides looks into the differences and similarities of both writers every bit good as the tone of the book as it appears to readers.

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The manner in which information in both narratives is arranged is proper. In a narrative, it is of import for an writer to show the narrative in such a manner that it does non flux in a chronological mode. There are two chief grounds for this. First, such an agreement helps in let go ofing the tenseness that the narrative may construct among readers. Second, it presents a opportunity for the writer to inform the readers of what is go oning or happened elsewhere. These are of import schemes in any piece of art be it written or unwritten. Reed ( 23 ) notes that any piece of work that rotates around the same environment and subject can be tiring to readers. When an writer takes his or her readers from one environment to another, it is easy to capture their attending to follow the narrative. This technique helps to keep the concentration of the readers.

In the book ‘The Thingss They Carried ‘ , the writer takes us from one episode to another. The book could hold been less interesting if it merely discussed how the war was. William Faulkner in ‘A Rose for Emily ‘ besides takes us from Emily ‘s place to the outside universe ( Faulkner 23 ) . This adds value to the book because it shows the writer ‘s ability to narrate narratives that cover more than one environment. The scenes in these books vary depending on clip and topographic point in the all the episodes.

One facet that is obviously common among the two writers is their ability to stay impersonal regardless of the issue at manus. They do non roast the actions of the characters in their books. They do non try to carry the readers to see their point of position. Rather, they leave the reader to analyse a state of affairs and justice. When stating the readers about how the soldiers had detached with world because of their superstitious nature, O’Brian presents the narrative in such a manner that the reader can non state what his positions are refering the subject. This manner is common in most plants of art where the writers conceal their point of views on issues that are emerging in their authorship. As Reed ( 56 ) notes, this manner gives the reader a opportunity to do a ego analysis on the affair in inquiry without the influence of the writers.

In both books, the storyteller is unidentified. The authorship manners in both books do non place the narrator since the narratives are told by an anon. individual. In A Rose for Emily, the narrative is told from an anon. occupant ‘s point of position ( Faulkner 7 ) . There is no reference of a storyteller. The writer has nevertheless identified the supporters of the narrative. Despite this, the narrative has been presented in a absorbing mode to pull the reader ‘s attending. First, chapters of the book give brief by clear description of the characters so that the reader can place with them. By giving the descriptions of the characters or their beliefs, the writer creates awareness to the reader on the sort of people that will be ‘meeting ‘ in the narrative.

However, the manners used by both writers differ. While O’Brian ‘s book is written from the yesteryear to the present, Faulkner ‘s book uses flashback and dominating to go through the intended message efficaciously. The narrative in O’Brian ‘s book tells the narrative from the clip the soldiers set off to Vietnam. The facet of flashback in this book is really minimum ( O’Brian 17-37 ) . Faulkner uses flashback to present events that take topographic point before the beginning of the narrative. This can be illustrated at the start and terminal of the narrative. The narrative begins by a description of the scene of Emily ‘s funeral. This is a flashback because the narrative ends with the storyteller ‘s memory of how the town ‘s people discovered the cadaver of Grieson in Emily ‘s place shortly after her funeral ( Faulkner 3 ) . In add-on, dominating physiques the outlooks of the readers on events that are yet to go on. This therefore serves as one of the most outstanding difference between the two writers. The manner in which the narratives are presented gives the readers an thought of the manners that each writer uses in their written work.

The rubrics play an of import function of giving the readers thoughts of the messages the writers intend to show. This is non ever the instance since some rubrics are non consecutive frontward. In some cases the readers have to travel through the whole book to acquire the message of the narrative. The rubric A Rose for Emily does non give the reader a really clear thought of what the writer wants to discourse. The lone right hypothesis that the readers can do is that one of the characters in the book is called Emily. Many people would tie in such a narrative with pleasant experiences while this is non the instance. The rubric used hence conceals a concealed significance because it does non give a consecutive forward thought on the content of the book. Reed ( 67 ) sees the thought of rubrics as one manner of placing serious readers. He farther notes that committed readers do non judge the book by its screen or rubric. O’Brian ‘s Things They Carried can give the readers a idea on the contents of the book. First, the given would be that the characters in this narrative set out for a journey and carried with them ‘some things ‘ ( O’Brian 47 ) . The reader can be certain that those things ( whatever they were ) have been mentioned in the narrative.

O’Brian uses a melancholy tone in showing the narrative. The temper that revolves around the book reflects sadness. One of the chief subjects in the narrative is isolation. Soldiers feel separated from the remainder in the universe to an extent that they feel that nevertheless much they try to show their experiences to their equals and household, they will ne’er be understood. Following this, they feel of isolated when they return place. Their experiences in Vietnam are besides expressed in a sad manner. Some like Tim effort to run off from this hostile environment.

Faulkner uses a serious and sympathetic tone ( Faulkner 78-140 ) . Emily is non comfy in her ain place. Her male parent does non look pleased with any of his girl ‘s suers. One of the chief subjects that have been discussed in the narrative is decease. Death is prevailing in this narrative. About five deceases are mentioned throughout the book. In mundane life, decease brings about grave tempers.

As a reader I take a sad temper. This is fundamentally because both narratives focus on sad events which happen to us sometimes. This temper is farther enhanced by the fact that the events are common experiences. This therefore reminds me of all the existent events like these that I have witnessed in my life. The temper that the books set has a direct consequence on the readers. Human enduring and decease are ruinous to human existences. Harmonizing to Reed ( 45 ) , when we watch a film or read a sad narrative, we tend to be affected by its events. This is manifested by our contemplation on the events after it comes to an terminal. We may inquire inquiries like, why did it hold to stop that manner? What if that happened to me? Do such events go on in existent life? This by and large shows that the events in both books arouse the emotions of the readers.


This paper focused on the books Things They Carried by O’Brian and A Rose for Emily by Faulkner. The two books possess common characteristics and at the same clip differ in presentation manners. O’Brian ‘s book is presented in a melancholy tone while Faulkner ‘s is presented in a serious and sympathetic tone. The events in both narratives affected me as a reader since they left me in a sad temper.

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