The Weaknesses Of Gaming Machine Marketing Essay

Jerry is a immature alumnus and has merely started a new concern endeavor Gaming Machine Sdn Bhd which sells computing machine hardware and accoutrements. Bet oning Machine Sdn Bhd is located in Penang and has been runing for 3 old ages and is seeing an addition in gross revenues over the past few months. Jerry ‘s company occupies a 2,000 square pes shop located in a shopping complex.The chief focal point of the concern is on selling high public presentation hardware specially catered to the Personal computer gambling partisans, therefore the name Gaming Machine. The nucleus scheme of his concern is to provide to a niche market of flush, serious gamers who do non compromise on the cost of sole high-end and specialized merchandises. Jerry has besides established for himself the desired repute of dependability and an faultless service record. In the short span of 3 old ages in a really competitory market, Jerry has been able to set up and intrench himself in the good will and support of his professional clients. For this assignment, Bet oning Machine will be reviewed to measure its public presentation and to place the strengths and failings and the ways in which these factors can be eliminated if non minimized. Besides that, ways and stairss that could be carried out by Jerry to better the concern of Bet oning Machine were discussed.

2.0 Undertaking 1:

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Business reappraisals are carried out by a company to estimate its public presentation and advancement and to place how its operations can be improved upon. The web page states that the reviewing of the company ‘s concern enables the company to revisit and update the concern program with new and improved schemes, therefore bettering the overall public presentation of the company. For this assignment, Bet oning Machine Sdn Bhd is reviewed to place its strengths and failings and to happen solutions and ways in which the company will be able to accomplish growing and increase its overall public presentation.

2.1 Company Overview

Jerry ‘s company, Bet oning Machine Sdn Bhd began runing since March 2011 and has been seeing an addition in net incomes get downing 2012 until the current period. Bet oning Machine foremost started its concern in the twelvemonth 2010 in a residential country where Jerry rented a shop-lot as a service Centre and retail mercantile establishment. While located in the residential country, Bet oning Machine did non hold any immediate competition as there were no other computing machine sellers nearby.

In 2011 Bet oning Machine so moved to a 3,000 square pes shop in an uptown popular shopping composite as Gaming Machine had by so outgrown the old shop-lot.Jerry decided to relocate to a shopfront in that peculiar shopping composite because he felt that Bet oning Machine will bask the benefit of a wider spectrum of newcustomers as compared to the old shop-lot as a shopping composite will hold a changeless watercourse of possible clients go throughing by his storeat all clip. Jerry believes that the pick of location is a major factor in the success of a concern as it non merely affects the concern ‘s handiness to possible markets but besides influences the ability of that concern to market itself. After the resettlement, Bet oning Machine saw a dramatic addition in its overall gross revenues as the new location enabled Jerry ‘s company to be conspicuously seeable and easy accessible to its clients. Customers now find it more convenient as there is ample parking infinite and prefer the more contributing atmosphere inherent in modern yearss shopping composites. The new shopfront enables Bet oning Machine to expose and stock up on a wider scope of merchandises as there is more infinite.

There are drawbacks every bit good as benefitsof relocating to the shopping composite. Bet oning Machine now has to bear higheroperating cost and fixed overhead disbursals such as a much higher lease and public-service corporation measures particularly with more illuming to heighten the show of merchandises. Besides, Gaming Machine has now to postulate with immediate competition selling similar merchandises such as Personal computer Depot and Redcom Computer. The rent that Jerry has to pay for the shopfront isnow more than double of what he used to pay therefore impacting the border of his company ‘s net incomes. Fortunately, the overpowering addition in overall gross revenues this far has enabled Jerry to keep a healthy and feasible net income to farther grow and better upon his concern.

2.2 Summary of Findingss

By reexamining his company, Jerry has identified the strengths and failing every bit good as the chances and menaces to Gaming Machine and is now able to explicate a program of action to get the better of the failings and to farther better on its strengths.

3.0 Undertaking 2:

A SWOT analysis which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats was carried out to measure the current state of affairs of Gaming Machine. This analysis is done to place and find the strength and failing of the company and the manner to better and alter itself. The SWOT analysis is highly utile as it is able to measure both the internal and external environment of a company ; hence it assists in prediction and decision-making procedures of that company. A sum-up of each cardinal factors are briefly explained in the below paragraphs.

3.1 Strengths:

The success of Bet oning Machine SdnBhd can be contributed to several factors. One important factor that Bet oning Machine is really popular among clients who enjoy high-definition Personal computer gambling is that they are able to happen and buy all the required hardware straight from Bet oning Machine. Bet oning Machine prides itself on supplying high-performance hardware trade names and parts such as Nvidia and Ati Radeon in writing cards and Cooler Master and Thermaltake shells and chilling solutions which most Personal computer sellers do non stock. For illustration, Bet oning Machine even stocks the elusive Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 in writing card which is presently the fastest in writing processer in the market while other rivals such as Personal computer Depot would n’t due to its highly expensive monetary value ticket.

Another cardinal factor of its success lies in the service and client support rendered by Bet oning Machine where it focuses its after gross revenues services on client satisfaction and keeping where most of their clients have been loyal to the company since they foremost started operating in 2010. The services offered by Bet oning Machine include care, Personal computer package and hardware optimisation and besides offering solutions and advice to the jobs faced by their clients. A alone service which is offered by Bet oning Enterprise is that the client is able to orient do his Personal computer by taking specifically what is the hardware he requires. For illustration, if a client wants an highly powerful Personal computer to play the latest and most in writing intensive games, Bet oning Machine will supply the client with a list of hardware which would outdo suit his demand and the client is able to take precisely which trade name or theoretical account of the hardware he desires.

3.2 Failings:

Bet oning Machine caters purely to the flush and sophisticated gamers. As such it caters merely to a little section of a really immense market. Another disadvantage to Gaming Machine is its misguided individuality due to its extremely specialised merchandises, and it is unfortunate that important figure of consumers have avoided Gaming Machine due to the misconception that it is a excessively expensive a topographic point to step into.One of the chief grounds that most consumers find the merchandise pricingof Gaming Machine to be excessively expensive is that bulk of the merchandises sold are branded and targeted for high public presentation partisans such as Kingston Hyper-X RAM Kits. As an illustration, most Personal computer sellers do non maintain stock of Performance RAM Kits ( Random Access Memory ) as they about cost twice the monetary value of a normal or Value RAM, and are largely used by gamers and coders who need the excess public presentation border that lone Performance RAMs are able to supply. The deficiency in the handiness of generic trade names is another factor lending to the excessively priced image that the is being perceived about Bet oning Machine.In order non to lose out on low-budget clients, Bet oning Machine should see doing available the more popular generic trade names and hardware to provide to the amateur and entry-level gamers.

Another major failing of Gaming Machine is its deficiency of advertisement where it is non every bit well-known as its rivals and has low client consciousness. As it is non as well-known, it will be given to lose out on possible clients on a long term footing as possible clients will prefer to buy merchandises and services from a well known and better established company such as Personal computer Depot.

3.3 The chances:

There is a batch of chance for Bet oning Machine in the current market as picture gambling is highly popular among the younger coevals. Out the three chief gambling platforms which include the Sony Playstation and the Microsoft Xbox, the Personal computer or computing machine is still by far the most popular and normally used platform for gamers here. The ground for its popularity is that the Personal computer is upgradable over a period of clip while the Playstation and Xbox console will go disused and outdated after a certain period of clip. This in itself is a major chance for Bet oning Machine as Personal computer gamers will be possible clients when they need to upgrade their current system.

3.4 The menaces:

A major menace which Gaming Machine has been confronting since relocating to the shopping composite is the close propinquity to its more cost effectual rivals such as Personal computer Depot and Redcom Computers. Many shoppers would travel to PC Depot foremost and so merely caput to Gaming Machine if they ca n’t happen what they require at PC Depot. This could be due to the lower monetary values that are offered by Personal computer Depot. Another menace to the success of Bet oning Machine is its comparative low market portion which makes it instead vulnerable when viing against other good established rivals. The menace of possible entrants into the market may turn out to be another menace to Gaming Machine as it might non be able to efficaciously vie against new rivals who may hold a competitory advantage over Jerry ‘s company.

3.5 Summary of Findingss

As there will ever be two sides to a coin, Bet oning Machine has its ain portions of strengths and failings every bit good as chances and menaces. By placing what are the failings and menaces, Jerry will be able to explicate a program or suited scheme to get the better of if non extinguish these failings and drawbacks that Bet oning Machine faces.

4.0 Task 3

4.1 Solutions to get the better of the failings of Gaming Machine

As seen in the old undertaking, the chief failings of Gaming Machine are the inaccessibility of budget or lower priced hardware and the deficiency of advertisement. A cardinal measure which would greatly better Gaming Machine ‘s overall competiveness would be to do available a budget scope of merchandises which are priced at a more low-cost rate. As an illustration, Jerry can see carrying up on generic in writing card trade names such as Palit or Powercolor which are much cheaper as compared to their original opposite numbers which normally cost 25 % to 40 % more. Jerry should see the fact that many of his possible clients would include childs who are still schooling or merely started working ; hence they will non hold much fiscal resources for them to buy high-end merchandises. Therefore, if Gaming Machine is able to present and stock up on a more low-cost scope of merchandises, it will be able to provide to this peculiar section of the market and non lose out on market portion.

Bet oning Machine should put more focal point on advertisement itself, as its deficiency of advertisement resulted in the low client consciousness of Gaming Machine. Ad is defined by to be a favorable representation of merchandise or a company to do consumer, clients and general public aware of that company or merchandise. Ad is an highly of import component as it straight affects the gross revenues and success of a company. The ground for this is that, advertisement is able to make consciousness in people where the general populace will go witting to the merchandises and services every bit good as the being of Gaming Machine.

Bet oning Machine can publicize itself through non-electronic advertisement and electronic advertisement where the advertisement messages can be communicated to the mark audience. Non-electronic advertisement would be the use of media such as newspapers, magazines and booklets while electronic advertisement by and large utilizing the cyberspace as an advertisement tool. Although advertisement will necessitate extra outgo, it will ensue in a encouragement in gross revenues as it will do the general populace and possible clients to be cognizant of the merchandises and services offered by Bet oning Machine.

5.0 Undertaking 4:

After passing a hebdomad at Jerry ‘s vacation place in Penang, many ways and method that Jerry could transport to keep if non better his company ‘s public presentation was discovered.

The creative activity of a selling program would be one of the ways in which the overall public presentation of Bet oning Machine can be boosted. Harmonizing to the web site, a selling program is defined to be the written papers that describes a company ‘s advertisement and selling attempts for the approaching twelvemonth. A good selling program will embrace several keys issues such as the situational analysis, ends, mark audience, schemes and tactics and the budget dislocation. A good thought marketing program will be able to find the success or failure of the Gaming Machine ‘s selling run as it would include the selling budget, mark market and the type of media to be chosen. With the right selling program Jerry will be able to take advantage of market chances and puts Bet oning Machine in a better place to respond to alterations in the market. For illustration, Jerry can market his merchandises through on-line media such as advertizements on bet oning web sites and on societal web web sites such as facebook to aim a wider range of possible clients.

Another manner to better his concern ‘s public presentation would be to use on-line selling and websites to advance his merchandises. With its ain on-line purchase and retail web site, Bet oning Machine will be able to make out and aim a wider section of the market. Besides that, a web site will let the client the convenience to buy the merchandises online without the fuss of necessitating to physically come to the shop. Another cardinal advantage is that Jerry will be able to expose his merchandises online without the demand to specifically put up a show site in the shop, therefore salvaging physical infinite in the shop.

To farther increase the fight of Gaming Machine, Jerry can transport out stairss such as market analysis and market cleavage, aiming and placement ( STP ) . By transporting out a market analysis, Jerry can place the strengths of his rivals and happen to develop the best scheme to efficaciously vie against the rivals. By practising STP selling Jerry will hold a competitory advantage, as Gaming Machine will be able to place the most suited section to market its merchandise and use the right selling mix to maximise net incomes.

Besides that, Jerry can farther better on his client service by supplying a longer warranty period for the merchandises bought from the company to pull clients. With a longer period of guarantee, the clients will hold a sense of confidence as the will experience confident about the quality of the merchandises that they have purchased from Bet oning Machine.

5.2 Summary of Findingss

With a proper selling schemes and the use of the online advertizements, Jerry will be able to efficaciously aim and market his merchandises to the right section of the market. This manner Jerry will be able to concentrate his selling budget on his mark audience to guarantee the highest return in net incomes.

6.0 Decision:

In this assignment, the public presentation of a concern is reviewed to place its strengths, failings, chances and menaces. After the strengths and failing were discovered, methods or measure which can be carried out to get the better of these failings and to better on the strengths were given. For the concluding portion, another analysis was carried out to happen if the public presentation of the concern could be furthered improved in any manner. Jerry ‘s company which is Bet oning Machine is used as an illustration for the whole assignment and relevant illustrations were given to exemplify the different elements that are present in the assignment such as the strengths and failings of the company. In the first undertaking, Bet oning Machine was reviewed to measure its public presentation while in the 2nd undertaking, the strengths and failings were identified and defined. For the following two undertakings, ways to get the better of and minimise its failings and menaces every bit good as ways to better on the strengths of Bet oning Machine were given with account and relevant illustrations.

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