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            Life has always been filled with different experiences. These experiences help me to ponder on the things that I do with my life. Regardless of how big or small these are, they have the capability of making the individual feel affected. The emotions given for the little things that happen in life are usually the things that matter the most. 

            My life as a writer started when I was merely in fifth grade. I would do things to please myself. For every emotion that I would have, I would scribble them down using a pen and paper. Afterwards, I would use coloring materials to highlight the kind of emotion I had. I would draw certain things that I knew would help express my emotions for that particular moment. Every time I write, I do not think of the technicalities of writing. I just write down what is on my mind, so that I could capture that particular feeling.

            Another experience that I had before was when I had my first crush. I wanted to capture each moment as possible. Through my writing, I was able to voice out my thoughts and emotions about the special happening in my life. From the first time I saw those brown eyes, to the way he brushed his hair, all were noted down. Every time I read my reflections, I would feel nostalgic about this particular instance. A smile on my face would become visible, making me feel good about myself. After reading such reflection, I felt that I was a very keen observer. I paid too much detail on the small things that happened around me. Although I was unaware of the technicalities of writing, I was still armed with my passion and determination to write. I wanted to make others feel the kind of emotion that I had towards a particular person, place, or thing.

            From then on, I never hindered myself from writing about life, in general. I could write about anything that I could think of. It may be something small, like a glass, or something extraordinary like the Eiffel Tower. My imagination and use of words flourished as I grew older. I would pay more attention to the little details that others do not see. These are the little things that I would concentrate myself on when writing.

            Taking this course also helped me in improving my craft. I was able to learn more about the technicalities of writing, and the certain rules that I should not break. I became aware that through my writing, I have violated several writing rules. In order to do so, I had to proof read every journal or entry that I write before handing them over. Blogs were normal for me, but this time, I was made aware of which areas to focus on, and what to take into consideration.

            As a child, I have always considered writing as my main way of releasing my thoughts and emotions. This is actually better than doing something different and hurting other people.  The emotions that are tied with such words and phrases actually help in the fulfillment of one’s writing. Feeling nostalgic about a certain idea was normal for any writer, for more feelings and emotions may be incorporated with such.

            One time, I was writing a reflection about a particular topic in school. As I was pondering about what to write, I realized how lucky I was with my life. The fact that I had the gift of writing made me feel wonderful about myself. I felt a certain rush of emotions over power me. Realizing so much about myself made me stronger as an individual. In addition to this, I felt that I was building that confidence in myself. Although I was not very vocal with my thoughts and emotions, I was still able to send them across through my writing.

            Understanding how to make use of writing in the professional set up is also one thing that should be taken into consideration. The technicalities help the writer sound more professional as possible. This particular instance also happened to me one time. As I was applying for college, I came across some admission essays that I had to fill out for each school that I applied for. Since writing was not difficult for me, I found it easy to answer all of the questions that were asked of me. What I would normally do is think and ponder on the particular mood that I am setting. Afterwards, I write my heart out. Making the essays formal comes in the end after the essays have been written. I read these after being composed, after which, I alter some of the words, phrases and the mood that I set to make the paper as formal and as presentable as possible.

            In addition to this, grammatical and punctuation errors are also checked. These are then modified depending on the type of essay being made. The little technicalities that I am aware of makes it possible for me to still write my heart out, without the hassle of worrying about the violations I may commit in writing.

            Writing is not just about making people see the reality of what is happening around us, but also making them see that life is indeed beautiful. I, too, committed numerous mistakes in my life, but it is in rising up that I get the chance to prove to myself that I can be better. Writing makes it possible for other people, not just me to be able to see the beauty that life has to offer. I have realized that life is filled with numerous experiences that help us grow and become better people. Although painful and true, these experiences make us realize and see the beauty that life has to offer. We are opened to a brand new world that we are unaware of.

            I have deemed it necessary for people to actually make use of writing whenever they experiencing certain emotions. It is actually good to show much emotion through writing because it is through writing that my true emotions are revealed and pondered on.

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