Three Interplays Shaping Crisis Management Essay

Crisis planning, as McConnell and Drennan ( 2006 ) posited, are “ low chance events ” ( p. 59 ) which places excessively much demands on organizational resources. However, as you notice events around you, Pinsdorf ‘s ( 1987 ) exhortation that crisis is no longer an “ if ” but “ when ” , becomes prescient. Increasing activism in the societal media seems to worsen the state of affairs ( Siah, Bansal, & A ; Pang, 2010 ) . You have merely joined a profitable moderate-sized administration that trades with consumer goods. The organisation late had a media panic, and the CEO, cognizing that you ‘ve taken a crisis class, asks you to pull up a crisis communicating program that seeks to pull off both online and mainstream media. Design such a program. Following, gestate the function of PR in the program. How can you show leading as a member of the direction staff? Second, how can you ease leading? ( 30 Markss )

Crisis today is ‘Global, Social and Viral’1

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Every organisation needs to get the hang three interplays determining crisis: the interplay between mainstream media and new media, the interplay between local and planetary kineticss and the interplay between crisis planning and response1. As Louis Pasteur one time said, “ opportunity favours the prepared head. ” The best opportunity for a communicating practioner to acquire a favourable result in a crisis is to put the basis good in progress by developing a sound Crisis Communication Plan. Crisis Communication is defined as “ the aggregation, processing, and airing of information required to turn to a crisis state of affairs ( Coombs, 2010, p. 20 ) . The anchor that determines the success, or failure, of a crisis run appears to rest on an organisation ‘s crisis readiness, epitomized by a crisis program ( Coombs, 2000 ) .

Situation: I am a Senior Manager- Corporate Communication of Axa. Axa is a name synonymous with trust, honestness and transparence. It is a fabricating company and trades with consumer goods in India. It has expressed its desire to travel its fabrication base outside Mumbai ( for salvaging immense costs in natural stuff revenue enhancements ) . The work force of 5,000 is highly unhappy and the media has blown the narrative in the face of Axa for holding no empathy to be taking this move.

Workers are on work stoppage ( Stakeholder Number 1 ) as they are angered, dying and sad about the state of affairs. The Media ( Stakeholder Number 2 ) is expecting the organisation ‘s return on the state of affairs and wants to understand the principle behind this move. The populace at big is disquieted that a trade name like Axa would n’t believe about people but net incomes and go forth them unemployed.

The theories at drama in this state of affairs are ‘Framing theory ‘ with respects to media and ‘Appraisal Tendency Framework ‘ ( ATF ) with respects to people. Gitlin ( 1980 ) defines media frames such as “ relentless forms of knowledge, reading, and presentation, of choice, accent, and exclusion, by which symbol animal trainers routinely organize discourse, whether verbal or ocular ” ( p. 17 ) . ATF is a “ more niceties emotion-specific attack ” ( Cavanaugh, Bettman, Luce, & A ; Payne, 2007, p. 169 ) . Basically it means that emotions act upon what people think. These two theories were integrated by Nabi ( 2007 ) to reason that “ message-relevant emotions are themselves frames that, one time elicited, differentially influence cognitive processing and determination devising. ” The CEO has asked me to repair the state of affairs. Having gone through this class, the logical manner of continuing seems to be pulling up a Crisis Communication program for immediate and effectual remedial of the state of affairs.

Aim of the Crisis Communication Plan: Axa aims at edifying the stakeholders with the principle behind this move in an empathic mode, showing dynamic leading and suggesting compensatory actions ( such as giving workingmans an chance to work in the freshly established fabricating units outside Mumbai ) .

Crisis Communication Plan for Axa ‘s Image Repair: Ideally an organisation needs to hold a Crisis Plan ready right from its proactive phrase, strategic stage, reaction stage and the recovery stage. But, sing the crisis has happened and in the aftermath of no program, I sketch out this communicating program to outdo tackle the reaction to the crisis, followed by the recovery phase. Typically the first three to four hours of a crisis are the most nerve-racking in footings of managing media. A common recommendation for organisations during a crisis is: “ state it all and state it fast ” ( Arpan & A ; Roskos-Ewoldsen 2005:425 ) . This program integrates the undermentioned three signifiers of media.

1. Role of Mainstream Media in this Crisis Communication Plan: Medium companies through their media installations such as newspapers, wireless, and telecasting have the capableness to convey a crisis to every family. ‘The boundaries between mainstream media and new media are film overing as on-line influencers are associating to media narratives and intelligence organisations are citing on-line influencers. Mainstream puts a topographic point on the crisis while new media amplifies the crisis ‘ ( MSLGROUP Crisis Network, 2011 ) . Mainstream Media is important to any crisis communicating program as it has the widest range and hence will assist in magnifying the aim of this crisis communicating program. Role of Mainstream Media in the program:

Role of Mainstream Media in Axa Workmen Crisis

( Sending a message of deep empathy and leading through effectual Media coverage )

Increased editorial coverage and incursion of communicating message across the comprehensiveness of the media by:

Guaranting all possible media- Television, Radio, Newspaper is called for media briefing.

Communicating via a Spokesperson. This is critical. He is the human face to your side of the narrative. How he communicates and what stance he takes determines the studies and perceptual experiences generated.

Role of Public Relations is important to this program

How? What New Media activities would be entailed in the program

Fix a cardinal message note

Choose a Spokesperson and guarantee he is available for all media interactions

Call for a media briefing

Guarantee your narrative is sent for printing in newspaper before the mid-night of the crisis

Mainstream media describing in Television and print should be monitored and analyzed

Consequently, cardinal note message should be updated and shared

Role of Public Relations for this Crisis Communication Plan: Though its mostly an internal struggle of involvements, the media has projected Axa ‘s image as a cold employer and now the populace at big is speaking about it wild on New Media, which does farther harm to its image. This negative online coverage is in bend picked by Mainstream Media. It is non merely of import to lenify the work force but besides to reconstruct its image among the populace. This is where Public dealingss can assist Axa to forestall the negative perceptual experiences amongst the stakeholders by showcasing our civilization, values and runing manner that has been our trademark.

Role of PR for Axa Workmen Crisis

( Sending a message of deep empathy and leading through effectual Public Relations )

Increase the editorial coverage for Axathrough:

Showcasing the empathetic and dynamic leading at Axa.

Corporate narratives of Axa and its empathetic nature towards workingmans as its symbolic organisational trait since 114 old ages.

Expanding the Spokesperson Matrix i.e. impactful PR interactions with the interpreter to foreground the principle and deep thought that has gone in this stance maintaining workingmans at the nucleus. Thereby, foregrounding Axa ‘s focal point on people centricity.

How? What PR activities would be entailed in the program

This aim should be backed by increased media battle through designation and analysis of media chances for undertaking public perceptual experience.

Fix the cardinal message notestating your state of affairs and stance ( Provides a written principle to this move and it goes out as the official word )

Organize PR briefings for Axa ‘s corporate narratives showcasing its empathic nature. Besides, utilize Media to show our concern and finding to decide the crisis.

Form an internal treatment between the worker brotherhood and the dominant alliance. Post which the interpreter can name for a imperativeness conferenceto portion cardinal treatment high spots

2. Role of New Media in this Crisis Communication Plan:

“ Nothing is faster than the velocity of visible radiation ( except ) bad intelligence on the cyberspace ” , Robert Passilkoff, President of New York-based Brand Keys confer withing house. We can non dismiss the function of New Media in Crisis Communication Plan because everything happens at illuming speedy velocity, people demand transparence, duologue is really of import, search repute delivers multimedia consequences and crisis critics have the same tools as you do ( MSLGROUP Crisis Network, 2011 ) . Role played by New Media in the program:

Role of New Media for Axa Workmen Crisis

( Sending a message of deep empathy and leading through effectual New Media communicating )

Use New Media to back up a incorporate messageby:

Reacting fast, faster, fastest

Exhibiting hyper-transparency as there are no secrets on New Media

Building good will through effectual two manner dialogic conversation on New Media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Official Website, etc.

Pull offing repute online-Google hunt with its assorted multimedia consequences can construct or interrupt image.

Updating your cardinal message on your official web site. Preferably a multimedia message with an option for duologue.

How? What New Media activities would be entailed in the program

Activate an experient New Media squad

Monitorblogs, societal networking sites and hunt engines. Generate hourly study on this.

Develop list of on-line influencers.

Set up on-line crisis coaction site to pull off communicating schemes. Activate web site.

Set-up functionary web log and update with crisis messages. Use it as a forum for response and activate chirrup grip for response and redirects.

Create hunt keywords for crisis.

The function of the three media is important to the direction of crisis in footings of communicating. But, in today ‘s universe the three are linked and do n’t run in isolation. Hence, the undertaking here as a member of the direction staff is to strategically incorporate mainstream with new media for the best possible outcomes. This can be illustrated in the Crisis Communication Plan proposed for the crisis that has hit the organisation following the negative promotion and image meddling studies by media. Typically the first three to four hours of a crisis are the most important in footings of media contacts and media dealingss. Hence, the program inside informations out the first 4 hours and so amounts it up till the recovery stage starts. Here is how I plan to travel about pull offing the communicating:

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3 and 4

Notify CEO/President about the crisis

Notify employees about the crisis with precisely the same communicating as that would travel out to media

Continue to update the cardinal message statement

Notify Vice President of Public Relations and selling about the crisis

Notify Board Members ( staying 1s )

Update employee communications as needed

Acquire confirmed facts about the crisis and formalize them

Gather information and feedback about the state of affairs from external beginnings

Management squad meets to reexamine advancement, developments and emerging issues

Activate Crisis Communication Team

Appoint staff to escort media representatives and/or lensmans

Integrating Public Relations ( from this point ) :

-Demonstrating our concern and finding to decide the crisis and,

-Organising an internal treatment between the worker brotherhood and the dominant alliance.

Brief Crisis Communication Team about the crisis

Keep a record of all media enquiries

Post which the interpreter can name for a imperativeness conference to portion cardinal treatment high spots

Integrating Mainstream Media ( from this point ) :

Prepare to pass on about the crisis by:

-Appointing a interpreter in order of duty: CEO, Board chair, Vice President, public dealingss and selling, Key direct study ( dependent on issue )

-Alert receptionists to direct newsmans ‘ and other calls to a peculiar contact

-Prepare a cardinal note message

-Call Media ( TV/Radio/Newspaper ) for Briefing

Update cardinal note message as new information/actions develop

Issue a media consultative sing imperativeness conference

Develop list of “ Frequently Asked Questions ” & amp ; Answers

Prepare imperativeness kits for imperativeness conference

Distribute cardinal note message

Research any similar incidents and how they were handled. Fix a background briefing for direction squad

Integrating New Media ( from this point ) :

-Activate an experient New Media squad

-Monitor web logs, societal networking sites and hunt engines. Generate hourly study on this

-Develop list of on-line influencers

-Set up on-line crisis coaction site to pull off communicating schemes. Activate web site

-Set-up official web log and update with crisis messages. Use it as a forum for response and activate chirrup grip for response and redirects

-Create hunt keywords for crisis

-Post cardinal note message and FAQs on web site in an synergistic manner for the populace to notice.

-Also post the cardinal message on the company ‘s Facebook page, Twitter page

Suggest CEO meets with local functionaries for a personal interaction with media for a more positive coverage than if a low-level meets as this involves a sensitive workingmans issue.

Obtain blessing on the cardinal note message

Assign staff to support newsmans with faxing and calls.

Pull offing Mainstream Media:

-Ensure your narrative is sent for printing in newspaper before the mid-night of the crisis

-Mainstream media describing in Television and print should be monitored and analysed

-Accordingly, cardinal note message should be updated and shared internally and externally

Distribute Press Note to Internal Stakeholders ( employees, spouses, concern associates, clients )

Distribute Facility Fact Sheet and package of pertinent information to each newsman.


Update & A ; copy Facility Fact Sheet and have it ready for the Media.

PR Head to reexamine all local media coverage of the incident. Note the cardinal messages and tone of the study.

Identify emerging issues. Ask media to rectify any important inaccuracies in describing


Appoint a staff to acquire the Media Briefing Room ready ( Conference Room- 404, Plant 13 Annexe )

Monitor the cyberspace for developing issues and proper coverage


Appoint a staff member to supervise and roll up local media studies about the incident.

Include all media and cyberspace monitoring in the Publicity Placement binder.


After Hour 4: This will guarantee, our word is out at that place and we have conveyed our stance and all the cardinal facts important to the determination devising of the stakeholder. Post this ; the direction squad should be briefed on media coverage and developing scenario. The cardinal note should be updated and redistributed based on the coverage and reaction from the populace. Guarantee ‘Our narrative ‘ goes to press before 11 p.m. of the twenty-four hours of crisis. An nightlong communications contact should be assigned and his/her single contact information ( including electronic mail, nomadic figure and facsimile ) should be distributed to all. And, all media calls should be forwarded to this nightlong contact.

Undertake Day One Review: The initial mainstream and on-line media coverage should be analyzed. New Media should be monitored for comments/discussions/feedback and continual response maintained. The unsolved issues should be discussed with direction and tackled on Day Two. The cardinal message note to be redistributed to reflect any of actions turn toing the unsolved issues.

Day Two until Issue Closure: Maintain pro-active, unfastened communications with the media. Ensure that the degree of communicating continues to run into the demands of the state of affairs. Identify and decide any emerging issues. Continue to update and administer cardinal message statement as needed. Evaluate nightlong media and Internet coverage for tone and emerging issues. Review and update employee communications. Review and update website information. Once the crisis is under control, a direction squad meeting should be called for reexamining response advancement and finding manner frontward for post-crisis response rating.

I believe a program is merely every bit good as the individual taking it. I intend to take the program from the forepart by taking up duty of pull offing the function of mainstream media, on-line media and public dealingss. Equally good as maintaining a path of the developing issues and media coverage every hr. These are the countries that fall within the expertness of a communicating individual and hence, would necessitate more strategic inputs. Rest of the agreements and tactical work I aim to depute to specific people based on their accomplishments and expertness. Leading the program calls for being in control of the state of affairs at all times. The program calls for steering based on existent state of affairss and fortunes that unfold in the procedure which will be a existent trial. The successful executing of it will be the best appraisal of my leading accomplishments.

Bing in control of the state of affairs and pull offing the crisis in itself will ease the leading. When I am taking from the forepart I must hold a elaborate appraisal of the crisis state of affairs. Merely so can I advise the Chief executive officer about the province of personal businesss. This is important as he is the Spokesperson of the company and what he speaks is indirectly what your rating of the state of affairs wants him to talk. If it is good recognized, I earn value in his eyes. If it backfires, so I shall be history. This besides gives me a sound judgement of the state of affairss in which the CEO should step in, when the CEO should hold stepped up and why the CEO need non step up. For illustration, harmonizing to me in this crisis state of affairs the CEO must turn to the stakeholders because the issue of workingmans is sensitive and has angered the populace in footings of comprehending the company image as cold and heartless.

Even though possessing a crisis program does non needfully intend that the crisis will be managed expeditiously, as Marra ( 1998, 2004 ) argued, these programs have come to typify the “ bedrock ” of crisis direction ( Gonzalez-Herrero and Pratt, 1996 )

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