Three Objectives Of Advertising Marketing Essay

Ad has become an indispensable selling activity in the modern epoch of big scale production and serve competition in the market. It performs the undermentioned maps:

1. Promotion of Gross saless: It promotes the sale of goods and services by informing and carrying the people to purchase them. A good advertisement run helps in winning new clients both in the national every bit moisture as in the international markets.

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2. Introduction of New Product: It helps the debut of new merchandises in the market. A concern endeavor can present itself and its merchandise to the populace through advertisement. A new endeavor ca n’t do an impact on the prospective clients without the aid of advertisement. Ad enables speedy promotion in the market.

3. Creation of Good Public Image: It builds up the repute ofthe advertizer. Ad enables a concern house to pass on its accomplishments in an attempt to fulfill the clients ‘ demands. This increases the good will and repute of the house which is necessaryto battle against competition in the market.

4. Mass Production: Ad facilitates large-scale production. Ad encourages production of goods in large-scale because the concern house knows that it will be able to sell on large-scale with the aid of advertisement. Mass production reduces the cost of production per unit by the economical usage of assorted factors of production.

5. Research: Ad stimulates research and development activities. Ad has become a competitory selling activity. Every house tries to distinguish its merchandise from the replacements available in the market through advertisement. This compels every concern house to make more and more research to happen new merchandise sand their new utilizations. If a house does non prosecute in research and development activities, it will be out of the market in the close hereafter.

6. Education of Peoples: Ad educate the people about new merchandises and their utilizations. Advertising message about the public-service corporation of a merchandise enables the people to widen their cognition. It is publicizing which has helped people in following new ways of life and giving-up old wonts. It has contributed a batch towards the improvement of the criterion of life of the society.

7. Support to Press: Advertising provides an of import beginning of gross to the publishing houses and magazines. It enables to increase the circulation of their publication by selling them at lower rates. Peoples are besides benefited because they get publications at cheaper rates. Ad is besides a beginning of gross for Television web. For case, Doordarshan and Zee TV insert ads before, in between and after assorted programmes and earn 1000000s of rupees through ads. Such income could be used for increasing the quality of programmes and widening coverage. ( Batra, 2008 )


Following are the group of people who are actively involved in advertisement.

1. Advertiser: Seller who industry and market consumer merchandises are the outstanding group of advertizers. Hindustan Unilever, monitor and gamble, Seimen and Larson and Toubro are the illustrations of advertizers. Besides the retail merchants are the 2nd outstanding section among advertizers. They stock the merchandises.and sell them to the ultimate consumers. Government and societal organisation are besides the active participant in this class.

2. Target audience: It refers to the receiver of the advertisement message. Every message is either directed to a mass audience and category audience. Advertising desire to cover this mark audience for advancing gross revenues. Ad message intends to cover the possible user and non user who may buy the merchandise in future. The messages are besides directed to the user of the rival & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s merchandise so that they switch over the advertizer & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s merchandises.

3. Ad Agencies: An advertizer has two options viz. ( I ) to plan, develop and bring forth and advertisement message and acquire it placed in coveted media straight through his ain gross revenues or advertisement section, or ( two ) to intrust the full occupation of advertisement to a squad of extremely professionalised, specialised, independent, publicizing bureau. An advertisement bureau is composed of originative people, who conceive design, develop and green goods, publicizing message with originative thoughts and topographic point it in the coveted advertisement media, for and on behalf of its client ( the advertizer ) . The advertisement bureaus normally charge a committee of 15 % on the media measures from the media proprietors. In add-on, they charge out-of pocket disbursals to their clients, i.e. the advertizers. They employ copywriters, creative persons, lensman compositors, layout interior decorators, editors, application interior decorators and developer such other originative people.

4. Ad Production People ( Artists ) : The production of impressive and persuasive advertizements is possible merely with the active aid and originative spirit of the creative persons like copywriters, creative persons, lensmans, compositors, layout interior decorators, editors and such other originative people. Such people are normally employed by the ad bureaus or, their services may be hired by the ad bureaus on occupation footing.

5. Target Audience ( Readers, Listeners, Viewers and Present and Future Buyers ) :

Ad messages are given about merchandises services and thoughts to readers, hearers, viewing audiences an existent and possible purchasers, who are known as the audience. The mark audience may be classified into the undermentioned three classs, viz. ,

( I ) Existing or, current consumers, who are reminded and influenced to go on their backing and to increase the volume of their purchasing,

( two ) Consumers, who buy and use, a rival & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s trade name ; hence they are persuaded to purchase the advertised trade name, alternatively of the rival & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s trade name ; and

( three ) Those consumers, who do non utilize any such merchandise are persuaded to purchase the advertised merchandise.

6. Mass Media: Ad messages are communicated to the mark audience through different mass media, such as,

( I ) Print Media: They consist of newspapers, magazines, diaries, circulars, etc.

( two ) Electronic Media and New Media: They consist of wireless, telecasting gesture images, picture, multi-media and the cyberspace and Mobiles.

( three ) Outdoor Media: They consist off postings, stashing, circulars, spines air balloons, neon mark measure boards, local film houses, and theodolite media.

( four ) Direct Mail: It consists of brouchers, cusps, booklets, letters and return cards addressed to consumers. The advertisement bureaus guide their clients ( advertizers ) inselection of the most appropriate advertisement media, which is known planning.. Each medium has sits own virtues and demerits.

7. Government Governments: The concern of advertisement is regulated by the authorities section. The authorities adopts jurisprudence and ordinance which have a direct or an indirect bearing on the advertisement. Apart from this ASCI ( Advertising criterions council of India ) and ABC ( Audit Bureau of circulation ) are besides some of governments modulating advertisement.

8. Ad Production Firms: Ad production houses are the support bureaus which help in the production of advertizement. This includes copywriter, creative person, lensmans, compositors, manufacturer, editors. These are the people who transform thoughts into a finished signifiers Thus the success and failure of the advertisement depend on these people

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