Train The Employees In Chinese Fast Fashion Marketing Essay


Manner can be found in about every facet of the human being ‘s life, for case, in footings of the transit instrument, the green energy auto is encouraged by the authorities and environment protection organisations ; with respect to communicating tools, clients pursue dilutant, smaller and lighter electronic merchandises ; the green furniture and ornament replace the methanal 1s ; and the golf and Equus caballus siting go a prevailing athletics in the recent old ages. Naturally, manner is a seeable component changing in measure with the promotion of the societal political relations, economic system and civilization, which is normally refer to the garment industry and can be seen straight through the individual ‘s day-to-day wear. Harmonizing to the presentation of the garment industry, the civilization of manner develops from haute couture to off-the-rack, and so to fast manner. The celebrated international corporation, Zara, operates in fast manner manner and additions the success of 11,084 million of Euros in gross revenues. 4,607 shops are opened in 74 states with gross revenues presence and 92,301 employees are engaged. ( ) One of the most important specializers of Zara is that they take international shops as a channel to roll up manner information and construct the trade name image. They evaluate developing demands earnestly in consequences of that the company operates shops across states with distinguishable market backgrounds and purchasing behaviours. As the rapid development of China, Chinese market becomes one of the markets with greatest growing potency in the field of fast manner industry.

The paper will discourse the preparation demands for employees in Chinese fast manner shops. Chiefly, the demand for preparation of international concern will be introduced, and the shop specializers of fast manner companies will be explored by the instance survey of Zara. Then, the background of Chinese market and purchasing behaviours will be analyzed and recommendation will be given eventually.

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Training shop employees of fast manner companies

2.1 Needs for preparation

Training, as a chief portion of human resource development ( HRD ) , is a scope of organisational patterns taking at the company ‘s construction and concern aim.

Globalization is a cardinal issue to advance the development of preparation. To exemplify, on history of the presentation of the concern multi-nationalization contemporarily, a great trade of successful corporations unfastened shops, even the subdivisions of the companies in other continents with wholly different political relations, Torahs and civilization. In order to accommodate the local position, company should plan a particular scheme for the foundation and operation of the concern in the local topographic point. Harmonizing to a specific scheme, different HRD undertaking is tailored in consistent with it. Training is straight related to the international company ‘s development.

Consequently, employee preparation is comparatively much more critical to the multinational shops and subdivisions. From the planetary position, ‘it is a tendency towards multi-skilled and functional flexibleness and towards independent, decentralised organisational units that need employees skilled in the demands. ‘ ( Dowling, 2010: 28 ) On the facet of the concern, as a wider scheme, preparation could procure a more committed, motivated, flexible and choice work force. ( Dowling, 2010: 28 ) Additionally, preparation is a necessary action to show the concern moralss and corporate societal duty ( CSR ) . It becomes the HRD practicians ‘ duty to reassign the CSR cognition and make a profession which behaves in a morally responsible mode. ( Ulrich and Brockbank, 2005 ) Furthermore, preparation has been seen as the chief and needed process lending to employees ‘ go oning professional development ( CPD ) . ‘Managers and employees, as the two primary stakeholders in the enhanced HRD rhythm demand to show a committedness to CPD in footings of womb-to-tomb acquisition in order to prolong their employability. ‘ ( Mankin, 2009: 447 )

2.2 Store preparation of fast manner companies

Presents, consumers now ‘demand shorter lead times and higher flexibleness from providers, and anticipate them to be involved in the design procedure without offering them replenishment chances. ‘ ( Tokatli & A ; Kizilg, 2009: 149 ) Therefore, fast manner is adored by the bulk and becomes one of the prevailing watercourse of manner industry. ‘

In order to clarity the purpose of preparation in fast manner companies, the fast manner theoretical account and forte will be explored antecedently. In the field of merchandise design, fabrication, transit, storage and merchandising, the portion associating to the shop gross revenues is considered in the paper. Quick response ( QR ) has been seen as a important characteristic of fast manner. ( see diagram 2 ) ‘It is a manner of operation in which a fabrication or service industry strives to supply merchandises or services to its clients in the precise measures, assortments and within the clip frames that those clients require. ‘ ( Hayes & A ; Jones, 2006:284 ) Consequently, related accomplishments are designed and taught to hive away employees in order to recognize the clip compaction.

Diagram 2 Key Elementss of QR

( Beginning: McMichael et Al. 2000 )

First, the shop employees should acquire the cognition of how to utilize the electronic informations interchange ( EDI ) . ‘EDI is the transportation of informations electronically between different subdivisions of the dress grapevine and is compiled utilizing electronic point of sale equipment. ‘ ( Hunter et al, 2002 ) It enables the shop director reassign the client information or database to the research group of the companies, manner interior decorators and other transnational sectors and contributes to set the scheme of gross revenues, collect advanced information for interior decorators and the seamster the merchandises to the client needs in clip. It has been strongly suggested that ’80 per centum of design and development clip can be wasted accessing information that is non up-to-date. ‘ ( Beazley and Bond, 2003 )

Second, the team-working accomplishments should be enhanced by the shop employees. To exemplify, ‘category direction ( CM ) optimizes the scope of merchandises in shop every bit good as guaranting efficient publicities and refilling. ‘ ( Varley, 2001 ) The shop employees can acquire the merchandise supplied and replenished at the first manus to carry through the clients ‘ demands and create gross. Furthermore, the shop employees could derive the elaborate information about growing of the whole categorical of rivals.

A instance survey: Zara

Zara is the typical instance of successful international fast manner companies which launched in 1975. Until the twelvemonth of 2009, Zara owns 1,608 shops, and 88 Numberss of net opeinings covering 74 states. It has net gross revenues of 7,077 euros and 1,105 euros for net incomes before involvement and revenue enhancement ( EBIT ) . The EBIT border is 15.6 % . There are two cardinal factors in Zara ‘s concern theoretical account, viz. , the clip factor and the shop as a beginning of information, which demonstrate the company ‘s client orientation. ( Lopez & A ; Fan, 2009: 281 ) The shop is non merely the topographic point to sell the merchandise, it besides the topographic point where the clients ‘ demands meet the company ‘s offers, where the particular concern manner Begins and terminals. ( World Wide Web. )

At the section degree, shop employees should be trained harmonizing to the elaborate information and the undertakings within the occupation. First, the shop employees should be good at roll uping the clients ‘ information, observe the clients ‘ demands and penchants and direct the information to the centre of the company or interior decorators. It influences both the design of the garments and the clip of bringing. Second, if the shop employees were going in a manner metropolis, they could be able to detect and roll up the stylish elements on the streets, shops, saloons and ‘venues that are frequented by their possible clients ‘ ( Fabrega, 2004 ) . They may happen the manner tendencies of the current season and communicate with the company ‘s interior decorators on clip. Harmonizing to the information, interior decorators design new points, modify the current 1s, and so present the garments to shops. ( Martinez, 1997 ) Third, it is important for Zara ‘s shop employees to turnover the vesture within the limited clip. The apparels in shops turnover twice a hebdomad and create ‘a clime of scarceness and chance ‘ ( Crawford, 2000 ) to clients to excite the ingestion. The statistics shows that clients visit a Zara shop 17 times a twelvemonth while visit other manner shops 4 times every twelvemonth. ( Castro, 2003 ) Forth, non like other fast manner companies, such as H & A ; M, Mango, and so on, Zara do non publicize by famous person consequence. The company merely spends 0.3 per centum of the twelvemonth turnover on advertisement. ( Ghemawat and Nueno, 2003 ) The shop plays a function of advertizement of the company. Therefore, employees are required high quality and are all trained to meticulously plan the window shows, to plan alone internal and external architectural, to orient the coordination of the merchandise, and to supply first-class client service, such as shop ‘s temperature control, comfy music choose, and good communicating accomplishments. ( ) Through constructing the image of shops, Zara develops its ain trade name and corporate image. The operational ability, turnover velocity, service quality, and ‘other variables like temperature, music and layout ‘ ( Monllor, 2001 ) which evaluated by clients are all took history in the direction of shops.

At the single degree, based on the civilization that ‘the spirit of freedom and regard ‘ ( World Wide Web. ) are presented in everyplace in the company, every employees have the common features which could be learned from. They are self-critical, flexible and adaptable. They can solute the jobs in their ain originative ways. They love their occupations and bask the committedness. Finally, ‘they are different and they are free. ‘ ( )

In add-on, the Store Management terminus ( TGT ) which has been built in all Zara ‘s shops around the universe from 2009 brings great convenience for shop preparation. ‘The computing machine terminus which acts as a channel of communicating between the shops and corporate countries offer the caputs of the shops the most suited tools for the day-to-day direction of the store, including the organisation of the staff, their public presentation and their preparation demands. ‘ ( Annual study. 2009: 129 ) Therefore, the accomplishments for the information system and new engineerings should be mastered by the shop employees. Furthermore, orientation for new employees, team-working competency, linguistic communications, and preparation in merchandises, natural stuffs, and aggregation presentation should all be taken into history earnestly.

Notably, Asia market shows great growing potency in establishing Zara and other formats, particularly in China, Japan and South Korea. The gross revenues of Asiatic market represent 20 % of the entire group gross revenues in recent old ages. The group of Zara stands at a important place in many of the Asiatic capitals and the manner reaction is besides noticeable in those countries. On the facet of Chinese market, until 2009, 41 new shops of five formats were present in China including Pull and Bear, Bershka and Stradivarius.

Training Chinese shop employees of fast manner companies

4.1 Researching the current state of affairs of Chinese market

It is mentioned by McGoldrick ( 1995 ) , factors related to the organisation or the environment has important impact on internationalisation. If the fast manner houses want to establish shops in other states, it is basic to develop the employees to shorten the physical and cultural distance, in order to cut down the perceived hazard and better the state of affairs of missing of experience. As mentioned above, the understood of the current local market position is the basic state of affairs to set up preparation actions.

First, although China is rich in beginning by and large, the resource per individual in China is seldom small. In order to keep sustainable development, the construct of environmental protection is greatly encouraged by the authorities and is regarded as the primary duty of each company. ( Lester Ross. 1998. )

Second, China ‘s instruction system ( Chan, S. 1999: 295 ) affects the features of Chinese employees. On one portion, In China, both parents and instructors encourage the pupils to larn cultural topic, such as literature, history and political relations, and scientific discipline, such as mathematics, natural philosophies, chemical science, and biological science. Humanistic disciplines has normally been seen as ‘pencil cervix ‘ topic, which merely learned by the pupils with low intelligence quotient and are non good at the college survey. On the other portion, from the primary school to the senior school, the pupils are all required to have on athleticss wear. The uniform is non every bit good-looking as the one in European or Japan. The pupil who wear particular should be punished harmonizing to the school ‘s regulation. After about 12 twelvemonth ‘s college life, the graduations are largely lack the passion, experience and professional accomplishments about design. They may miss braces of eyes and funny Black Marias to detect beauty, or to distinct manner and bagatelle.

Third, Chinese economic sciences zones are across Yangtze River Delta ( Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau ) , the Pearl River Delta ( Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang ) , and Jin-Jing-Tang Area ( Peking, Tianjin and Tanggu ) . Meanwhile, the civilization and clime influence people ‘s penchant. ( Anthony Gar-On YEH, 1999: 374 )

4.2 The penchants of garments of Chinese consumers — -questionnaire analysis and findings

To derive the information and penchant of the client is the indispensable and necessary portion of preparation for employees in the international shops. In the research, questionnaires have been adopted as a survey instrument. 19 closed inquiries are covered with the subject of purchasing behaviour of the fast manner apparels in Chinese market. From 24 July 2010 to 10 August 2010, 500 transcripts of questionnaire have been sent to the Chinese consumers indiscriminately ; 228 transcripts have been collected. The relationship between gender and vesture manner, gender and purchasing grounds, monthly income and per centum spend on vesture, age and vesture manner, and age and choosing respects are demonstrated by charts severally.

Chart 1 The age phases of clients who have visited or shopped Zara

( Note: Between 15 and 20 old ages old of the participants, 60 % have visited or shopped Zara ; Between 21 and 25, 68.46 % have ; Between 26 and 30, 45.24 % have ; Between 31 and 40, 25 % have ; under 15 and 40 or more, no participant have visited or shopped Zara )

This shows that the clients who aged from 21 to 25 have visited or shopped Zara most. The category with ages from 15 to 20 corsets at the 2nd topographic point.

Chart 2 Age and Style penchant

( Note: For the clients between 15 and 20 old ages old, 62.5 % prefer insouciant and 25 % prefer athleticss ; Between 21 and 25, 57.94 % prefer insouciant and 17.29 % prefer denims ; Between 26 and 30, 43.33 % prefer insouciant and 21.11 % prefer denims ; Between 31 and 40, 31.25 % prefer insouciant and 25 % prefer denims. )

From the information, it can be seen that clients of all phases prefer insouciant apparels most. At the 2nd degree, the clients of 15-20 old ages old would wish to purchase athleticss instead than others ; the consumer aging from 21 to 40 would take Jeans much more than others.

Chart 3 Age and quality penchants

( Note: For the clients between 15 and 20, the penchants for quality, design/style and monetary value are equal to 33.33 % ; Between 21 and 25, design/style for36.56 % and quality for 25.94 % ; Between 26 and 30, design/style for 35.21 % and quality for 28.64 % ; Between 31 and 40, design/style for 33.33 % and monetary value for 26.67 % . )

Harmonizing to the consequences, the clients aging from 15 to 30, the employees take design and quality as the brief criterion of rating the value of the apparels. In comparing, the consumers between 31 and 40 old ages old are largely the price-hunting purchasers.

4.3 Recommendations

In footings of the encouraging activities of environment protection, if the construct is included in the preparation undertaking and be spread to the bulk by shop employees, the company ‘s image will be raised in China.

Harmonizing to the drawbacks of the instruction system in China, in order to alter the affect of it, to develop the staffs in shops through manner and design lessons could be adopted by the international fast manner houses. Additionally, the employees could be sent to different developing zone in bend to pattern in detecting and roll uping the manner information from streets, saloons, and the possible clients ‘ centralised topographic points.

As for the geographics differentiates among the developing zones, get the hanging the cognition of the demands and penchants of the people in different territories seems to be rather important. For illustration, in Shanghai, consumers prefer the delicate design of vesture. In comparing, the purchasers in the Northern portion of China, like Beijing, prefer the authoritative or the boy-fit manner. Employees should cover it with both exposing the window and advancing gross revenues harmonizing to the clients ‘ gustatory sensations.

Harmonizing to Chart 1, the clients aging from 15 to 25 are the chief clients for manner vesture. The employees should acquire the cognition of the common features, the hot subject to pass on, and the purchasing penchants of that period of age.

From Chart 2, it is showed that clients of all phases prefer insouciant apparels most. The clients of 15-20 old ages old prefer athleticss most and 21 to 40 old ages old consumers would wish to purchase Jeans more than others. Therefore, the employees of shops should cognize how to fit the insouciant, athleticss and denims really good and expose them behind the window. In add-on, they should cognize how to present the athleticss wear to the immature and denims to the medium coevalss.

As for Chart 3, taking at the clients aging from 15 to 30, the employees should set the design and quality as a precedence component to pull the consumers. For illustration, the employees should cognize how to fit and expose the vesture to demo the best side of the garment design. Additionally, the employees should take the good quality as the point to advance the merchandise. However, for the consumers between 31 and 40 old ages old, the employees could advance the low-cost monetary value points and the vesture on sale to fulfill the demands.


The shop is the window of a company. In the position point of international fast manner companies, employees ‘ preparation nowadayss rather important in Chinese shops. First, harmonizing to the nature of fast manner companies, shop employees should acquire used to run electronic informations interchange. Team-working competency should besides be enhanced. With respect to the advantages of Zara ‘s shop preparation, the abilities lending to the speedy response issue should be learned. In add-on, the planetary cyberspace system which benefits the communicating inside the company could be imitated from Zara. In order to run good in Chinese market, six recommendations have been suggested and could be used for mention. However, tonss of facets have non be mentioned in this paper, such as the political relations, economic system and jurisprudence issues, which might besides hold the impact on the research of this subject.

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