Unit 009 Understand Inclusive Learning and Teaching in lifelong learning – 3.2 Ground Rules Essay

Unit 009 – Understanding inclusive learning and learning in lifelong learning.

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3.2 – Explain how to establish ground rules with learners to promote respect to others

Ground rules are a set of rules, which are used to give all learners an equal chance of learning. Ground rules should help to support against disruption, it allows everyone to participate and encourage respect for each other’s contributions. As identified by Gravells (2008), learners like to know the limitations within which they are expected to work.

Different methods can be utilised to ascertain ground rules for your learning environment, teacher led, learner led or a collaborative approach can be used. There are strengths and weaknesses to all but making a professional judgment with the learners you have should support in your decision of approach.

Ownership of the ground rules is very important. Ground rules set solely by the teacher for the learners to follow & adhere to can be seen as overly harsh, unfair and learners can become less engaged and perhaps ignore or rebel against these rules to show their dissatisfaction.

Ground rules set by learners can demonstrate competence and knowledge of their best techniques of learning. This method could be very time consuming, domineering learners could take over so some learners could be missed & this can spiral out of control if not managed properly.

A collaborative set of ground rules, which develops from both teacher and learners. Using this method learners are able to contribute to these ground rules and participate in the discussions about the different rules. This participation allows learners to “buy in” to the proposed ground rules and therefore feel that they have some ownership over them as opposed to having the ground rules prescribed and latterly enforced. This can be time consuming, however could save you time in the future if rules are not
adhered to.

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