Vodafone Is A UK Based Telecommunications Marketing Essay

In this instance study we will supply two elaborate strategic options for Vodafone as a telecommunications supplier to prolong its growing internationally. We will give ground for our recommendations and measure the VRIO Framework of the organisation and supply a clear Five Forces Analysis.

Vodafone is a UK based telecommunications giant that has been a portion of determining the radio phone industry as we know it today. Vodafone is present is most European and Asiatic markets. The company failed in Japan and has yet to come in the American market successfully as an independent company.

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We have developed two schemes for direction to see. Our first option is extremely advanced and requires the company to use engineering that already exists by organizing confederations with suppliers of cyberspace connexions and with phone makers. Our 2nd option suggest that Vodafone should come in the American market every bit shortly as possible supplying wireless phone service in the American market topographic point utilizing many facets of its bing concern theoretical account.

Proposing the first option involves higher hazard than option two. There is nevertheless room for sustainable growing with both options.

Case 3-11: Vodafone ; E Pluribus Enum

Mission and aims of Vodafone:

Vodafone is the universe ‘s largest supplier of voice and information communicating services to consumers and endeavor clients. The company employs about 66,000 people around the universe. The company headquarter is situated in Berkshire, UK. Vodafone operates through individual reportable concern section: supply of communications services and merchandises. At the terminal of March 2007, the company had 206 million clients universe broad. ( Vodafone, 2007 )

Vodafone ‘s strategic aims:

Gross stimulation and cost decrease in Europe

Innovate and present on our clients ‘ entire communicating demands

Deliver strong growing in emerging markets

Actively pull off our portfolio to maximise returns

Align capital construction and stockholder returns policy to scheme

Key issues and jobs ;

Key issues and jobs for Vodafone include how the company manages to organize its growing and to keep its competitory advantage in the dramatically altering market environment of the dynamic telecommunication sector.


Table 1.1 The VRIO model






Competitive deductions

Network substructure





Competitive para

Diversified gross base





Impermanent competitory advantage

Leading market place





Sustained competitory advantage

Network substructure

One of Vodafone ‘s cardinal engineerings and resources is the strong web substructure that supports its operations. To be able to supply nomadic services, a strong web substructure is cardinal for the company. Vodafone operates 2G webs, through GSM webs, in all its Mobile operating subordinates, offering its clients services such as voice, text messaging and basic information services. All the webs operate GPRS or 2.5G every bit good, which enables wireless entree with nomadic devices to informations webs like the cyberspace. Vodafone besides controls 3G webs offering its clients nomadic broadband informations entree services leting informations download velocities of up to 384 kbits per second. 2006 launched High Speed Downlink Packet Access ( HSDPA ) engineering shortens download times significantly with informations transmittal velocities of up to 3.6 Mbits per 2nd and makes the use of nomadic broadband services much more pleasant for the clients. HSDPA is enabled in the bing 3G web with after package updates. ( Vodafone, 2007 ) The strong web substructure is a valuable resource and enables the company to react to the turning client demands with high quality services now and in the hereafter. This valuable resource is non a rareness in the wireless telecommunication industry and therefore it can non be dearly-won for the rivals to copy. Many of the universe ‘s big Mobile operators have the same entree to the same engineering as Vodafone and a control over monolithic webs. Vodafone is really good organized to work the full competitory potency of the web substructure by supplying the employees a productive and safe working environment with attractive public presentation based inducements. This resource is an organisational strength and generates a competitory para.

Diversified gross base

By acquisitions, bets in companies, and spouse webs Vodafone has strategically expanded its presence to see the whole universe. The company has equity involvements in 25 states. Vodafone ‘s spouse web agreements extend to a farther 38 states. ( Vodafone, 2007 ) Vodafone has important nomadic operations in states such as Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In 2007 the largest geographic part was Germany with a part of 17.1 % to the entire gross, followed by UK 16.3 % , Spain 14.1 % , Italy 13.5 % , and other Europe 13.5 % . Arcor and Pacific contributed 9 % , Middle East, Africa and Asia 8.2 % , and Eastern Europe the remainder 9 % of the grosss. ( Datamonitor, 2007 ) Vodafone ‘s planetary range and geographically diversified gross base is a valuable resource for the company. This valuable resource helps the company to counterbalance its hazards and losingss. Equally diversified as Vodafone ‘s gross base is it is a rareness within the wireless telecommunication industry. Vodafone ‘s scheme is to actively pull off their portfolio by puting into markets that offer a strong local place. With rigorous fiscal investing standard Vodafone maximizes its and its stockholders returns. ( Vodafone, 2007 ) Vodafone ‘s rivals would non confront a cost disadvantage in seeking to copy this resource. It is more about the scheme that a company implements than about the fiscal resources. Vodafone is good organized to work the full competitory potency of this valuable and rare resource. The Board ‘s end is to do certain that the company ‘s employees are cognizant of Vodafone ‘s strategic ends and common duties. This resource is an organisational strength and typical competency and generates a impermanent competitory advantage.

Leading market place

Vodafone is the universe ‘s taking nomadic telecommunications company. Vodafone operates in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the US by subordinate projects, associated projects and investings. In states with important operations Vodafone ‘s market portions are impressive ; Germany 36 % , Italy 33 % , Spain 31 % , UK 26 % , South Africa 58 % , US 25 % , Egypt 48 % , and Australia 18 % . ( Datamonitor, 2007 ) A strong market portion with the market leader place is an highly valuable and rare resource which improves the company ‘s trade name image and gives it a solid foundation to come in new possible markets. This resource is amiss imitable and the rivals would confront a cost disadvantage in obtaining or developing it. Vodafone ‘s market leader place is based on the passion and attempt of the company ‘s employees. The company is good organized to pull off efficaciously its employees to make their full potency and profiting them egos and the company. This resource is an organisational strength and sustainable typical competency and generates a sustained competitory advantage.

5 Forces Vodafone:


The menace of competition in this concern is impacted by the low figure of large houses in the market. There are a few Numberss of big houses worldwide that competes for the market portion ; this lowers the menace of competition. The houses that are in the concern nevertheless are really competitory and because of a comparative slow market growing in this industry the houses fight over the market portions that are out at that place and that increase the menace. There is besides a low degree of exchanging costs to the consumer and a low degree of merchandise distinction and this farther brings the menace degree of competition up. So in the nomadic web industry the menace of competition is reasonably high.


The menace of replacements for voice and informations communicating over the traditional web is moderate. Peoples naming over long distances could alternatively of picking up a phone spell to a computing machine and name through that. The low costs of computing machine naming could potentially take over most long distance naming. The more local calls and concern calls would be more secure for the nomadic market, although cell phones with the ability to utilize the cyberspace to do calls are being made available and will shortly take a considerable market portion of calls made. The menace of replacements can be sensible high in this industry.


The menace of purchasers in this industry can be considered reasonably low. The single purchaser has no impact on the monetary value of the merchandises offered.


Supplier ‘s power in some facets of this industry is high. In the cell phone portion of the concern the providers of the phones can hold a large impact on the monetary value of merchandises and the status of the trade they make with the supplier. One clear illustration of this is when apple launched their new I-phone. They made an sole contract with AT & A ; T so they had the sole right to be the service supplier to their phone in America. So the provider ‘s power in this industry is high.

New Entry:

The menace of entry is extremely influenced by the economic system of graduated table of the bing companies. The big good established companies that have a strong bridgehead in the market and a known trade name name would do entry for a new company dearly-won. Although there are some new reachings the larger houses control the market and will set force per unit area on any new entries. The menace of new entries is reasonably low for the bigger companies.

Table 2.1 Market Positioning Grid:




Low DKSonofon


BT Vodafone


AT & A ; T


Market Share


Market Share


Main Problem Statement: How can WE revolutionise the radio telecom industry?

Strategic Option 1:

There is a batch of bombilation in the telecommunication market about 2G and 3G webs. It was the dream of the CEO of Vodafone to convey the 3G web into the custodies of the American consumers a few old ages back, but Vodafone ‘s spouse in America did non desire to put in the new 3rd coevals web.

The new engineerings that are out in the market now can give Vodafone the chance to be in forepart of all the competition in the American market. What we propose that Vodafone enters the American market with a 6th coevals phone and phone service for cell phones. The type of phone is a phone that non merely works on the regular web used to twenty-four hours in America but can besides utilize the cyberspace to do calls, non merely to other Vodafone clients but to all webs.

The engineering is non new and exists today in America, but non in the nomadic phone market. Vonage and Comcast offer their clients a phone service based over digital webs and non over standard phone lines. The manner Vodafone is traveling to differ themselves from the bing houses is to offer this to cell phones.

The manner that this system works is that alternatively of the cell phone utilizing the regular web to link the calls it makes, it uses any wireless cyberspace entree that it can link to. This means that naming people from you cell is virtually free and you would merely pay a monthly charge on you cell phone to Vodafone. If you can non happen a radio web to link to, the phone can utilize a regular phone web as a backup.

With a scheme to come in and take a market portion in America like this one, you do non hold to do big fixed investings in the hardware. Alternatively you have a 6th coevals phone that can be operated on both the old webs and on digital webs.

To acquire these phones and plans out to a big client group, Vodafone should concentrate on the large metropoliss foremost, doing a encrypted radio web available in the metropolis that merely their phones can entree. This manner the company can see how the clients like being connected to a faster and better web with a more advanced phone so available in the American market.

The latest ballyhoo in the American cell phone market is the Iphone ; this phone is looked into one bearer and can over the bearers web connect to the cyberspace. The phone is locked to one bearer ( AT & A ; T ) but can be hacked and used by others. The Vodafone would be configured so that you can non chop it by the package leting the consumer to link and name for free to any phone in the universe by merely non linking that individual to the Vodafone web. The phone could be free for all suppliers to sell but some maps on the phone like IP communicating would be useless. Since this is one of the biggest merchandising points for the merchandise you fundamentally lock the client in to your bearer.

To be able to do money of you clients you set a fixed monthly payment for the program and no excess charges for naming people over the radio webs, but standard charges for regular charges made from the phones.

Strategic Option 2:

It is difficult to seek to develop a strategic option to revolutionise the telecom industry for a company that has already been involved in determining the industry for many old ages. Option 2 will differ from Option 1 in multiple countries. For option 2 we propose that Vodafone enters the American market topographic point every bit shortly every bit possible as Vodafone the company alternatively of through subordinates. Vodafone has ever focused their selling attempts chiefly through sponsorships of big athleticss squads such as Manchester United Football Club and McLaren Mercedes Benz Formula 1 squad along with 100s of others. We believe that Vodafone can copy many of the elements that European clients have been satisfied with straight over to the American market which is presently dawdling behind by about five old ages compared to Asia and about two old ages compared to Europe. Supplying 3G service in the United States is needed and we believe that Vodafone could successfully derive market portion in the United States. Vodafone has really high trade name equity universe broad and we believe that it is clip to set up a clasp on the US market.

Recommendation & A ; Execution:

It is easy to see similarities between Vodafone and Sir Richard Branson ‘s Virgin Corporation, other than the fact that the logos expression similar. They are both UK based companies that are really dynamic and the company civilizations are similar. Both companies are non afraid to be advanced and to travel in new waies. We therefore recommend that Vodafone choose to travel forwards with Option 1. This option involves the most hazard, but we steadfastly believe that the industry is traveling more and more towards telecommunication via radio broadband connexions. Just take a expression at the Apple iPhone which with merely one push on the touch screen switches from WI-FI to pure telephone manner. The iPhone does non supply IP-voice communicating yet but we steadfastly believe that it is merely a affair of clip before it and others will.

Implementing Option 1 we recommend that Vodafone set up strategic confederations with certain US based companies to be able to supply WI-FI hot spots that the handheld devices connect to. Besides set up confederations or beef up confederations with the phone makers. We recognize that there are some privateness issues with Option 1 that needs to be solved, but this could non be done nightlong and those issues will use to the Vodafone ‘s rivals, such as AT & A ; T as good. We choose to urge Option 1 because we have identified an chance for Vodafone to go the industry pioneer and leader besides in the United States over clip. And we believe that it is possible due to the fact that the company is dynamic and it is non afraid to research new chances. The same degree of trade name equity can be achieved in the US as in Europe and Asia.

Lessons Learned:

There are many valuable lessons in this instance. First lesson is that in order to prolong growing in an industry as quickly altering as engineering companies ever has to look for ways to be advanced and renew themselves in order to remain competitory and current. Another lesson is that a dynamic company without excessively many restraints to alter can be highly successful in rapid paced industries. We therefore place a important chance for Vodafone to emerge into new markets in the hereafter.


Vodafone, ( 2007 ) . Annual study 2007. Retrieved November 6, 2007, from vodafone.com

Web site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.vodafone.com/etc/medialib/attachments/agm_2007.Par. 62252.File.tmp/Vodafone_RA_2007_web.pdf

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