Wal Mart An American Multinational Retailer Management Essay

Wal-Mart, an American multinational retail merchant which was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 has grown into the largest retail merchant in the universe. It is besides the biggest private employer in the universe, supplying occupations for over two million people. The company is the universe ‘s 3rd largest public corporation. In my sentiment Wal-Mart is good for the Canadian economic system and for the stakeholders in the Canadian economic system. The multimillion dollar company helps excite the economic system by supplying occupations to the populace, assisting consumers save and besides prima by illustration to assist other up and coming companies.

To get down with, Wal-Mart helps excite the economic system by supplying occupations to the populace. The flow of money is ever good for the economic system. When people have occupations, they earn money and purchase goods and services, which create a flow of money that is necessary to maintain the economic system traveling frontward. How did Wal-Mart acquire this large? Wal-Mart has been criticized for non paying their employees plenty and non supplying benefits like health care and rip offing workers of 1000000s of dollars of overtime wage. No 1 is coercing the workers to work at Wal-Mart ; they are free to go forth whenever they want. They are free to take other occupations with overtime wage. If on the job conditions at Wal-Mart are unsatisfactory, they are non chained to a station are they? They can go forth whenever they want. Wal-Mart has based their mills in developing states. This helps the people in those states to gain money. Comparing the working conditions between mills in North America and developing states like Bangladesh is non a just comparing. North America has been developing for a long clip and is now comprised of to the full developed states. “ Good working conditions ” for us is non the same for states like China and Bangladesh. We ca n’t do that comparing. Although the workers in these developing states work in “ bad on the job conditions ” harmonizing to North Americans status ‘s which are more developed, these conditions are far superior to the options that these people are offered. The people in these developing states have occupations because Wal-Mart decided to transport portion of their occupations to foreign states. How is this bad? This merely does good for the economic system by assisting it to travel frontward.

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An built-in portion of Wal-Mart ‘s concern theoretical account is the sum of salvaging they provide their clients. That is their hook that attracts people to the shops. “ Always low monetary values, Always ” . This was Wal-Mart ‘s old motto and their current slogan provinces, “ Save money, Live better ” . Yes, salvage money unrecorded better, that is what Wal-Mart has based their concern theoretical account on. Customers are similar Kings in the market. They decide what they want and when they want it. They are free to disregard the offerings of any concern. We all know consumers like deals. Wal-Mart has exploited that to make a great concern theoretical account. Wal-Mart has won the Black Marias of these consumers. How does this assist the economic system? Low monetary values most decidedly benefit consumers and the overall economic system. It ‘s a win-win state of affairs for both parties. Every penny consumers save at Wal-Mart could be used to purchase other points. Many more consumers demands and wants can be fulfilled with lower monetary values. More ware can be manufactured and sold and it helps other companies who are fabricating and selling these merchandises. It ‘s obvious, us as consumers like to purchase a batch more for less, and this is what we look for in any shop, before purchasing any merchandise. We look at the monetary value. Wal-Mart nowadayss low monetary values that consumers want ; hence, people go to Wal-Mart to purchase their merchandises. When merchandises are excessively expensive people do n’t purchase them. Alternatively consumers start salvaging their money, which is considered a escape in the round flow of the economic system harmonizing to Keynesian school of economic idea. You may state, What about the methods Wal-Mart utilizations to cut down on their monetary values? What about its development of inexpensive labor? In a free market, minutess carried out are voluntary between the employer and employee. The employees are non forced to work for Wal-Mart. The rewards that Wal-Mart wages are good plenty to procure its employees. Sure, the Wal-Mart employees would wish to be paid more. Everyone likes to acquire paid more. If Wal-Mart`s employees were paid higher elsewhere, they would go forth and Wal-Mart would lose their best workers and travel insolvent. However, this is non the instance, Wal-Mart is duplicating their grosss each twelvemonth and they have the most industrious employees on the planet.

Wal-Mart being the taking retail merchant that it is sets an illustration for other companies to put up a concern theoretical account that maximizes net incomes. A claim that Wal-Mart drives off little concerns and forces them to close down is non wholly true. If Wal-Mart was n’t giving the consumers in the community what they wanted, the shops would n’t do any net incomes and would hold to turn over up and go forth. Alternatively they have been able to pull the consumers of the community and in bend little concerns have been forced to close down. The little concerns should be bettering their ain game. In fact, there are many companies that depend on Wal-Mart. The companies that supply merchandises to Wal-Mart depend to a great extent on them. This helps up and coming companies to successfully make a niche of their ain. Another great company that has set mills in China to maximise their net incomes like Wal-Mart is Apple. They have their mill called Foxcon based in China to maximise their net incomes. Another great illustration is Costco, founded in 1983 has followed in the footfalls of Wal-Mart but has n’t been able to strike hard Wal-Mart of their pes. However, Wal-Mart has inspired these companies to be better. Competition is a ferocious thing but it provides consumers the best assortment and choice of merchandises. Wal-Mart has been successful in making this. Not merely does Wal-Mart support little concatenation companies and providers but it besides creates competition in the market that helps the economic system grow.

From an economic point of view, when all these claims against Wal-Mart is taken into consideration we can see that Wal-Mart promotes good things for the economic system and prosperity. The company provides occupations for the populace in North America and other developing states to better their criterion of life by supplying better working conditions that they would n’t usually be offered. Besides gives consumers the best monetary values they can acquire, assist them to salvage money that can so be spent on other goods and services and besides stimulates its providers to fabricate prestige goods while making a competitory environment between companies like Costco to maintain the economic system progressing. The size of Wal-Mart in the modern universe bears witness to the success of their concern theoretical account and its benefits to the economic system. By accurately construing consumer wants and demands and so expeditiously functioning them, they have grown into the largest retail merchant in the universe. We need Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart demands us!

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