Walt Disney Company Essay

Effects of Leadership Style
In The Walt Disney Company if there was an authoritarian leader it would affect group communication immensely because the employees need to be creative and because authoritarian leaders “make decisions, give the orders, and generally control all activities” (Beebe & Masterson, 2009, P. 290) this does not allow creative communication. When a leader dictates techniques to a group it does not allow constructive communication, and ideal sharing, and this would not be good for The Walt Disney Company.

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In The Walt Disney Company if there was a democratic leader, although this would be better for the company than authoritarian, it would affect group communication greatly because the leader still directs the group. Democratic leaders sketch out the goals for the group, and the group would communicate more with this type of leader. The best type of leader for The Walt Disney Company would be a laissez-faire leader because this would promote a considerable amount of creativity. A laissez-faire leader gives “complete freedom for group or individual decisions” (Beebe & Masterson, 2009, P. 291) this would make groups communicate more and cause them to be more creative as well. Sources of Power

Sources of power in The Walt Disney group may affect group and organizational communication because “groups with equal power distribution show higher quality group communication than do groups with unequal power distribution” (Beebe & Masterson, 2009, P. 86). The Walt Disney Companies CEO has legitimate power because he was appointed to his position as well as referent power because the CEO should be well liked. However, if the CEO were in a group there would be less communication because the members of the group may fear his coercive power, which is the ability to punish the group members if the group members did not agree with his point of view.

The Walt Disney Company has expert power, which is group members’ knowledge and information. In the innovation groups at The Walt Disney Company this power helps the creative process within these groups and helps to create good communication between group members. The Walt Disney Company has reward power in many of their groups. For example, if a group comes up with new ideas to market The Walt Disney Company product, and the idea works the group members receive a reward of monetary compensation. The reward power makes group communicate more effectively because it is just human nature to want to receive more money. Motivational Theories

The motivational theory that would be effective within The Walt Disney Company’s culture would be self-efficacy theory and goal-setting theory, which complement one another. One reason for self-efficacy theory would work in The Walt Disney Company is that the higher the confidence of the people the higher the ability to succeed and most creative people already have high confidence. Another reason The Walt Disney Company’s culture would have the self-efficacy theory is because the culture beliefs any task is capable within the organization. The Walt Disney Company would use goal-setting as a way to achieve higher profit.

For example, The Disney Company could set a goal to sell so many items of a particular product and could put the goal on the marketing group to achieve this goal. The marketing group would use the self-efficacy theory with the goal-setting theory to achieve this goal. There are other motivational theories that would work for The Walt Disney Company as well but the self-efficacy and goal-setting theories would be the best fit for their culture. Role of Communication

The role of communication for the motivational theories of self-efficacy and goal-setting theory is tremendous. In the goal-setting theory, the role of communication for the group member is that they will need to communicate the goal, and the member will need to have a plan to achieve these goals set before the group. The role of communication for goal-setting theory will also be to make sure that they communicate clearly and precisely to stay on track to meet the goal. The role of communication for self-efficacy theory will mean many things to different member of the group. It is important that the group members communicate positively to all group members to help boast self-confidence.

This will help the group to be more productive and help each member of the group to have an equal voice. The group will need to communicate to one another that each member has the belief that the group is capable of doing the task set in front of the group. Commitment of Workforce

The commitment of the workforce at The Walt Disney Company is immense. The workforces at The Walt Disney Company are committed to The Walt Disney Company mission of making their customers have a magical experience. The workforce is committed to The Walt Disney Company vision of future idea through communication. The Walt Disney Company workforce is committed to their relationship to communicate with one another. The workforce as well as The Walt Disney Company has a good line of communication. The workforce of The Walt Disney Company can communicate ideas within the organization and the workforce ideas are welcomed. This allows the relationship between the workforces of The Walt Disney Company to know they are important and therefore brings about good communication. Conclusion

In conclusion, The Walt Disney Company has different leadership styles that affect the organization. The Walt Disney Company has many sources of power that they use wisely. The Walt Disney Company could use almost any motivational theory to make their company productive. The Walt Disney Company could use the motivational theories to improve their communication and set specific roles of communication. The workforce appears as if they are committed in every aspect of The Walt Disney Company and The Walt Disney Company appears they are committed to their workforce. Both the workforce and The Walt Disney Company show their committed to communication. Although there are areas The Walt Disney Company can improve on, it appears to be a good place to work. All companies have areas that they can improve on not one company is perfect but The Walt Disney Company is close to perfect.

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