Ways Starbucks Motivate Its People Marketing Essay


Operating or pull offing a company in this modern, high engineering and competitory environment will meet high hazards and challenges. Therefore, understanding an organisational behavior is so of import. This understanding helps to analyze the civilization of the persons, groups and constructions been practised in an organisational which may impact the vision, missions and aims of the company. Consequently, placing the organisational behavior indirectly will assist to better effectivity and efficiency of the organisation.

Pull offing a nutrient and drink concern is ne’er an easy undertaking. As of today, many consumers would prefer to travel for fast nutrient after a long twenty-four hours at work. Therefore, there are a batch of nutrient and drink companies mushrooming around the universe. Some are franchise mercantile establishments. Starbucks has been the universe ‘s fastest turning concatenation of java houses and received legion awards. This is a topographic point for outdoor concern meetings or treatments, relaxation and favorite topographic point for co-workers, homemakers every bit good as pupils. Despite these, Starbucks do confront competition from other java houses such as Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Segafredo Zanetti.

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Background of the company ( Starbucks )

This company started in the twelvemonth of 1971 from a shop named Starbucks Coffee,

Tea and Spice. It was built up by three academicians who are Jerry Baldwin working as English instructor, History instructor, Zev Siegel and a author, Gordon Bowker who shared the love of all right javas and alien teas. Besides that, this shop has a modest, manus – built maritime fixtures designs. The name Starbucks was chosen in honor of Starbuck, the first companion of java lover in Herman Melville ‘s Moby Dick. Starbucks is non merely celebrated for its java but instead the dark – roasted spirits that the laminitiss adored about. Located at the strategic topographic point of tourer topographic point which is Pikes Place Market in Seattle, the company enjoyed a enormous rate of growing and managed to establish 2nd shop the undermentioned twelvemonth.

Ten old ages subsequently, Howard Schultz who was so the Vice President and General Manager of United States Operations for Hammarplast, elegant kitchen equipment and family manufacturers from Sweden was funny and interested to witness himself grounds Starbucks had been puting important orders for a similar type of trickle coffeemaker. For the first clip in his life, Schultz was obsessed with the java brewed. Since so, Schultz tried to prosecute for a occupation in this company. After legion efforts, eventually in September 1982, this immature adult male managed to head the selling and supervising all the retail mercantile establishments of Starbucks. Schultz was a hardworking and determined individual every bit good as a fast scholar. At the age of 34, Schultz became Starbucks ‘ President and Chief Executive Officer.

As of today, Starbucks has amassed over 16,000 locations around the universe. The company is headquartered in Seattle but incorporated in Washington, United States of America. This java house endeavours to supply an unforgettable experience which includes a friendly assemblage topographic point, ware and gifts, serenade music and high velocity of cyberspace services to ease the load of working grownups or pupils on assignments besides basking gourmet java at the same clip. Starbucks is one of the well known and most popular hallmark in America. The company has emerged as the taking retail merchant, roaster and java specializer in North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa every bit good as Asia Pacific parts.

In Malaysia, Starbucks is operated under Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd. This is a joint venture between Starbucks Coffee International and Berjaya Corporation Berhad. Starbucks mercantile establishment is set up throughout Malaysia and is devoted to offer the universe ‘s finest java while animating Malaysians one cup at a clip. Here, the first shop was opened on 17 December 1998 at KL Plaza in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Today, there are 115 shops countrywide. Starbucks has a high committedness to being a good neighbor and positive impact on every community it enters. In add-on, to be align with the consumer ‘s wellness consciousness and making a healthy life style, Starbucks is working together closely with providers to provide non fat milk, soy milk, sugar – free sirups and taking trans fats while retaining the quality, spirit and nutrition in the merchandises.

Wayss Starbucks motivate its people

Starbucks has been handling its employees exceptionally since the company

started to run in 1971. Harmonizing to the CNN.com, Starbucks was bestowed 7 out of 100 best companies to work in the twelvemonth 2008. The company has impressive repute as an employer who good planned the human resource schemes, cultivates a good corporate civilization and ensures the employees ‘ benefits. In the sentiment of Howard Schultz, the clients ever come 2nd as the company built a strong psychological contract with the employees. The employee felicity is anticipated on the client in the signifier of enthusiasm. Each Starbucks shop is managed by a shop director, two helpers, four displacement supervisors and about 15 spouses ( employees ) who have work rotary motion depending on the location and concern hours.

3.1 Communication

Starbucks practiced a flexible and progressive work environment that Fosters unfastened, two manner communicating. Spouses are encouraged to voice out concerns, uncertainties and rise inquiries through the Mission reappraisal and Business Ethics and Compliance programmes. This is an internal communicating via shop portal or spouse – specific web sites. Through proper manner of communicating, the direction of Starbucks would be cognizant, look into the struggles and seek to decide the issues or do betterments. Besides that, this will assist to measure whether Starbucks is populating up to the mission statement, steering rules every bit good as legal and ethical criterions. Communication will actuate its people to work as the spouses are given chances to voice out in add-on to their concerns and suggestions have been taken into consideration.

Salary, rewards and benefits

Components of the benefits working in Starbucks include competitory basic

wage, moneymaking fillips, worthy overtime claims, comprehensive wellness coverage, income protection, holiday, stock options, salvaging plan, acceptance benefits, tuition reimbursement and spouse fringe benefits such as price reductions on ware available in the shop. Furthermore, Starbucks has expanded the direction incentive plan to include more employees. However, salary remunerated in Starbucks varies from each person as it depends on the cognition, accomplishments and experiences required for the specific occupation.

As most of the spouses in Starbucks are pupils, they regard their employment

as a flexible beginning of excess income. This is because most of them are willing to work during the weekends or public vacations where a batch of clients will sponsor the shop. Several of the regular spouses are granted full – clip benefits even though it is merely a portion clip committedness. Therefore, this attributes to motivation which encourages the people to work and bask occupation satisfaction.

3.3 Health and Wellness

Starbucks offers a comprehensive and low-cost medical coverage to all eligible employees of the company. Spouses are encouraged to take part in the health instruction, audiences and work outs to keep their wellness. In United States, practical coaching through web site and community networking tools are implemented.

Repetition gesture hurts such as stiffness and tenderness may happen to spouses when a peculiar undertaking is repeated after working for a period of long clip. Therefore, there will be a rotary motion of places among the Baristas at the saloon about every an hr but 30 proceedingss during busy period. Recommendations of warm up and exercisings being introduced to all spouses excessively.

3.4 Training and Career Development

In Starbucks, best preparations are provided to all the spouses to back up high public presentation of their undertaking and presenting a high quality service to all communities. Furthermore, a assortment of chances available for them to develop farther accomplishments and intensify their accomplishments to procure the right calling within them. This preparation includes leading and personal development, client focal point orientated and cultural consciousness. Different preparations are carried out for each place. In add-on, Starbucks besides provides occupation readying tools. For illustration, restart composing and interview tips to help spouses in progressing their callings. Nevertheless, Starbucks has the civilization to look internal first which means current spouses are being promoted instead than enrolling a new one.


In decision, employee turnover is a common procedure in every type of

organisation. However, the organisation itself should look into the factor of this issue and place the beginning of incentives which can retain the employees in the company. On the other manus, Starbucks had identified four chief incentives as discussed above. Each incentive differs from single as every spouse will hold different ends in life every bit good as demands.

5.0 Recommendation

Based on the study and interviews done, Starbucks has done a great occupation and deserved to be honoured with all the awards. Even so, there is ever a room for betterment and efficiency no affair how good an organisation and its people may look to be runing.

Despite all the moneymaking benefits given, the direction squad should be responsible to originate, explicating and informing the spouses on Starbucks benefit bundle to make consciousness among them. This should be an on – traveling procedure. Directors who build a solid foundation of shared ends will see soared employee trueness and satisfaction. Without gaining, this will foster a positive work civilization and maintain clasp of them with the company.

Besides that, Starbucks should go on to develop more preparation programmes conducted indoor and outdoor for all the spouses. For illustration, forming squad edifice. When all the spouses get to cognize each other good and pass on, finally they can work as a squad. These features will assist in effectiveness efficiency in transporting their undertakings in shop.


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