Western nations often have an uncomfortable relationship with aboriginal peoples Essay

            Western nations often have an uncomfortable relationship with aboriginal peoples (Sibly, 2008). Aboriginals often have higher rates of poverty than their fellows (Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues , 2007), and most have historical grievances against those whose ancestors came to their home countries later. Many programs designed to help aboriginal people have failed. In the United States, for instance, some states have banned casinos, except those on Indian land.

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Allowing Native Americans to own and operate their own casinos was meant to help lift them out of poverty. Yet many argue that it, instead, left them open to more exploitation (Hsu, 1999).  When so many programs around the world have left aboriginals disenfranchised (Robson, 2009), it is helpful to understand which programs have actually benefited aboriginal people. A study of Canada’s successes, such as its matrimonial property rights legislation, therefore, might be used to create a framework that the rest of the world can follow (Flemming, 2008).

            This paper will attempt to demonstrate the effectiveness, performance, and legitimacy of Canada’s aboriginal policy. It will begin by examining current literature, regarding the problems nations face in justly governing aboriginal people. It will, them examine the effect of Canada’s policies regarding housing, social services, education and economy and their effect on aboriginal people.

            Next, it will focus on the personal views of aboriginals on Canada’s policies and their quality of life. These views will be compared to the statements and feelings of aboriginal people outside of Canada, in order to establish whether or not there is a noticeable different in how aboriginals in the two nations view their quality of life. This paper will also examine the test scores, salaries, housing situations of aboriginal people, to judge whether or not Canada’s aboriginals are significantly better off than their global counterparts.

            Finally, this paper will seek to understand the differences between Canada’s policies and those of other nations. It will prove that Canada is a world leader in such policies.

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