What challenges do you think the company faced in changing the culture Essay

Question 1

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The main of fundamental management problem is about the planning process. For example,
1. Schooling
P&G didn’t prepare and plan well the schooling problem for their employee’s children. For example, the schools in Geneva were unprepared for the sudden influx of 300 children and with tuition at $15000. In that case, some parents were forced to find a temporary place for their children to study and the system also is in a bitter dispute. Therefore the problem will affect their studies.

2. Accommodation
Besides the schooling problem, issue of their housing is worrier by them. The housings are in very short supply to employees and their families in Geneva, Switzerland. Although P&G accommodated over 500 people but the number of immigrants have 1000 people. P&G didn’t negotiate with local landlords because employees felt they had unfairly raised prices.

3. Language
Communication is very important for them in their daily life. French is spoken in Geneva and it is a final hurdle to European. The employees and their families weren’t arranged to learn French by P&G. In this case, people who can’t spoke French are difficult to live in Geneva, Switzerland.

4. Job
P&G didn’t prepare or suggest other jobs for transferred spouses because the inability of many transferred spouses to work there. Beside that, language barrier will make some transferred spouses are difficult to look for jobs. Therefore they will face the issues of income and employment opportunity after they immigrate to Geneva, Switzerland.

These problems are very tremendous influence the future development of PROCTER & GAMBLE.

Question 3

In this experience, P&G has learned a plan is not only for the benefit of the company, but also need to concern for the employees and their families. Employee is very important for a company because their performance will directly affect a company’s profit. So, P&G can make a change from human resource management and let their employees believe the company is responsible.

For this plan to succeed, P&G need to solve the issues of planning. Besides, the biggest problem in this plan is accommodation. Although P&G accommodated over 500 people but I think P&G can arrange more accommodation to the employees and their families. Since accommodation for a immigrant is very important. Schooling also is a big problem for employees who whether agree this planning. Before they move in Geneva, P&G need prepare a sufficient place for their children to study. Meanwhile P&G also can give more suggestion to their employees, let them easier to prepare their children’s education.

In the final analysis, P&G not only should learn from planning but also need to take notice of organizing, leading, delegating, directing and controlling because these will affect P&G whether success or failure in future.

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